Plane Supermarket Chapter 31

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C31

As the night fell, the barren mountains did not return to peace. Wu Yan was holding an iron shovel and was sweating profusely as he dug pits. Fortunately, the soil was soft at this moment. Otherwise, his arms would have been unable to lift.

These corpses couldn’t be disposed casually. In this scorching, dry weather, they dared not set fire to them directly.

So, they had no choice but to laboriously dig pits for burial. If they didn’t bury them, in just two days, the bodies would decay and give birth to maggots. The stench would probably spread down the mountain.

The immortal also said, “Bury them. By burying them, we can nourish this land and seek redemption for the sins they committed here.”

Cao Er was also digging a pit. She was petite and had little strength. Originally, Ye Zhou didn’t allow her to do this work, but Cao Er Niang insisted that whatever the men did, Cao Er should do as well.

Maybe it was because Cao Er took the lead, the women who were there to provide food and water also began to help with digging pits. If they didn’t have the strength to dig, they would assist in burying the bodies.

Ye Zhou didn’t pay attention to these matters. These employees had gathered around him, organized by their families, and Ye Zhou never interfered in their internal family affairs unless they attacked or physical violence broke out.

Compared to Ye Zhou, everyone was coping well with the bodies.

They even shared laughs while burying the corpses.

“We don’t have to do anything!” Li Si said loudly as he dug, “Just shooting arrows is enough! It doesn’t take much effort!”

Chen Liu added, “You guys haven’t seen the power of the immortals’ magical tools! I just pulled the trigger, and the person fell down without doing anything else.”

Cao Er stood with her hands on her hips, complaining, “None of you are willing to finish them off! I’m doing all the work!”

They only wanted to charge forward and to stand tall. It was only Cao Er who tirelessly wielded a repeating crossbow from behind, finishing them off, to the point where her hands were almost too tired to lift.

Wu Yan hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. When we get back, I’ll give you the stored fruits I saved.”

With Wu Yan leading the way, the others also said, “I have some saved up too.”

The supermarket kept the air conditioning running all day and night, and the refrigerators were at their disposal, so the fruits could be preserved for a long time.

Although they had been in the supermarket for so long, their hoarding habits did not change. As long as they considered something good, they were unwilling to finish it all at once. Even if they were hungry, they still had to save some.

They didn’t just hoard fruits. They also hoarded long-lasting foods and cured meats and dried fish.

Ye Zhou didn’t intervene. He understood this hoarding habit. His grandparents, even before he crossed over, used to hoard things. For them, it was a habit ingrained in their bones.

The days of going hungry had left a deep mark on their souls.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t recovered yet?” Sarah climbed up a huge rock, sat down next to Ye Zhou, and handed him a piece of candy.

Ye Zhou’s attention shifted. “Can you eat lollipops?”

Sarah nodded. “I got the chili-flavored one. The heat gives me a sense of pain.”

Ye Zhou nodded and examined the flavor Sarah had given him, strawberry. He unwrapped the candy and let it slowly melt in his mouth.

“Don’t think too much. Just treat this place like a game world,” Sarah looked up at the moonlit sky. “Besides, if you don’t kill them, they’ll want to kill you. Not every world is peaceful. To survive, you have to be stronger than anyone else.”

Ye Zhou mumbled, “What did it feel like the first time you killed someone?”

Sarah replied with an air of nonchalance, “I didn’t feel anything. I’m not human, after all.”

Ye Zhou pressed, “…When you killed vampires.”

Sarah: “I was quite happy.”

Ye Zhou asked strangely, “Happy?”

Sarah laughed and said, “We vampires are different from you. You talk about survival of the fittest, while we believe in the law of the jungle. You humans are willing to raise babies and wait for them to grow up. Vampires don’t even want to do that. We find promising humans and turn them into our descendants.”

“I was born to my mother, and I’m a child of both her and a human. That’s why she never liked me.”

“It’s quite strange, isn’t it? Humans can become vampires, but the children of humans and vampires are weak half-breeds.”

“I remember my brothers were once humans. They hated me more than even the pure-blood vampires.”

“They believed I tarnished the family’s reputation, making them the laughing stock of others.”

Sarah propped up her chin. “So, I don’t consider myself human, and I don’t entirely see myself as a vampire either. Humans and vampires, to me, are both foreign to my kind. I won’t have any burdens about killing them.”

“If I want to survive, they can only die.”

“So, every time I win, I’m happy because it means I can keep on living, and I haven’t lived enough yet,” Sarah turned to Ye Zhou. “Boss, if you feel uncomfortable now and can’t accept it, in a few months, or a few years, when you look back at this, you’ll find it’s not a big deal.”

Ye Zhou nodded at her. In truth, he didn’t feel much anymore.

Rather than saying he didn’t feel anything, it was more like his emotional fluctuations had been put on pause. From the moment he killed Zhao Changsheng, he stopped experiencing any emotions. He felt nothing. 

To prevent the bodies from stinking, everyone worked tirelessly throughout the night.

After finishing their tasks, they returned to have breakfast and then went to sleep.

Ye Zhou had little appetite. He went to take a shower as soon as he returned to the supermarket. He spent at least half an hour in the bathroom before coming out.

The employees couldn’t detect anything different about Ye Zhou compared to his usual self. They continued to eat and drink as usual, showing no loss of appetite despite a night of burying corpses.

Ye Zhou originally thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep, but as soon as he climbed into bed and adjusted the air conditioning, he fell into a deep sleep the moment his head touched the pillow.

He even had a pleasant sweet dream.

In his dream, everything about crossing over planes was just a dream he had made. When he woke up, he was still the supermarket owner preparing to open his business. He was busy organizing the shelves with his employees, and then the supermarket opened. A crowd of customers rushed in. He was wealthy and well-mannered. He handled the money until his hands were tired, and his face ached from smiling.

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