TOTLS Chapter 111

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 4

The reason Princess Yunyang was so excited about the appearance of the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel was that Lei Yuan possessed the Xuan Yang Physique. Having the Xuan Yang Physique came with significant advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage was that the Xuan Yang Physique made Lei Yuan nearly invincible, giving him fearsome power.

The disadvantage was that the Xuan Yang Physique was difficult to control. If not careful it could lead to self-destruction. Another point was that individuals with the Xuan Yang Physique could not have biological children with ordinary people. Even those with strong spiritual power could not withstand the power of the Xuan Yang. Any sexual encounter would lead to immediate death. In more than ten years or so since Lei Yuan reached adulthood, he had married two wang jun, and both had died.

After reading ancient texts, the Imperial Teacher informed Princess Yunyang that the only solution was to find the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel and help Lei Yuan conceive a firstborn son. The child would absorb a portion of the Xuan Yang power. Although the Xuan Yang power would weaken, it would become more controllable, making it even more advantageous. But finding the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel was a once-in-a-millennium event, and even if one appeared, there was no certainty about the person’s gender, whether they are boy, girl or ger. Even their age, marital status, or ability to conceive.

Princess Yunyang had gone to great lengths in her search for the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, causing her immense stress and worry. Lei Yuan had already lost two lawful wives, and if they couldn’t find the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel or if they found one but couldn’t conceive a child with Lei Yuan, he would face the possibility of ending his bloodline.

So, after the Imperial Teacher confirmed that Tao Yuan was indeed the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, Princess Yunyang her hands trembled with excitement.

In addition, the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel could provide an endless supply of spiritual power to its partner, although no one knew the specifics of how it was provided.

Qu Cang had already guessed that Princess Yunyang would propose a marriage alliance when he agreed to attend the banquet at Leiwu Wang’s Palace. While they were shocked to learn that Tao Yuan was the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, they had only one child, whom they cherished dearly. They only wanted to find a husband who would wholeheartedly care for their child, and family background and other things were secondary.

Although Leiwu Wang had more political power than the Emperor, and marrying Tao Yuan to him would be considered an advantageous match, it was a well-known fact that Lei Yuan was highly sought after by numerous unmarried individuals in the capital. His abilities, appearance, and character were almost universally admired, and many young men and women in the city would risk their lives to marry him. Both his control of power and the person himself made him a fatal attraction.

But there was one concern that prevented Qu Cang and his husband from readily accepting Princess Yunyang’s marriage proposal. That is, they feared that even if Tao Yuan was the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, he cannot withstand the power of Xuan Yang, resulting in his untimely death.

While Qu Cang and his husband attended the banquet at the palace, they didn’t directly refuse Princess Yunyang’s proposal but gently conveyed that they needed more time to consider it.

Although Princess Yunyang was eager to see Tao Yuan marry Lei Yuan as soon as possible, she understood the concerns of Qu Cang and his husband. She knew that she couldn’t pressure them too much. It could backfire then they will be forced to go to Yanwu Wang’s side.

So, even though they hadn’t immediately agreed to the marriage proposal, Princess Yunyang didn’t show any signs of displeasure. She politely escorted them away. But she had no intention of giving up. After waiting for so many years, she finally found the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel. Especially one who seemed suitable for Lei Yuan in every way, she was determined to make Qu Cang and his husband agree to the marriage, no matter what it takes.

The news of Tao Yuan being the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel had already spread, as Princess Yunyang’s years of searching for the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel for Lei Yuan were not a well-kept secret. Throughout the years there were many people who were also trying to impersonate the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, hoping to be selected but all of them were exposed.

Upon learning that Qu Cang and his husband did not immediately accept Princess Yunyang’s marriage proposal, Princess Jiade also felt a little relieved. But she knew that Princess Yunyang would not give up easily. Furthermore, Lei Yuan’s abilities were stronger than Yanwu Wang’s, and if Qu Cang agreed to the marriage and the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel could really help Lei Yuan control the power of Xuan Yang, it would put them at a disadvantage. Trying to challenge Yanwu Wang’s power would become even more difficult.

Yan Hao Wuwang was also shocked to learn that Tao Yuan was the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel. In the previous life, he had spent many years with the original host and never knew his true identity as a Sacred Spirit’s Vessel. But when he thought about how the original host might have been able to kill him, possibly due to the influence of the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, he felt like he had suddenly realized something.

