TOTLS Chapter 114

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 7

Tao Yuan thought Lei Yuan would kiss him gently, but not only did Lei Yuan put his tongue into his mouth. He also twirled his tongue around his mouth so hard Tao Yuan could barely breathe.

The attendants and maids who were standing at the door have already retreated, closing the door behind them and standing guard outside.

Lei Yuan suddenly lifted Tao Yuan and carried him to the edge of the bed, gently placing him down before leaning in to continue kissing him passionately.

“Wuwuwu..” Tao Yuan was worried that he might lose control further and wanted to calm him down, but he couldn’t find the words to say.

Lei Yuan kissed for a long while before slowly starting to kiss lower.

Tao Yuan gasped for breath, his mouth wide open as he struggled to breathe. He had been feeling confused due to the lack of oxygen, and his body felt weak. When his breathing finally stabilized, and he wanted to speak up to stop Lei Yuan from continuing further, Lei Yuan had already stopped on his own.

Lei Yuan propped himself up and looked at Tao Yuan. He was feeling intensely aroused, and the desire that couldn’t be satisfied was causing him great pain. Seeing Tao Yuan’s flushed cheeks and the dazed look in his eyes made it even harder for him to control himself.

Tao Yuan looked at him with innocent eyes.

Lei Yuan’s heart melted when he saw him. He helped Tao Yuan up and pulled him into his arms, gently stroking his back and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Tao Yuan nestled in his embrace, feeling comfortable and safe. Then, he felt Lei Yuan starting to remove his pants.

Lei Yuan held Tao Yuan and said, “Sit down.”

Tao Yuan instinctively shook his head and refused.

Lei Yuan wrapped his arms around his waist and slowly pushed him down.

Tao Yuan let out a gasp.

Qu Feng stood by the window and lit two lamps. As he watched the lights slowly drift away, he felt an indescribable sense of melancholy. When he turned his head and saw Yan Hao lost in thought once again, he felt even more wronged and distressed.

Tao Yuan had already married Lei Yuan, but Princess Jiade had not yet decided to let Qu Feng return as zhengjun. When Yan Hao wanted to marry Qu Feng as his zhengjun back then, she disagreed. She believed that given Qu Feng’s status, at most, she could only be a cajun 1. But at that time, Yan Hao had just been reborn and still cherished the promise he and Qu Feng made in their previous lives. So, he insisted on marrying Qu Feng as his zhengjun.

Qu Feng only served as the zhengjun for a few days before becoming a cejun again. Originally, he had left the position of zhengjun open for Tao Yuan, but Tao Yuan could never marry Yan Hao. Princess Jiade helped Yan Hao marry cejun and secondary wives. Then, told them that whoever bore the first son would become the zhengjun.

ENo matter how Qu Feng felt wronged in his heart, he could only endure it and use his past feelings with Yan Hao to try to conceive a child as soon as possible in order to regain his position as the zhengjun.

Today, the fact that Yan Hao took him out to release lanterns was the best proof of his lingering affection. But after seeing Tao Yuan just now, Yan Hao seemed absent-minded, which made Qu Feng feel very wronged. He thought it would be better not to go out at all than to endure this.

Yan Hao himself was unaware that he had been lost in thought all along because Tao Yuan’s face kept appearing in his mind. He remembered the time in their past life when he had just married Qu Yun. He truly loved him then. But now he was married to someone else, which made him very uncomfortable. Another reason he was distracted was that he was worried about the future. Without the support of Qu Cang, how would he compete with Lei Yuan if Lei Yuan didn’t die?

Yan Hao remained lost in thought, and Qu Feng was also in a bad mood. Qu Feng suggested returning to Yan Wuwang’s Palace, and Yan Hao didn’t object. So, the two of them returned early.

Tao Yuan lay in Lei Yuan’s arms, feeling a drowsy sensation. Although they had only been intimate once, he found this position more tiring than doing it multiple times.

Lei Yuan, of course, couldn’t let him sleep there. He woke Tao Yuan up, helped him tidy up his clothes, and then had an attendant bring in some food.

