TOTLS Chapter 113

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 6

Princess Yunyang was hoping to have Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan marry earlier. But the wedding preparation still took over a month due to some very important matters that required sufficient time for preparation.

After discussing with the Imperial Teacher, Princess Yunyang arranged a spiritual power array control formation inside and outside Lei Yuan’s bedroom. When Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan consummate their marriage, the Imperial Teacher and two hundred divine servants would guard the outside to weaken Lei Yuan’s Xuan Yang power.

After bathing, Tao Yuan wore only a thin, red inner robe. Eight attendants carried him into Lei Yuan’s bedroom on a sedan chair.

Soon Jiang Shuang and Jiang Yu opened the sedan curtain. Tao Yuan let go of their hands and walked toward the spacious red bed.

Once he lay down on the bed, Jiang Shuang and Jiang Yu lowered the curtains and withdrew.

Tao Yuan fidgeted with his fingers, not because it was his first time in the marriage chamber, but because he felt inexplicably nervous. Perhaps it was the tense atmosphere outside that infected him, making him feel anxious. Even though it wasn’t his first time in the marriage chamber, having so many people guarding outside made him feel strange.

When he heard the door open again, Tao Yuan knew that Lei Yuan had entered. As Lei Yuan’s footsteps approached and the curtains were lifted. The moment both of  their eyes met, Lei Yuan felt his heart beating so fast.

Lei Yuan sat down by the bedside, holding Tao Yuan’s hand and gazing at him. Tonight was the night when his power was most likely to go out of control. As long as this wedding night went smoothly, the chances of future problems would be greatly reduced. But if they couldn’t get through tonight safely…

Lei Yuan was shocked by his thoughts. Rather than his obligations and responsibilities as Lei Wuwang, his first thought was that if he could not live, he would not be able to spend his life with the man in front of him. Why? Why did he subconsciously have such a selfish idea at the first time?

Tao Yuan saw him sitting all for a long time, holding his hand in a daze and doing nothing else. So, he sat up, took off his red bedclothes, and looked at him.

Tao Yuan thought that he had already taken off his clothes by himself. If Lei Yuan didn’t respond, he could only use his trump card. That is to cry and then ask if Lei Yuan disliked him. 

Lei Yuan looked at Tao Yuan’s eyes, and a blurry picture suddenly appeared in his mind. Then, he subconsciously kissed Tao Yuan’s lips.

Tao Yuan willingly clung to his shoulder, closed his eyes and kissed him. Then lie down slowly as he opens his mouth slightly and let Lei Yuan kiss him deeply.

The two people kissed for a long time. As Lei Yuan stroked Tao Yuan’s tender skin, he gradually began to be emotional. He felt his body begin to have a hot and dry reaction. Gradually, Lei Yuan felt unsatisfied with just kissing and touching.

At the moment after the combination of two people, a blue light with strong energy burst out in Lei Yuan’s body. After the Imperial Teacher and servants outside felt this powerful force, they all felt scared. If Lei Yuan’s spiritual power exploded, even they might not be spared and be destroyed.

The sweat on Lei Yuan’s forehead kept flowing down as he used all his strength to control himself. But the feeling of desperately wanting to vent but could not vent made him feel his whole body very painful.

Tao Yuan was willing to hold his face as he closed their distance. Once again their lips touched. There was white light coming from the body of Tao Yuan, and then the white light overwhelmed the blue light of Lei Yuan.

Lei Yuan tightly hugged Tao Yuan. That kind of extremely wonderful feeling, lets him control his spiritual power. But he can not control his desire fast so he can only move faster.

Because there are also a lot of people outside, Tao Yuan has been trying to control himself not to shout too loud. In the end, he really cannot control it anymore so he could only let his voice out.

On the night of Tao Yuan’s marriage with Lei Yuan, most of the officials in the capital did not sleep all night.

The officials on Lei Yuan’s side naturally hope that he safely gets through the night and that Tao Yuan succeeds in conceiving a child. The greater Lei Yuan’s power means the more influence they will have, and the more they will benefit.

On the other hand, the officials on Yan Wuwang’s side naturally hope that neither Tao Yuan nor Lei Yuan survives tonight. As long as Lei Yuan dies, the remaining factions on their side will no longer pose a threat.

Princess Jiade and Yan Hao sat in the hall, waiting for news. They do not have any plans to return to their room and sleep tonight. Their level of tension was no less than that of Princess Yunyang, but their desired outcome was exactly the opposite.