Yanwu Wang understood that in the previous life’s timeline, Lei Yuan would eventually die. It was because of the backlash of the Xuan Yang power on the battlefield due to Lei Yuan’s inability to control it. So, he was also worried that if Tao Yuan married Lei Yuan and truly helped him control the Xuan Yang power, Lei Yuan wouldn’t meet the same early death as in the previous life. This would make it very difficult for Yanwu Wang to defeat him.

Although Yan Hao really did not want to marry Tao Yuan, he felt that the best way to prevent Tao Yuan from marrying Lei yuan was to let Tao Yuan be his zhengjun. After consulting with Princess Jiade, they decided to let Qu Feng be the cejun 1, and then they would go to Qu Cang to propose marriage.

Qu Feng had only been a wang jun for a few days, and was now going to become the cejun. He felt both aggrieved and unwilling. But without a strong maternal family to rely on and no right to oppose, he could only vent his grievances and unwillingness through tears.

Yan Hao could only comfort him, urging him to endure for a few more years. He promised to restore Qu Feng to the position of wang jun and seek revenge against the Qu family for the grievances of their previous lives.

“You can rest assured, I promise to make up for all the unfulfilled promises from our previous life, and compensate you more in this life.” Yanwu Wang comforted Qu Feng as he held him.

Thinking about how in their past life, they couldn’t ascend to the throne and eventually met their death at the hands of Qu Yun, Qu Feng felt a deep sense of discomfort. He turned to Yan Hao and said, “Your Majesty, in our past life, Qu Yun killed us and our children. You must seek revenge for us.”

“Revenge will definitely be sought, but not now,” Yanwu Wang sighed, feeling quite helpless. “Who could have imagined that Qu Yun is some kind of Sacred Spirit Vessel? I absolutely cannot allow him to marry Leiwu Wang, or else he will become even more powerful. Right now, I still need Qu Cang. He’s a brave and skillful warrior, a rare and invaluable general. But this time, I won’t make the same mistake. I’ll keep all military power firmly in my hands.”

It will be the Lantern Festival in a few days. It was a traditional holiday where elders would give lanterns to younger generations as gifts. This practice had become a custom, and both the Imperial Palace and the residences of Leiwu Wang and Yanwu Wang would send many lanterns to the people every year. According to legend, those who sent and received lanterns would both receive blessings and good fortune.

Before this year’s Lantern Festival, Princess Yunyang invited many artisans skilled in lantern-making and prepared numerous exquisite lanterns. She arranged for the lanterns to be blessed by the temple’s spiritual attendants at the Xiuling Temple, intending to distribute them as gifts to the young sons and daughters of officials’ families.

Upon learning this, Princess Jiade also prepared many lanterns and had them blessed by the temple’s attendants. These lanterns would be given to the young sons and daughters of officials’ families when they came to the temple to collect their blessed lanterns.

The two eldest princesses are always compared with each other. And the simultaneous distribution of lanterns by both princesses created a difficult situation for many individuals. According to tradition, each unmarried young man and young lady could only receive one lantern at the temple, because receiving too many blessings would be too heavy to bear.

The people from  the Leiwu Wang Palace naturally went to Princess Yunyang’s side to collect lanterns, while those from the Yanwu Wang  Palace went to Princess Jiade’s side. But for those who wished to maintain good relations with both sides, it was indeed a dilemma. Missing out on the annual blessing lanterns was not an option, as this belief had been ingrained in their culture for many years and had become a tradition.

On the day of lantern distribution, the young men and women from various families dressed in their finest attire and happily made their way to the Xiuling Temple. 

The temple’s garden was already filled with colorful and exquisite lanterns. The lanterns prepared by the two princesses were far more beautiful than those typically found at the temple in previous years, enhancing their excitement.

Princess Yunyang and Princess Jiade each occupied a pavilion, sitting inside with gentle smiles as they watched the young people selecting lanterns. The attendees were carefully choosing their lanterns. While they would have loved to have every lantern, given that they could only select one, they could only carefully pick their favorites.

Tao Yuan walked into the garden and looked up at the lanterns. While he found them beautiful, he wasn’t as excited as the others.

