Plane Supermarket Chapter 22

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C22

After spending some time together, Ye Zhou gained a deeper understanding of Zou Ming and Sarah’s backgrounds.

Sarah came from an era similar to the Western Middle Ages on Earth. She was the youngest in her family, and probably the weakest. Despite being a vampire, her behavior and habits were no different from those of humans. 

Still there is a soul over four hundred years old residing in her small body. Sometimes it makes her words and actions feel strangely out of place.

As for Zou Ming, he had a reserved and rebellious appearance but was a gentle person. 

Strangely, the employees were willing to get close to Sarah, who was considered a “demon,” but not to Zou Ming, who was a human.

So to prevent Zou Ming from feeling isolated, Ye Zhou could only occasionally engage in small talk with him from time to time.

“Can’t you cultivate your land there?” Ye Zhou chatted with Zou Ming in the lounge.

They sat on the couch with a table filled with brewed green tea and snacks. Ye Zhou asked, “So, humans haven’t gone extinct yet?”

Land and water resources are the fundamental basis of human survival.

Ye Zhou couldn’t imagine what would happen if the land couldn’t be cultivated.

Zou Ming held an orange in his hand and peeled it. The fragrance and slight tanginess of the orange overpowered the tea aroma, filling the room.

He calmly replied, “There are still a few areas of uncontaminated land.”

Ye Zhou asked, “Do you have such lands where you live?”

Zou Ming hesitated for a moment and then shook his head slightly.

Ye Zhou had already realized something but let the thought pass and continued with his question, “So, how did you make a living before you got the employment system?”

“I was born in Base A35.” Zou Ming divided the peeled orange in half and handed one portion to Ye Zhou.

Ye Zhou instinctively took it and said, “Thank you.”

Zou Ming continued, “Base A35 doesn’t have arable soil, but it has a water source.”

Ye Zhou suggested, “You could trade water with others.”

Zou Ming shook his head. He glanced at Ye Zhou with his pitch-black eyes, devoid of joy or sorrow, like a bottomless well. “In lawless places, no one wants to trade.”

Ye Zhou asked tentatively, “… Then, robbing?”

Zou Ming nodded.

He tugged at the corner of his mouth, revealing an ambiguous smile.

Ye Zhou didn’t press further on this topic. He asked in a low voice, “Would you like some other fruit?”

Zou Ming nodded slightly, “Anything will do.”

Ye Zhou left the lounge.

He had seen numerous movies and literary works, and films related to post-apocalyptic settings all had a cruel and dark tone. When resources were scarce, humanity inevitably plunged into endless conflicts.

The prerequisite for collaboration is that resources can meet the needs of most people.

Clearly, the post-apocalyptic era couldn’t meet this prerequisite.

But conflicts will only make resources scarcer, leading to a vicious cycle.

Ye Zhou understands this when watching movies or reading novels and comics. He doesn’t find this kind of social structure particularly surprising. He has seen even darker and more twisted themes.

But the sensations brought by fiction and reality are definitely two different things.

When Ye Zhou was picking the fruit, he felt some regret. Why did he need to inquire so thoroughly? As long as the other person worked here properly and could ensure his safety, wasn’t that enough? He wasn’t here for a blind date, why did he ask so much questions?

After all, there was a contract in place. Even if the other person was a “bad guy,” at least they wouldn’t harm him.

When he returned to the lounge, Ye Zhou didn’t ask any more questions about Zou Ming’s plane. 

Instead, he turned on the TV and watched a movie with Zou Ming.

Just as they were approaching the climax of the movie, Ye Zhou heard footsteps and voices from outside the supermarket.

In theory, he shouldn’t have been able to hear the commotion outside while he was in the lounge. But at some point, he had become unusually sensitive to all sounds around him. Although he couldn’t be described as having superhuman hearing, Ye Zhou felt it was close enough for a human.

At first, he found the ability a bit novel. But over time, he realized it wasn’t that extraordinary. 

Moreover, it hadn’t brought him any tangible benefits. It only made the world around him noisier.

