TOTLS Chapter 70: Arc 4.13-2

Arc 4: Keeping A Wolf Puppy Chapter 13 Part 2

The shooting continued on the second day and was carried out inside the castle.

Seeing Tao Yuan’s group of models has yet to show up, Xiao Yi was quite pleased. He thought this was just the beginning. Even if Tao Yuan were to be reborn, he would never be able to beat him in this lifetime.

Xiao Yi turned his head to look at his own group of models. Audrey arranged the outfit the models wore today for him. It was very different compared to the outfits shown in previous two showcase.

The other models also looked at them in surprise and curiosity. They were wondering why the difference between Xiao Yi’s design on each clothes is too different. Since there are such beautiful clothes, why didn’t he showcase them earlier?

An Jiena 1 has been feeling down since the second round of competition. Today, she could finally put on stunning outfits for the shoot. Seeing the unexpected gazes of other people, she felt a lot better and relieved.

Xiao Yi looked at the time and felt satisfied. Once the scheduled shooting time arrived, the organizers would immediately start the shoot, and there was no way for Tao Yuan’s group of models to appear, even after the shoot ended.

Xiao Yi was feeling proud and pleased with himself when he heard exclamations of surprise around him. He followed the gaze of those people and saw the models from Tao Yuan’s group had appeared. This time, their clothes were even more impressive than all the previous ones they wore on the show.

Before, the other models would instinctively avoid standing next to Tao Yuan’s group, fearing being overshadowed. But now, they involuntarily gathered around, eager to feast their eyes on the breathtaking designs up close.

Xiao Yi lost in daze, stunned at the clothes the models were wearing. He thought, how can Xiao Yu actually design such beautiful clothes?

After coming back to his senses, he remembered that Audrey had promised him that there would be no chance for those outfits to appear. So, why did they still make an appearance?

After the shoot ended, Xiao Yi hurried to find Audrey. He wants to ask Audrey why he didn’t follow the agreed plan to ruin Tao Yuan’s clothes.

Xiao Yi went to Audrey’s room only to find it empty with no sign of Audrey or his belongings. He tried calling Audrey multiple times, but the calls went unanswered. He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling in his heart.

However, he consoled himself, thinking that the shoot was already over. Even if Tao Yuan’s outfits weren’t destroyed, at least he had managed to salvage some of his own dignity.

Xiao Yi reassured himself that Audrey probably had some urgent matter to attend to, which was why he left. After all, he had experienced difficulties in contacting him before, so maybe in a while, he would be able to reach him again. He had promised to help him ruin Xiao Yu, and until he completed those tasks, he had to find a way to keep Audrey entangled to him.

Once the photos were released, the voting results were quickly determined, and Tao Yuan unsurprisingly took first place.

Xiao Yi’s ranking was very low. Although he presented decent designs on the last day of the shoot, the drastic difference in his designs drew harsh criticism from haute couture enthusiasts, and they chose not to vote for him.

The majority of Xiao Yi’s fans also began to abandon him at this point because the outfits showcased by Tao Yuan captivated them completely. Their admiration for Xiao Yi had been based on his clothing designs rather than his personality.

Xiao Yi felt that now that the competition had ended with such results, he couldn’t change them. He decided to find a way to restore his lost reputation after the competition. Xiao Yi didn’t even attend the final celebration banquet and hastily returned to his home country. He didn’t have the face to stay to participate in the banquet, especially when Tao Yuan was ranked first. He knew he would be the center of the banquet, so he was even more unwilling to participate.

Los Angeles was still in the midst of continuous carnival and celebration when a video surfaced online like a bombshell, causing a major uproar.

As soon as Xiao Yi received a notification from his assistant, he rushed into his study, opened his computer, and clicked on the video.

In the video, he and Audrey are lying on the bed. Audrey put his arms around him and asked, “I have a question for you. Why were the outfits you designed previously so beautiful, but the ones you presented in this competition are all so weird and ugly?”

Xiao Yi’s gaze lost focus. He smiled and said, “Because the outfits I previously showcased were not designed by me at all. Xiao Yu designed them.”

“Oh?” Audrey said with surprised, “That is to say, you stole Xiao Yu’s designs for the outfits you showcased before?”

“I didn’t steal it. I used a very mysterious method to learn all his designs and then used them directly. But then Xiao Yu suddenly released all his designs. In the end, I had nothing to use. So, I had to make do with what I could find from other designers.”

“Those ugly outfits were designed by other designers?”

“Not all of them. In the first competition, it was designed by other designers. And the following clothes were designed by our company’s designers. Even I couldn’t come up with designs as terrible as those. But for tomorrow’s shoot, you promised to get me some well-designed outfits that can match up to the requirements, right?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be able to deliver. Those outfits have already been made but not yet released. I’ve spent a lot of money to acquire them and have them sent over.””

Although Audrey was deliberately trying to pry information from Xiao Yi, he was still surprised to hear his response.

