Plane Supermarket Chapter 20

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C20

For a moment, Ye Zhou felt like he had died. His soul was drifting in the air, and all that remained on the ground was an empty shell.

However, he was still very much alive, not dead, nor had he become immortal.

“I’m full,” Sarah broke the silence.

Ye Zhou also carefully observed Sarah and Zou Ming’s expressions out of the corner of his eye.

Fortunately, neither of them showed much emotion, without revealing curiosity or disdain, which relieved Ye Zhou.

Although he didn’t actively encourage his employees to call him an immortal, he didn’t refute or correct it to maintain his image. Others who are unaware of his “difficulties,” would certainly think he was a pervert.

Regardless of what they might be thinking in their hearts, at least they didn’t show it on their faces. Ye Zhou could only numbly pretend not to know.

“They are all newly recruited,” Ye Zhou could hear his own voice, “Get along well with them.”

After saying that, he “floated” towards the lounge.

Right now, he just wanted to crawl under the blanket, cover his head with it, and act like an ostrich.

Right when he was about to “float” into the lounge, someone suddenly grabbed his wrist. The grip on his hand was thin but strong, with clearly visible joints. Ye Zhou pressed his forehead against the door as he muttered in a muffled voice, “If you want to laugh, go ahead.”

The broken jar is broken 1, so what if he was a pervert!

As long as he wasn’t embarrassed, it was others who would feel embarrassed!

“You did the right thing.” The expected ridicule did not come, instead there was a calm and comforting voice “You don’t have any physical strength, so you have to find ways to protect yourself.”

Zou Ming’s tone was very calm. As if he naturally lacked emotional fluctuations, but when he comforted someone, it was particularly convincing.

Ye Zhou liked hearing this. He felt that every word Zou Ming said struck a chord with him.

Ye Zhou turned to look at Zou Ming’s face and found it incredibly pleasing.

So, he one-sidedly declared that Zou Ming was his confidant and friend!

Ye Zhou quickly said, “Exactly, you don’t know when I first came here, I couldn’t even see a soul. It was all refugees outside. I had to protect myself first, but I didn’t have a gun. So, I could only pretend to be a ghost here. Now that you’re here, I can finally relax.”

“You go inside first, I’ll get you some snacks,” Ye Zhou exclaimed excitedly, “Do you drink beer?”

Zou Ming shook his head slightly.

Ye Zhou, “Alright, then I’ll make two cups of milk tea.”

There was only instant milk tea available, but it also tasted good. The supermarket also had small flavor packets that could be added to customize the taste.

“By the way, ask Sarah if she wants any.” Ye Zhou said to Zou Ming before leaving.

He had talked to Zou Ming for most of the night last night but hadn’t asked Sarah anything. 

Although he still held a hint of disbelief and caution about Sarah’s vampire identity, curiosity had taken over most of his thoughts. 

When Ye Zhou woke up this morning, he even turned on his computer to double-check the contract – and indeed, the employer was Sarah.

So, the problem  was with him? Did he click on the wrong thing back then? Maybe he scrolled too quickly with the mouse wheel?

Could it be that he was already experiencing blurred vision at such a young age?

But now that the person was already here, Ye Zhou couldn’t send them back, and if he terminated the contract early he would have to pay the termination fee! 

He is paying the other party three thousand per month. But terminating the contract not only required paying the current month’s salary but also compensating for the salary of three months.

He had only signed  a three-month contract.

He would suffer more if he terminated her earlier. Besides, although Ye Zhou had a decent amount of money on hand, it was just on paper. He still needed to save a lot of money.

And it seemed like Sarah was getting along well with the employees. She probably wouldn’t be rejected or feared because of her appearance.

Zou Ming nodded at Ye Zhou.

Once Ye Zhou left, Zou Ming withdrew his gaze and walked towards Sarah.

Sarah was in conversation with Cao Er, the youngest female employee who wasn’t even seventeen yet. In ancient times, she might have been considered a young lady, but to Sarah, she was still a little girl.

“You’re over 400 years old!” Cao Er’s jaw nearly dropped in shock. “Then why do you look so young?”