“I’m going to check it out,” Ye Zhou stood up.

Zou Ming also got up and followed behind Ye Zhou as they walked outside.

Ye Zhou quickly reached the entrance of the supermarket. Zou Ming had already held his gun, and even Sarah, who had just been playing somewhere, rushed over. She didn’t have any weapons but her eyes, which were originally slightly red, had turned dark red.

Apart from Ye Zhou, the other two were ready to fight if necessary.

“Immortal!” Chen Liu tumbled and fell at Ye Zhou’s feet.

He looked disheveled, not in terms of attire, but his expression and the feeling he gave off at that moment. It was as if he hadn’t already been rescued but had turned back to being a pitiable person who was constantly on edge.

Wu Yan and the others were panting heavily, as if they had run all the way back.

Ye Zhou was no longer embarrassed now. These days, whether it was Zou Ming or Sarah, they didn’t react much to the employees calling him an immortal, let alone mock him. Ye Zhou had gradually stopped taking offense to this nickname.

It was a strategy! It was his survival strategy. There was nothing shameful or to be embarrassed by it. 

Seeing how urgently Wu Yan and the others appeared, Ye Zhou thought they had encountered some danger. He frowned and asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

In an instant, Ye Zhou imagined many dangers they might have encountered.

Were they attacked by refugees? Robbed by bandits?

“Immortal!” Wu Yan caught his breath before explaining what had happened to them.

Chen Liu had already opened the bundle, and the dazzling jewelry almost blinded Ye Zhou’s eyes.

—Although his parents also liked buying gold and thought it was a good investment, they always kept it in the bank and never took it out.

His mother had bought gold jewelry before. But at most, it was just earrings, rings, and bracelets. There wouldn’t be such intricate designs.

Even Ye Zhou, who considered himself “knowledgeable,” was amazed by the jewelry crafted by the artisans of this era.

“They probably have more than just these items,” Wu Yan said, not looking at the sobbing Chen Liu on the ground. He stood in front of Ye Zhou, lowering his head slightly. “They said they were escorting something extremely valuable to the south. But they treat these jewels as if they were worthless. I suspect the things they have should be extremely lightweight.”

Wu Yan voiced his guess, “It’s probably information that can influence the current situation.”

For Wu Yan, even though he believed he no longer belonged to the mortal world, he had, after all, been a citizen of the Da Liang Dynasty for several decades. So, these matters were still important to him.

But Ye Zhou didn’t care about the so-called “current situation.” He didn’t want to become a king or dominate in this feudal society. He just wanted to make money.

Seeing Ye Zhou’s silence, Wu Yan cautiously continued, “Although they used to be bandits, Chen Liu said they never robbed or harmed innocent people. They only targeted corrupt officials and unscrupulous wealthy households… I wonder if we could… If not, we can return the items to them.”

The temptation of wealth before him almost made the word “can” slip from Ye Zhou’s lips.

He struggled to make himself appear unfazed.

He felt like he had put up a facade.

Wu Yan and his group all believed that Ye Zhou could know everything without leaving his house. Ye Zhou couldn’t afford to damage that perception at this moment.

While Ye Zhou was deep in thought, Wu Yan and his team were also quietly observing Zou Ming and Sarah.

Perhaps because Ye Zhou was present this time, the security guards didn’t panic and tried to run away. But their faces turned pale from fear after seeing Sarah.

But Wu Yan had some education and knew that there were fair-skinned, blonde-haired people in the world. Though he was startled, he didn’t see Sarah as a monster or demon.

After pretending to contemplate for a moment, Ye Zhou said to Wu Yan, “You all go rest. I have my own arrangements.”

Wu Yan and his group helped Chen Liu and went to the supermarket’s back entrance together.

Before they left, Ye Zhou emphasized that when they returned to the supermarket, they couldn’t go in directly. Instead, they had to wash up at the back entrance and change into clean clothes.

The supermarket is so large that if it were infested with pests, you wouldn’t even know how many bottles of insecticide you would need.

