TOTLS Chapter 70: Arc 4.13-1

Arc 4: Keeping A Wolf Puppy Chapter 13 Part 1

Du Feng pushed Audrey to return to the precious room. Face particularly pale Audrey said, “Du Bo, help me intercede with the young master. I don’t want to go to Bassville.”

“You want me to intercede for you?” Du Feng looked at him coldly and said, “You have already implicated me, and you still want me to intercede for you?”

“I… I really didn’t know that he was the young master. Besides, I haven’t done anything yet!” Audrey said and squatted down while grabbing his hair forcefully.

“If you really did something, you will not be going to Bassville, but Hell Island.” Du Feng looked at him and said, “You still think you have been wronged? If he wasn’t the future wife of Young Master, you intend to force him, right? The young master can see through your thoughts at a glance!”

“I… Even if I don’t have enough achievement, I have worked hard, right?” Audrey said unwillingly, “I’ve been doing my best for so many years. So can’t I, can’t I be punished lightly?”

“If you break the rules, you must face the consequences. Our rules clearly state that no one is allowed to force anyone. Letting you go to Bassville is already a lenient sentence for you.” Du Feng glaring at him said, “I don’t even know how many times I have told you to get rid of your promiscuity. Otherwise, something will happen sooner or later. It’s fine if it was consensual, but you still want to force others, and you moved on to someone who shouldn’t be moved! You almost caused a catastrophe, do you know that?!”

The more Du Feng thought about it, the angrier he became. He couldn’t help but walk over and kick Audrey hard, “If it weren’t for your ability, I wouldn’t have chosen you from so many people, and you still want me to intercede for you! Do you know how much I regret choosing you as the president of Defias?!”

“The Young Master still has some tasks for you to do. This is also an opportunity for you. If you do well, you may have a chance to come out after staying in Bassville for a few years. If you do not do well, you will have to prepare to stay there forever!”

Tao Yuan stood in front of the full-length dressing mirror and changed clothes. Donald Xiu 1 hugged him from behind, buried his face in his neck, and kissed his smooth skin.

“Hurry up and change your clothes. The shooting time is approaching, and you are the main highlight of the show. You can’t be late.” Tao Yuan urged.

Instead, Donald Xiu turned his body around and pressed him against the mirror for a kiss.

Tao Yuan pressed his hands against Donald Xiu’s shoulder and before his sanity was completely lost, Tao Yuan pushed him away forcefully, blushing and short of breath. “Hurry up and change your clothes.”

Donald Xiu admired his flushed face for a moment, then smiled and turned to get his clothes.

Before Donald Xiu could undress completely, Tao Yuan quickly left the changing room.

Donald Xiu still hadn’t explain his true identity to Tao Yuan, but now there are some things he would not avoid when Tao Yuan was around. Tao Yuan didn’t force Donald Xiu for any explanations and just went with the flow. Someday, he would fully integrate into Donald Xiu’s real life.

After the models changed into their shooting outfits, they all stood in the same place waiting for the shooting to begin. Although there were only fifteen models in each group, when so many groups of models gathered together, the scene was quite spectacular.

It was now time for the photographers to make their selection, and almost all the photographers chose Tao Yuan’s group at the same time. The decision was now in Tao Yuan’s hands, as he had to choose one photographer from among them who he was most satisfied with.

The photographers looked at Tao Yuan with a strong desire in their eyes, hoping they would be chosen. Tao Yuan looked at those photographers’ previous works and chose his favorite style. 

Xiao Yi had not slept all night yesterday, and he looked quite exhausted today. He had thought all night and concluded that even if Audrey was involved with many other people, he would never break up with him. At least until he found another backer, he couldn’t break up.

While the photographers were waiting to be chosen, the models on the other side, who were waiting for the shoot, were also trying to outshine each other. The other models deliberately avoided standing with Tao Yuan’s group because they knew they couldn’t compare to them.

 On the other hand, Xiao Yi’s group were all standing in the corner, not wanting to stand with any other models.

Rachel approached them with the models and deliberately stood in front of them, and said, “Today, you have reached new heights of ugliness even in high fashion outfits. I don’t know if it is because you are inherently ugly that makes these clothes look so ugly, or if it’s because these clothes are too ugly, it makes you look so ugly.”