Jiang Shuang came in and asked, “Your Majesty, should I allow the members of the Zhuling Group 2 to come in and play music and sing?”

“Do you want to listen to some music?” Lei Yuan asked Tao Yuan, looking at him.

Tao Yuan nodded. He was familiar with the Zhuling Group, which was the most famous musical troupe in the capital city. The six most renowned members of this ensemble had a certain level of fame throughout the Donglai Guo. Many high-ranking officials and nobles were willing to pay a high price to hear them play and sing. Tao Yuan was also quite curious about how good the music of these six individuals could be.

The six musicians had been waiting for a while. Before coming here, they had heard that they were going to perform for Lei Yuan. So, they were extremely excited and eager. They thought that if Lei Yuan was impressed, they might have the great fortune of serving in the Yan Wuwang’s Palace as attendants. In the past, they had only hoped for some rewards, but since they had many opportunities to interact with officials, they were well-informed and knew that as long as Tao Yuan, the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel, helped Lei Yuan bear his first son and Lei Yuan gained control over the Xuan Yang energy, he could have children with others as well.

The six musicians held their instruments and walked into the room in order, lining up to bow in front of Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan.

Lei Yuan nodded, and Jiang Shuang and Jiang Yu had them take their seats on the prepared chairs.

Because the room was quite large, they sat a bit far away. But with all six of them playing and singing at the same time, it was more comfortable to listen from a distance.

All the windows on the opposite wall were opened, allowing them to clearly see lanterns continuously drifting towards the sky. The six most famous singers in the capital were simultaneously performing, and their voices carried out. On the table in front of Tao Yuan were over thirty exquisite dishes emitting tempting aromas.

Tao Yuan thought to himself that indeed, in that era, those with power and influence knew how to enjoy life.

Lei Yuan had the maids step aside and personally helped Tao Yuan pick out food. Tao Yuan listened to the music while looking at the dishes on the table. Whenever he wanted something, all he had to do was glance at it, and Lei Yuan would serve it to him.

The six renowned singers alternated between solo lines and singing in harmony. Their music reached the ears of the patrons downstairs and the surrounding restaurants, making everyone unable to help but focus and listen intently. These six individuals had become the most famous singers in the capital for a reason, and even Tao Yuan felt that their musical skills and vocal talents were truly exceptional.

After seeing Lei Yuan, the six singers were even more impressed by his appearance and presence. Their heartbeats couldn’t help but quicken, not just for wealth and fortune, but simply for him as a person, which greatly captivated them.

In an effort to capture Lei Yuan’s attention, they sang with unprecedented enthusiasm. But despite performing two or three songs consecutively, they realized that Lei Yuan’s attention had always been fixed on Tao Yuan. He hadn’t even glanced at them.

Lei Yuan then picked up another shrimp ball and tried to serve it to Tao Yuan, but Tao Yuan shook his head, indicating that he was already full.

Lei Yuan raised his hand, and the attendants swiftly cleared away the dishes and plates. The maids then brought in a variety of sliced fruits and freshly brewed ginseng tea, placing them in front of Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan before respectfully stepping aside. As the night grew late and the wind picked up, the attendants closed all the windows, leaving only the middle one open.

The six singers continued to sing sriously, all the while observing Lei Yuan’s considerate and attentive care for Tao Yuan. Lei Yuan’s gaze towards Tao Yuan was filled with affection, as if everyone else was transparent, making it difficult for them not to envy. But it is precisely because of their jealousy that they were all the more eager to catch Lei Yuan’s attention. If they could serve as attendants to Lei Yuan, even if it was just for a day, they would be satisfied.

After sipping half a cup of tea and feeling full and content, Tao Yuan began to feel drowsy again. He stifled a yawn, and Lei Yuan immediately asked, “Should we head back to the palace, or would you like to listen a bit longer?”

“Let’s return to the palace,” Tao Yuan replied. He was genuinely tired, despite the fine performance of the singers.

Lei Yuan helped Tao Yuan to his feet and took the cloak from Jiang Shuang to put it over Tao Yuan.

The six singers had already stopped singing. As Lei Yuan held Tao Yuan and walked towards the exit, they respectfully bowed.