The female demons in storybooks were usually beautiful. But no matter how you look at Sarah, she looks like a little doll. Although pretty, she didn’t have the appearance of a “normal” woman, and her beauty was that of a little girl, which had nothing to do with being a “woman.”

Sarah also looks dissatisfied with her current appearance as well. She raised her chin and said, “Blame it on my mother!”

Cao Er said in shock, “Children shouldn’t blame their mothers.”

Sarah frowned. “I didn’t want to become a vampire.”

Cao Er sighed and consoled her. “It’s fate, but now you’re cultivating with the Immortal. There will come a day when you’ll grow up and become a human being.”

Sarah was about to say something when she heard Zou Ming’s voice beside her. “Sarah, the boss is calling for you.”

Sarah turned to look at Zou Ming and responded with a simple “Hmm.” Then, she turned to Cao Er and said, “You go ahead and get back to work.”

Cao Er slapped her forehead. “Oh! I almost forgot to do my chores!”

She hurriedly went to get a broom from the utility room after saying that.

Sarah walked up to Zou Ming as her lips twitched. “You’re always so serious. Aren’t you tired?”

Zou Ming kept his gaze ahead. “Not tired.”

Sarah suddenly sighed. “You’re always like this.”

She pursed her lips. “I don’t care what you’re thinking, but I know what I want. If you try to take it from me, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Zou Ming still maintained his calm demeanor. “You don’t understand anything.”

That sentence seemed to hit a nerve. Sarah reacted like a cat with its tail stepped on and the hair on her whole body exploded. “I have lived for centuries longer than you, and I don’t understand anything?!”

“You better lock the door at night!”

Sarah turned her head and stopped looking at Zou Ming.

Zou Ming didn’t speak anymore.

“Hey! Come help me with this!” Ye Zhou stood beside the water dispenser and waved to both of them.

He had three cups of milk tea and a bunch of snacks.He couldn’t find a tray, so why not have them lend a hand and take everything in at once?

He had a warm smile on his face. It was important to be welcoming to new employees. Besides, these two would be responsible for his safety, so having a good relationship with them was definitely better than a strained one.

“Is this peach flavor?” Sarah picked up one of the cups of milk tea and said somewhat regretfully, “I prefer the original flavor.”

Ye Zhou handed her another cup. “Then give me the peach one. This cup has the original flavor.”

Ye Zhou then looked at Zou Ming. “I got you a red bean milk tea. If you don’t like it, I can get you a different flavor. I can drink two.”

Zou Ming replied, “I’m not picky.”

Sarah’s expression darkened for a moment, but then she flashed a sweet smile at Ye Zhou. “The boss is really kind to me.”

Ye Zhou smiled back. He didn’t think he was particularly kind to Sarah. In fact, he had been rather rude when she first arrived, which was uncalled for.

It was just a cup of milk tea. He could afford it.



When Chen Liu fell on the ground, he couldn’t believe it and turned his head to look at the man pinning him down.

“Yang Ge!” Chen Liu shouted in pain, “It’s me! It’s Chen Laoliu 2!”

Yang Zhi did not let go, and his knees remained on Chen Liu’s back. He twisted Chen Liu’s arms behind his back. “Chen Laoliu?”

He couldn’t remember this person.

Chen Liu shouted, “Zhao San Ge 3! Zhao San Ge! It’s me!”

This time, he was calling out to the man who had been sitting with Yang Zhi just moments ago.

Zhao Ge stumbled over. Probably because he had just eaten and had some fuel in his belly, his steps were not so unsteady. 

He crouched down next to Chen Liu and examined his  face by the light of the fire. His numb mind thought for a moment before he hoarsely said, “Yang Ge, he’s Chen Liu. The one who went up the mountain five years ago.”

Chen Liu shouted as if he had grabbed a life-saving straw. “Exactly! It’s me!”

Yang Zhi still didn’t release his grip. ALthough he has thin appearance, he had strength in his hands. “Did you send the supplies?”

Chen Liu knew he couldn’t hide the truth and said, “Yes, it was me. It was my own food.”

“Who ordered you to do this?” Yang Zhi’s eyes flashed. “Speak!”

Chen Liu clenched his teeth, refusing to cry out in pain. He felt resentment but more than anything he felt fear. “No one ordered me! I did it for the sake of my brothers.”

