Plane Supermarket Chapter 35

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C35

“Have some water,” Cao Er Niang offered a paper cup to the man. Her attitude was calmer than before. She no longer wants to show off her status as a disciple of the immortal to everyone she meets. After handing the cup to the man, she quickly left, joining Wu Yan and the others in organizing the wooden crates.

There were still too few people in the supermarket, and everyone was in a hurry. If it weren’t for the elders’ poor health and the immortal telling them not to hurry, they would have to be busy to barely have enough manpower.

The man took the cup and looked blankly at Cao Er Niang’s back as she left.

This place was really the immortal’s residence… nowhere was like anything he had ever seen before.

Even the cup in his hand felt as light as a feather, as if it had no weight at all.

“Is this made of paper?” The man held the cup carefully in his hands, hesitant to drink the water for fear of damaging the delicate cup. He lowered his voice and asked the person beside him, “Why doesn’t it leak?”

The person beside him couldn’t provide a definite answer and hesitantly said, “The immortal must have cast a spell on it, so it won’t leak.”

Gao Sheng also held the cup. He was greatly amazed and now fully believes in the existence of immortals.

What Lin You said at home wasn’t believed by everyone, including Gao Sheng, who had thought Lin You was hysterical.

Everyone believed that there were immortals, gods and Buddhads in the heavenly realm, even the emperor held this belief.

But these long-standing, inherited great families had long been suspicious about the claims of immortals.

If there were really immortals in this heavenly realm, why was there no evidence of their existence after thousands of years of interaction? The so-called divine manifestations always turned out to be exposed frauds, with no concrete proof.

And if the emperor was the true Son of Heaven, why did dynasties change over time?

Could it be that the emperor’s own son was not considered a true dragon?

But they never let these thoughts slip, keeping them well-guarded secrets, and even if they taught such beliefs, it was exclusively to their own descendants.

Gao Sheng looked towards the nearby lamps. They lined up in rows, illuminating this vast immortal residence brighter than the outside. The people leaving here wore strange clothes, their figures appearing to be common folk at first glance. But there was a distinct air about them that set them apart from the ordinary people.

In their movements, there was no trace of timidity. Be it men or even women, they moved with the swiftness of the wind. The hunchbacked burdens that forever weighed down the commoners’ backs now were straight.

In a world where no one treated him differently, it seemed as if he were not of noble blood, but rather the most ordinary of commoners.

This made Gao Sheng somewhat uncomfortable.

“These are all the goods.” Finally, when Wu Yan inspected the last few boxes, a hint of a smile finally appeared on his face.

As Wu Yan looked at the jadeite gem, his heart skipped a beat. Although the Immortal may not like worldly treasures, he was considerate of the poverty and hardships of the mortals. But how could mortals ever turn up their noses at such a gift?

From within, Wu Yan took out a string of meticulously polished agate beads, each one round and flawless, giving off an exceptional quality. He grinned at Chen Liu and said, “Have you ever seen something like this before?”

Chen Liu shook his head. “Never seen it before. Is it worth a lot?”

Wu Yan replied, “This is called ‘Ma Nao.’ I’ve heard it’s only for the palace. Even close relatives of the emperor, let alone commoners, probably haven’t laid eyes on it. If you are poor you cannot see it.”

Chen Liu asked, “Even close relatives of the emperor can be short on wealth?”

Lin You quickly answered, “Even the emperor’s family has plenty of relatives. Who doesn’t have a few poor relatives in their clan?”

Chen Liu’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that even the emperor’s family had poor relatives. With this in mind, it seemed that the emperor’s family wasn’t all that different after all.

Lin You turned to Wu Yan again and said, “It seems Brother Wu has a discerning eye. This agate is the precious item I’m escorting to the immortal. The others are just extras.”

After learning that even jade and gemstones were considered mere rocks in the eyes of immortals, it gave him quite a start.

If even jade was not distinguished in value in the eyes of immortals, then agate probably wasn’t much better, was it?

Agate is so precious that the Lin family for two generations only managed to gather this much.

In total, there were three crates. Just to make it look like there are more offerings, they bought some new jade and gemstones as supplementary items.

Lin You paid no mind to formalities. He sat down beside Wu Yan on the ground and sighed, “If only I had known, I should have brought some gold and silver instead.”

Wu Yan comforted him, “Even if you brought gold and silver, the immortal wouldn’t care.”

Lin You continued to sigh, “My parents told me to bring some calligraphy and paintings, but I think, to an immortal, calligraphy and paintings must be as indistinguishable as scribbles from a child…”

Wu Yan: “…”

This young Master Lin seemed to have thoroughly rejected every possible option himself.

“Agate, huh.” Ye Zhou have lost hope in what Lin You brought. He figured if even jade wasn’t valuable, then agate probably wasn’t worth much either. After all, in Ye Zhou’s understanding, although agate had been sought after throughout history, its actual price wasn’t all that high.

So, Ye Zhou casually picked up a string of agate and prepared himself for the system to give him a low price when it was time to sell.

Ye Zhou stood in front of the cash register and  let out a long sigh, his mind wandering about how to leave this plane.

No one is around the area now. It seemed like there was little to gain from staying any longer in this vicinity.

Although he wanted to leave, there were still too many things that Ye Zhou couldn’t rest assured about.

Regarding his own survival, it was probably because his force value was insufficient, he can successfully come in this plane. The fact that he had managed to survive in this plane until now, aside from his own caution and treating immortals as talismans, what he should be most thankful for was probably the timing of his arrival. The major forces had already left by then, and at the beginning, he had encountered the Cao Er family.

