Plane Supermarket Chapter 21

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C21

There are many people in this world who pray to god and worship Buddha. 

But people will always ‘request’ with sincerity. Even when offering something to the gods and Buddhas they will do so under the guise of asking to fulfill their wishes.

Chen Liu had lived for many years, but this was the first time he had encountered someone wanting to make a deal with an immortal. 

He was so shocked that he forgot how to speak for a moment. It took him a while to find his voice and stammered, “Th-th-that’s an immortal!”

Yang Zhi did not care about Chen Liu’s expression. He was convinced that Chen Liu was trying to pull the wool over his eyes. If there were really daoist immortals, why would they make a mortal like him run errands? It was clear that Chen Liu was being used without his knowledge. But Yang Zhi didn’t care who was using Chen Liu. He only knew that he had to go to the south.

He had chosen to stay in the north himself. Otherwise, he would have been one of the first to arrive in the south. 

His own life wasn’t important, but there were some things he had to personally deliver to the king, even if it meant death. He had to go to the south to see his parents one last time.

Yang Zhi suddenly said, “Alright, since you claim the immortal wants to save countless good people, Li Qing, come over here!”

The man who had been watching them by the campfire stood up. He was short but had a large head, and his arms had several scars.

“Li Qing has never taken a life,” Yang Zhi looked into Chen Liu’s eyes. “He even took a few blows to save someone. Does that make him a good person?”

Chen Liu swallowed hard. He couldn’t find the words to say that Li Qing wasn’t a good person. Li Qing had saved him and taken a hit for him.

“Can the immortal save him?” Yang Zhi asked again.

Chen Liu pursed his lips. If Li Qing had been alone, he would have brought him back to the supermarket long ago. 

When he was on the mountain, these people had been his brothers. They had faced life and death together without any barriers between them. But now, he suddenly realized that he was no longer their brother.

From the moment he came down from the mountain, he was no longer their brother.

Chen Liu’s hair stood on end!

It was only now that he realized his mistake.

Yes, immortals had supernatural powers, and they couldn’t harm immortals. But he, Chen Liu, was just a mortal! If the immortal drove him and his parents away, then their family would have no choice but to wait for their death!

Chen Liu’s lips trembled. “I came to deliver supplies to you. I’m willing to go hungry myself, but have I offended you?! Have I harmed you?!”

He remembered their kindness, so he was willing to go hungry to repay their favor. Why were they treating him this way?

“Yang Dage!” Tears welled up in Chen Liu’s eyes, and he shouted to Yang Zhi, “You’re a good person, I know you’re a good person! You’ve helped the tenant farmers seek justice from the government! Yang Dage! We have no grudges!”

Yang Zhi’s gaze flickered, and he pressed his lips together. “Since you came down from the mountain, you’re no longer my brother.”

Chen Liu lowered his head dejectedly.

Since it had come to this, he couldn’t let his parents be implicated. Chen Liu lifted his head with determination and yelled at Yang Zhi, “Without the immortal, there’s nothing. Whether you kill me or chop me, I don’t care!”

“If I have a big scar the size of a bowl on my head, then I, Chen Liu, won’t be a man if I even make a sound!”

Seeing Chen Liu’s resolute appearance, as if he were ready to meet his fate, Yang Zhi felt a toothache. His face softened and he used a gentle tone to coax, “Although you’re no longer our brother, we once shared camaraderie. We do not harm people, nor do we force you. Just be the middleman and ask that immortal if he wants what we have.”

“You’re not afraid I’ll run away?” Chen Liu looked at Yang Zhi in disbelief. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll call people to come and kill you?”

Yang Zhi shook his head. “You’re not that kind of person. I was rude earlier, but the current situation doesn’t allow me to be careless. That’s why I tested you.”

He considered himself a gentleman, but he didn’t expect that Chen Liu, this “mudfoot,” would display more gentlemanly conduct than him.

Chen Liu was at a loss. He murmured, “Test?”

Yang Zhi didn’t care whether or not Chen Liu had fully understood. He continued seriously, “All the brothers from the mountain have gone to the south, leaving only a few of us as the rear guard. We’re escorting something to the south. This item is very important to us, more important than our lives and property. Naturally, we must be cautious.”

“This item is hidden in a secret place.” Yang Zhi looked at Chen Liu’s expression.

Then he walked over to the campfire and picked up a tattered cloth bundle. Although it was a rag it was wrapped in many layers so the contents inside were not exposed.

Yang Zhi placed the bundle in front of Chen Liu. He lowered his head and adopted a pleading posture. He said, “Normally, these items could buy us a lot of food. But now, they’re just a pile of worthless scrap metals. We don’t need much, just enough to exchange for some extra food. If we can get horses, that would be even better. If not, even without food, six horses will do. Li Qing and Sun Feng are thin. They can share one horse.”

As he spoke, Yang Zhi opened the bundle. Layer by layer, he revealed the shiny gold inside.

Chen Liu was shocked and speechless, but he couldn’t help but swallow hard. He thought to himself, “Heavens, I’ve never seen so much gold jewelry in my entire life.”

Many of the gold pieces were adorned with various gemstones. Even though he was not an expert, he knew that these items are worth a lot of money. It was even probably enough to buy several mountains.

Why didn’t he know that there was so much wealth in Huangshan?!

Yang Zhi said, “These are the ill-gotten gains of those corrupt officials and greedy scoundrels.”

