TOTLS Chapter 110

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 3

On the second day after Qu Feng’s marriage, Qu Cang asked Qu Taijun and the others to pack their things and return to Hou Fu. He didn’t want them to stay even for a single day longer. If it weren’t for Yan Hao personally coming and Miao Chen persuading him, he wouldn’t have allowed Qu Feng to marry from the General’s residence in the first place.

Originally, Lady Qu and the others had planned to stay until the Donglai Festival, but Qu Cang immediately urged them to leave. If they hadn’t willingly left, someone would help them pack their belongings and force them to leave. Lady Qu and the others had no choice but to leave the General’s residence with resentment in their hearts.

Several days later, the Donglai Festival arrived. The Donglai Festival was the most important festival in the Donglai Guo, lasting for fifteen days. During these fifteen days, people would worship the gods and ancestors, and there would be various lively activities both during the day and at night.

On the first day of the Donglai Festival, people worshipped the heavens, the earth, and the gods. On the second day, they paid tribute to their ancestors. By the third day, the wives and husbands of officials from all the capital’s families would go to Xiuling Temple to pray for blessings.

On this day, Tao Yuan woke up early and prepared to go to Xiuling Temple with Qu Cang and Miao Chen to pray for blessings. Normally, around this time every year, the original host cannot go because his health would deteriorate. This year, because Tao Yuan traveled through time and activated the hidden divine power within the original host, the host’s body had completely recovered. Qu Cang and Miao Chen were very happy when they saw this. Moreover, Tao Yuan had a very important reason for needing to go to Xiuling Temple today.

Tao Yuan sat in front of the dressing table, with maids helping him comb his hair. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of anger as he remembered how he had been stabbed and kicked in the abdomen as soon as he arrived in this world. He gently touched his belly, thinking that this was the first time he had personally experienced such a thing. Whoever dared to harm him, if those people didn’t die so quickly, he would make sure to punish them severely.

The original host usually had good health, but during these particular days every year, their body would become extremely weak. Qu Cang had consulted numerous physicians, but none could determine the cause. As a result, they would send him to stay with a reclusive and anonymous miracle healer for a few days each year. To avoid drawing attention, Qu Cang had soldiers disguised as servants to protect him. Every year, the trip was uneventful, but this time, someone had set an ambush on the route with the intention of killing the original host.

Those who killed the original host all committed suicide because they didn’t want to fall into the hands of Lei Yuan. The one who instructed them was the previous life’s husband of the original host, Yanwu Wang Yan Hao. In previous years, either Qu Cang or Miao Chen would take the original host to the miracle healer. However, this year, due to Yan Hao’s plan, both of them were stumped, and they could only send someone to escort the original host.

The hatred of two lifetimes, the original host’s soul must have been in so much pain, which Tao Yuan, not being the original person, could never truly understand. But he would certainly help him take revenge as many times as it was due.

After tidying up his hair, Tao Yuan got up and went to Miao Chen and Qu Cang’s courtyard, leaving with them.

In the capital today, almost all the nobles and officials would take their families to the Xiuling Temple to pray for blessings.

And the most noble figures were the three Wu Wang and the two Princesses. These two Princesses, born from different mothers, had never gotten along since childhood. After marrying Leiwu Wang and Yanwu Wang, their rivalry intensified for the sake of their respective husbands’ power. They not only competed for power and wealth but refused to be outdone by each other in any aspect.

The Xiuling Temple was the largest temple in Donglai Guo, with a total area that was about one-third the size of the imperial palace. The main hall housed the deity believed to have created the Xiuling Daluo. After devoutly praying before the deity, people would go to the back hall to collect a small vial of water from the sacred pool. They would take this water back home to use for bathing, as it was believed to wash away misfortune.

Qu Feng is now the Zhengjun of Yanwu Wang, allowing him to join Princess Jiade and Yan Hao in offering prayers to the gods. As they waited outside the main hall for the doors to open, Qu Feng turned to look at Tao Yuan, his eyes filled with arrogance and disdain.

Tao Yuan met his gaze with equal contempt in his eyes.

Qu Feng saw his eyes and couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh. He thought to himself that now that he had the title of Zhengjun and Tao Yuan actually dared to give him a disdainful look. In their previous life, Qu Feng had never considered him worthy, let alone in this life. Once Yan Hao was done using Qu Cang, he would make sure that Qu Yun paid the price for their past and present grievances.

As Tao Yuan looked at Qu Feng, his thoughts were focused on the idea that Qu Feng’s past and present arrogance had all come to end today.

Lei Yuan couldn’t help but turn around and glance at Tao Yuan, who was standing not far behind him. When their eyes met, Tao Yuan looked a bit embarrassed and quickly looked away.

