Plane Supermarket Chapter 39

Plane Supermarket Plane 2: Luoyang Base C2

The first time Ye Zhou made a plane jump, he didn’t actually feel it.

Because it was the day before the opening of the supermarket, he was so excited he fell asleep in the supermarket. Since he had to get up at five o’clock in the morning on the opening day, he also took melatonin before going to bed.

When he woke up and pushed the door open, he was greeted by a desolate and barren landscape.

This time, Ye Zhou still didn’t experience any physical sensations, but he could witness the scenery undergoing a transformation before his very eyes through the window.

It was as if he had boarded an ultra-high-speed train. The scenery outside the window changed at a pace that couldn’t be measured in seconds – it was more like milliseconds. Every millisecond brought a completely different view, and the human eye could only perceive a jumble of intricate scenes, unable to capture a single static moment.

If anyone dares to step out beyond the portal at this very moment, they would unquestionably be torn to pieces.

It was akin to leaping from a speeding bullet train, but it was certain that the outcome would be far more catastrophic than jumping from a train.

As the scenery outside the window started to change at a slower pace, Ye Zhou had an inkling that they were nearing their destination.

Ye Zhou believed that the system would likely place him in a remote and far away from the Luoyang Base, just as it had been in the previous plane.

Although it might make business a bit more challenging, it was still safe.

In the thirty minutes before they landed, Ye Zhou contemplated with a calm demeanor. Despite the system’s unreliability, he could still ensure the safety of the interplane leap.

It seemed that the system had gained another point in his favor.

Before the scenery outside the window transformed from the sky into the face of a zombie, Ye Zhou had these thoughts in mind.

He looked at the zombie outside the window, a face marred by a mole, its vacant eyes never regaining focus. Ye Zhou observed that there were three hairs sprouting from that mole.

After being a zombie for such a long time, its eyeballs withered away and the flesh within the eye sockets had decayed. But this mole remained intact, truly an amazing sight to see.

Ye Zhou engaged in a stare-off with the eyeless zombie for over ten seconds.

He tremblingly raised his hand, pointing at the zombie’s face, his stiff neck turning to gaze at Chen Shu and Zou Ming, who were now standing up and holding their guns at the ready. “Can you count how many zombies are outside?”

It felt like his soul left his body as he continued, “While we still have time, we could try writing farewell letters. After finishing them, we could bury them in the ground. Maybe someday, someone will stumble upon them and know that a few unfortunate souls came from afar to fill the bellies of these zombies.”

Ye Zhou couldn’t even think of the slightest chance of survival.

“Boss, look over there,” Sarah pointed to the window on the other side. “It’s humans.”

“They all appear to be soldiers,” he observed.

Ye Zhou cheered up and focused, Soldiers! There are soldiers over there!

But when Ye Zhou laid eyes on the soldiers’ gear, he was even more confused.

This shouldn’t be an ancient era? Just by looking at the attire of those soldiers, it’s evident that the technological level here should be on par with Ye Zhou’s native plane. And no one has long hair. They are all tightly wrapped up, with some indistinguishable things around their wrists and ankles, like some kind of solid material, probably to prevent being bitten.

But the weapons they are wielding are a bit… Axes, machetes, and hatchets.

It’s more like they’re gearing up for a brawl at the village square than heading out to fight zombies.

Ye Zhou asked, confused, “Is this some kind of plane quirk? Do they only use cold weapons against zombies here?”

Chen Shu smiled, “They probably ran out of bullets. In a place like this, what’s in short supply isn’t weapons but ammunition. Guns can be reused, but bullets are consumables. Once used, they can’t be recycled anymore.”

“Judging by their appearance, it seems they’ve run out of grenades too.”

Zou Ming remarked, “They must have been fighting for quite a while.”

Today, Zou Ming changed into the clothes he wore when he came. He wore a tight black top, which was close-fitting and easy to move. He was tall and straight, with his crotch slightly forward and his body leaning back. Even when he was wearing clothes, you could easily see the outlined muscle lines.

It is just that Ye Zhou was not in the mood to appreciate Zou Ming’s dashing appearance at this moment. His gaze was fixed on the gun in Zou Ming’s hand.

With just this machine gun, not even a heavy one, how much firepower could it truly deliver?

Even if Chen Shu were an exceptional sniper, capable of headshots with every shot, how many zombies could he truly kill?

Ye Zhou then turned his gaze toward Sarah once more.

Sarah guessed what Ye Zhou was thinking, and she said nonchalantly, “I can’t use a gun, I lack the aim. I’m afraid I might not kill the zombies but end up hurting our own people. I’ll just go as I am.”

