TOTLS Chapter 108

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 1

Tao Yuan returned to the system and stood under the much taller peach tree. He looked up at the branches covered in peach blossoms, feeling puzzled. The system had clearly stated that for each completed lifetime, one peach flower would bloom. But he had only experienced five or six lifetimes, so why were there so many peach blossoms blooming now?

As he gazed at the peach tree branches, which were almost completely covered with blossoms, Tao Yuan couldn’t help but start to worry. Did this mean that his continuous journey through different lifetimes was coming to an end?

Although he had initially agreed to carry out tasks in order to leave the system and gain his freedom, after experiencing these lifetimes, he had genuinely fallen in love with that person. If he couldn’t continue his journey through different worlds, he wouldn’t be able to meet him again, and he felt a deep sense of loss.

Tao Yuan hesitated with his head lowered, wondering whether he should ask the system if his journey through different worlds was about to end. But he was both curious and afraid to know the answer.

Suddenly, he looked up and Tao Yuan saw that in the blink of an eye, new peach tree branches had grown again. They were completely bare, just like the first time he had seen the peach tree branches.

Tao Yuan was surprised and curious. He did not understand why new peach branches had grown, and these new branches appeared lifeless, devoid of any vitality, forming a stark contrast with the branches that is already covered in peach blossoms.

After some thought, Tao Yuan decided not to ask. Although he was really curious, he felt that it wasn’t the right time to know everything. The system probably wouldn’t reveal anything, and if everything was truly about to end, it wasn’t something he could change. He decided to go with the flow, having a hunch that whatever was meant to happen would happen, and knowing sooner or later wouldn’t make a difference or change anything.

Before entering the space, Tao Yuan had never known that peach blossoms could smell so fragrant. After taking a deep breath, he turned and walked into the depths of darkness.

Tao Yuan opened his eyes and felt intense pain throughout his body. He lowered his head to see a broad sword thrust into his chest. He slowly raised his head, looking at the person in black clothing with a mask holding the hilt of the sword. His mouth opened slightly, not because he wanted to say something, but because the pain was so excruciating that his lips involuntarily trembled.

The masked man forcefully pulled the sword out and kicked Tao Yuan in the stomach, sending him flying.

Tao Yuan’s body flew through the air and began to fall. He thought he would crash heavily to the ground, but a tall figure suddenly flew to his side and caught him.

Tao Yuan had never experienced such intense pain before. He felt dizzy, and his consciousness started to blur. Sensing someone catching him, Tao Yuan quickly activated the system to stay alert. If he lost consciousness at this moment, he might return to the system and be sent to the next world directly.

After activating the system, Tao Yuan opened his eyes again and, upon seeing the face of the person holding him, tears of grievance welled up in his eyes. In so many lifetimes, when had he personally experienced such grievances? Now that he is lying in the arms of his beloved, he felt even more aggrieved.

“It hurts so much…” Tao Yuan saint in a complaining tone to the person holding him.

Lei Yuan gazed at Tao Yuan’s tear-filled eyes, feeling an inexplicable pain in his heart. It was as if his own chest had been pierced just like the person in his arms. However, this was clearly the first time he had encountered this person, and he had only rescued them out of a rare act of kindness just before they fell to the ground.

“Your Highness 1, those people are trying to escape!” 

Lei Yuan’s subordinates rushed over, seeing that the masked individuals were attempting to flee, they immediately reported to Lei Yuan.

“Capture them all and bring them back for interrogation. Not a single one is to be released,” Lei Yuan ordered.


Lei Yuan’s subordinates, accompanied by dozens of elite soldiers, rushed towards the masked individuals. The masked individuals seemed to recognize Lei Yuan and understood that they couldn’t escape surrounded by these soldiers. One by one, they chose to commit suicide rather than fall into Lei Yuan’s hands.

The original host’s body was pierced by a sword, and he was losing blood severely. Tao Yuan closed his eyes, urgently tending to the most critical matter. If he didn’t act now, it would be too late.

“Ah!!” Tao Yuan cried out in pain, and then, from the wound in his chest a dazzling white light radiated.

Tao Yuan was surrounded by a white light, and his body floated up on its own. After his wound gradually healed, the white light disappeared.

Lei Yuan stared at Tao Yuan. His eyes widened in shock and was utterly stunned. This was the first time he had witnessed someone using spiritual power to actually heal a wound.

Before Tao Yuan could fall to the ground again, Lei Yuan quickly caught him again.

“I… my father… is… Qu Cang,” Tao Yuan said weakly. He had just used a significant amount of system energy, activating the hidden power of the Holy Spirit within the original host’s body to save his life. Now he was exhausted and unable to hold on any longer, he fell unconscious in Lei Yuan’s arms.

