TOTLS Chapter 106: Arc 6.21

Arc 6: Interstellar Art Soldiers Chapter 21

Dean never begged anyone in his life until now. It was really difficult for him to ask for help, but he couldn’t just ignore Erman. Besides him, who else could help Erman?

Dean had mentally prepared himself and was about to ask Tao Yuan for one last chance for Erman when a tall figure suddenly appeared beside them.

Tao Yuan and Dean turned their heads and looked over at the same time.

“What are you two talking about here?” Zuo Lei looked back and forth between Tao Yuan and Dean.

“We, we were just talking…” Tao Yuan was about to answer but suddenly realized that Dean hadn’t gotten to the point besides apologizing for Erman. So he added, “We haven’t had a chance to say anything yet.”

“What nonsense do you want to tell him?” Zuo Lei frowned at Dean, his gaze cold and intimidating, as if interrogating a prisoner.

“I, I just wanted to talk to him about Erman,” Dean quickly explained.

“You two brothers, in the future, don’t appear in front of me and Luo Xi to discuss anything. Otherwise, I won’t show any mercy,” Zuo Lei said coldly.

“He really hasn’t said anything yet.” Tao Yuan walked over, holding Zuo Lei’s hand and signaling him with his eyes not to be so angry. Then he turned to Dean and said, “I know what you want to talk to me about. I can give you a direct answer. As long as Erman doesn’t come to me alone to discuss anything in the future, I won’t make that recording public. This is my last chance for him, for your sake as his brother. If he doesn’t appreciate this opportunity, don’t blame me.”

“Thank you,” Dean sincerely thanked Tao Yuan.

After saying that, Tao Yuan walked away with Zuo Lei.

Dean watched the two of them walk away, this time he really felt numb with no emotions left.

“You should go and do your business. I’ll explain everything when we get back,” Tao Yuan pushed Zuo Lei, urging him to go about his business. Then he turned and quickly boarded the spaceship.

Zuo Lei watched Tao Yuan enter the spacecraft’s cabin before turning to leave.

Two hours later, the spaceship took off and and returned to the C61 planet station under the protection of the special operations team.

This encounter turned out to be uneventful, with no casualties among the personnel. Every member of the literary soldiers was safely transported back. So, the scheduled performances continued.

In times of peace, each fleet was required to spend a minimum of three months at the border. After this duration, they could return to the Imperial Star. Once back, the soldiers would have other duties, with a significant portion of their time dedicated to training. As for the literary soldiers, even on their return to the Imperial Star, they had numerous performances awaiting them. They will not only perform at their own base, but also perform at bases on other planets around the Imperial Star, so they will be very busy.

One month later, the Lion Fleet began its journey back to the Imperial Star.

After returning to the Imperial Star, Tao Yuan and Zuo Lei were ready to get married. Both families had made all the necessary preparations and were just waiting for them to arrive.

As Tao Yuan was on his way back to the literary soldiers dormitories from Zuo Lei’s room, he passed through the leisure area and heard heart-wrenching sobs. He looked over curiously and saw a group of people gathered there. Although he couldn’t see who they were surrounding, but hearing the voice, it should be Erman.

Tao Yuan walked over to Lin Ya and asked, “What happened?”

“He just received some news, it seems like something happened to his brother,” Lin Ya replied softly.

“But didn’t his brother return to the Imperial Star a while ago? What could have happened?” Tao Yuan was confused.

“I only vaguely heard something about a drill. I don’t know the specifics, but judging by how upset he looks, it must be something serious.” 

Tao Yuan lowered his head in thought. While the chances of accidents happening during exercises were relatively low, they still existed, even for civilians like Erman. However, if someone was truly unlucky, they might find themselves in such a situation.

“Let’s go, no need to watch other people’s drama,” Tao Yuan said before turning away. He and Erman had neither enmity nor friendship. They had merely exchanged a few words once, so he had no reason to gloat or further care and pay attention to Erman’s situation.

Lin Ya turned and left with Tao Yuan. While they didn’t have a good relationship with Erman and his friends, he couldn’t do such an inhumane thing as watching people make jokes when someone’s close relative had an accident.