Ye Zhou was somewhat anxious, “Won’t the zombie virus have any effects on you?”

Sarah thought for a moment, “It shouldn’t be a problem. Vampires like us don’t differ much from zombies. They just lack even basic intelligence, unlike us, the superior beings.”

Ye Zhou: “…”

Sarah waved her hand, “Boss, don’t worry. Maybe this time, I’ll prove to be more useful than all of them.” “After we’re done, boss, treat me to some hotpot,” Sarah licked her lips in anticipation.

All she could discern was the spiciness. Eating chili peppers plain was like munching on snacks to her.

As for Ye Zhou, he couldn’t tolerate spiciness at all.

His lips would swell up just from having a little.

Sarah never expected they would lose, even with such a significant numerical disadvantage.

“By the way, those soldiers are knocking on the windows,” Sarah pointed outside once again. “Do we let them in?”


“Try knocking on the window,” the woman turned to the young man and said, “maybe they’ll let us in.”

The young man looked tense, his lips pressed into a straight line. “Don’t you find it strange?”

A supermarket falling from the sky, and she’s actually considering going in?

Is it a shared hallucination they’ve experienced together, or has this world gone completely mad?

The woman shrugged nonchalantly, “When the zombies first appeared, I also thought it was a collective hallucination. I thought that whole thing was unscientific. But in the end, it was explained scientifically, right?”

The man remained expressionless, “Calling it a scientific explanation when aliens invade Earth?”

The woman shrugged, “I mean, if there was no proof before that there were no aliens, then it’s possible they exist. And if they do, doesn’t that make it quite scientific?” She continued, “Anyway, we’re not likely to make it back alive, and death is death no matter where. So why not give it a shot and see if the people inside will let us in.”

This time, the man remained silent.

Although everything appeared incredibly absurd at this moment, they seemed to have no better course of action.

The supermarket stood right between them and the zombies, positioned just before the second line of defense. Once the zombies breached the second line, this supermarket would also not survive.

But the man clung to a glimmer of hope – hoping that if this supermarket was also an extraterrestrial creation, it would surely have a way to deal with the zombies.

Maybe… they wouldn’t have to die?

The man’s mind was in turmoil. The more he contemplated, the deeper he felt himself trapped in a weird illusion.

All of this might just be his own fear of death, perhaps when he wakes up, he’ll find himself on the battlefield with the zombies right in front of him.

The woman knocked on the glass once more.

This time, someone finally walked towards them through the shelves.

It was a little girl, barely reaching four and a half feet in height. She wore short sleeves and long pants, her curly golden hair tied up in a ponytail. She yawned as she approached them.

The girl cracked open the window just a bit, her slightly reddish eyes fixed on them.

The woman managed a smile, “Little sister…”

The girl interrupted her, “Which one of you is going to talk? The boss only allows one person in.”

The woman instinctively turned her head and glanced back. The comrades who were startled by the unexpected scene when the supermarket descended from the sky had now regained their composure. Seeing them knocking on the supermarket’s glass, they also approached. The woman hurriedly said, “We will speak with him!”

The girl frowned, “Only one can come in.”

The woman implored, “Little sister, please, can we make an exception? The two of us can explain things better, can’t we? Besides, we don’t have any guns in our hands, so we’re not a real threat.”

The girl looked at her. The woman couldn’t help but feel that this was not just a little girl, but a seasoned woman. The girl scrutinized her like a predator, as if trying to assess her worth.

Sarah took out her walkie-talkie, “Boss, can two of them come in?”

A slightly distorted male voice came from the other side, “Okay.”

Sarah slid the window open, “Come inside. By the way, before you enter, it’s best to inform the people behind you,” she added. “If they dare to break the doors and windows to force their way in…”

Sarah revealed her sharp, elongated fangs to the two of them, “Not waiting for the zombies, I’ll personally deal with them.”

The two were left speechless.

There’s no need for her to handle it personally.

Sarah stood by the window, arms crossed, waiting for the woman to relay her threat loudly before allowing the two inside.

“It really is a supermarket from the sky,” the woman exclaimed as she passed by the shelves.

The base also had places selling daily necessities products, but now they were available in limited supply. One needs tickets to purchase them as needed.

Food has also changed a long time ago to the most productive corn cakes 1. Corn cakes can even serve as currency. Although the authorities have never officially acknowledged that corn cakes can be used as currency, the practice of bartering goods among the people is unstoppable.

This also reflected the fact that the common people had lost faith in money.