“I think it’s both. The clothes are ugly, and the people themselves are also ugly.” 

“Absolutely. Ugly clothes matched with ugly people can be considered a perfect match in a certain sense.”

“I feel sorry for them. They are so unlucky to wear and showcase such ugly clothes.”

“This will definitely become their black history, which will never be erased for a lifetime.”

“After the last competition, I heard their value has dropped drastically. After these photos are released, their value will probably hit rick bottom. They won’t even compare the newest rookies.”

“It’s such a pity that a modeling career is over just because of showcasing these clothes.”

“What’s so pitiful? Weren’t they very proud before, thinking they were lucky to being able to showcase Xiao Yi’s designs?”

The models wearing the best outfits mocked the models wearing the ugliest outfits, while other models watched the scene coldly.

An Jiena and the others who were mocked had an ugly expression on their faces as they suppressed their anger, unable to refute.

After Tao Yuan selected the photographers, the shoot of their group began. The other photographers who were not selected were full of disappointment and regret. So, they could only choose other designers again. 

After a few rounds, almost every group had been chosen, and Xiao Yi, who snapped out of his daze, realized that no photographer had selected him. This made him angry, so he went to find the organizers and demanded that they arrange a photographer for him, threatening to break the contract if they didn’t comply.

Due to his relationship with Audrey, the organizers had no choice but to communicate with the only photographer who hadn’t been selected and inform him that he must do a shoot with Xiao Yi, or else it would be a breach of contract.

The photographer had no choice but to do the shoot with Xiao Yi’s group of models. He couldn’t understand why they had to persist with such ugly outfits. If it were him, he would prefer to find an excuse to withdraw from the competition rather than embarrass himself here.

Xiao Yi looked at his own designs compared to those of others and realized they weren’t as appealing. However, he had no other options. The outfits he could recall had already been showcased in the previous two competitions. The outfits for the next two days of shooting were not designed by him but by other designers in his company, hastily put together based on their designs.

Xiao Yi felt anxious. He knew that things couldn’t continue like this. With two more days of shooting left, he had to come up with a way to salvage the situation.

The shoot was done as a whole group, not individual shots. All the models from each group entered the scene together, with the castle as the backdrop. The photographer had to capture a grand and imposing atmosphere.

Since all the other shooting locations had been chosen, Xiao Yi’s group was left with the artificial rocky mountain scene that no one had selected. Although the background was still a castle, it was a corner of the castle and couldn’t evoke the same majestic feeling as the front view.

The models and the photographer approached the shoot with reluctance, wanting to quickly get it over with. Some models even intentionally turned their heads to the side, not wanting their faces to be captured.

The photographer took a few perfunctory shots and then called it a day. No matter how skilled he was, he couldn’t make these outfits look luxurious and grand.

However, Xiao Yi believed that even if the models were wearing tattered rags, a truly talented photographer could still capture great images. Besides, photos could be edited in post-production.

As the models were coming down from the artificial mountain, they suddenly heard a loud scream, causing them all to turn around in alarm.

It was Andrei 2 who had fallen from the mountain. The mountain was quite high, and the floor beneath was made of marble. Falling from such a height, he was likely to sustain fractures.

Upon hearing Andrei’s screams, the staff and the models who had already descended rushed to the back of the mountain to see what had happened. They were startled to see Andrei lying on the ground, his face covered in blood, writhing in pain.

The staff quickly called an ambulance as Andrei’s injuries seemed severe. They didn’t dare to move him and could only wait for the hospital staff to arrive and take him away.

The commotion caught the attention of models from other groups, and Tao Yuan also turned to look for a moment before shifting his gaze to Donald Xiu.

Donald Xiu met his gaze innocently and with a look of confusion.

Tao Yuan thought to himself, “You cunning fox, keep pretending. Let’s see how long you can keep it up.”

After the ambulance arrived and took Andrei away, his wailing confirming the seriousness of his injuries. On the other hand, most of the other groups had finished their shoots. However, the photographer from Tao Yuan’s group continued to take photos, even requesting to shoot individual portraits of the models. However, the organizers intervened, stating that only group photos were allowed according to the rules, and the shooting time had already ended. The photographer could only reluctantly finish the shoot.