In the past few days before returning to the Imperial Star, Erman’s condition deteriorated as he refused to eat, drink, or sleep. The squad leader had to send him to the medical department for nutrient infusions.

Two days before arriving back on the Imperial Star, Erman received news that his brother had regained consciousness and survived, which finally lifted his spirits. He started eating and sleeping properly,hoping to return to his best condition as soon as possible. He did not want to let his brother worry about him when they saw each other again.

After returning to Emperor Star, the first thing they did with the welcoming of both families was to go to the Military Marriage Department at the Emperor Star Marriage Bureau to register their marriage. All the necessary documents were prepared in advance, so they only needed to sign them in person.

Once the registration was complete, the two families celebrated with a meal at a hotel, looking forward to the upcoming wedding.

The two are now legally married. Madam Rui Ya accompanied them to their new home, knowing that the newlyweds would want some privacy.

It was the first time Tao Yuan had been to his and Zuo Lei’s new home. He looked around happily and curiously around every corner. He found it even more beautiful than it had looked in the pictures and couldn’t help but admire Madam Rui Ya’s taste and vision.

Madam Rui Ya held Tao Yuan and said, “Okay. Okay, this is your home now. You’ll have plenty of time to explore every corner. When you get tired of it, I’ll help you redecorate. Today, we just returned to the Imperial Star, and you all must be tired. Have a good rest tonight. We’ll take our leave.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Tao Yuan insisted.

“No need, we’re not strangers. hy bother sending us off? We can leave by ourselves,” Madam Rui Ya smiled.

“Then, let Uncle Zuo Lei escort you,” Tao Yuan said, feeling that even though they were his parents, they had their own home now, and they should do what they needed to.

“You still call him ‘Uncle’?” Madam Rui Ya and Isa exchanged a glance and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then let Uncle Zuo Lei escort us,” Tao Yuan said, feeling that even though they were his parents, they had their own home now, and they should do what they needed to.

“You still call him ‘Uncle’?” Madam Rui Ya and Isa exchanged a glance and couldn’t help but laugh.

“I, I just said it without thinking…” Taoyuan blurted out, feeling a bit embarrassed as both mothers laughed.

“Alright, then let Zuo Lei send us. You go rest in your room, and we’ll have lunch together at home tomorrow morning,” Madam Rui Ya patted Tao Yuan’s hand, and together with Isa, they left.

Tao Yuan watched them go down the stairs and walk through the corridor. After they all left the main hall, he turned and walked deeper into the corridor, heading back to his and Zuo Lei’s room to take a shower and get some rest.

Although Tao Yuan was used to living in large houses, he really liked the decoration and arrangement of this house, and it also contains the wishes of the two mothers, so he likes it very much.

He soaked in the jacuzzi that was as large as a swimming pool, with his eyes closed, completely relaxed. He didn’t feel very tired to begin with, but after relaxing like this and soaking in the warm water, he felt that he had no strength at all.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Tao Yuan didn’t open his eyes.

Zuo Lei undressed and joined him in the water, lifting Tao Yuan and placing him on his lap. Tao Yuan leaned against Zuo Lei’s chest as if he were asleep.

“Tired?” Zuo Lei asked as he gently caressed Tao Yuan’s rosy cheeks.

“Not tired, just no energy,” Tao Yuan replied with his eyes closed.

Zuo Lei had Tao Yuan straddle him face to face, lifted him by the waist, and then slowly lowered him down.

Tao Yuan bit his lip and let out a muffled moan. When Zuo Lei began moving him, he couldn’t help but let out a louder moan. In this spacious bathroom, he heard his own echoes in his ears, and his body became even more sensitive.

The next morning, Tao Yuan woke up in Zuo Lei’s arms. He raised his head and planted a kiss on Zuo Lei’s chin. Zuo Lei immediately leaned down to steal a kiss from him.

Under the covers, their bodies intertwined, and they playfully tangled in bed, passing the time quickly.

They continued their play until almost noon. Tao Yuan finally surrendered and said, “We need to go back to my parents’ house today. If we arrive late, Mom will tease us again. Let’s get up quickly and prepare.”

Zuo Lei withdrew from Tao Yuan’s body, hugged him tightly  and kissed him for a while, then lifted the quilt and got up.

