Plane Supermarket Chapter 43

Plane Supermarket Plane 2: Luoyang Base C6

Even with earplugs in, Ye Zhou still couldn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep.

In the hazy half asleep state, he could still hear the sound of gunfire outside. He thought he hadn’t fallen asleep at all, but when he “woke up,” he was surprised to find that it was already half-past nine in the morning.

Footsteps could be heard outside the lounge area and the employees were beginning to get busy.

The supermarket didn’t have many customers, but the employees were not willing to be idle and depend on others. They would keep themselves busy, not only making sure that every shelf on each floor was spotlessly clean, but also meticulously wiping down even the products in the corners, even if they were still in their packaging.

As a result, the entire supermarket gleamed every day, and the tiles shone so brightly they were almost blinding.

Although Ye Zhou felt that there was no need to be so meticulous, since the employees were willing to work, he didn’t say anything.

Hard work made people feel more at ease. Having money and nothing to do could breed laziness, while having no money and nothing to do could foster crime. And it also allowed people to quickly find a sense of belonging.

After waking up, Ye Zhou washed his face and brushed his teeth. Zou Ming wasn’t in the room, so he took out a walkie-talkie. He only recently discovered that the supermarket surprisingly had walkie-talkies for sale. But they were the children’s version with a limited range and, rather than walkie-talkies, they seemed more like children’s toys.

Although he could now communicate with Yang Guoqin, he was concerned about eavesdropping. While the content of his conversations with Cao Er Niang wasn’t particularly alarming, he was worried that Cao Er Niang might suddenly mention the word “immortal.” If that happened, he would go from being a “future person” to a “heavenly immortal from another realm.”

Besides, nobody likes being monitored.

After receiving the message that the immortal was awake, Cao Er Niang brought out a tray of warm breakfast. Since she was now in charge of everyone’s three meals a day, Ye Zhou had also increased her salary.

At the moment, Cao Er Niang was the richest employee in the supermarket, and she certainly lived up to the increased salary.

After all, eating instant food every day wasn’t ideal. Cao Er Niang now cultivated mushrooms, cooked meals, and took care of various other chores.

Ye Zhou found that Cao Er Niang was a very “simple” person. This didn’t mean she was naive, but rather that she was straightforward ad stubborn.

Once she believed in something, she would persist unwaveringly, even if she ran into a brick wall and wouldn’t turn back. She had her own set of beliefs and was unswayed by external factors.

Even if someone were to open Ye Zhou’s chest and reveal his beating heart, Cao Er Niang would still insist that he was a divine being and would find a rational explanation for the fact that he could die.

Cao Er Niang carried the breakfast into the lounge area. She had now figured out Ye Zhou’s taste preferences.

Ye Zhou didn’t like overly salty or spicy food. Sometimes he craved some spicy food, but even what others considered mildly spicy could make his lips turn red. But strangely enough, Ye Zhou enjoyed eating bitter melon. 

No one in the store liked bitter melon! It’s so bitter! 

But Ye Zhou not only liked it, he liked it so much that when Cao Er Niang made it for him, she only used salt for the bitter melon, stir-frying it without even adding eggs.

In the morning, Ye Zhou liked to have a glass of soy milk, paired with two pork buns, and a piece of brown sugar cake.

Occasionally, Cao Er Niang would also make fried dough sticks for Ye Zhou. She even prepared pickled vegetables for him and cooked vegetable congee, allowing Ye Zhou to enjoy it with his congee.

That jar of pickled vegetables had now become Ye Zhou’s exclusive item, and Cao Er Niang had never even tasted it herself.

But Ye Zhou didn’t have much of an appetite today. He only ate one bun and half of the brown sugar cake.

“The rest, we’ll let it cool and put it in the fridge to keep it fresh. It can be reheated for breakfast tomorrow,” Ye Zhou told Cao Er Niang. “Where are Zou Ming and the others?”

Cao Er Niang replied, “They said they were going out to take a look! There are monsters everywhere outside! Is the immortal here to collect monsters?”

