Plane Supermarket Chapter 38

Plane Supermarket Plane 2: Luoyang Base C1

It was still dark before dawn. Taking advantage of the cool morning, Lin You and the others packed up their belongings. After double-checking they had not missed anything, they set off to the south with the employees of the supermarket.

Ye Zhou did not come out of the break room. The employees could only kneel at the door of the supermarket and kowtow to the immortal cave who took them in and saved them from fire and water.

Chen Liu cried so hard as he knelt on the ground. It took some effort for someone to help him to his feet.

The others were in no better shape than Chen Liu.

They yearned to continue following the immortal but they didn’t dare leave this place, unwilling to face the unknown world that lay beyond.

Ye Zhou asked Lin You to lead these people through the pass and release them from the group.

Regardless of where Chen Liu and the others might go, Ye Zhou didn’t want them to become entangled with Lin You’s family.

He especially didn’t want them to face torture and persecution on his account.

To ensure their safety, Ye Zhou didn’t take back the repeating crossbows from their hands.

But the arrows were limited, so they couldn’t be as carefree as before.

Ye Zhou had considered everything he could for their sake.

But as he watched them leave through the window, Ye Zhou couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness in his heart.

In this world, there is no such thing as a banquet that lasts forever. 

But watching them leave from the window, Ye Zhou still felt a little sad.

There is no such thing as a banquet that lasts forever. These people have shared hardships with him, the bond with these people remained unique.

He wondered if he returned to this plane, would he ever have the chance to encounter them again?

“Is it time now?” Chen Shu sat on the couch, her sniper rifle right by her side, even while she slept last night, her weapon remained within arm’s reach.

Ye Zhou nodded, “Yes, it’s time. Is there anything else we need to prepare?”

After all, this was his first time undertaking a plane jump. He wanted to seek advice from those more experienced.

Chen Shu arrived here at half past five in the early morning, only resting for two hours. But she still appeared fresh and alert, bearing no signs of sleep deprivation whatsoever.

Whe he asked her to get up,  Chen Shu opened her eyes and looked at him before Ye Zhou came close or even made a sound.

Her gaze was sharp and was especially clear, as if she had been on guard all the time.

Although Chen Shu was introduced by Zhou Ming, the two of them didn’t appear to be familiar with each other and hadn’t really spoken much. It seems their previous interaction had been a cooperative business arrangement, possibly not reaching the level of friendship.

Chen Shu said, “There’s no need for any preparations. Anyway, even if we prepared, it wouldn’t change anything.”

Ye Zhou nodded, “It makes sense.”

The doctor who had arrived even earlier than Chen Shu sat on the couch as well. He sported two prominent black circles under his eyes. He appeared listless, his head bobbing up and down like a little chick pecking at grains.

Chen Shu was tall and was only slightly shorter than Zou Ming, standing at around 1.85 meters. She possessed a strong physique.

Her arms were about as thick as Ye Zhou’s thigh, and she had a square face with thick eyebrows, giving off an air of uprightness and strength. But she didn’t come across as masculine.

Her face possessed a striking beauty, a somewhat androgynous allure.

On the contrary, Dr. Zhou Yuanhe was quite “fragile.” He appeared to be just 1.75 meters tall, with a pale complexion. Not only was he thin, but he also had an unhealthy kind of frailty, especially because he sported dark circles and eye bags, resembling a villainous vampire from an anime.

Every time Ye Zhou looks at him, he’s worried that he might keel over in the next second.

When he hired him, the Zhou Yuanhe in the photos appeared quite healthy, and his price was reasonable, boasting of rich experience.

After all, he was a doctor. Ye Zhou believed that someone with extensive experience would certainly be better.

But the result was…

Fortunately, he was wealthy. If Zhou Yuanhe couldn’t perform his duties, he could pay a penalty and hire someone else after terminating the contract.

Ye Zhou looked at the computer screen, his eyes fixed on the “Jump” button next to the name of the Luoyang Base.

With a resolute heart, he pressed the button with a single decisive click.


“Do we have any more bullets?!” A young man stood on the makeshift “city wall,” shouting hoarsely to the people behind him. “Bullets?!”

Someone behind him handed him a box of bullets, their voice dry and hoarse. “This is the last of it.”

The young man paused, then asked, “What about supplies?”

The man paused, biting down on his already bloody lip, then shook his head. “The supply convoy was ambushed on the way…”

The young man widened his eyes in disbelief. “All of the supplies?”

The man nodded. “At this point, it’s impossible to tell who made it through.”

They had no choice but to endure.

“The General said,” the man also raised the gun in his hand, with only six bullets left. “If it comes to that, we must go down and prevent the zombies from breaking in.”

Going down meant getting up close and personal in a fight.

Their fate was sealed. They had to use their own bodies to construct the last line of defense.

The young man fell silent, and his hands remained steady as he loaded bullets into his gun. He took aim through the scope, just like he always did. Each shot penetrated a zombie’s skull.

Beneath the city wall, the zombie horde surged like a relentless tide. They didn’t fear death or the gunfire. They simply followed their instinct to converge on the most densely populated area.

The young man felt somewhat dazed as he fired his last bullet.

As he rose to his feet, those around him had already started preparing their cold weapons.

