Plane Supermarket Chapter 23

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C23

The barcode scanner swept over the gold jewelry left by Ye Zhou, and after a moment, it disappeared without a trace.

Ye Zhou was cautious and didn’t convert all the gold jewelry into money. He left a portion of it in the warehouse.

After exchanging the gun and ammunition, he still had 1.3 million left in his account.

At this point, he felt a bit of regret. After all, if these antique gold jewelry were priced according to modern standards, they could have brought him income exceeding tens of millions.

If we talk about the selling prices in this era, jade and calligraphy and painting are still more valuable. After all, among the common people, gold and silver don’t circulate. It’s either barter or copper coins.

Gold, as a precious metal that can serve as currency, only circulates among the upper class. Gold jewelry is affordable only for the upper nobility who can use it.

For the upper-class nobility, beautiful jade and artworks are the things worth spending money on.

In comparison, gold jewelry is not as valuable. 

Since it’s not very valuable in this plane, could it be valuable in another plane?

Ye Zhou still remembers what Sarah said about the plane she was in. Human nobility in that dimension might not lack gold and silver, but their craftsmanship is very poor. In that case, wouldn’t he be able to make a fortune there?

“There seems to be horses in the system’s inventory,” Ye Zhou mumbled to himself while sitting in front of the computer.

Zou Ming walked up behind him. The two of them were now living together. Ye Zhou and Zou Ming had no secrets from each other, which made them quickly grow close.

Ye Zhou had selectively forgotten Zou Ming’s past. Aafter all, there were contractual obligations, and Zou Ming’s previous life wasn’t that important.

Whether someone is good or bad sometimes depends on the environment they are in.

Anyway, Ye Zhou wasn’t bothered. When it came down to it, all the worrying and discomfort fell on him.

“A hundred thousand for one horse…” Zou Ming was momentarily speechless when he saw the price.

On the other hand, Ye Zhou wasn’t too concerned. “There’s still over a million in the account. Six horses for six hundred thousand. We can afford it, and the cost of feed isn’t high.”

Although horses were expensive, there was a reason for the price. All the horses listed below were mature mares of racing caliber.

Ye Zhou didn’t gamble on horses, but he knew that good racehorses were almost all mares. Mares were faster, more stable, and had more explosive power compared to stallions. The racehorses that were worth a fortune on the track were all mares.

The system surprisingly had a conscience. 

Otherwise, if it priced misshapen produce at a hundred thousand, Ye Zhou would have considered smashing the computer again.

“Even if we include the cost of feed and such, we can make nearly four hundred thousand in profit at the very least,” Ye Zhou wasn’t greedy. “It’s already a lot! I didn’t even dare to dream about it before.”

After entering the purchase quantity, Ye Zhou pressed the purchase button and leaned back in his chair, patting his leg, saying, “It feels great to have money coming in.”

Ever since he realized that having enough points wasn’t enough to return to his original plane, all of Ye Zhou’s hopes had been pinned on making money.

The more money he earned, the more weapons he could buy, and the more things he could unlock.

The safer he was and the longer he survived, the more hope he had of going home.

Even though he had earned so much money, he could only unlock two strange planes for jumping. Although the computer didn’t give any hints, Ye Zhou had roughly guessed the reason.

It was probably that he could only unlock two planes at a time. He had to go to these two planes before he could unlock new locations.

Ye Zhou didn’t want to go into battle unprepared.

At least this plane is similar to ancient China. He was more familiar to it. He had to prepare here before making interplane jumps.

Ye Zhou only had one life and he couldn’t afford to gamble it away.


“I’m afraid, these items are probably from a well-off family,” Wu Yan looked at the small bag of gold jewelry that Sarah had handed to him and felt that these things were like a hot potato. He turned to Chen Liu and the others and said, “I’ll return them to their rightful owners when the time comes.”

Chen Liu couldn’t confidently say that Yang Zhi and his group were definitely good people now. He pursed his lips and said, “Wu Ge, what if I don’t go…”

He had been scared by Yang Zhi and his group and had his moral compass overturned after years. After coming back, he had nightmares all night. He dreamt that he was being skinned and dismembered by Yang Zhi and his group, turning into a pile of flesh.

However, Wu Yan wasn’t sympathetic to him. “You got involved with these people!”

Chen Liu shivered and said, “They weren’t… like this before…”

As they were talking, Cao Er Niang came over. He first gave Chen Liu a stern look, then said to Wu Yan, “You shouldn’t have let Chen Liu go! When familiar faces meet, what room is there for reverence?”

