Plane Supermarket Chapter 25.1

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C25.1

In the darkness, Wu Yan could hear the heavy breaths of the person swinging the axe. He couldn’t see the person’s face, but he could keenly sense their imposing figure. In that split second, Wu Yan stood frozen in place, as if awaiting his seemingly inevitable fate.

Then, a sudden change occurred—


With a loud crash, Wu Yan didn’t wait for the axe to end his life. He fell to the ground and the sharp pain on his rear end brought him back to his senses. It was this pain that made him see the nightmarish scene before him.

The petite girl leaped high like a wraith, her golden curls concealing the moonlight, and her pale skin accentuated her blood-red eyes. Her fingers elongated like withered branches, with long, slender nails adorned with a large piece of flesh.

The scent of fresh blood left Wu Yan too horrified to speak. He stared blankly at the scene before him, as if his mind had completely stopped functioning.

Sarah stepped on the man she had kicked, and suddenly, everything fell silent. The scene of a petite girl knocking down a big, strong man was so unbelievable that it seemed like something out of a fictional story.

Not only Wu Yan and his group, but also the people who had emerged from the woods, were surprised.

Sarah’s five fingers closed and she forcefully plunged them into the man’s chest.

The sharp nails pierced the skin, making the man’s scalp tingle.

Everyone stopped what they were doing. Their eyes widened, watching helplessly as Sarah effortlessly ripped the man’s heart out of his back. 

Sarah casually tossed the still-beating heart aside. She raised her hand, squinted her eyes and savored the lingering feeling of fresh blood between her fingers. 

At this moment, she was more terrifying than any ghost or demons from a hundred ghostly legends.

“What are you afraid of?” Sarah shattered the deathly silence of the forest herself. She raised an eyebrow at Wu Yan. “He’s not stronger than you. You’ve already admitted defeat in your heart, so your weapon will slip from your hand. Without me, you’d be dead right here. But you can’t have me by your side every time.”

Wu Yan’s throat felt like it was being choked, rendering him unable to produce a sound.

“De… demon!!” someone shouted loudly. 

A cacophony of screams and the sound of people tripping over dry branches filled the air as they fled.

Sarah no longer cared about Wu Yan and the others lying on the ground.

The muscles in her legs swelled in a grotesque and almost terrifying manner, and her slender legs suddenly contorted in a strange way. No one could discern how she managed to sprint away, but it felt like a chilling breeze had blown in from a hundred thousand miles away.

The man was running away. He cannot hear anything, and even the scent of blood was no longer present at the tip of his nose. His mind was consumed by one word, “Run!”

The farther he ran, the better, away from that terrifying demon!

He wasn’t a Taoist, a monk, or a spirit god, he was just an ordinary person, completely powerless against such a creature!

Is he safe now?

The man simply couldn’t run anymore.

Moments ago, he had the strength to sprint at full speed, but as soon as the word “safe” appeared, all his energy suddenly dissipated.

He sat on the ground, gasping for air continuously, even thinking he might breathe his last breath.

“Why aren’t you running when you seem to be the fastest?” A hoarse female voice suddenly echoed in his ear.

The man was momentarily stunned. “I can’t run…”

He suddenly realized and sat there stiffly.

Someone approached him in the moonlight.

Finally, under the moon’s light, he could see clearly. It was a young girl with features resembling  Hu ren 1 , but at the same time distinctly different. Her blood-red pupils, paler than those of Hu ren and her long sharp nails conveyed to anyone looking at her – she wasn’t human.

She had the face of a young girl but the voice of a mature woman.

Her hoarse and gentle voice, paired with her figure and face, was enough to send shivers down one’s spine, especially with just her voice.

The man looked at her in terror.

Before Sarah could say anything more, she saw the man’s head tilted, and he fell backward to the ground.

Sara: “…”

I haven’t even done anything yet!

She walked over to the man in a somewhat irritated manner. Sarah crouched down beside him, first checked his pulse and breathing, and, after confirming he wasn’t dead, she gave him a couple of slaps. Once she was certain he wasn’t pretending to be unconscious, she rolled her eyes, let out a sigh, and then grabbed his arm, exerting her strength to drag him back.

If he hadn’t fainted, he could have walked back on his own. 

Now it was all up to her.


“I… I’ll bandage it for you.” Cao Er suppressed her fear. She took the alcohol and gauze from the first aid kit she had brought out. Ye Zhou had taught them how to do it before they left, so everyone knew how to do it.

Except for Cao Er, the others maintained their previous actions, still struggling to recover from the horror that Sarah had brought them.

Chen Liu leaned against a tree and asked with trembling lips, “She… she’s really a leech demon? And her nails are so long!”

Cao Er first cleaned Chen Liu’s wound, which was covered in mud and blood. She didn’t dare to dwell on the recent scene and just said, “Sister has cultivated for more than four hundred years, so she should be more powerful than an ordinary leech demon.”

Chen Liu only knew that Sarah was a demon but had never asked in detail. He didn’t expect that she had already cultivated for over four hundred years.