Cao Er Niang was always ready to witness Ye Zhou’s divine prowess, ready to wave his sleeve and subdue all the monsters.

Ye Zhou shook his head, saying, “I won’t bother with these things.”

Cao Er Niang began to speculate about Ye Zhou’s motivations on her own. “With the Heavenly Dao overseeing everything, even an immortal with countless supernatural powers can’t unleash them. Oh, I see everyone outside as pitiable souls. It’s not easy for them!”

Ye Zhou smiled at her and said, “Go on with your work. I’m also going out to take a look.”

Cao Er Niang stepped back with a tray in hand.

She had a worried expression, not sure where to practice using a repeating crossbow. She wanted to learn and had been following Cao Er for a while now. But without a way to practice, she didn’t know how much progress she had made.

Now she was curious about the weapons that the people outside were carrying. They seemed more formidable than the repeating crossbow, but she was afraid of getting in over her head and ending up with nothing.

Cao Er Niang sighed deeply. Well, she would look for an opportunity to practice with the repeating crossbow first!

Ye Zhou stepped out of the supermarket.

He noticed that Zou Ming and the others had not been idle. They had joined the soldiers’ ranks. However, the soldiers didn’t pay them much attention, considering these newcomers. After all, everyone was busy, and the soldiers didn’t all know each other. Some wore civilian clothes, which was normal for those who lacked proper equipment.

Ye Zhou spotted Zou Ming and Chen Shu at a glance.

These two were really very conspicuous.

But Ye Zhou’s gaze lingered more on Zou Ming. Chen Shu was a woman, and it didn’t seem quite right for a man to be staring so intently at a woman.

Zou Ming was holding not the machine gun he had brought with him but a modified rifle, one that had seen countless battles and was likely given to him by a soldier. Still, even in his hands, the rifle exuded a chilling aura.

Ye Zhou hadn’t noticed it before, but now he suddenly realized how handsome Zou Ming was.

Although he had known from Zou Ming’s face that he was a handsome guy, as men, they could only appreciate each other’s looks in a somewhat muted manner.

But at this moment, Zou Ming, who was holding the gun, looked calmly at the approaching zombies. He mechanically and precisely fired his weapon. The recoil made his fingers tremble slightly, but he didn’t even glance down.

It was as if he and the gun in his hands were one and the same having seen a hundred battles and, at this moment, was reborn.  

“Awake already?” Zou Ming put away the gun the moment he saw Ye Zhou. He walked over to Ye Zhou and said, “Yang Guoqin wants to see you. They need to buy another batch of ammunition, but they want to do it on credit.”

Ye Zhou frowned, “Credit? Can he even afford that?”

Last night, he had contemplated selling the laser cannon to Yang Guoqin, making a three-million profit for himself. Now, Yang Guoqin was asking for credit?

Zou Ming made a thoughtful sound, then said, “He mentioned that the rear supply couldn’t be delivered. The corn cakes brought yesterday were the last remaining stock in Luoyang Base. If we send them again, everyone in the base will go hungry.”

Ye Zhou asked, “Do you find it believable?”

Zou Ming shook his head slightly, saying, “In such a large base, even if they ran out of corn cakes, they still have tanks and other resources.”

“He might not really want to extend credit, but is simply testing your bottom line,” Zou Ming suggested.

Ye Zhou nodded, “I think the same way. In this plane, weapons should be more valuable than food. The land here can still be cultivated, and even with limited manpower, we have high-yield crops such as corn, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. While the variety of food is limited, it’s enough to keep people from starving.”

“In a situation where you can fill your stomach, weapons are the most important and valuable commodity,” Ye Zhou continued. “I was just thinking when I saw you holding your rifle, that using a rifle for such a long time, repairing it multiple times and still using it, is evidence of their limited weaponry.”

The more limited and scarce something is, the more valuable it becomes.

Ye Zhou smiled and said, “I’ll wait for him to come and discuss it with me.”

He then looked into Zou Ming’s eyes and asked, “Why did all of you join in?”