“After it gets dark, use the celestial lamp to shine on them. Let’s see if they still don’t believe in immortals,” Cao Er Niang also understood that Wu Yan was now the leader among the men. After some hesitation, she ultimately realized that she couldn’t replace Wu Yan’s role and changed her attitude quite a bit.

Cao Er Niang said, “When you leave, take Cao Er with you, and I’ll give you some advice.”

The group of people paused for a moment, and Wu Yan whispered, “Li Gu 1, Cao Er is a girl. It’s not convenient for her to travel with a group of men like us.”

Cao Er Niang wasn’t worried about her daughter getting into trouble. After all, the immortals were present, and if anyone dared to do anything to Cao Er on the road, they would meet their end outside. No one had more faith in immortals than she did.

“I only have this one daughter!” Cao Er Niang sighed. “While I’m here, I can still watch over her. But what will she do if when I’m gone?”

Wu Yan replied, “Even if you’re not here, can’t Cao Er can still manage things here?”

Cao Er Niang shook her head. “She’s soft-hearted and lacks the ability to make her own decisions. If she doesn’t stand on her own, I won’t be able to protect her for long.”

“Take her with you when you go, don’t take too much care of her. Let her make her own decisions and endure hardships,” Cao Er Niang spoke with motherly concern.

“These things, take a look and divide them among yourselves.”

Cao Er Niang took out a plastic box. She had helped Ye Zhou in his time of need. So Ye Zhou had also been generous in giving her many things.

She took out item after item. 

There was a crystal ball that could play music, gilded figurines, and many other small items. 

These were all gifts from Ye Zhou that he had noticed she liked. Here, Cao Er Niang had the most assets.

Even if other people receive their salary, they wouldn’t buy these things. They would prefer to buy food and clothes.

“How did you come up with the idea of having her come out with us?” Wu Yan didn’t take anything and asked out of curiosity.

Cao Er Niang looked over to a nearby spot, where Cao Erwas busy weaving grasshoppers with Sarah. Her gaze softened as she whispered, “Although Sarah is a demon, she’s still a little girl, and she’s knowledgeable, so she’s not afraid of anything.”

“Even if Sarah goes on a long journey, her parents will surely not worry about her,” Cao Er Niang said, “As parents, can we protect our children for a while? Can we protect them for a lifetime?”

“Besides, getting married nowadays is also a difficult matter. If Cao Er doesn’t get married for her whole life, does that mean she’ll stay in the supermarket and never dare to go out for her whole life?” Cao Er’s mother looked at Wu Yan, “You also have a daughter, you understand.”

Wu Yan finally nodded.

He thought of his own daughter.

Although his daughter was still a baby, Wu Yan believed that his own daughter had already taken a step into the realm of immortals.

If that were the case, she would no longer be an ordinary girl. In the future, she will not remain an illiterate country girl. He agreed with Cao Er Niang’s words that his daughter had to stand on her own.

If the Wu family could produce an immortal, that would truly bring honor to their ancestors!

So, Wu Yan accepted the gilded figurine from Cao Er Niang. The others saw Wu Yan reaching out and each took something as well.

Cao Er Niang finally relaxed her expression and smiled as she spoke to the others, “For those of you with daughters at home, don’t be afraid to let them endure hardships. In the past, we could still hope for our daughters to marry into good families, but that’s not the case now.”

The others took her words to heart, and one of them said, “Li Gu’s right, but my daughter is still young. I’ll wait until she’s over twelve before taking her out.”

“My daughter used to be a great tree climber in the village. I used to worry that she might fall and get hurt. But now, she can practice. Being able to climb trees is a skill.” 

“My daughter used to learn embroidery, but she didn’t achieve much. She embroidered mandarin ducks that looked more like ducks. She doesn’t have the skill for embroidery. How about letting my daughter learn tree climbing with yours?” 

Cao Er Niang responded with joy, “I knew you all are good people!”

Back in the village, the daughters in every household were not highly valued. Their parents raised them mostly to help with work. As they grew older, they were married off to bring in some money for the family. As for how these girls would fare in the future, it was generally not a concern. 

After all, the family’s resources, both in terms of land and finances, were limited. Parents also had limited energy and had to focus on raising sons who could continue the family lineage. How can much attention are left for the daughters?

But these men hadn’t abandoned their daughters in times of crisis, showing that they really cared. That’s why Cao Er Niang asked if they could bring Cao Er on the journey.

Wu Yan who was munching on jerky asked curiously, “Is that girl, Sarah, really a demon? She looks like a foreigner to me.”