Lei Yuan wanted to check if Tao Yuan’s health had improved. Seeing his healthy complexion and a radiant look, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief, although he couldn’t explain why.

After the main hall’s doors opened, the three Wu Wang, the two Princesses, and the two Wangjun went in first to offer their prayers. Once they had finished, the other officials entered in order of their rank.

Qu Feng knelt before the statue, deep in thought. He couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams that in their previous life, he, Yan Hao, and their children would all die at the hands of Qu Yun. Even now, they had no idea how Qu Yun had managed it. This time, he was determined to seek revenge and crush Qu Yun severely under his feet.

Qu Feng prayed to the deity with great sincerity, but what he didn’t know was that even if the deity heard his prayers, it would never side with him. Since Tao Yuan had crossed over into this world, there was no god who would dare to support anyone against him.

After Qu Feng got up, he followed Yan Hao and the others to the rear hall.

Tao Yuan walked beside Miao Chen and after the people in front had finished their prayers, he entered the hall with other officials to offer his own prayers before the deity. Tao Yuan closed his eyes, clasped his hands together, but found himself unsure of what to pray for. Safety? Health? These were things he could achieve with the help of his system and didn’t need to pray to the gods for. So, he prayed for the well-being and health of Miao Chen and Qu Cang instead.

Tao Yuan lifted his head and opened his eyes looking at the towering deity statue. He wondered if it was just his imagination, but he felt like the statue seemed to tremble slightly earlier. It must have been a hallucination, he thought. Even if the gods were truly present today, why would the deity shake for no reason?

Tao Yuan got up and walked towards the rear hall with Qu Cang and Miao Chen.

In the center of the rear hall, there was a sacred pool with a fist-sized spirit pearl held by a white jade lotus. This spirit pearl was usually nourished by the water from the sacred pool and was used to test the level of one’s spiritual power.

Tao had already seen the spirit pearl from quite a distance away, and as he walked closer, he counted his steps in his heart to estimate the distance.

Tao Yuan continued to approach the sacred pool, his gaze fixed on the spirit pearl. Even before he had fully reached the sacred pool, the spirit pearl began to emit a faint glow. The divine attendants standing by the pool were stunned when they saw this. And as soon as Tao Yuan stood by the edge of the pool, the spirit pearl immediately radiated a dazzling white light that was too intense to look at.

Tao Yuan took a few steps back, and the dazzling white light gradually faded, leaving the spirit pearl still glowing faintly.

Everyone else was stunned, unsure of what had just happened. The three Wu Wang and the two Princesses also turned their heads to look at the spirit pearl.

The Imperial Teacher who had been talking with Princess Yunyang quickly walked over to the edge of the sacred pool, staring at the flickering spirit pearl. His eyes widened with excitement, and said excitedly, “The Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel has appeared!”

Princess Yunyang’s heart raced when she heard the words “Sacred Spirit’s Vessel.” She quickly walked to the edge of the sacred pool, her eyes widening as she scanned everyone gathered around the pool.

Princess Jiade and Yan Hao had initially been preparing to leave, but the blinding light from earlier had left them momentarily stunned. When they heard the Imperial Teacher mention the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, their hearts leaped with anticipation. They quickly made their way to the edge of the sacred pool.

With more than a dozen people gathered by the pool, Princess Yunyang couldn’t tell who the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel was among them. She turned to the Imperial Teacher and eagerly asked, “Imperial Teacher, who among them is the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel?!”

Only Lei Yuan who kept looking at Tao Yuan confirmed that it was Tao Yuan when the Imperial Teacher mentioned the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel. This was because he had personally witnessed Tao Yuan using his spiritual power to heal wounds, something he had never seen or heard of before. 

And the most important thing is that there were several unmarried young men and women standing by the sacred pool, but Lei Yuan felt that if the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel were among them, he hoped it would be Tao Yuan. Even he couldn’t explain why he felt this way.

“Princess, please don’t be anxious. According to ancient texts, when the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel approaches, there’s no need to touch it. The spirit pearl will emit a blinding light on its own. Just have them step closer one by one, and we can determine who the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel is.” The Imperial Teacher explained. He couldn’t directly judge who the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel was, but there was a simple way in front of him.

“Everyone, please take a step back.” The Imperial Teacher said to all those standing by the sacred pool.

Although the onlookers were all puzzled and wore expressions of confusion, they complied with the Imperial Teacher’s instructions and took a few steps back. Tao Yuan and Miao Chen also stepped back. Miao Chen was filled with a sense of confusion but when he turned to look at Tao Yuan, he suddenly had a contradictory feeling of understanding something but not fully comprehending it.

“Please come forward one by one in the order you are currently standing,” the Imperial Teacher looked at Tao Yuan who was on the edge. “Xiao Lang, please go first.”