The Cao Er mother and daughter weren’t really virtuous, but they were full of vitality. They seize every opportunity to survive and support themselves.

Regardless of the motives behind Cao Er Niang’s dealings with the refugees, she had provided Ye Zhou with considerable assistance.

A person who knows what to do and what not to do, is very precious.

Everyone here is just an ordinary person trying to make a living. They don’t possess noble character or vast knowledge, nor do they have particularly sharp minds. They work hard to adapt to everything around them, aiming to perform well and be recognized, all in the hopes of sustaining a long-term life in this immortal’s residence.

Ye Zhou is afraid that when he leaves, he won’t be able to take them with him.

So, how will they survive in this secluded place where no one can be seen?

If he were to simply abandon them and leave, Ye Zhou wouldn’t be able to pass this moral test in his heart.

Speaking of which, their relationship was originally a cooperative one. They provided labor, and in return, he gave them jobs and wages.

In truth, they didn’t have any obligations towards each other.

The meaning of the word “responsibility” was something Ye Zhou had never truly grasped before.

But now, he feels that he has a responsibility towards them.

At the very least, he should ensure they have a secure future before leaving. This way, he wouldn’t worry about their well-being after he left. He wouldn’t have to fear that his own existence as an “immortal” might lead them to be captured and subjected to harsh treatment by malicious people.

Ye Zhou let out a long sigh in his heart. He never imagined he would be troubled by such matters.

He looked at the agate that vanished in his hand, then turned his attention to the screen.

Agate x1

Income: 162,340

Ye Zhou: “…”

Ye Zhou: “!!!!!”

Just a bracelet?!

It’s worth that much?!!!

Ye Zhou’s pupils trembled instantly. He struggled to suppress his own excitement.

Lin You, I’ve misunderstood you. In fact, you’re actually a good person who came to give me money!

He suddenly felt that Lin You’s dark complexion unexpectedly became a handsome charm.

Agate turned out to be so valuable in this plane!

Ye Zhou didn’t believe that agate would be so valuable in other planes. After all, in his own plane, agate could never compare in price to nephrite jade or jadeite.

So, the best course of action was to sell it to the system in this plane.

The system wasn’t just here to deceive him, after all.

When plucking benefits from the system, he also had to give the system a chance to make some profit.

Ye Zhou returned to the lounge area, his whole being radiating. With joy evident in his eyes and brows, he knew he was being a bit too obvious, so he quickly closed the door as soon as he entered.

“It’s valuable?” Zou Ming could tell from Ye Zhou’s expression that something had happened.

Ye Zhou couldn’t help but break into a smile. He nodded enthusiastically, “In total, there are three crates. It’s worth over ten million at least, maybe even more.”

“I’ve already thought about it. I’ll exchange for a few machine guns, and maybe even some sniper rifles. Can you use a sniper rifle?” Ye Zhou asked.

Zou Ming nodded, “I can, but I don’t have much patience. Snipers need patience, and that’s not my strong suit.”

Ye Zhou agreed, “Then I’ll hire another  bodyguard later. We’ll also need to hire a doctor. And if we hire a doctor, we’ll have to buy medical equipment, right? I didn’t check the prices for medical equipment before, I hope it’s not too expensive.”

“It seems like all the money will probably be spent again.” Despite saying this, Ye Zhou’s expression was surprisingly relaxed.

He sat down beside Zou Ming. A bit uncertain, he asked in a low voice, “I’m worried now. What should I do about the employees here once I leave? Can they come with me?”

Zou Ming didn’t speak.

After a long silence, he whispered, “If they register in the system, then it’s possible.”

“By registering in the system, once you follow the proper hiring procedures, you can take them with you,” he explained.

Ye Zhou didn’t expect there was this method, but he noticed Zou Ming’s expression. He subconsciously lowered his voice, even saying carefully, “You seem… not very pleased.”

In fact, he even appeared a bit sad. Rereading this. And this just hits home. If you come back here after finishing this… Zou Ming’s sad, I’m sad and you’re sad. We are SAD FAMILY ૮(˶╥︿╥)ა

Zou Ming didn’t explain further, but said, “Minors can’t register, but if they register as family members, they can still come with you.”

Ye Zhou said, “So the system does have a humane side. It’s quite user-friendly.”

A huge weight lifted off his heart, and Ye Zhou felt a sense of relief wash over him.

Zou Ming suddenly added, “If they don’t have any family members, minors can’t register and be taken away.”

“It must be a direct blood relative.”

Ye Zhou nodded, “That’s good, it prevents the trafficking of people across planes.”

Zou Ming leaned back on the couch, looking up at the light in the lounge. He calmly said, “Yes, that’s good.”

Ye Zhou couldn’t shake the feeling that Zou Ming had something more to say, but seeing Zou Ming’s expression, he knew he didn’t want to elaborate. So, Ye Zhou chose not to press further.

Everyone has their own secrets they’d rather not share. If that’s the case, why dig deeper?

There’s no need to dig into someone else’s wounds just to satisfy our curiosity.

Ye Zhou asked, “Do you think, once we leave here, will there be a chance to come back?”

Zou Ming looked at him, “I thought you wouldn’t want to come back.”

Ye Zhou touched the back of his head. “While here, I want to leave. But once I’m gone, I might want to come back occasionally.”

He grinned at Zou Ming. “Isn’t that how people usually are?”

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