Cao Er Niang spoke seriously, “She’s a leech demon. She says she needs to suck blood to survive. During these days she’s been with us, she’s only eaten blood sausage.”

“She looks so strange! Why does a person have such a tall nose?!”

“Her eyes are strange too, tinged with red.”

“In the stories, demons don’t look like this.”

Cao Er Niang replied, “She lives in the demon world. I don’t even know what the demon world is like.”

Now, Cao Er Niang had grown considerably bolder. She believed she wasn’t afraid of Sarah, and by extension, she wasn’t afraid of any demons.

The men commented, “We heard male demons all look like ferocious creatures with green faces and sharp teeth, while female demons have a human appearance.”

“Just because Sarah is a good demon doesn’t mean all demons aren’t scary.”


“You’ve got it wrong,” Cao Er stopped weaving the grasshopper and went over to show Sarah. “You need to thread the grass from this side.”

But no matter what Sarah did, she couldn’t get it right. Cao Er said anxiously, “Oh no, you got it wrong again!”

Sarah handed her the half-finished piece and said, “Help me thread it, please.”

Cao Er took it and sighed, saying, “Okay, watch carefully. It should be like this.”

As she continued weaving, Cao Er asked, “Your parents didn’t treat you well?”

Sarah replied, “I only have a mother, no father.”

Cao Er quickly said, “I didn’t mean to…”

Sarah waved her hand dismissively, “It’s nothing. I might as well have no mother since my mother doesn’t treat me well.”

Cao Er paused, and now she felt sorry for Sarah. Her mother was a widow and didn’t treat her well, showing that there were difficulties in demon families too.

“You have brothers,” Cao Er consoled her. “Even though they’re not nice to you now, as long as you’re kind to them, they’ll be good to you.”

Sarah stared fixedly at Cao Er’s hand movements, not paying much attention as she said, “Someday, I’ll kill them all.”

Cao Er’s hand shook, and the grasshopper she was about to finish weaving fell to the ground. She looked at Sarah with a shocked expression and stammered, “You, you…”

Sarah casually responded, “My mother is the only one, and her property is limited. They’re not good to me, so if I don’t kill them, how can I get my share of the property?”

Cao Er was left speechless.

Sarah asked, “Is it done? Is this it? You’re really amazing.”

Even though Cao Er had woven it, when placed on the ground and the tail was pressed, the grasshopper could jump. Even if it could only jump once, Sarah considered it quite clever.

Cao Er replied, “…No, you’re even more amazing.”

“They once pressed me into the sewer,” Sarah looked at the grasshopper and continued, “Chopped off my arms and legs, then threw me in the basement and even pulled out my insides. They treated me like that, so why should I be good to them?”

Cao Er was terrified and stammered, “W-why did they treat you like that?!”

Sarah’s expression remained unchanged, and she calmly answered, “Because I was the weakest. They considered me a disgrace to the family, a defective product that should be eliminated. They seemed to think that by killing me, the family would become stronger. Isn’t that funny?”

“But they couldn’t kill me,” Sarah’s lips curved slightly. “So I want to kill them.”

“I also want them to experience the hardships I’ve endured before I kill them.”

Sarah asked Cao Er, “If your brothers beat you every day, trying to harm you, could you still be good to them?”

Cao Er replied, “I’d go down with them!”

Despite being born in the countryside and being the eldest daughter, her parents had never mistreated her. Her younger siblings were willing to listen to her, and even if they occasionally misbehaved, they had never harmed her. She felt that she wouldn’t be able to endure the grievances Sarah had experienced.

Sarah laughed, “You’re the first person to say something like that.”

“No, you’re the second.”

“I’ll watch out for you from now on,” Sarah suddenly said. “You’re my little sister now.”

Cao Er was a bit hesitant. She had never heard of women becoming sworn sisters. She was only familiar with recognizing godmothers. “Then, you should recognize my mother as your godmother.”

“And… you seem younger than me.”

In the end, Sarah didn’t become her sworn sister, but Cao Er did acknowledge Sarah as her honorary elder sister.


The six horses appeared again at midnight, accompanied by a burst of light. This chestnut-colored horse was well-fed and robust, exuding a majestic aura. They were completely different from the horses Lin You and the others had ridden when they arrived. Those horses were not as robust and had less sleek coats.

Although Ye Zhou didn’t know how to ride a horse, it seems that horses, as animals, naturally possess the power and beauty to move one’s soul.

Ye Zhou gently stroked a tuft of hair on the horse’s head. If he knew how to ride,  he would surely have taken a ride now. 