Tao Yuan followed the Imperial Teacher’s instructions and stepped forward. As soon as he stood by the sacred pool, the spirit pearl immediately emitted another blinding light. Tao Yuan quickly stepped back, and the light immediately disappeared.

Princess Yunyang quickly walked up to Tao Yuan, her hands trembling with excitement. After looking at Tao Yuan from head to toe, she turned to the Imperial Teacher and asked, “Is it him?!”

The Imperial Teacher was already certain that it was Tao Yuan, but to be cautious, he said to the others, “Please all step forward together.”

Everyone except Tao Yuan stood by the edge of sacred pool, but the spirit pearl did not emit the blinding light that had occurred when Tao Yuan approached.

“This young man is indeed the once-in-a-millennium Sacred Spirit’s Vessel,” the Imperial Teacher confirmed to Princess Yunyang.

Princess Yunyang was overwhelmed with excitement, her hands trembling. She took a deep breath to calm herself and then looked at Tao Yuan seriously, asking, “Who is your family Xiao Lang? Are you married?”

Tao Yuan appeared somewhat bewildered and then looked at Qu Cang and Miao Chen, saying, “Father, Daddy.”

Princess Yunyang followed Tao Yuan’s gaze. She had been too hasty and excited earlier, and her focus had been solely on him. Now, she finally noticed Qu Cang and Miao Chen.

“General Qu, is this Xiao Lang from your family?” Princess Yunyang asked Qu Cang.

“Yes,” Qu Cang nodded. He was aware of what it meant for someone to be the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, so he was still shocked by the fact that Tao Yuan was actually the Sacred Sipirit’s Vessel.

“General Qu, Qu Langjun 1, I wonder if you may accompany me back to the royal palace? There is an important matter I wish to discuss with you,” Princess Yunyang smiled at Qu Cang and Miao Chen as she made her request.

“This…” Qu Cang hesitated because he had already guessed what Princess Yunyang wanted to discuss with him.

“Can’t you see he’s reluctant?” Princess Jiade briskly walked over, interrupting Princess Yunyang. “I’m afraid forcing someone like this might not be a good idea.”

Princess Yunyang turned to Princess Jiade, her smile disappearing. She glared at her, saying, “I am not speaking to you, and it’s not your turn to interrupt”

“Hmph,” Princess Jiade Long coldly snorted and said, “Do you think I want to talk to you? I just can’t stand your unreasonable behavior, so I’m speaking out in the name of justice.”

Princess Jiade looked at Qu Cang and Miao Chen and said, “General Qu, Qu Langjun, you should return home for now. With me here, no one will be able to stop you.”

Princess Yunyang shot Princess Jiade a sharp look, then turned to Qu Cang and said, “General Qu, please don’t misunderstand. I sincerely wish to host you and your husband at the palace. I would like to invite you as honored guests.”

Qu Cang had already made up his mind, so he respectfully replied, “Thank you for the invitation, Princess. Please allow my husband and me some time to prepare, and then we will gladly attend your banquet at the palace.”

“Very well,” Princess Yunyang said with a smile.  “I’ll return to the palace first and wait for both of you to arrive.”

“Yes. We will take our leave first.” Qu Cang said, bowing to Princess Yunyang. He then turned and led Tao Yuan and Miao Chen away.

Tao Yuan glanced back and met Lei Yuan’s gaze. Lei Yuan was also looking at him, and their eyes locked once more, as if an invisible thread connected them, unbroken and continuous.

After watching them leave, Princess Yunyang turned and snorted at Princess Jiade, then went over to Lei Yuan and said a few words to him. They left together with their entourage. The Sacred Spirit’s Vessel they had been searching for had finally appeared. They needed to discuss how to convince Qu Cang and his husband to agree to the marriage proposal between Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan.

Princess Jiade also shot a fierce glare at Princess Yunyang and then felt an overwhelming sense of worry. After exchanging a glance with Yan Hao, she immediately led her entourage back to Yanwu Wang’s Palace, anxious to discuss their countermeasure plan. Yan Hao clenched his fist tightly. He couldn’t believe that his lawful wife from a past life was the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel. He wondered why such a thing hadn’t occurred in their previous life?

The others who remained behind were still trying to grasp what had just happened, frozen in place.

Qu Feng, who had quickly caught up, didn’t fully understand what had happened either, but he had a strong sense of foreboding in his heart.

Tao Yuan sat in the carriage and turned to Miao Chen, who wore a serious expression. “Dad…”

Miao Chen held his hand and turned to reassure him, saying, “Did it scare you? Being the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel is not a bad thing. You don’t need to be afraid. Dad and your Father were just very surprised.”

Tao Yuan nodded.

Back at their residence, Miao Chen instructed Tao Yuan to rest while he and Qu Cang went to the study room.

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  1. 郎君 Langjun: ‘you’ addressed to another person’s husband[]


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