Zhao Ge sat nearby and spoke more gently, “Chen Liu, I remember your family is just ordinary tenant farmers. Where did you get food and water at a time like this?”

Zhao Ge looked at Chen Liu’s face. Despite being tanned he still had some flesh on it. It seemed like he had not suffered too much during the time he did see him.

At a time like this, other than the government where else one could have a good life in the entire northern region?

“Did you surrender?” Zhao Ge suddenly shouted, “Is that it?!”

“Chen Liu! You have no conscience! Where are the people you brought with you?! Tell them to come out!”

Chen Liu knew he couldn’t reveal anything about Wu Yan and the others. He tried to lift his head. “I have no conscience? Would I bring supplies for you if I had no conscience?! If I had surrendered and wanted to harm you, you would have been poisoned long ago!”

Yang Zhi released his grip.

But Chen Liu didn’t stand up. He rolled over, lying on his back, gazing at the night sky above. His voice was hoarse. “I’ve been saved by someone important. I am no longer just one of the people on Huangshan Mountain. After delivering the supplies this time, I’m leaving.”

“What important person?” Zhao Ge asked, “Did you become a lackey for those rich young masters who prey on the common people?”

Chen Liu laughed. “Yes, when you can eat and drink your fill, why continue being a bandit on Huangshan Mountain?”

Chen Liu suddenly sat up. He glared into Zhao Ge’s eyes and angrily shouted, “You’re talking nonsense! Even if I were struck by lightning and died right here, I would never become a lackey for those rich young masters!”

Yang Zhi also sat to the side, thought for a moment before speaking, “I was wrong just now. But you can see our situation. Besides the lives of a few brothers, there’s really nothing worth pursuing.”

“You said a benefactor saved you. Who is this benefactor?” Yang Zhi asked.

Chen Liu thought for a moment and decided that there was no harm in telling the truth. After all, would mortals dare to scheme against immortals? Immortals could easily kill them with a wave of their hand.

“It’s a daoist immortal,” Chen Liu said, ” Lord Daoist Immortal!” 4

The people crowded around the campfire all turned to look at him.

They look like they wanted to devour him.

Chen Liu said, “The master immortal wants to save countless good people! That’s why he sent me out.”

He gritted his teeth and continued, “But you can’t be considered good people with blood on your hands.”

Zhao Ge sneered. “Chen Liu, are you a fool? Where in this world are there any immortals? They’re all just bullshit!”

“Where were these immortals when the ordinary folks were eating scraps?” he asked. 

“Where were they when those officials were exploiting us?”

“You’ve been deceived!”

Chen Liu’s expression changed. He stared at Zhao Ge. “You can’t speak ill of the Lord Immortal. If the immortal master isn’t a deity, then why did he save me? Am I fatter or smarter than the others?”

Yang Zhi suddenly spoke, “I don’t care whether the immortal you mentioned is a real immortal or a fake one. Since you have so much rations, it’s clear that you’re people are not in a bad situation.”

“We have something in our hands. And we all need food, water and supplies.”

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  1. 破罐子破摔了 Pò guàn zi pò shuāi: It is a metaphor that after having shortcomings, mistakes or setbacks, letting it go without correction, or intentionally developing in a worse direction.[]
  2. 陳老六 Chen Lao Liu; the lao is a prefix used before a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity. In this case Liu is Six; Chen Liu is the sixth child in their family.[]
  3. Zhao San Ge: Third brother Zao[]
  4. “是神仙。”陳六,“仙人老爺!” 神仙 Shen xiān: Daoist immortal / supernatural entity / (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc.
    仙人 xiān rén: Daoist immortal / celestial being
    老爺 lǎo ye: (respectful) lord / master [Honestly, I am a but unsure of the difference between the two but from what i can gather is that shen xian is most likely used for the unusual being, as they said a supernatural entity compared to xian ren which was commonly used in wuxia/xianxia novels. So shen xian is most likely used in novels that don’t have immortal cultivation. Xian ren comes in with cultivation things. Basically, the first daoist immortal is only like “maybe there is a ghost” and the second lord daoist immortal is “it is a ghost.” Please I hope that makes sense, but as far as I’ve read throughout the story these two words are interchangeable. So I’ll stick with that. ][]

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