Plane Supermarket Chapter 52

Plane Supermarket Plane 2: Luoyang Base C15

In the early morning, everyone was working overtime, and countless barcodes needed to be scanned into the system.

There were too many customers during the day and the barcodes had piled up at the supermarket’s back entrance. They had to start moving and scanning them after closing early.

Ye Zhou had been scanning for two hours, and he started to feel dizzy and disoriented. Although this job didn’t require any technical skills and didn’t appear physically exhausting, if one didn’t slack off, after just a little while, your arms would start to feel alien to you.

Fortunately, they could take turns.

Ye Zhou was relieved and replaced for a break.

“Lemonade,” Zou Ming handed over a glass of water with freshly cut lemon and added sugar.

Ye Zhou reached out and took it. “Thank you.”

The water temperature was just right, and he took a sip. The sweetness was exactly to his liking.

Ye Zhou had a sweet tooth, and he wished he could add sugar to every dish. Sweet and sour dishes were always his favorite.

But strangely, he only liked sweet dishes and wasn’t particularly fond of hard candy or chocolate.

“You’ve worked hard during the day,” Ye Zhou said, placing the water glass aside and starting to massagel his wrist. “In the afternoon, Chen Shu was talking to me and mentioned that you might be looking for someone?”

Zou Ming paused for a moment, not denying it but instead asking, “She noticed?”

Ye Zhou was a bit puzzled. Wasn’t that the case? After all, Zou Ming didn’t seem to enjoy talking to people. Ye Zhou was curious if Zou Ming had someone close to him who he could confide in.

“Are you looking for someone who runs a supermarket like me?” Ye Zhou asked. “I find it strange. “If I didn’t run a supermarket, why did the system bring me here?”

Zou Ming explained, “The system selects people who can engage in plane transactions. The young, the healthy, and those with strong adaptability.”

“I’ve met people who run discount stores, jewelry shops, and hotels besides supermarkets,” He continued.

Ye Zhou was curious, “How are they doing? How’s their life here?”

After all, they were his seniors in this situation, and if they were doing well, it gave him encouragement and confidence that he could do well too.

Ye Zhou looked at Zou Ming with anticipation in his eyes.

Zou Ming said, “The owner of the discount store is still alive, but the other two have passed away.”

Ye Zhou’s expression turned solemn.

“Why?” Ye Zhou couldn’t believe it.

He, a recent university graduate who had just opened a supermarket, was still alive. How could the owners of hotels and jewelry stores, who seemed more established, have died?

Zou Ming shared everything he knew with Ye Zhou.

The luck of those two individuals was a mix of good and bad. They landed in their first plane, which happened to be a primitive era, and one of them died in a dispute with the natives. The owner of the jewelry store, in particular, had initially earned some money and even hired some employees.

But, they were deceived by the natives. The natives invited him to their homes as guests, even though several of his employees advised against it.

He believed that if he wanted to do business successfully, he needed to build good relations with the locals, especially because he planned to hire local workers as system employment was too expensive.

Unfortunately, he met his end at the hands of the natives.

The natives realized he wasn’t some extraordinary outsider but just an ordinary merchant.

The villagers united and killed him, then claimed his jewelry store as their own.

As for the employees hired by the system, after their employer’s death, they were disbanded right on the spot without receiving their wages and were sent back to their original plane.

Another unfortunate individual had a rough start but managed to thrive in the plane world. Even though the plane he found himself in was less developed, resembling a transitional period between primitive and slave societies, he lacked nothing in terms of enjoyment.

Moreover, he used methods similar to Ye Zhou, adopting personas like deities and gained a group of devoted followers.

Basically, he would be fine as long as he didn’t make any major mistakes.

But the tragedy was that he hadn’t made any grave errors himself but ended up meeting his demise at the hands of his employees.

The employees didn’t personally harm him but, after deceiving him into signing a transfer agreement, they hired two locals to transport him to a cliff and pushed him off it.

After the system confirmed the original store owner’s death, this employee inherited everything from him, including his identity in the original plane.

Ye Zhou listened with a shiver down his spine. “Inherit his identity in the original plane? What do you mean?”

Zou Ming explained, “After signing the transfer agreement, the successor will inherit everything from the predecessor, including not just the property but also their identity.”

Ye Zhou’s eyes widened. “What about the original owner’s wife and children?”

Zou Ming replied in a calm tone, “They would also become part of the inheritance. If he doesn’t want to divorce, he can temporarily pretend to be someone else, as long as he wishes to return to that plane.”

“So, he inherits not only the original owner’s property but also his identity documents?” Ye Zhou looked puzzled. “Can it really be done this way? What kind of system is this? Is this the inheritance process?”

Zou Ming explained, “The system doesn’t care about the owner’s identity. It should be aware that employees will find loopholes, so in order to ensure they work diligently, it provides these benefits.”

“Employees, once they get their hands on the store, seek a plane where they can settle for the long term, preferably the original owner’s plane. In this plane, they have a legitimate identity, possibly a family, friends, all without them having to put in any effort.”

“It’s like a reward from the system.”

Ye Zhou shivered. “Reward? A reward for plotting against someone’s life?”

Zou Ming replied, “It’s a reward to keep working for the system.”

Ye Zhou couldn’t believe it. “Is this situation common?”

Zou Ming shook his head slightly. “Actually, it’s not very common. Most owners are aware that they can’t sign the agreement casually because the agreement only takes effect if the owner signs it voluntarily.”