Jiang Yu and a few maids approached the remaining individuals, pointing to the gold and silver on the trays held by the maids. “You’ve worked hard tonight. These are rewards from Da Wang 3 and wang jun for your performance.”

“Thank you, Da Wang . Thank you, Wang jun,” the individuals saluted again in the direction where Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan had left.

Although they were pleased as they accepted the gold and silver, they couldn’t help but feel regretful that Lei Yuan hadn’t paid them much attention. This meant that they had missed the opportunity to compete for favor in Lei Wuwang’s Palace.

The thought of how Lei Yuan cared for and looked after Tao Yuan left them initially jealous and then filled with sadness for themselves. Despite being famous singers sought after by high-ranking officials, they ultimately played a role solely for others’ amusement. Being tenderly cared for and protected like a king by Lei Yuan was an entirely different existence.

Lei Yuan knew that Tao Yuan would most likely fall asleep once they got on the carriage, so he boarded the carriage with him. As expected, Tao Yuan leaned against him and drifted off to sleep.

After returning to the palace, the carriage went directly to their courtyard. Lei Yuan carried the already sleeping Tao Yuan to their room.

Lei Yuan laid Tao Yuan on the bed, helped him out of his outerwear, and had the attendants bring in hot water. Lei Yuan personally washed Tao Yuan’s face and hands, then covered him with a blanket, ensuring he had a peaceful sleep.

After taking a bath, Lei Yuan lay down beside Tao Yuan and carefully held him in his arms, falling asleep together. The thought that they would be separated for several months in just two or three months’ time left Lei Yuan feeling incredibly reluctant. He wanted to keep Tao Yuan by his side, but this time it wasn’t suitable. The danger was too great, and he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to look after him properly.

Two months later, Tao Yuan sat in the garden chatting with Princess Yunyang, who enjoyed talking to Tao Yuan.

Princess Yunyang had only one son, Lei Yuan, and he had spent most of his time away on military campaigns. So, many times she didn’t even have someone to confide in. Tao Yuan was naturally skilled at engaging in conversation, and compared to Princess Jiade, Princess Yunyang had a much better personality. So, Tao Yuan was willing to chat with her when Lei Yuan was busy.

As Tao Yuan was about to leave for his own courtyard, he suddenly swayed and almost fell to the ground. Jiang Shuang and Jiang Yu immediately supported him.

Princess Yunyang immediately called for a physician and had them bring a reclining chair for Tao Yuan to sit on.

After examining Tao Yuan’s pulse, the physician confidently told Princess Yunyang that Tao Yuan was pregnant.

“Really? He’s really pregnant!” Princess Yunyang excitedly asked the physician.

“Yes, Your Highness, Wang Jun is indeed pregnant,” the physician answered respectfully.

“That’s great! It’s really great!” Princess Yunyang held Tao Yuan’s hand, her eyes filled with tears.

Tao Yuan gently touched his belly and smiled at Princess Yunyang.

“Quickly prepare a sedan chair and send Wang Jun back to rest,” Princess Yunyang ordered.

The attendants brought a sedan chair, and Jiang Shuang and Jiang Yu helped Tao Yuan onto it.

Princess Yunyang said to Tao Yuan, “Go back and rest well. I will personally make all the necessary arrangements for everything else. If there’s anything you want to eat, just send word to the steward. If the palace doesn’t have it, have them find it from outside.”

Tao Yuan nodded, and the attendants lifted the sedan chair to take him back to rest.

Princess Yunyang first sent someone to inform Lei Yuan, then immediately went with her attendants to the Xiuling Temple, where she personally hung a charm for the safety of mother and child. She also ordered the best rice to be prepared to offer to the monks and practitioners, asking them to pray for Tao Yuan’s well-being.

As a result, news of Tao Yuan’s pregnancy quickly spread throughout the palace.

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  1. concubine[]
  2. 竹令班子 Zhú Lìng Bānzi: Bamboo Groupi[]
  3. 大王 Dà Wáng King / person having expert skill in something; Remember Lei Yuan is also the Lei Wuwang = Thunder Martia (arts) King[]

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