In the rear factories, they are already exerting maximum effort just to produce ammunition. The world has fallen into a zombie crisis, with zombies multiplying and decreasing human population. In the beginning, they had spare capacity to assist smaller nations, but gradually everyone started focusing on their own survival.

The virus spared no one. And soon the connections between countries gradually faded.

They had launched guided missiles, and even nuclear warheads, but aside from leaving behind devastation and contamination, they hadn’t achieved much in terms of victory.

Because the virus doesn’t die with the death of zombies. It remains dormant in the soil, on plants, waiting for living creatures to transport it, and then re-enters the human body.

After each battle, the soldiers do not dare touch their mouths or noses with their hands. They must undergo stringent decontamination procedures and pass through a scanner before they can re-enter the base.

Even if they return to the base, they can’t immediately interact with people. They must spend a day in isolation at their residence.

After every battle, frontline soldiers always suffer heavy casualties. If luck isn’t on their side and zombie blood splatters onto their faces, the likelihood of infection is a hundred percent.

A supermarket stocked with goods like this made them feel, for a moment, like they had returned to the time before the zombie virus outbreak.

The woman moved forward in silence, suddenly feeling as if this was all a dream of her own making.

As the young man walked alongside her, his gaze involuntarily fixed on the shelves. He even spotted a freezer not far away. Being a sniper, his eyes were sharp. He could easily see the boxes of fatty beef and whole chickens inside.

On the adjacent shelf, there was chilled chocolate and milk ice cream.

This was a large supermarket from a peaceful time.

The man felt like he might not have actually witnessed a supermarket falling from the sky, but instead, he had time-traveled back to the days before the apocalypse.

“Little sister,” the woman tried to strike up a conversation with Sarah, “Where are you from? America? Japan? Or France?”

Sarah didn’t pause or glance at them. She spoke in a calm tone, “What does that have anything to do with you?”

The woman didn’t feel embarrassed either. She smiled and said, “I’m just curious, you know. How did you end up here? Are you aliens or do you have some alien technology?”

Ever since the authorities declared the zombie virus to be of extraterrestrial origin, whenever the woman encountered unexplainable situations, she would forcefully resort to an extraterrestrial explanation.

“Do you guys operate this supermarket?” the woman asked, “Do you sell stuff? How do you take payment? Can I get an ice cream?”

Sarah was finally fed up with the woman and gave her a cold look, “Zombies are right across from us, and you’re in the mood for ice cream?”

The woman sighed, “Well, I’m going to die sooner or later. Before I die, I just want to enjoy a strawberry ice cream.”

Sarah: “…Take it, my treat. Both of you take one. I can afford the cost of two ice creams. After you’ve had them, let’s cut down on the chit-chat.”

So, the woman took two ice creams and handed one to the man, who had been silent since entering. Then, she tore open the wrapper and began eating her own. The ice cream was just as sweet and delicious as she remembered.

She observed Sarah from behind and remembered the two canine teeth that Sarah had revealed.

They were too slender and sharp. Where did she usually hide them? Wouldn’t she accidentally pierce her own lips?

Could she be a vampire? That’s why she had that strange, incongruous familiarity that seemed out of place with her appearance.

The woman almost laughed at her own thoughts.

Talking about extraterrestrials could still provide an explanation, but mentioning vampires would make this world too magical.

The supermarket was big, with a wide range of products. They followed Sarah for quite some time before arriving at the entrance to a room.

The door to the room wasn’t closed.

With a glance, the woman could see the furnishings inside, as well as someone sitting on the sofa—

The man sitting on the sofa wore a blue casual suit. He had a head of shiny, jet-black hair, and his amber eyes were fixed on her. There was even a hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth, as if he were welcoming their arrival.

He was exceptionally handsome, but his smile seemed lacking in genuine warmth, which made him come across as aloof and proud.

Beside him, there stood a man and a woman, both armed with guns, their gaze sharp and fixed on the newcomers.

The woman couldn’t help but swallow nervously.

She could tell at a glance that these two individuals had seen countless battles, exuding a deadly aura. It felt as if they would strike her down in an instant if she made even the slightest move, without giving her any reaction time.

The blonde girl who had led them approached the sofa, leaning against the armrest with a cold and indifferent expression as she gazed at them.

The woman’s lips twitched.

Why did she feel like she had stepped into some kind of evil organization, facing the big boss?

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  1. 玉米餅 yù mǐ bǐng: corn cake / Mexican tortilla; the word 餅 bǐng means round flat cake / cookie / cake / pastry. So everyone can imagine it as you will.[]

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