Plane Supermarket Chapter 19

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C19

Cao Er Niang woke up early, as she always did. Even before dawn, her eyes would open, and once she was awake, she couldn’t go back to sleep. She had to get up and start working.

Although the supermarket wasn’t dirty, those who were used to doing a lot of work felt uncomfortable if they had too much free time on their hands.

After waking herself up, she turned to wake up Cao Er and the others.

Except for a few children, all the adults woke up.

The female employees put on their coats and then raised the curtains in their respective areas. They had clear divisions of labor, and each had designated areas for cleaning.

The two oldest adults stayed in the warehouse to look after the children, while the others will find work even if they didn’t have any assigned tasks.

The children had already regained their vitality. Compared to the adults, they recovered more quickly and had more courage.

If no one watched over them, they would run around everywhere. If they run outside the supermarket or got lost in the woods, it would be a disaster.

The women took turns washing up. Their hair had grown out quite a bit, at least they were no longer bald.

To say that they didn’t care about their hair would be a lie.

If the immortal had not spoken, and they were afraid of being driven away again, how could they be so quick to cut their hair? 

Could a handful of hair really be compared to life?

“What are we having for breakfast this morning?” The women smiled as they gathered to chat.

Cao Er Niang has now become close to them and no longer keeps a straight face or frown as she did before. She said, “I’m too lazy to start a fire this morning, so let’s have bread. Each person can have two sausages and an egg.”

The children cheered, “Ham sausages!”

“Sausages are delicious!”

Their laughter rang out like it could break through the clouds in the sky.

After being scolded a bit by the adults, the children quieted down, but they all looked at Cao Er Niang longingly.

Although they were just starchy sausages, both the children and adults didn’t consider them inferior to meat—just a bit worse than fatty cuts.

But now, they all had some fat in their diet, so they weren’t as eager for fats.

The female employees finished cleaning up and entered the supermarket sales area with their mops. They still had smiles on their faces but suddenly froze in place.

Their eyes widened involuntarily as they stared at the girl standing by the shelves, as if they were looking at a monster 1.

She wore layers of black dresses that accentuated her pale, bloodless skin. Her light golden curls had an extremely faint hue under the lights, closer to silver than gold. She held a fake rose in her hand and was tiptoeing to reach the chocolates on the top shelf.

“Demon… 2” one of the employees trembled as she stepped back.

They had lived in rural areas for generations, with nothing in sight but fields and mountains. They had hardly seen any people, let alone foreigners.

Even Cao Er Niang, who considered herself the most knowledgeable among them, couldn’t help but shiver at this moment.

It seemed like time itself had frozen until the girl noticed them.

The girl turned her head, and her reddish eyes stared at the female employees, devoid of the innocence and childlike qualities you’d expect from a child.

Any movement from her right now, and the employees would have scattered in all directions.

“Demon! Demon!” Finally, someone screamed.

They even forgot that this was a supermarket, the “Immortal’s home.”

The employees rushed towards the warehouse, their families were still there!

The only person who didn’t move was Cao Er Niang. She stared blankly at the girl before her.

It’s not that she didn’t want to run. Her legs just felt weak, and she couldn’t escape.

Sarah looked at the fleeing employees with some confusion. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with her appearance. Although her skin was a bit pale, it wasn’t unusual for humans to have that skin. As for her hair, it might be a bit lighter, but it was still blonde, nothing too out of the ordinary.

“Why are they running away?” Sarah finally got her hands on the box of chocolates. After opening it, she walked up to Cao Er Niang, took out a piece, and handed it to her.

Sarah didn’t eat any herself. She just opened one and smelled its aroma from the packaging.

Cao Er Niang’s three souls and seven senses seemed to disappear, not reaching out to take the chocolate or responding in any way.

“You, stay away from my mother!”

Cao Er ran back, clutching a fruit knife, with its tip pointed to Sarah. Although she was trembling she still tightly held the knife handle, and with all her strength, she shouted, “Stay away from my mother! You Demon!”

Sarah looked at her strangely, “Demon? You mean to say I’m a demon?”

Sarah raised her chin, acknowledging it, “That’s exactly what humans call us.”

“He doesn’t call me that,” Sarah seemed to remember something pleasant, and she smiled at Cao Er, “Do you want some chocolate?”

“By the way, I’m Sarah.” She introduced herself, “What’s your name?”

Sarah continued, “I’m the new bodyguard, and I’ll be working here from now on.”

The mention of “work” brought back Cao Er Niang’s rationality and gradually her fear also subsided.

—This was the home of Immortal. No matter what kind of monster or demon they are, they are no match for the Immortal.

The blonde demon with a tall nose must have been captured by the Immortal to do labor and atone for her sins!

Or maybe this demon was a good one and was also saved by the Immortal.

Cao Er Niang was still trembling, but she still summoned the courage to say to Sarah, “Since you’re like us, you shouldn’t take items from the store without paying!”

Sarah glanced at the chocolate in her hand and blinked, “I took the cheapest one, and I’ll have it deducted from my wages by the boss.”

Maybe it was because they were talking, Cao Er Niang’s sense of responsibility finally overcame her fear. She swallowed hard and said with a stern face, “Taking without permission is stealing! Even if you owe money, you should inform the Immortal first!”