“Those corrupt officials!” Chen Liu replied.

Yang Zhi bowed to Chen Liu and handed it to him, “Chen Ge, these items are for you. If you decide to take them back, it’s because of your sense of righteousness. If you choose not to, we won’t blame you. Consider it as an apology for the trouble we caused you.”

Chen Liu had tried to maintain his bravado when Yang Zhi had him pinned to the ground earlier. But he couldn’t remain unmoved when this man he had once looked up to as a great person humbly pleaded with him like this. His heart visibly softened.

“If you let me go, I’ll believe you,” Chen Liu said as he looked into Yang Zhi’s eyes.

Yang Zhi replied, “I won’t stop you.”

Chen Liu cautiously stood up, holding the tattered bundle that Yang Zhi had rewrapped for him. He slowly retreated until he reached the edge of the woods. Then, he suddenly turned around and ran away.

All he could hear was his own heartbeat and the rush of wind in his ears. Despite the hot weather, cold sweat covered his body. The sweat soaked through his undershirt, giving him an eerie chill on this hot night.

Run, keep running forward!

Chen Liu ran until he felt he could no longer run. He sat down exhausted on the ground and turned to look back at the path he had taken.

He was afraid someone might be following him, and he was afraid that Yang Zhi might be deceiving him again.

Chen Liu wiped his face. He felt uncomfortable, and his chest hurt so much he couldn’t catch his breath.

After a while, Chen Liu saw a familiar light coming from the path he had taken. 

When he heard the voice of Wu Yan, it sounded like heavenly music to him.

“Why are you running so fast?” Wu Yan was going crazy. They had been watching Chen Liu from not far away. If Yang Zhi and his group had really tried to harm Chen Liu, they would have to step in and fight them.

That group of people had only eaten a little food and drank some water. They were no match for them. 

Even if they were martial arts experts, they hadn’t heard of any expert who could fight on an empty stomach.

As a result, that group of people released Chen Liu and gave him a bundle. Then Chen Liu ran like a wild horse into the woods, causing them to chase after him for so long.

Chen Liu was confused, saying, “I’m afraid they’re following me.”

Wu Yan said with an expressionless face, “Even horses can’t keep up with you.”

“What exactly happened? What did they make you do? Why did they capture you and then release you? What’s in the package?” Wu Yan asked questions one after another.

Other employees also stood by and watched Chen Liu. It seemed that if Chen Liu couldn’t explain things clearly, they might take matters into their own hands here and “bring him to justice.”

Chen Liu was not very articulate. It took him nearly half an hour to explain the situation clearly.

Wu Yan frowned as he looked at the bundle. Having experienced the immortal realm, he no longer regarded worldly possessions with much value. 

Could gold buy an immortal lamp, or could it buy a water dispenser that produced its own water?

“These are things tainted with human lives…” Wu Yan wondered if they should make this trip.

Chen Liu suddenly showed an unusual moment of cleverness, “Although they’re tainted with human lives, there’s still the Wrathful Vajra in Buddhism!”

Wu Yan was shocked, “You know about the Wrathful Vajra, huh?”

Chen Liu didn’t take pride in this but instead replied, “Let’s go back first and listen to what the Immortal has to say. If the Immortal accepts them, then we’ll know which items are acceptable next time.”

Wu Yan asked the others, “What do you all think?”

The group responded, “I think what Chen Liu said makes sense.”

“The Immortal said he wanted to save good people. So I thought, maybe those who kill to save others can also be considered good?” 

“When we were escaping, I killed a bad person who wanted to harm my wife. The Immortal still accepted me.”

Everyone turned to look at the man who had just spoken. He was usually reserved and appeared very honest. His wife and children were also straightforward people. It was hard to imagine that he had killed someone.

The man stammered, “He…he wanted to harm my wife and then planned to take my son to eat…meat. I had no choice…”

He shivered, “I really had no choice. If I didn’t kill him, I would…”

Wu Yan waved his hand, “Don’t say anymore. Since the immortal accepted you, it must be because you have a good nature. You’ve been given another chance, and your past deeds don’t matter anymore.”

“Then let’s head back!”


“Just this much,” Ye Zhou showed Zou Ming his savings. “I’m still three thousand short of being able to afford a small handgun.”

Zou Ming frowned, “Is it that expensive?”

Ye Zhou turned to him, his eyes gleaming, “You think it’s expensive too! This system is really outrageous. How much does your gun cost? Can you help me buy one?”

He even thought about outsourcing the purchase.

Zou Ming shook his head slightly, “I can’t return to my original dimension until our employment contract is over.”

Ye Zhou, “…” 

He sighed, thinking that outsourcing would save him money.

Ye Zhou didn’t expect that even this path would be blocked by the system.

Ye Zhou sighed, “My place is too remote and there’s a disaster and famine going on here now. I could hire people to go out and attract customers, but I know they would mostly be poor people. It’s not that I don’t want to help them, but the likelihood of losing money is greater than making money.”

If suffering people came to him, could he refuse to help them? 

At most, he couldn’t accommodate them.

“I’d be lucky if I could earn ten or twenty yuan from one customer,” Ye Zhou complained.

Zou Ming who was listening attentively suddenly said, “Perhaps they can bring valuable items.”

Ye Zhou laughed bitterly, “That would be great. I could do a backflip if that happens.”

Zou Ming looked at him and then down at Ye Zhou’s waist.

A backflip?

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