“Having you is great, but it’s a pity… why did you break up with me? Can’t we maintain this relationship? I don’t mind if you date other people at the same time. Although you promised to help me destroy Xiao Yu, here will definitely be many other things that require your assistance afterward. Let’s not break up, okay…”

“Ah!!” Xiao Yi forcefully smashed the computer to the ground. Why didn’t he remember saying those things? He had absolutely no recollection. Audrey was clearly trying to trap him with his words. How could he have revealed all of this to him?!

Xiao Yi grabbed his head, struggling to recall what happened that day. After Audrey finished discussing his plan, he poured him a glass of wine and said that since they were breaking up, they should do it one last time as a farewell. After he drank the wine, he slept with Audrey. Then, he didn’t remember anything after that.

That drink! There must be something wrong with that drink! Xiao Yi took out his mobile phone. With his hands trembling, he tried to call Audrey. He wanted to confront him and find out why he had done this to him?!

This incident caused a huge uproar, with internet users worldwide boycotting Xiao Yi. The backlash in his own country was particularly severe. It was despicable that someone with no knowledge of fashion design had gained fame and fortune by stealing others’ designs.

Xiao Yi’s grandfather and Xiao Sheng were shocked and didn’t know how to react upon learning about this. They never imagined that the acclaimed outfits Xiao Yi showcased before were actually stolen designs from Xiao Yu. But upon careful reflection, they realized that the old Xiao Yi had never demonstrated any talent for design. It was as if one day he suddenly became skilled at designing clothes, and every fashion show left people in awe.

Xie’s grandfather was deeply affected by this revelation and was admitted to the hospital. He knew very well that once Xiao Yi’s actions were exposed, their Xiao family’s company would also suffer the consequences.

Xiao Yi stayed up all night, continuously calling Audrey’s phone, but he couldn’t get through. Deep down, he knew that even if he managed to reach Audrey, it would be illegal to try to salvage the situation. However, this was his last thread of hope. If this thread snapped, he would fall into despair completely. He hoped to get through and find out why Audrey had done this, yet he also hoped that the call would never go through, as that would leave him with a glimmer of hope.

Xiao Sheng sighed all day long, while Zhao Xin wiped away tears continuously. In the end, their son was still not as good as Li Jinmeng’s son. They believed that the Xiao family’s company was finished, and now the only one who could save it was Xiao Yu.

After the haute couture season ended, Tao Yuan embarked on a world tour with Donald Xiu. They would change their location every few months. Within a span of two to three months, they had already visited four to five different places.

Tao Yuan initially thought that Donald Xiu’s idea of a global tour would be similar to backpacking, where they would carry just one backpack and be self-sufficient wherever they went. However, after visiting a few places, he realized that Donald Xiu was actually treating him to various luxurious experiences.

The two stayed in a glass house in the Arctic, watching the snowfall while being warm inside without needing to wear heavy clothes. They traveled to the tropical continent, where Donald Xiu flew them in a helicopter to witness the migration of hundreds of animals. They even went on a cruise to a place where dolphins gathered, watching hundreds of them dance in the sea.

From a remote and uninhabited place, they returned to the bustling city. After settling in the hotel owned by the stepfather of the original owner, Tao Yuan took out his phone, intending to call Li Jinmeng and invite her to have dinner tomorrow afternoon. However, as soon as he turned on the phone, he was greeted with hundreds of missed calls and messages, all from Xiao Sheng.

From the beginning, Xiao Sheng asked him to call him back, then urged him to go and see the original owner’s grandfather, and later expressed the hope that he would return to inherit the Xiao family’s company. Xiao Sheng’s persuasion was a combination of reason and emotion. The last message stated that his grandfather had passed away and, before his death, had revised the will again, hoping that he would come back. However, the last message was received half a month ago.

Tao Yuan didn’t read all the messages, he just glanced at the recent ones, and then ignored them. It’s not that he was cold-hearted, the original owner already had no emotional attachment to that family, and he had even less reason to maintain any feelings towards those who only wanted to use him. When he first arrived in this world and Mr. Xiao announced the will, he had made his position very clear.

After Tao Yuan finished the call with Li Jinmeng, Donald Xiu happened to come out of the bathroom and embraced him from behind. Tao Yuan closed his eyes and leaned against him. Neither of them spoke, just quietly snuggling together. For them, this gesture was also a very beautiful thing.

Afterwards, Tao Yuan would also meet Donald Xiu’s parents to discuss their marriage. Thinking about the magical and mysterious couple, Tao Yuan felt both excited and nervous.

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  1. I am also confused why its still An Jiena. In the first half of the chapter she was injured and said she can’t shoot anymore. I checked multiple times with the raws and its still the same. So its either the author was just too lazy to come up with another name or they forgot An Jiena is already injured she can’t shoot as a model anymore. Either way its one of the plot hole, I guess. The raws really said An Jiena, but it seems like all the models of Xiao Yi is An Jiena. So to avoid confusion I renamed some of them.[]

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