“Alright, everyone, pull yourselves together. Even if she’s a demon, she’s under the Immortal’s protection,” Wu Yan cleared his throat and stood up, supporting his knee. “Those people were out to kill us, and she only fought back. Without her, we’d be no different from those people.”

He pointed at the body with the missing heart. “Once we get back, if the Immortal doesn’t ask, you’re not allowed to speak up voluntarily!”

He couldn’t deceive the Immortal, but he also feared that if Sarah killed someone to save him, she might be driven away by the Immortal. So, he came up with this clumsy plan.

Although he believed that the Immortal was all-knowing, he also thought that even the King of Hell might take a nap from time to time. The Immortal might not be watching them all the time. As long as they didn’t say anything, they could protect Sarah.

As for when the Immortal asked – they were definitely not going to lie.

Li Si whispered, “Where did the… demon, Sarah, go?”

Cao Er trembled as she bandaged Chen Liu’s wound, whispering, “She went after those people, right? We need to know who they are, who’s pulling their strings. If they just happened to encounter us, it’s one thing, but if they…”

Everyone looked at her.

Cao Er pursed her lips and said, “If they had planned before and their target is not just us but the Immortal’s cave as well, that would be troublesome.”

As soon as she said that, the employees relaxed. “There’s an Immortal guarding the supermarket! If they dare to go, it’s inviting disaster, digging their own graves, and…”

Chen Liu interjected, “Enough with the self-talk. You’ve already talked enough.”

The employees laughed, and the fear from before disappeared completely.

Cao Er felt much more at ease.

Yes, those people could, at most, bully ordinary folks like them. Why should they bother the Immortal?

Even if they went, would the Immortal allow them to harm him?

The employees tended to each other’s wounds and drank some water. Finally, they gathered together for mutual reassurance, and then they saw Sarah emerging from the woods.

She didn’t startle them. As she approached, she shouted to Wu Yan and the others, “I’ve captured someone alive.”

It’s just her idea of “capturing” was completely different from what they had in mind. She had clearly dragged someone alive!

The unconscious man was surrounded by Wu Yan and the others. Wu Yan asked Cao Er to speak with Sarah while he, along with his men, stripped the man of all his belongings and confiscated the dagger from him before conducting a thorough examination.

“Wu Ge, take a look at this…” Chen Liu pulled out a copper coin with a red string attached from the man’s pocket.

Wu Yan’s pupils narrowed slightly. “Show me!”

He snatched the string of copper coins.

The aged stains on the copper coin could no longer be wiped clean. They could still vaguely make out that they were bloodstains.

“They were soldiers!” Wu Yan said hoarsely. “Only soldiers have this kind of life-saving money!”

Starting from the previous dynasty, soldiers were given a life-saving coin by the generals. With this coin, they could buy their lives from the King of Hell.

It was their ticket to return alive from the battlefield.

As for those who died – their chance to buy their lives was forever lost.

But no one knew how many times this copper coin could be cashed in with the Lord of the Underworld, so ordinary soldiers always kept it on their person.

This copper coin was their talisman.

“Why are there soldiers here?!” Chen Liu’s voice was sharp. “If they’re not out to suppress the bandits, why are they looking for us?!”

Wu Yan pursed his lips. “They are soldiers, not armored monsters. They need to eat and drink, and get warmth. They are probably bandits now… even more terrifying than the bandits.”

No matter how ruthless the bandits were, they were once law-abiding citizens.

But these soldiers had already seen countless battles before they turned to banditry. They couldn’t be compared to the ordinary bandits.

“If they are soldiers, there are definitely more than just these few!” Wu Yan made a quick decision. “We need to rush back overnight! Let’s go!”

Sarah might be a demon, but he couldn’t place all his hopes on her.

The employees quickly went to fetch flashlights. Chen Liu asked Wu Yan, “What should we do with this guy?”

Wu Yan replied, “Take him back!”

“Wake him up, tie his hands, and lead him back,” Wu Yan whispered. “I’m afraid he might strangle himself if we carry him on our backs, and dragging him… only Sarah can do that, but if we let her drag him the whole way, he’ll probably be dead before we even reach the supermarket.”

Chen Liu nodded. “Wu Ge, you’ve thought this through.”

Wu Yan couldn’t help but smile and said, “Don’t pour water on it. You go pinch his philtrum and give him a few slaps. If that doesn’t work, we can use fire to burn the soles of his feet.”

As the two of them were discussing “torture” methods, Sarah told Cao Er beside her, “He’s the fastest runner, so I went after him. I didn’t bother with the others.”

She wrinkled her nose. “If I had known it would turn out like this, I should have brought Zou Ming along.”

“No, that’s not right,” Sarah suddenly became cheerful. “I’m glad Zou Ming didn’t come along.”

Cao Er listened with confusion, but she thought she was often confused. Sometimes she couldn’t understand what her mother was saying, and the words of this sister made even less sense to her. She nodded without probing further.

She didn’t dare to ask more. She thought her sister was an innocent and kind little demon! She didn’t expect her sister to be a bloodthirsty demon.

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  1. 胡人 hú rén: ethnic groups in the north and west of China in ancient times / foreigner / barbarian. In the past chapters I wrote it as ‘foreigners,’ but I will keep it as Hu ren in the future[]

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