Plane Supermarket Chapter 37

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C37

Lin You and others came and left in a hurry. They almost didn’t stay for a night, but it was Ye Zhou who persuaded them to stay for one night.

After all, if there were employees who didn’t want to accompany him, they would still have to follow Lin You and the others to the south.

Ye Zhou was worried that they might encounter unexpected situations on their night journey, so he also gave them a strong flashlight. Besides regular batteries, it also supported solar charging, although it was incredibly slow. Still, it could be a lifesaver after the batteries were depleted and there was no way to recharge.

He provided them with a lot of batteries, at the very least enough to sustain them during their journey to Anyang City.

It was his way of showing gratitude for their assistance in helping to send the people off.

Ye Zhou wasn’t concerned about the butterfly effect. Since he had come to this place, who could say if it was the butterfly’s gentle breeze that had set him in motion in the first place?

After Lin You and the others left, Ye Zhou went on a wild shopping spree in the lounge area

For the first time, he realized how much he actually enjoyed “shopping.”

With abundant funds at his disposal, he had no worries at all. He did not even glance at the price tags. He simply kept pressing the purchase button, again and again.

Tears of joy welled up in Ye Zhou’s heart, having money truly brought happiness! ! 100% AGREE HAHAHAHA LIKE I NEED TO HAVE MONEY TO BUY BOOKS RIIIGHT~~

There was probably nothing happier in this world than having wealth!

When hiring bodyguards, Ye Zhou found Chen Shu’s name and decisively pressed the hire button.

In addition, he also hired a doctor named Zhou Yuanhe. Since he had no knowledge of medical equipment, Ye Zhou didn’t buy anything, planning to let the doctor buy it himself once he arrived.

After all, all purchases needed to go through the computer, with the system keeping records, so there was no worry about being swindled.

With this in mind, the system seemed to have its advantages, not just drawbacks.

Although it is strange, it would never answer his doubts. 

Wu Yan and the others entered the lounge area around nine in the evening. As Ye Zhou expected, most of them were unwilling to leave with him.

Compared to the unfamiliar “new world,” they still prefer to stay in the place they knew best, the land where they had grown up from childhood.

This was especially strong among the older folks. Even in the face of turmoil and even though they might continue to face hardships, they are still more attached to this land.

Ye Zhou looked at Wu Yan and said, “Give me the list of those who are willing to stay.”

Wu Yan handed over the document with names and the “contract” with their signatures to Ye Zhou.

Chen Liu also wanted to stay. Although Ye Zhou felt a tinge of regret, all he could do was offer his best wishes.

His mother was also unwilling to leave.

Although they held deep admiration and yearn to follow the immortal, that was in the context of ‘ ‘immortal’ staying in their own land.

Ye Zhou spent the next five minutes registering both employees and their families.

The actual number of employees in the shop quickly reduced from twenty-six to twelve people, or thirteen if you counted the infants.

The only thing that made Ye Zhou breathe a sigh of relief was the fact that Wu Yan and the mother-daughter duo, Cao Er, did not leave.

Among the men, Wu Yan had the sharpest mind.

The other employees were obedient, but too obedient. They followed orders diligently but didn’t understand the implications in Ye Zhou’s words and cannot guess his thoughts. AEvery instruction was an action, and if they can avoid using their brains, they will do so.

Although this will not go wrong, it will also add a lot of trouble.

That’s why they needed a quick-witted middleman.

Cao Er Niang is the same, and compared with Wu Yan, Cao Er Niang’s guess is more accurate.

And her loyalty to Ye Zhou was unwavering, Ye Zhou can be sure of this.

People who are loyal to him, who can understand his intentions, and who can communicate are rare and difficult to find.

If both Wu Yan and Cao Er Niang had also chosen to stay, it would have given Ye Zhou quite a headache.

“Where’s the next plane?” Zou Ming sat on the armrest of the computer chair, his posture light, not pressing his full weight down. He put one hand over Ye Zhou’s shoulder, as if half-embracing him.

Ye Zhou didn’t notice this and brought up the accessible planes for Zou Ming to see. “It’s between these two, Minzir Continent 1 and the Luoyang Base 2. Which one do you think is better?”

Zou Ming asked, “Where would you like to go first?”

Ye Zhou was silent for a moment before admitting, “To be honest, I don’t really want to go to either of them. Minzir sounds like a magical continent, a Western world, all with foreigners. I don’t feel very secure about it.”

“As for the Luoyang Base, it looks dangerous at first glance,” Ye Zhou sighed, “And the system didn’t provide me with specific details. It only gave me the names of the place to guess. Although I’ve already decided to go there tomorrow, I haven’t actually chosen a destination.”

Zou Ming suddenly said, “How about Luoyang? I’ve heard people say before that the Luoyang Base is quite stable.”

Ye Zhou blinked, looking at Zou Ming with hope in his eyes. “Do you have information about Luoyang? Tell me more.”

After Ye Zhou finished speaking, he still went attentively to brew two cups of black tea. He was afraid that drinking green tea might keep him awake at night.

Ye Zhou prepared the tea, placing it on the coffee table. He grabbed Zou Ming’s arm, guiding him to sit on the sofa. His amber eyes didn’t blink as they were fixed on Zou Ming. At this very moment, there was nothing in his gaze but Zou Ming’s figure.

Zou Ming lowered his head slightly under Ye Zhou’s enthusiastic and warm gaze. He focused on the cup of black tea in his hands.

The surface of the tea swayed slightly by the breeze from the air conditioning.

Like ripples spreading across the calm surface of a lake.

Zou Ming remained composed, as if narrating a plain, uneventful story. “The Luoyang Base is different from the plane I come from. In my plane, it’s a man-made tragedy caused by nuclear and technological pollution. But in the Luoyang Base, it’s because of zombies.”