Sarah stood still, silent.

For a while she was silent. Sarah looked into Cao Er Niang’s eyes and said, “I made a mistake, and I apologize. There won’t be a next time.”

Cao Er, who had walked over to her mother’s side, looked at her mother’s stern and upright appearance. Suddenly, she felt an inexplicable sense of confidence. Her mother was the most valued mortal by the Immortal, so she had no reason to fear demons. 

As her daughter, she had no reason to be afraid of demons either, especially since this demon had just been scolded by her mother.

The demon was given the treatment she had received, there didn’t seem to be anything to fear.

“What kind of demon are you?” Cao Er couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Sarah honestly replied, “I survive by feeding on blood.”

Cao Er widened her eyes and tugged at her mother’s clothes, saying, “Mother! She’s a leech demon!”

Cao Er Niang looked at Sarah’s pale face. She couldn’t connect this pale girl with the pitch-black leeches, but she remained calm and said, “It seems anything can be considered a demon these days.”

Even storytellers couldn’t come up with a story about leeches becoming demons! 

In general, there weren’t any insects that could become demons.

Cao Er Niang wasn’t worried about Sarah feeding on her blood. After all, they were in the Immortal’s home. Even the most formidable demons would have to eat vegetarian food here!

What was there to fear about vegetarian demons?

“Go to the warehouse and let them know,” Cao Er Niang instructed confidently. She completely forgot she was just scared out of her wits and was now speaking seriously. “What does it look like to be afraid of demons in the immortal cave?”

Cao Er, “That’s right! I’ll go tell them!”


When Ye Zhou woke up, he saw Sarah fitting in perfectly with the others, eating alongside the employees.

In front of Sarah was a plate of blood sausages, which she was enjoying very much.

As he approached, he could overhear their conversation.

“You still have a family?!” The women looked at Sarah in amazement.

It’s not easy for a leech to become a demon, right?! Did leeches even have parents?

Sarah took a bite of the blood sausage and curled her lips, “None of them are good people. Because I’m the youngest and the weakest, they don’t take me seriously. Someday, I’ll make them regret it, and they’ll suffer in regret when they see my abilities.”

It seemed she was thinking of that scenario, and Sarah couldn’t help but laugh.

The women started talking, “You’re just a young girl, why be so competitive?”

“With a temper like that, you won’t be able to find a husband!”

“That’s right! In our village, the girls with bad tempers hardly get any matchmakers coming their way.”

But then they changed the topic, “It’s okay after you get married.”

“After marriage, you have to become strong! Otherwise, you’ll be bullied.”

“When you’re a young girl, you have to be gentle, and even if you pretend, you have to do it well.”

Sarah questioned, “Marriage? Why should I get married?”

The women couldn’t understand her question either. “If you don’t get married, how can your mother’s family support you?”

Sarah took another bite of blood sausage. “I can support myself.”

The women were shocked at first but quickly regained their composure. “You’re a demon!”

“We can’t do that. Even if we go out to work and become maids for wealthy families, we still need a man to vouch for us!”

“If there’s no man, our family’s property and land will be taken away by the clan, and we won’t have enough to eat.”

Sarah finally understood, “You can’t have your own property?”

The women looked at each other and laughed. “Otherwise, how can we say that we follow our father at home and follow our husband when we marry?”

Sarah finally undesrtood, “Because you are considered the property of your fathers or husbands?”

The women stopped laughing at this point.

Sarah continued, “I’ve heard that humans are like this. In my world, human males can engage in exchange trades involving their wives.”

Although Yezhou wanted to continue listening, the employees still noticed him.

“Oh, Lord Immortal!” The employees quickly stood up, bowing to him.

Ye Zhou, “…” 

Ah ah ah ah ah!

“Oh, dear heavens! Take him away!”

Before Sarah and Zou Ming arrived, the employees calling him “immortal” were tolerable.

But being called an “immortal” in front of Sarah and Zou Ming – right now, he just wants to find a hole in the ground to hide in.

They won’t think he has some special hobby, will they?

What will they think of him in their hearts?

Thinking of him as a pervert?

Ye Zhou didn’t dare to look at Sarah and Zou Ming’s expressions. His whole body was stiff. Like a robot following a pre-programmed script, as he said, “No need for formalities.”

The female employees then stood up awkwardly.

Ye Zhou: “…You can have a seat and continue eating.”

The employees exchanged glances, but none of them dared to sit down. They unconsciously looked at Sarah, who was still seated in the chair..

Alas, this young demon is too rebellious and undisciplined, she doesn’t even know how to show respect to the immortal.

They didn’t pay attention to Ye Zhou’s expression, unaware that he was currently feeling like his soul had left his body, thinking he had suffered a complete social death.

Author’s note:
Ye Zhou: “Don’t stop me! Let me find a hole to crawl into!”
Everyone: “…”
Ye Zhou (turning his head): “Won’t you really stop me?”

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  1. 怪物 Guài wu: Monster, freak, eccentric person different from 妖怪 which they described Sarah later on[]
  2. 妖怪 Yāo Guài: Monster, Demon, Goblin, Evil Spirit, Devil. From here on out, it’s gonna be Demon[]

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