“Report to Your Majesty, all those masked individuals have committed suicide and used their spiritual power to turn their bodies into black sand before dying,” Fang Ce reported to Lei Yuan.

Lei Yuan held Tao Yuan and glanced at the figures lying on the ground, clearly disguised as servants but actually soldiers. Then, he looked down at Tao Yuan in his arms and said, “Bring the carriage over there.”

“Yes,” Fang Ce turned and signaled the soldiers to bring the carriage.

Lei Yuan got into the carriage while still holding Tao Yuan. He originally had planned to put Tao Yuan in the carriage and ride separately, but for some inexplicable reason, just like when he had impulsively flown to catch him earlier, he found himself unwilling to let go.

“Depart, back to the capital,” Lei Yuan ordered from inside the carriage.

Fang Ce waited below for Lei Yuan to get off the carriage. When he heard Lei Yuan’s command, he hesitated for a moment and then immediately responded, “Yes.”

Fang Ce personally drove the carriage, with the soldiers following on horseback.

Lei Yuan looked down at Tao Yuan, who was leaning against him, and hesitated for a moment before reaching out and gently touching Tao Yuan’s face. He couldn’t understand this strange feeling of anxiety and heartache.

Two hours later, they returned to the bustling and lively capital city. Because Tao Yuan had just informed Lei Yuan that his father was Qu Cang, Lei Yuan directly sent him back to the General’s Residence in the north.

Since Qu Cang and his wife were not at home, the steward received the news and immediately had the main gate opened. He greeted Lei Yuan respectfully and led him inside.

Lei Yuan watched as Tao Yuan was carried away by others. He didn’t stay long and immediately turned and left.

On his way back, Lei Yuan looked at his own hands. He couldn’t help but recall the moments when he had repeatedly touched Tao Yuan’s face during their journey. The smooth and tender sensation seemed to etch a memory into his palm.

Upon receiving the news, Qu Cang and his wife hurriedly returned to their home and immediately went to check on Tao Yuan. They breathed a sigh of relief when the physicians assured them that Tao Yuan’s life was not in danger. Upon hearing from the steward that it was Lei Yuan who had brought Tao Yuan back, they quickly prepared a grand gift and set off for the Lei Wu Wang Palace 2 to express their gratitude to Lei Yuan.

As soon as Tao Yuan opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but cough. “Cough, cough…”

“Xiao Lang 3,” Lu Lin hurriedly walked over, helping Tao Yuan sit up on the bed. Then he took the medicine from a maid and said to Tao Yuan, “Xiao Lang, please take the medicine. It will help you recover faster.”

Tao Yuan took the bowl, drank the medicine, rinsed his mouth with water from a cup, and then closed his eyes, activating the system to suppress the discomfort.

Suddenly, he heard a sound from outside and asked, “What’s that sound?”

Lu Lin looked outside and hesitated a bit before saying, “Yes, it’s Young Master Feng who invited some young ladies and gentlemen from the city officials’ families to come and play.”

“Help me up,” Tao Yuan said, sitting up and pushing the quilt aside.

Lu Lin helped Tao Yuan put on his shoes and then took the clothes from the maid, helping him get dressed one piece at a time.

Tao Yuan asked them to open the door and walked to the entrance, watching as Qu Feng approached with a group of people.

After approaching, Qu Feng looked at Tao Yuan with a smile and said, “I thought my cousin was still in bed. I was just about to come and wake you up. I’ve arranged a banquet in the courtyard today. Why don’t you join in the lively atmosphere? What’s the point of staying cooped up in the room all day? Those who aren’t sick might get sick from it, and those who are sick will find it even harder to recover.”

“I don’t need you to worry about whether I’m bored in the house or not. Did you get my permission to hold a banquet in my courtyard?” Tao Yuan asked, his expression devoid of emotion.

The smile on Qu Feng’s face immediately disappeared, and he looked at Tao Yuan with a mixture of embarrassment and confusion. He asked, “Didn’t my cousin agree to the banquet I arranged before? What’s going on today?”

“Just because I agreed before doesn’t mean I’ll agree every time. You know I’m not feeling well and need rest, yet you brought all these people to my courtyard to make noise. I think  you did it on purpose, right?” Tao Yuan looked at him. “Either you and these people leave on your own, or I’ll have your belongings thrown out of this courtyard. It’s your choice.”

“As my marriage to Yan Wu Wang approaches, even if Cousin invites me in the future, I might not necessarily come. If Cousin wants to throw my belongings out of the yard, you should check with our grandmother first to see if she agrees,” Qu Feng sneered, showing complete disregard for Tao Yuan. He then turned and continued walking with the group towards the backyard garden.