Xiao Yi received a call from the staff after returning to his room, informing him that Andrei had two fractures and severe facial injuries. It was impossible for him to continue with the shoot. Without enough models, the remaining shoots couldn’t proceed. So, Xiao Yi had to approach Audrey and ask him to arrange another model with the organizers. This was a special situation that required special handling.

“After seeing the outfits you designed today, honestly, I don’t understand what you were thinking. Participating in this competition with such outfits will surely invite criticism. You might as well take this opportunity to withdraw from the competition to avoid even harsher criticism,” Audrey said expressionlessly.

“Help me find a few skilled retouchers to modify the photos and achieve the desired effect,” Xiao Yi requested, stating his second purpose for seeking out Audrey.

“Photos can be retouched, but what about the videos? Your designs, whether they look good or not, will be exposed as soon as they’re shown in motion videos such as GIFs,” Audrey responded.

“Videos can be retouched now as well. I’ve seen many well-edited videos,” Xiao Yi argued.

“Videos can only have the background modified. How can they make your outfits look good? Don’t you have this basic knowledge?” Audrey questioned.

Xiao Yi lowered his head in silence. He knew his designs weren’t great, but even those mediocre outfits weren’t entirely his own creations. However, he wasn’t willing to simply withdraw from the competition. Regardless of the circumstances, he wanted to salvage some dignity after the competition ended.

“I do have a plan that can help you achieve a good ranking in the final competition,” Audrey began, executing the task assigned to him by Donald.

“What plan?!” Xiao Yi immediately looked up at him, eager to know the details.

“Before I explain this plan, there’s something I want to make clear. This is the last time I’ll help you. Consider it as a parting gift. After this, we’re done, and I don’t want you to bother me again,” Audrew stated firmly.

Xiao Yi clenched his fists tightly, conflicted in his heart. After a moment, he made a demand, “In addition to helping me achieve a good ranking in the final competition, I want you to find a way to ruin Xiao Yu. This is my final request. Once you fulfill it, I will never contact you again.”

“Fine,” Audrew agreed immediately, showing no emotions on his face.

“Now, can you tell me how you’re going to help me?” Xiao Yi asked, looking at him intently.

Audrey explained the plan. Xiao Yi felt it was a bit risky to do so, but thought there should be no problem with Audrey helping him, so he agreed to Audrey’s plan.

In the evening, Tao Yuan lay contentedly in Donald Xiu’s arms. Donald Xiu held him and suddenly asked, “Do you like traveling to different places?”

Tao Yuan opened his eyes, thought for a while, and said, “Whether it’s traveling or staying at home, it doesn’t matter to me.What is important is who I am with.”

 “After this competition ends, let’s travel to different places around the world. I will take you to the places I’ve been before and show you what they’re like,” Donald Xiu said. “I’ve discovered many interesting places.”

 “Let me tell you first, even if I travel around the world, I will only go to places that I can enjoy. I won’t go to places that are difficult or dangerous,”” Tao Yuan knows that he likes to pursue excitement the most, but he doesn’t want him to do those dangerous things.

“How could I bear to let you face hardships or danger? I’ll make sure the journey is enjoyable for you,” Donald Xiu assured.

“Besides the type of danger I mentioned, there’s another kind of danger that I forbid you from pursuing,” Tao Yuan seized the opportunity to make a request. He hadn’t had a chance to discuss it with Donald Xiu because he hadn’t revealed his true identity.

“…” Donald Xiu felt somewhat puzzled, wondering how Tao Yuan seemed to know so much about him and how he found out.

“If you don’t agree, then let’s break up,” Tao Yuan threatened.

“I agree,” Donald immediately yielded.

Satisfied, Tao Yuan closed his eyes and rested his face against Donald Xiu’s chest, preparing to sleep. Tao Yuan knew that since Donald Xiu had agreed, he would surely follow through. He thought to himself, a life of traveling to different places? In previous lives, he didn’t have many opportunities to travel. Trying out this kind of lifestyle in this lifetime seemed quite nice.

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  1. 唐纳修 Tang Naxiu || Since I followed the precious TL it will remain Donald Xiu[]
  2. Raws says An Jiena then would later say Angele were the ones who fell and fractured. Then these names would be used again like they were fine. But I do think they are different people with ‘An’ surname.[]


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