Ye Zhou: “…Making a movie?”

Only in movies would they depict a zombie apocalypse, right?! Otherwise, how could living, thinking people possibly lose to slow-moving, brainless zombies?

Even if they couldn’t defeat them, they couldn’t possibly be unable to escape from them. Once the military appears, how could they not be able to suppress the situation and prevent it from turning into an apocalypse?

Zou Ming quickly answered Ye Zhou’s unspoken question, “Zombies are fast, they can see in the dark, and their hearing and sense of smell are stronger than regular humans. You don’t need to be bitten or scratched by them. As long as you touch something that has been in contact with them and did not disinfect afterward, then if you touch your mouth or nose, you’ll get infected.” 

“Isn’t that a bit unscientific?” Ye Zhou asked in doubt.

In the past, when he watched zombie movies, he thought the mere existence of zombies was unscientific.

Zou Ming can only reply, “Only by destroying their brain or spine can they truly die and lose their ability to move.” He thought for a moment and added, “Rather than saying they turned into zombies, it’s more like they’ve been parasitized.”

“Have you ever saw a parasitized cicada? Their brains and bodies are hollowed out, but they can still move.”

Ye Zhou shuddered. “That’s kind of gross.”

Zou Ming agreed with this analogy. “Their goal isn’t to wipe out humanity. It’s to reproduce. The human body is their ideal incubator for growth. When they’ve accumulated enough energy, they break free from the host.”

“But just before I arrived here, scientists in that plane had only just confirmed that the human body serves as an incubator. There hadn’t been a single documented case of a complete incubation yet.”

Ye Zhou: “… How about… we still choose that, um, continent?”

Ye Zhou’s mind was only filled with three words: Danger! Danger! It’s still dangerous!

Zou Ming thought about it and said: “I still recommend going to Luoyang. Although it’s dangerous, at least we have some information. If we don’t go now, we’ll have to go there eventually. Instead of going to a place with no information at all, we might as well go after unlocking the system content in the Luoyang Base.”

Ye Zhou was puzzled. “System content?”

Zou Ming nodded. “You can unlock a protective shield when the total sales revenue reaches 30 million yuan.”

The corner of Ye Zhou’s mouth twitched. “Thirty million? Why doesn’t it go rob a bank? Is it intentionally trying to mess with people? It’s just playing tricks and wants to bully people, right?”

The sales revenue couldn’t be calculated across planes. In other words, that 30 million must be earned in the Luoyang Base. The money earned in this plane didn’t count towards unlocking system features’ sales revenue.

“It’s the apocalypse! I’m begging it! Even in an apocalypse, what valuable things can there be?”

Ye Zhou rambled on, “Even if gold is as common as dirt there, as long as it’s worthless in this plane, selling it to the system won’t fetch much.”

“No money, no protective shield, I don’t dare go to the Minzir Continent. I won’t be able to make a profit.”

“Isn’t this just a vicious cycle?” Ye Zhou gazed into Zou Ming’s eyes.

Zou Ming: “We don’t have a choice.”

Ye Zhou slumped on the couch like a deflated balloon, his eyes vacant as he stared at the ceiling. He appeared to have given up, ready to throw in the towel at any moment.

Zou Ming approached Ye Zhou, sitting next to him on the couch and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Where do you choose to go?” Zou Ming asked.

Ye Zhou replied, lacking energy, “What other choice do we have? We can only go to Luoyang.”

If Minzir Continent turned out to be even more terrifying than Luoyang Base, with greater challenges, and he hadn’t made any preparations, wouldn’t it be like walking into a death trap?

Ye Zhou slowly sat up. “It’s settled, we’ll go to Luoyang Base.”

“Should I take a shower, or do you want to go first?” Ye Zhou turned to Zou Ming and asked.

Zou Ming shook his head. “You go first. I’ll watch a movie for a while.”

Ye Zhou nodded. “Alright.”

After both of them had taken their showers, Ye Zhou turned off the lights in the lounge area

He wanted to chat with Zou Ming for a while before sleeping, but an unexpected wave of drowsiness washed over him. As soon as his head touched the pillow, he closed his eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. He didn’t even say goodnight to Zou Ming.

That night, Ye Zhou couldn’t sleep properly. He had a terribly vivid and terrifying nightmare.

He dreamt of being alone, trekking through a sea of corpses and blood. But under his feet, there was a strange, narrow, winding path.

In the dream, he didn’t know where he was going or what he was going to do. He just knew he had to follow this path.

Not knowing how long he had walked, Ye Zhou felt very tired, as if he had walked for thousands of years.

That kind of exhaustion is not physical, but psychological.

He longed to reach the end of the road.

And then, at a certain moment, he suddenly felt like he was about to reach the end, ending his long, difficult journey—

Behind the next hill, he was met with countless horrifying creatures. Some had humanoid forms, while others were so grotesque that it was impossible to discern what they were. They were massive and hideous, waving their limbs as they ran towards him.

Ye Zhou wanted to escape, but he realized he couldn’t move. His feet seemed to be firmly pinned to the ground as if nailed by some unseen force.

He watched helplessly as the monsters charged towards him, overwhelming him, and the darkness surged like a tidal wave.

“Ye Zhou!!”

“Ye Zhou! Wake up!”

Someone was calling his name—

Ye Zhou thought in the darkness.

Who could it be?

Zou Ming making small moves (⸝⸝⸝╸w╺⸝⸝⸝) ; Chen Shu our QUEEN m(_ _)m

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  1. 敏茲爾大陸 Mǐn zī ěr dàlù: Minzir Continent[]
  2. 落陽基地 Luòyáng jīdì: Sunset Base[]

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