Qu Feng also sat with them in the hall waiting for news because he couldn’t sleep. He still felt aggrieved for relinquishing his position as the rightful wang jun, so he hoped that both Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan would not get through tonight safely.

As the sky gradually brightened, Princess Jiade and Yan Hao did not receive the news they were hoping for, nor did they hear the sound of thunder. If Lei Yuan’s Xuan Yang power had erupted uncontrollably, there would have been a huge thunderstorm. But throughout  the night it remained eerily quiet, with no significant noise heard no matter how near or far.

Yan Hao slammed his hand onto a nearby low table and then stood up, walking to the door. He looked up at the sky, clenching his fist tightly to suppress his anger and frustration.

Princess Jiade’s expression was equally grim. She had a sinking feeling that they would be the suppressed side in the future. After generations of rivalry and strife, if they ended up losing everything because her son had married the wrong person, she would regret it for a lifetime. Even after her death, she would have no face to meet her husband and ancestors.

Qu Feng glanced at Yan Hao and then at Princess Jiade. He lowered his head, trying to minimize his presence, afraid that their anger would be directed at him.

As the day fully broke, Tao Yuan woke up in Lei Yuan’s arms. He half-opened his eyes, looking at Lei Yuan with a dazed expression.

Lei Yuan gently caressed his face, planted a firm kiss on his forehead, and then kissed his lips.

Tao Yuan woke up from his deep kiss. After Lei Yuan ended the kiss, he looked at him and asked, “My King… husband, should we get up? We need to serve tea to my mother, and it wouldn’t be good if we’re late.”

Lei Yuan sat up while holding Tao Yuan and looked at him seriously. He asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Uncomfortable?” Tao Yuan thought for a moment and said, “My back is a bit sore, and down there… it’s a little painful.”

“How is it painful?” Lei Yuan felt worried.

Blushing, Tao Yuan replied, “Well, I felt a very intense energy inside me last night, and it seems to have left a burning sensation.”

“Did my Xuan Yang hurt you?” Lei Yuan gently pressed his hand against Tao Yuan’s belly.

“No,” Tao Yuan shook his head and said, “I wasn’t hurt by your Xuan Yang. If I was injured, I would definitely feel it. It’s just a normal discomfort. You don’t need to worry.”

Lei Yuan held Tao Yuan tightly in his arms. At this moment, he finally felt a sense of relief. After last night, he had fully realized that his power was no longer as difficult to control as before. But he was still worried that some of his power might have harmed the person in his arms. Even though he knew Tao Yuan was the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, he couldn’t help but worry. He was no longer the same as he used to be, so composed and cold.

The two of them got up, freshened up, and changed their clothes before going together to pay their respects to Princess Yunyang.

Princess Yunyang had also been awake all night, but she still looked vibrant and full of energy. As if she was not tired at all. She was eagerly waiting for them to come and serve her tea.

Seeing the two of them walk in together, Princess Yunyang’s smile grew even bigger. Her eyes were filled with relief, even shimmering with tears.

After Tao Yuan knelt to serve tea to Princess Yunyang, the three of them had breakfast together. Princess Yunyang imparted some heartfelt words to Tao Yuan before retiring to her room.

Lei Yuan was scheduled to leave the capital in three months, leading troops to the northern Liang Pass for an extended period. So, they cherished the next two to three months of being together, spending each day being inseparable.

The Lantern Festival arrived, and Tao Yuan asked Lei Yuan to take him to the East Lake to release lanterns. Lei Yuan immediately asked someone to arrange it.

They were going to release lanterns next to the bustling East Lake, where a long row of restaurants was located. The largest and most luxurious of these restaurants happened to be owned by Lei Wuwang’s palace. As Lei Yuan was taking Tao Yuan to release lanterns tonight, he had already instructed that the top floor of the restaurant be reserved, and no one else was allowed up there.

Escorted by soldiers, their carriage stopped outside the restaurant. After dismounting from his horse, Lei Yuan personally helped Tao Yuan out of the carriage.

As Tao Yuan held Lei Yuan’s hand and walked down the wooden steps to the ground, he spotted Qu Feng, who had just gotten off from the carriage next door, and Yan Hao, who was standing beside him.

Yan Hao looked at Tao Yuan’s face with a distant and dazed expression. He was wondering why he had become even more handsome in the time they hadn’t seen each other?

Upon seeing Tao Yuan, Qu Feng couldn’t control the anger welling up within him. He believed it was because of Tao Yuan that he had become the laughingstock of the capital.

Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan had already entered the restaurant. Qu Feng turned to Yan Hao and seeing him staring blankly at Tao Yuan’s back, it only further infuriated him and finally brought tears in his eyes.

As Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan entered the restaurant, the once bustling first-floor hall quickly fell silent. The patrons rose from their seats and greeted Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan with courtesy.

The restaurant was quite large and luxurious. Because of the Lantern Festival, it was nearly full, except for the top floor, which was reserved specifically for Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan. The restaurant had five floors in total. The top floor offered a sweeping view, allowing them to enjoy the night scenery, which was especially beautiful.

Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan went upstairs in the middle of the restaurant. The wide staircase was covered in plush carpeting, and as they reached the fifth floor, many attendants and maids were already waiting to serve them.

Tao Yuan walked to the window and looked outside. Because there were a lot of lantern boats on East Lake, it was brightly lit. The sound of music from the sheng and xiao instruments could be heard drifting across the water. The main streets were also beautifully illuminated giving a captivating sight. While he had seen many nightscapes before, this one has its unique charm. It was different from modern cityscapes. No matter what type of night view was there, the most important thing was who he was sharing it with.

Tao Yuan turned to look at Lei Yuan, who was standing beside him, and suddenly, a different kind of emotion welled up within him. How many lifetimes could he love this person? When he completed all his transmigrations and could leave the system, where will he go?

Lei Yuan also turned to face Tao Yuan and locked eyes with him. He observed a sense of maturity in Tao Yuan’s eyes that didn’t seem to match his age. Lei Yuan found it rather strange. Just as he was about to ask about it, Tao Yuan’s emotions vanished in an instant. It made him him question if what he had seen earlier was just his imagination.

“Aren’t we here to release lanterns? Let’s pick a few that you like,” Lei Yuan said to Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan nodded and walked over to an area filled with lanterns. These lanterns were adorned with various designs of flowers, birds, fish, and insects, all of them beautifully crafted. But as he began selecting one, Tao Yuan suddenly had a different idea.

“I want to paint one myself,” Tao Yuan said looking at Lei Yuan.

Lei Yuan immediately turned and gestured to the attendant by the door to prepare the necessary materials.

The attendant soon brought ink and a brush, and Tao Yuan walked to the table. He carefully painted three koi fish on the lantern.

Lei Yuan watched as Tao Yuan painted. Although the design was simple, Tao Yuan’s handling of light and shadow was impressive. The three koi fish on the lantern appeared lively and playful, as if they were swimming and frolicking on the paper. Lei Yuan found himself deeply fond of the artwork.

“I’d like to have this one,” Lei Yuan said.

Tao Yuan thought Lei Yuan wanted the lantern, so he nodded in agreement and began preparing to paint another one for himself. But as he was painting more koi fish, he felt it was  bit uninteresting. Tao Yuan thought for a moment, trying to decide what to paint.

Suddenly, he thought of peach blossoms—not the peach blossoms from the system, but the ones from his original world. The tree in the courtyard that had not bloomed for many years but suddenly burst into full bloom overnight.

Tao Yuan picked up the brush again and painted a large peach blossom tree in full bloom on the lantern. Since he chose an abstract style rather than intricate details, he quickly finished the painting.

“Give me this one too,” Lei Yuan said once again.

“…Then what should I release?” Tao Yuan looked at him speechlessly. Every time he painted one, Lei Yuan wanted it. Did that mean he wouldn’t get to release any lanterns?

“You can release the others. Let go of all the rest, and keep these two,” Lei Yuan replied, not entirely sure why he couldn’t bear to let these two lanterns go.

Tao Yuan remembered his habit from previous lives. His lover would always love collecting the words and drawings he had created. He thought that this habit might never change regardless of whether he had memories or how many times he reincarnated. So he let it be.

Tao Yuan originally considered writing poems or phrases on the other lanterns but realized that if he did, Lei Yuan would probably insist on keeping them again. As a result, he merely lit the lanterns himself and then released them into the sky, letting them fly freely.

The people of the city had also started releasing lanterns. And as Tao Yuan watched the sky become filled with an increasing number of lanterns, he felt an incredibly romantic feeling. So, he couldn’t help but smile.

Lei Yuan stared at Tao Yuan’s smile in a daze for quite some time. When he finally came back to his senses, he couldn’t resist turning Tao Yuan towards himself.

Tao Yuan looked at him with a puzzled expression as he saw Lei Yuan’s face drawing nearer, but he still subconsciously closed his eyes.

Lei Yuan originally planned to give a quick kiss, but as he felt the soft and tender texture of Tao Yuan’s lips, he couldn’t help but deepen the kiss.

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