Among the system employees, only Sarah didn’t participate. No one dared to give her a gun.

Even Zhou Yuanhe was shooting at zombies with a look of resignation.

“There’s nothing to do in the morning,” Zou Ming replied calmly.

Ye Zhou sighed, “Yang Guoqin should start paying you guys.”

Who makes people work for free?

“Anyway, I won’t let him take advantage of us, at most, I’ll earn a little less,” Ye Zhou said, reaching out his hand to Zou Ming.

Zou Ming looked at him, hesitated for a moment, and extended his hand as well.

As they looked at their two clasped hands, Ye Zhou said, “… Actually, I wanted to try this gun.”

Zou Ming: “…”

After Zou Ming quickly withdrew his hand, Ye Zhou noticed that Zou Ming’s ears had turned slightly red.

Was Zou Ming feeling embarrassed?

Ye Zhou pressed his lips tightly, trying hard not to let a smile creep up. Everyone had their moments of embarrassment, and it wasn’t fair to mock someone for it.

Zou Ming handed the gun to Ye Zhou and began to explain in detail, “This gun is quite old, and its trajectory has some issues. When you’re shooting, you need to aim slightly downward. If you want to hit a zombie in the head, you should aim for its chest area. That’s the only way to be accurate.”

Holding the gun, Ye Zhou walked to the spot where Zou Ming had been shooting. He raised the gun, feeling quite professional. Then, recalling Zou Ming’s advice, he aimed the barrel at the chest area of a zombie.

Ye Zhou squeezed the trigger.

With a resounding “bang,” Ye Zhou looked at his own wrist in disbelief.

One shot, and his hand, including his wrist, had gone numb!

No wonder he had seen in foreign hunting videos a woman getting launched into the air by the recoil when firing a similar gun.

Just a moment ago, Zou Ming had been holding this kind of gun and shooting continuously without stopping?

Ye Zhou stared in astonishment at Zou Ming, who stood beside him.

Zou Ming said, “You didn’t hit the head.”

Ye Zhou wasn’t embarrassed either. He hadn’t used guns many times and couldn’t compare to a seasoned shooter like Zou Ming. So, he confidently said, “I’m sure I can hit it this time.”

After the psychological preparation from yesterday, Ye Zhou was no longer as fearful of zombies.

Just as someone who doesn’t get carsick while driving, when he was attacking zombies, he didn’t find them terrifying. All his attention was focused on how to hit the zombies in the head.

After finding the right angle, Ye Zhou tried to squeeze the trigger. After a few attempts, he numbly looked at Zou Ming and said, “My hands are numb.”

Zou Ming didn’t mock him. He still looks the same, calm and composed. Just when Ye Zhou thought Zou Ming might suggest he take a break, Zou Ming suddenly walked up behind him.

The moment Zou Ming embraced him from behind, Ye Zhou felt like he was having a hallucination. Besides, was Zou Ming’s chest really that broad?!

While Ye Zhou was in a daze, Zou Ming’s hand had already gripped his, and his chin was resting on Ye Zhou’s shoulder. He whispered in Ye Zhou’s ear, “Aim, and I’ll fire.”

Ye Zhou couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Even though he was a man, at this very moment, he felt the surge of testosterone that one might find in a novel.

Zou Ming wasn’t just handsome. He was very charming too.

Of course, it would be even better if the zombie opposite them didn’t lunge its tongue at him.

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The author has something to say: 

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Ye Zhou (calm expression): “What kind of marksmanship can improve like this? Can it also make me look this handsome?”

We can call this chapter as ‘Ye Zhou and his lowkey gay panic’ (⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝) ANND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!! ‎‧₊˚✧ ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა ✧˚₊‧

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    As they looked at their two clasped hands, Ye Zhou said, “… Actually, I wanted to try this gun.”

    Zou Ming: “…”

    After Zou Ming quickly withdrew his hand, Ye Zhou noticed that Zou Ming’s ears had turned slightly red.

    Was Zou Ming feeling embarrassed?]

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