“The time of my marriage to Yan Wu Wang is getting closer. Even if my cousin invites me in the future, I might not come. If my cousin wants to throw my things out of the courtyard, you better ask our grandmother first.” Qu Feng sneered and showed complete disregard for Tao Yuan. He turned around and continued walking with those people toward the backyard garden.

Before leaving, those people also looked at Tao Yuan before turning away. They were puzzled about why Tao Yuan is seeking trouble with Qu Feng at this moment.

“Lu Lin,” Tao Yuan called.

“Yes,” Lu Lin immediately stepped forward.

“Go and summon my father’s guard unit in the residence. Have Qu Feng’s belongings thrown out, and then ask Qing Feng to politely escort those young ladies and gentlemen out,” Tao Yuan ordered.

“This…,” Lu Lin hesitated with concern. “If we do that, what if he… in the future…”

“Do as I say,” Tao Yuan’s tone left no room for doubt.

Lu Lin found it strange and couldn’t understand why someone who was usually so easygoing and has a good temper was acting like this today. But he was just a servant, and he had to follow his master’s orders.

After taking his seat, Qu Feng raised his glass and said to the others, “This is the last time I’ll host a banquet before my marriage. Thank you all for gracing us with your presence. The next banquet will be held within Yan Wu Wang Palace.”

The others raised their glasses in response, drank a toast together, and began to offer flattering words.

“It’s an honor for us to be invited by Young Master Qu. If Young Master Qu can still host us after marrying into Yan Wu Wang’s family, it will be an even greater honor for us.”

“Today marks the last banquet before Young Master Qu’s marriage. Let’s all raise a glass to Young Master Qu and wish him happiness with Yan Wu Wang.”

“Soon we’ll be addressing Young Master Qu as ‘Your Highness.’ In the future we will have different statuses, we hope by then Young Master Qu won’t look down on us. If you have nothing to do in the palace, do invite us for some company and laughter.”

Their words made Qu Feng feel very happy. He smiled and said, “Who’s looking down on anyone? Even if I become a prince, my heart will remain the same. In the future, let’s continue to gather for laughter and drinks, just like today. Come, let’s have another drink.”

After another round of toasts, those people continued to flatter Qu Feng, trying to keep him in high spirits. Qu Feng knew that their words weren’t necessarily sincere, but he still felt happy listening to them. He didn’t care whether their compliments were genuine or not. They had to flatter him, and their fear of offending him was even more satisfying. In this life, he intended to stay above everyone, and as for Qu Yun… he could forget about trying to overpower him again.

Qu Feng was immersed in his own satisfaction when suddenly more than twenty guards dressed in uniform entered quickly. Without a word, they began to dismantle all the tables, chairs, and banquet arrangements in the garden.

“What are you doing?!” Qu Feng stood up abruptly, glaring at the guards and shouting, “Stop! Can’t you hear me?!”

The guards continued their actions as if they didn’t hear anything. The young ladies and gentlemen from the officials’ families immediately stood up and moved to the side. Although they knew these guards probably wouldn’t harm them, the situation still made them intimidated.

The steward Qing Feng from the original host’s father’s side, entered with his men and said to the young ladies and gentlemen from the officials’ families, “I apologize for the disturbance, dear young masters and young ladies. Please return to your mansions. We ask for your forgiveness for any offense caused. Tomorrow, we will send apology gifts to your respective residences.”

The young ladies and gentlemen looked at each other and then at Qu Feng, whose face was turning red with anger. They wanted to leave, but they were afraid of offending Qu Feng and fearing he would hold a grudge against them.

“Qing Feng!” Qu Feng shouted angrily, “You have a lot of guts. Do you want to die?!”

“It’s too early for Qu Feng Xiao Lang to say such things now. When Qu Feng Xiao Lang has the power to decide our lives and deaths, then you can speak to us like this,” Qing Feng replied calmly.

Qu Feng lost face in front of so many people and was seething with anger. He was about to order his attendants to fetch his grandmother, but one of his attendants rushed over in a panic and said, “Young Master! They have thrown all your belongings outside, and we couldn’t even stop them!”

“You..” Qu Feng couldn’t believe that Tao Yuan actually dared to do this, and he was trembling with anger. He knew these people wouldn’t listen to him, so he strode towards the original host’s room to confront Tao Yuan.

The young ladies and gentlemen watched Qu Feng leave and then quickly walked out of the courtyard together.

Meanwhile, Tao Yuan was sitting on a chair in the room and sipping tea. He knew Qu Fenf would come and see him so he was waiting for Qu Feng to come. 