Upon seeinghim, Princess Yunyang stood up and walked toward him, and Princess Jiade followed suit.

Others in the garden noticed the two princesses approaching and quickly made way and saluted as they showed their respect.

Seeing the two princesses approaching him,Tao Yuan hurriedly greeted them with a bow.

Princess Yunyang raised her hand, and a maid holding a wooden box immediately stepped forward, opening the wooden box.

Princess Yunyang took out a lantern from the box and smiled at Tao Yuan. She said, “This lantern is specially prepared for you by the palace, and it has been blessed by our court priest. Hang it in your room, and it will ensure a peaceful and safe year for you.”

AsTao Yuan was about to express his gratitude, Princess Jiade also presented her lantern. She said, “This lantern has been personally blessed by me. Take it and hang it in your room.”

Tao Yuan looked around, feeling quite embarrassed and conflicted.

The people around watched this scene with a mix of jealousy, envy, and curiosity. It was the first time they had witnessed two esteemed princesses competing to give away lanterns, and the two lanterns they offered were clearly more exquisite than the others, incredibly beautiful. No matter which one, everyone wished they could have one.

Although they didn’t understand the significance of being a Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, the posture of the princesses’ gestures indicated that it was undoubtedly more important than they had imagined. 

Princess Yunyang and Princess Jiade exchanged glances, then both looked at Tao Yuan, waiting for him to make a choice.

Tao Yuan turned to Princess Yunyang, accepted the lantern from her hand, and expressed his gratitude with a bow.

Princess Yunyang looked at him kindly and said, “After the Donglai Festival, I’ll send someone to bring you to the palace to visit. I enjoy chatting with young people when I have free time in the palace.”

“En.” Tao Yuan replied, bowing again.

“You can continue to choose lanterns. Once you find one you like, take it with you. I’m feeling a bit tired, so I’ll return to the palace now. We can talk another day,” Princess Yunyang said to the others before turning to leave.

“Yes, we bid farewell to Princess Yunyang,” the others replied in unison, bowing.

Princess Yunyang glanced at Princess Jiade, her eyes filled with pride, as the fact that Tao Yuan accepted her lantern indicated a higher likelihood of him marrying Lei Yuan, whether it was his parents’ intention or his own.

Princess Jiade looked at Tao Yuan who was bowing his head and turned away angrily. Tao Yuan did not pick up her lantern, which was a very embarrassing thing for her. She didn’t want to lose to Princess Yunyang in anything, but because Tao yuan did not pick up her lantern and lost once. She was very angry, but now she can not do anything to Tao yuan, and can only take people away from here.

“Farewell to Princess Yunyang,” the others bowed again.

The original host had suffered a lot from Princess Jiade in his previous life. So, Tao yuan didn’t intend to give Princess Jiade face at all.

In the absence of the princesses, the people continued to talk excitedly. They resumed picking out lanterns and couldn’t help but steal glances at the lantern held by Tao Yuan.

With his lantern in hand, Tao Yuan prepared to leave with his attendants and maids.

A beautiful woman with an air of arrogance approached with her entourage. She stood in the garden and loudly asked, “Who is Qu Yun?”

Everyone in the garden was stunned, then they all turned their gaze toward Tao Yuan.

Xing Chen walked up to Tao Yuan and looked at him up and down. Her eyes finally settled on his face. As she observed his face, the flames of jealousy in her heart intensified, making her feel uncomfortable.

After Tao Yuan had awakened the body of the Sacred Spirit, not only did he give off an ethereal aura all around him, but his appearance had also become even more beautiful. This transformation aroused jealousy in Princess Xing Chen, who had always been very confident about her own looks.

“Are you Qu Yun?” Princess Xing Chen asked arrogantly.

“Yes.” Tao Yuan replied, looking at her.

“How dare you not be polite when you see this princess!” Xing Chen was deliberately trying to find fault. She knew that Princess Yunyang wanted to let Tao Yuan marry Lei yuan, even though he had not seen Tao yuan. And so she has been eager to tear him.

“I apologize if Qu Yun didn’t recognize Your Highness’s presence. Please forgive me.” Tao Yuan said, bowing respectfully.

“Kneel when speaking to this princess,” Xing Chen demanded as she looked at Tao Yuan proudly.

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  1. 侧君 Ce jun: Side king/side consort []


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