Unfortunately, he never had the time to learn horseback riding while he was in school.

The system was considerate this time. It not only provided the horses but had also already attached the horseshoes and saddles. They were ready for someone to mount and ride through the land.

“I want to learn how to ride a horse!” Ye Zhou excitedly told Zou Ming. He asked, “Can you ride?”

Zou Ming replie, “Yes.”

Ye Zhou asked, “Did you learn when you took on jobs before?”

Zou Ming nodded, “Many of the transportation methods in different planes involve donkeys, horses, or cattle. Some planes don’t even have mules.”

Ye Zhou imagined Zou Ming riding a donkey.

Hmm… it’s better to ride a horse.

“By the way… can Wu Yan and the others ride horses?” Ye Zhou suddenly thought of this question.

Zou Ming was not worried, “Even if they can’t ride, they can still lead the horses.”

In order to transport the water and food supplies, Ye Zhou also purchased a wooden carriage that could be pulled by horses. The wheels were air-cushioned and much larger than regular tires, allowing the carriage to travel on various terrains without the risk of punctures. They could also distribute the weight of the carriage evenly.

The description was quite clear. Even if a large truck equipped with these tires rolled over a person, it wouldn’t cause any harm.

Originally, Ye Zhou thought this was a product of the future, but when he checked the “age,” he realized that these tires were older than him.

The carriage was loaded with food and water, not only for humans but also for the horses. He hoped that the people traveling with them would treat the horses well, as these magnificent animals would be deeply missed if anything happened to them.

What surprised Ye Zhou was that, on this “delivery” journey, in addition to Wu Yan’s group, both Cao Er and Sarah would also be accompanying them.

If it were only Cao Er as the sole female among a group of men, Ye Zhou wouldn’t dare let her travel with them. This was a practical concern. Even if he believed Wu Yan’s group were good people, as long as there was the slightest unease, he couldn’t ignore Cao Er’s personal safety.

 But after learning that Cao Er was going, Sarah also volunteered. With Sarah by their side, Ye Zhou agreed. 

While he hadn’t seen Sarah in action, she was a vampire. Even the weakest of vampires should have some skills. Moreover, Sarah wasn’t a teenager. If she was willing to go, she must be confident in her skills.

Young people were prone to hot-blooded decisions, but adults had to make well-considered choices.

“Since you’re going with them, it’s a good opportunity to learn horseback riding as well,” Ye Zhou reluctantly patted the horse’s head. “It’s an important skill.”

When Ye Zhou and Zou Ming spoke, they deliberately lowered their voices since Cao Er was nearby.

Sarah, “I can ride a horse.”

Cao Er said modestly, “I can ride an bull.”

How could a cowherd not know how to ride an bull?

Ye Zhou, “…”

What a bunch. I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to do anything.

Cao Er watched Ye Zhou caressing the horse and couldn’t help but feel that even the horses received mercy from the immortal. 

Maybe for these horses, following these people was a good place to be. 

Who knows, the horses might even make great achievements!

Cao Er never expected that she would be pushed into Wu Yan’s team by her mother. She was afraid and didn’t want to go. But she was used to following her mother’s instructions. She didn’t dare to argue or refuse.

So, Cao Er could only pick weapons obediently. After a long time, she chose a repeating crossbow. 

It wasn’t because she had a special skill in shooting. After all, she hadn’t shot down many birds even when using a slingshot since she was a child. She chose the repeating crossbow because it allowed her to engage in combat without getting too close to the enemy.

Cao Er couldn’t understand her mother’s intentions and thought her mother was disappointed with her. Fortunately, she had her elder sister willing to go with her.

Cao Er held Sarah’s hand tightly and whispered, “Big sister, I’m scared.”

Sarah gently patted Cao Er’s hand and reassured her, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you. If anyone dares to harm you, I’ll wipe out their entire family.”

Cao Er, “…”

Now she felt even more scared.

Sarah found great pleasure in being an elder sister. Even if Cao Er said she wanted to reach for the moon in the ninth heaven, she could still say, “Big sister will help you.”

If it weren’t for the contractual obligations, Sarah would have wanted to give Cao Er a playful bite.

Then, she wouldn’t be the elder sister anymore. She’d become the mother directly.

Sarah wants to be mom ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

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  1. 李 lǐ: Plum
    姑 gū: Paternal Aunt/ Husband’s sister/ Husband’s mother.
    They have never really said what is the name of Cao Er’s Niang. So I am assuming Li is either her last or first name. And im not so sure with 姑, so i left this two as it is.[]


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