“Have you lost your mind?” Qu Feng glared at Tao Yuan and said, “I’ll soon be the legitimate wife of Yan Wu Wang. When that happens, I can make you stand or kneel as I please. By offending me now, not only will I make you miserable, but your father and dad will also be implicated!”

Tao Yuan sneered disdainfully and replied, “You’re in my house, in my courtyard, in my room, saying these things to me. It’s too early for that. When you become the legitimate wife of Yan Wu Wang, then come and talk to me. A young man who hasn’t even been married yet keeps talking about what he’s going to do when he becomes the legitimate wife. I really don’t know how my second uncle and second aunt raised you.”

“Qu Yun! Don’t be shameless. It is your honor that ‘m staying in your courtyard. Don’t think that just because I’m not yet the legitimate wife of Yan Wu Wang, I can’t discipline you. When I tell Grandmother about this, you’ll see what family law means!”

“Then go ahead and tell her. This is the General’s Manor, not the Marquis’ Manor. If you want to try using family law on me, be my guest.”

Qu Feng, unable to provoke any reaction from Tao Yuan, clenched his teeth and said, “Let’s just wait and see. Sooner or later, you’ll be kneeling on the ground, begging me in tears!”

Qu Feng turned and walked out. When he reached the courtyard outside, he looked at his attendants and maids picking up his scattered belongings. He clenched his fists tightly and then strode towards the courtyard of Grandmother Qu. In his heart, even though he wasn’t yet the legitimate wife of Yan Wu Wang, he was determined to teach Qu Yun some lesson!

When Qu Feng arrived outside Grandmother Qu’s courtyard, his expression was still angry and fierce. After standing there briefly, he took a deep breath and walked into the courtyard with tears in his eyes, wearing an expression of grievance.

Grandmother Qu was furious after hearing Qu Feng’s complaint and immediately got up to teach Tao Yuan a lesson.

Tao Yuan had anticipated that Grandmother Qu would come, so after Qu Feng left the original host’s courtyard, he instructed the guards from his father’s side to stand at the gate. He ordered them not to allow anyone not even one step inside the courtyard, including Grandmother Qu.

When Grandmother Qu arrived outside the original host’s courtyard and was prevented from entering, she was in a state of anger and frustration. As the biological grandmother of the original host, she had never been treated like this before. However, she had no authority over the General’s Manor’s people. No matter how angry she was, she could only return to her own courtyard first. She thought of having a talk with the original host’s father and then would teach Tao Yuan a lesson.

Qu Feng was surprised that Tao Yuan would even dare to stop Grandmother Qu from entering. After giving a fierce glare at the courtyard, he turned around and followed Grandmother Qu out.

After the original host’s father, Qu Cang, and dad, Miao Chen, returned home, the people Grandmother Qu sent informed the two to go and meet with her.

Qu Cang didn’t pay much attention to the matter and instead took Miao Chen’s hand to return to their own courtyard for dinner.

During their meal, Qing Feng reported today’s events to both of them.

Miao Chen looked worried after hearing the report, but his worry was not for Tao Yuan offending Qu Feng and Grandmother Qu. Rather, he was concerned because the original host was not one to get angry easily. He believed that Tao Yuan must have felt extremely wronged to take such actions.

However, after hearing this Qu Cang just laughed. He had never wanted those people to stay in the General’s Manor in the first place. He had already cut ties with them in his heart. It was Miao Chen who didn’t want him to gain a reputation for being unfilial. That’s why Miao Chen had advised him to endure their presence for a while. After Qu Feng’s marriage, they would surely return to the Marquis’s Manor.

After dinner, Qu Cang didn’t bother to meet with Grandmother Qu and instead had someone tell a message: Qu Feng would stay in the same courtyard as Grandmother Qu until his marriage. He warned that if anyone dared to set foot in the original host’s courtyard again, they would all be kicked out.

After hearing this, Grandmother Qu was so furious that she couldn’t even finish her meal.

TL: Back to Ancient setup QAQ with 3 genders: male, female, ger (prolly). Which is an ongoing theme here.
Some Breakdowns:
嫡子 Dizi: Legitimate Son
续弦 Xu Xian: Continue(d) String/ Continue to Marry. According to what I found, in ancient times couples were compared to harps. Death of wife signifies a broken string and the husband’s remarrying is continued string
嫡子续弦 Dizi Xu Xian: The legitimate son renews his string or The legitimate son’s remarriage.

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  1. 大王 Dawang – Your Majesty[]
  2. 雷武王宫 Lei Wu Wanggong: King/Duke Lei Wu Palace[]
  3. 小郎 Xiao Lang: Young Master; Lang may also denotes a status in ancient chinese[]

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