The weather was hot now, and washing with cold water wouldn’t lead to catching a cold.

After Wu Yan and his group left, Zou Ming picked up the bag filled with gold jewelry.

Sarah also walked over, but it was clear that neither of them was interested in these items.

After returning to their original plane, only the salary Ye Zhou provided them could be used for shopping. Even if they could take these items back to Zou Ming, it was just a pile of golden stones. And for someone like Sarah, a vampire who had lived for over four hundred years, gold jewelry was never in short supply.

“You did a great job,” Sarah looked at the intricate patterns on the gold jewelry. “It would be nice if we could bring these craftsmen to my world.”

Ye Zhou asked, “Don’t you have skilled craftsmen there?”

Sarah shrugged, “Humans there are all poor. Even the king and queen are infested with lice.”

Ye Zhou was left speechless.

When you become a king and end up like that, maybe it’s better not to become one at all.

Ye Zhou’s historical knowledge was average, especially regarding Western history. It was even more so regarding the medieval era. His understanding of the medieval world was limited to castles and witches from fairy tales.

Ye Zhou never imagined that kings in Sarah’s medieval world would have lice.

“Have you figured out how to approach them?” Zou Ming asked.

Ye Zhou replied casually, “Well, those people did release them, so they can’t be all bad.”

But then he had second thoughts and frowned slightly. “Those people are probably refugees. They definitely can’t defeat Wu Yan and the others. At this time, gold, silver, and jewelry are just worthless scraps. Instead of leaving them unused, we might as well take a gamble.”

“But we can’t be sure if it’s a good or bad idea,” Ye Zhou thought as he held his chin in hand.

If he had known, he wouldn’t have beaten around the bush by claiming he was saving a good people. He had trapped himself with these shackles.

It would have been better to simply say he was saving people.

Zou Ming suddenly said, “Pick out a few items and just say that those items won’t be accepted, without explaining the reasons.”

Ye Zhou looked at him in confusion and asked, “Why?”

He couldn’t quite follow Zou Ming’s train of thought.

Zou Ming calmly explained, “Smoke grenades. Let them think for themselves why those few items won’t be accepted, so they won’t worry about whether those people are good or bad.”

Ye Zhou suddenly understood and said, “Divert their attention! Great idea!”

Since the people exchanging items wouldn’t see them again, they didn’t need to worry about this tactic being exposed.

Ye Zhou gave Zou Ming a thumbs-up but before he could praise him further, Sarah suddenly squatted down, picked out a few items from the bag, and placed them aside. She looked up at Ye Zhou with excitement in her large eyes and said, “I have chosen.”

Ye Zhou was puzzled. Wondering what she means? Did she want him to compliment her?


As the sun approached noon, the tree shade provided some relief from the sunlight, but it couldn’t block the heat that was coming from all directions.

“Yang Dage, do you think they’ll come back?” Li Qing took a sip of water. At least it was supposed to be a sip, but in reality, he only wet his lips a bit.

Yang Zhi smiled wryly and said, “How would I know?”

Zhao San couldn’t contain his anger. “Where did this immortal come from? Even if it’s a deity, they can’t conjure six horses right now! Chen Liu is definitely deceiving us! We shouldn’t have let him go. Since we’ve been brothers, how can he enjoy a life of luxury while we suffer?”

Yang Zhi chewed on a slice of bread, not like a dry biscuit that would choke his throat. He looked at the “slice” in his hand and pulled the corner of his mouth, “Keep him here, and we’ll all die together?”

“If he stays, we’ll all die together.”

“If he goes, we can still take a chance. As long as he comes back, we can all survive.”

Yang Zhi gazed at the glaring sun in the distance and swallowed the last bite of bread.

They had traveled a long and arduous journey, lost seven horses and endured countless hardships. It’s definitely not for the purpose of waiting here to die at this moment.

If there is really an “immortal,” could the “immortal” save their lives? Could they rescue them from their sea of suffering and save all the people in the world from suffering?

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