Ye Zhou asked, “Then why did he sign it?”

Zou Ming explained, “In this world, there’s no shortage of people who can deceive with their words.”

Zou Ming himself wasn’t sure why that owner had signed. He wasn’t present in the office at the time, and the employee who tricked him had a genuinely simple and honest face, always diligent and hardworking. He rarely spoke and, judging solely by his appearance and performance, seemed like a reliable, upright person.

“He couldn’t survive in his original plane, and that was also his first time accepting employment. Maybe, for him, becoming a plane merchant was better than becoming a mercenary.” Zou Ming looked at Ye Zhou. “That’s why I advised you not to hire people too hastily.”

Ye Zhou patted his chest. “Fortunately, you reminded me.”

Zou Ming looked puzzled, observing the slight curve at the corner of Ye Zhou’s mouth. “Aren’t you worried?”

Ye Zhou gazed at Zou Ming. “Worried about what? Worried about you?”

“If you wanted to harm me, you would’ve done so long ago,” Ye Zhou sat in a chair, leaning against the wall with an air of indifference. “To be honest, I’ve had it tough ever since the system brought me here. Everything I do comes with risks, starting from the previous plane.”

“Whether it’s hiring or employing, isn’t there a risk in either case?”

“Although the system doesn’t have human feelings…” Ye Zhou stroked his chin, “it also certainly isn’t human.”

“There’s not much I can do, so I’ll just focus on staying alive,” Ye Zhou said.

Ye Zhou looked up and smiled at Zou Ming. “You don’t have to be so serious. I know you mean no harm.”

Zou Ming countered, “How can you be sure? What if I’m playing the long game, waiting for a big catch?”

He locked eyes with Ye Zhou.

Ye Zhou shrugged. “Honestly, I’m pretty good at reading people. I don’t doubt myself.”

He said somewhat smugly, “I consider it a gift. I can’t explain exactly what’s off about a person, but as long as I spend some time with them, I can tell if they’re trustworthy.”

Back when he was in school, Ye Zhou had good social skills. He was good-looking, and although his academics were average, he was not stupid.

Whether it was playing basketball, soccer, or video games, he might not have been at the top among his friends, but he could hold his own.

Many people were willing to be around him, but he wasn’t compatible with just anyone.

Maybe it was because he had interacted with so many people that he had learned to read them.

Zou Ming’s expression relaxed a bit. “So, what kind of person do you think I am?”

Ye Zhou hesitated. “You’re the kind of… um…”

“Someone with a strong will,” Ye Zhou thought for a moment to describe him. “In broader terms, it means you don’t get too excited about external things, and you don’t let external matters affect you. What others value, you may not value much. You have your own goals, and no matter how dangerous things get, you can stay steadfast.”

Ye Zhou looked at Zou Ming. “You’re somewhat like me.”

Zou Ming pursed his lips. “Is that so?”

Ye Zhou replied, “But I’m not as serious as you.”

Zou Ming furrowed his brow slightly. “Am I very serious?”

Ye Zhou remembered Zou Ming’s forced smile from earlier and quickly added, “Not too serious, quite approachable.”

“By the way,” Ye Zhou shifted the topic forcefully, “how did you meet Chen Shu? I forgot to ask her about it earlier.”

Zou Ming replied, “We were both hired together.”

“She’s quite reliable,” Zou Ming said. “She’s not after money, and the conditions in her original plane are good. She’s just there to train her marksmanship.”

“Her intentions are straightforward.”

Ye Zhou asked, “What about Zhou Yuanhe? He’s usually quiet, and sometimes he’s right next to me, and I don’t even notice.”

Zou Ming thought for a moment, realizing that he had known Zhou Yuanhe for so long that he had forgotten why they had met.

After a while, he recalled and said, “I knew him from before.”

It seemed like he didn’t want to delve into it further, so Ye Zhou didn’t press for more details.

Everyone has secrets they’d rather not be known by others. Why ask so deeply?

“I’m going over there first,” Ye Zhou finished the last sip of lemonade and resumed his work scanning codes.

On the other hand, Zou Ming remained standing on the spot, lost in thought.

He raised his head slightly and saw Ye Zhou and Zhou Yuanhe exchange greetings as they passed by each other.

Zhou Yuanhe stood beside Zou Ming, pouring water. He was bent over and didn’t look at Zou Ming’s face, softly asking, “Why don’t you just tell him?”

Zou Ming’s expression turned grim. He tightened his grip on the water cup, and the veins on the back of his hand bulged as he responded in a cold, hard voice, “Tell him what?”

“Tell him that I was saved by him when I was a child? Raised by him?”

“And then he’ll quickly accept, becoming the person who saved me?”

Zou Ming glanced at Zhou Yuanhe. “I called you over here, not to make you talk so much.”

Zhou Yuanhe straightened up. “I haven’t said anything yet, why are you so harsh?”

Zhou Yuanhe retorted, “Well, then, you can wait. When the bosses are conducting plane jumps, time doesn’t pass for them, which means as long as they don’t return to their original plane, they won’t age or die.”

“Who knows, when you meet him, he might actually be a centenarian by now.”

“Are you willing to wait for a hundred years if it’s true?”

Zou Ming lowered his gaze, his tone of speech no different from his usual demeanor.

He calmly replied, “I will wait.”

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