A comrade tossed him an axe, saying, “With this thing, if you ever feel like you’re turning, give yourself a good swing.”

Wiping sweat from his forehead, the comrade continued, “I say, if the base can’t hold, we should retreat. What’s the point of holding out here to our deaths? They can’t even send us supplies from the rear. It’s like they’re forcing us to die.”

His comrade sighed, “What era is this? We’re still relying on cold weapons.”

The young man remained silent.

In the beginning, the base had an abundance of supplies, and the rear support kept pouring in. They had enough weapons and ammunition to defend the base and even had some to spare for rescuing the trapped civilians in nearby towns.

But as the frontlines continued, the flaws of humanity became more obvious.

The factories were devoid of people.

A person had to be at least ten years old to barely qualify to join the workforce, but the rate at which zombies replenished their ranks was beyond human capabilities.

It would take a full decade just to scrape together another round of workers.

But the endless waves of zombies wouldn’t allow them to peacefully make it through a full decade.

What terrified them the most wasn’t the zombies themselves but the dwindling resources and the decreasing number of people capable of reproduction.

Women were afraid to have children. It took ten months of pregnancy, and especially in the last few months before giving birth, they were almost entirely incapacitated, unable to run or protect themselves. They were also reluctant to give birth. But without a new generation, the future held no hope for replenishing their fighting force and workforce.

It was a vicious cycle, and there seemed to be no solution in sight.

The young man took a deep breath. He tightly bound his wrists and ankles to minimize the risk of being bitten or scratched, slowing down the infection process. Even if he ultimately turned into a zombie, it would be a few zombies in exchange for him. He’d still consider it a win.

“Don’t complain,” the woman next to him said. “My parents are still in the base, and it’s too late to run now. We have to face it head-on.”

Luoyang Base practiced universal conscription. Anyone between the ages of ten and fifty, without a role in the factories or other essential positions, free from illness, men and women alike, had to serve in the military. They were even trained from childhood.

Even if they appeared to be under twenty, they were already seasoned veterans of countless battles.

The woman picked up a long spear and gave it a few swings. “This one isn’t heavy enough. I can’t generate enough momentum. Is there a heavier one you can give me?”

His comrade rolled their eyes. “If we had something like that, I’d keep it for myself. Why use an axe?”

“Let’s go down!” someone shouted through a megaphone. “Use the side gate!”

“The General is in contact with the rear! They’ll send another batch of ammunition over there! You have to hold on!”

The first group going down was basically cannon fodder, buying time for their comrades to secure supplies.

The woman sighed, “So what’s the benefit of being in the vanguard camp? They don’t give us an extra piece of meat, and all we get are useless medals. When something happens, they make us go first.”

“You didn’t say that when we received those medals. You were laughing so hard your teeth almost fell out,” her comrade ruthlessly exposed her past.

The woman carried the long spear and said, “Let’s go. After all, we’re outstanding soldiers. We should at least kill ten zombies. We wouldn’t want to be the butt of jokes if we don’t.”

They all wore smiles on their faces, as if they weren’t heading to their deaths but to receive awards.

From the day they entered the military camp, they knew that one day they would meet their end on the battlefield.

And when that day finally arrived, they were mentally prepared.

With no place to retreat, they could only move forward, cutting a path through the sea of corpses and blood for their loved ones behind them.

Even if they didn’t succeed in the end, they could hold their heads high and say, “I gave it my all.”

The young man took one last look at the Luoyang Base behind him.

The strongest fortress when the apocalypse arrived.

If even this sole stronghold, which holds an important position was breached, what would become of the main rear area?

The main rear area’s role was production, weapons and ammunition, and everyday goods. The military power bases were all concentrated at the front lines.

As the front lines crumbled, the rear area was in grave danger. If they couldn’t hold here, the zombies would surge forward.

The small gate beneath the “city wall” swung open.

The young man gripped the axe tightly in his hand, took a deep breath, and lowered his head. He watched his hand, which was trembling ever so slightly, and instinctively balled it into a fist. It seemed that this way, he wouldn’t tremble and wouldn’t be afraid.

His comrades had already charged out.

The young man stepped forward quickly.

He couldn’t afford to overthink it. Overthinking led to fear, and fear would only lead to senseless death.

Even if they were going to die, they couldn’t die in vain.

Just as the first group of soldiers was about to break through the second line of defense and face the zombies head-on—

A strange flash of light descended from the sky.

The light was so dazzling, causing even the trained soldiers to instinctively close their eyes.

Even the zombies stood still in this moment of the huge, blinding light.

The young man slowly opened his eyes once he adjusted to the light.

The light had landed not far away. The young man forced himself to look in that direction, despite the discomfort in his eyes.

It had landed right in front of the second line of defense, blocking the zombies.

The light gradually dispersed, revealing the true face of the object that had descended from the sky.

Everyone was left dumbfounded.

They stared in disbelief, thinking they might be experiencing hallucinations in the midst of panic and fear.

Even the nearby zombies seemed to fade into the background at that moment.

They saw the building in all directions, with a familiar architectural style.

And on the signboard were four familiar characters—

“Longsheng Supermarket 1.”

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  1. 隆盛超市 Lóngshèng chāoshì: Prosperous Supermarket[]

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