The two of them entered the bathroom to wash up together, then changed into clean clothes before leaving.

Inside the house, Madam Rui Ya was receiving guests, although they are guests she doesn’t really want to entertain.

While Madam Rui Ya was internally frustrated, years of upbringing helped her maintain her politeness. She allowed the guests to speak their piece before responding, “Our family cannot agree to your request, and Zuo Lei will not agree to postpone the wedding.”

“I hope, for the sake of our longstanding relationship between our two families, you will reconsider this matter. We will make sure to repay this favor,” Genadon continued to ask sincerely.

Madam Rui Ya suppressed the urge to mock them and spoke with a blank expression, “Our families don’t share much of a personal connection, just the ordinary interactions you’d expect between most other officials’ families. Your family feels indebted to Dean and wants to use my son to repay that debt. This is so ridiculous. Please take your leave now. I will be going out with my son and daughter-in-law shortly, and I regret that I cannot entertain you further.”

Genadon glanced at Wei Ni De, hoping that he could help speak. But Wei Ni De signaled him to leave first. He knew that his mother would not give anyone face when she was angry. If they continue the discussion, it would only make her angrier.

When Zuo Lei and Tao Yuan entered the house, Genadon and Kaiden were just getting ready to leave. Seeing them walk in, Kaiden hurriedly approached Zuo Lei and looked at him eagerly, saying, “I have something important to discuss with you.”

“Who are you?” Zuo Lei questioned, looking at the unfamiliar person before him.

“He is Dean’s ex-husband. He came to you to ask you to postpone the wedding with Luo Xi to comfort Dean who lost a leg.” Madam Rui Ya explained, gazing at Zuo Lei. “If you agree to his request, you’ll never set foot in this house again, and you’ll never acknowledge me as your mother.”

Kaiden and Genadon were now realizing that attempting to persuade Madam Rui Ya was a completely wrong decision.

“Let’s talk,” Kaiden looked at Zuo Lei, unwilling to give up on convincing him.

“There’s no need for that. I won’t postpone the wedding for anyone, not to mention that Dean lost a leg. Even if Dean has only a month left to live, I still won’t postpone the wedding to comfort him,” Zuo Lei said seriously.

“You’re being too heartless. Dean is suffering the most right now, and even if he’s a stranger, what’s wrong with comforting him?” Kaiden said as he looked at Zuo Lei angrily.

“What obligation do I have to comfort him? I don’t owe him anything, and I haven’t done anything wrong to him. What you owe him is your business. You’re being naive to think I should make amends for you. Get out of here, if you dare to step into my house again, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

“You…” Kaiden wanted to say more but Zuo Lei grabbed his collar and forcibly dragged him out.

Genadon stood there in shock. He didn’t expect Zuo Lei to drag his brother without even giving him a face.

“Please leave as well,” Madam Rui Ya said to Genadon. “The Arnold family and the Yilusi family have never had much interaction, and there’s no need for future contact. Even if we become enemies, my family won’t care.”

Wei Ni De stood to the side and didn’t dare to say a word. His mother was like a queen in their family. If he were to speak up for Genadon and Kaiden now, he would have no good days ahead of him.

Although Genadon looked unhappy with the attitudes of Madam Rui Ya and her son, he also didn’t want to offend her. Not only did they not want to cross the Arnold family, but they also couldn’t afford to cross Madam Rui Ya’s maternal family.

“I sincerely apologized to Madam. I’m truly sorry for what happened today. I hope you won’t take it to heart.” Genadon bowed to Madam Rui Ya after apologizing and then said, “I’ll take my leave.”

Zuo Lei 1 punched Kaiden in the face, causing him to lay on the ground for a while, unable to stand up.

Kaiden’s face throbbed in pain, and he struggled to push himself up from the ground, glaring angrily at Zuo Lei. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t even speak.

“I’m giving you a chance now. If you have the guts, go ahead and sue me. Let’s see who ends up destroying whom,” Zuo Lei said, looking at him.

Genadon came out and told Kaiden,ed at Kaiden and said, “Are you going to continue messing around? Why don’t you go?!”

Kaiden clenched his fists hard and could only hold back his anger before turning around and leaving with Genadon.

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