TOTLS Chapter 115

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 8

When Princess Jiade knew about Tao Yuan’s pregnancy she was both angry and anxious. She was even unable to eat. Her personality was such that whenever she was upset, she would always vent her anger on others.

Qu Feng and the other two concubines, all knelt on the ground receiving punishment.

Looking at them, Princess Jiade became even more furious and exclaimed, “Qiyun and King Lei Wu have only been married for two months, and she’s already pregnant. Can’t you at least compete in this aspect?!”

All three of them hung their heads low, not daring to make a sound.

Princess Jiade’s gaze swept over them and finally rested on Qu Feng. She looked at Qu Feng and said, “If those two entered the palace a bit later, it would be fine. But you, you were married to the king even earlier than Qu Yun. The king spends most of his time with you. The two of them combined don’t have as many opportunities to serve him as you do. If you can’t get pregnant, you shouldn’t monopolize the king on your own, causing them to be affected as well.”

Actually, apart from intentionally picking on and venting her anger, Princess Jiade Chang wants to teach Qu Feng a lesson. The other two are just there to accompany her and bear the scolding.

How could Qu Feng not know what Princess Jiade is thinking? She just feels that Yan Hao has been neglecting the other two for his sake, and she can’t say anything to Yan Hao. So, she can only cause trouble for him. Even if he feels wronged, he doesn’t dare to say a word of protest and can only hold back his tears, even to the point of biting his lips until they bleed.

In the previous life, Princess Jiade often sought trouble with the most troublesome person, who was Qu Yun. In front of Qu Yun, she acted like a full-fledged mother-in-law. And in the previous life, Qu Feng, although he had been married once, was only disliked by Princess Jiade at the beginning. After he gave birth to the first son of Yan Hao, Princess Jiade didn’t make things difficult for him, especially later on. When Qu Yun couldn’t bear it anymore and began to vie for power, Princess Jiade teamed up with Qu Feng to confront Qu Yun.

So the suffering Qu Feng is going through now is something he has never experienced even in his past life. He wants to conceive a child quickly to legitimize his position, but the more he wants it, the harder it becomes. What can he do?

In less than a month, Lei Yuan is going to lead troops to Beiliang Guan1, and Tao Yuan is pregnant. Although he is happy, he is even more reluctant. When he calculates the time, he realizes that he won’t be able to be there for Tao Yuan when he gives birth.

Maybe due to his pregnancy, Tao Yuan suddenly became more emotional. Just the thought of being apart for such a long time makes him very distressed.

Tao Yuan leaned against Lei Yuan’s chest and said, “After the child is born, will Dawang 2 return?”

“I will do my best to return as soon as possible,” Lei Yuan replied, embracing him.

“Whether it’s early or not doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that Dawang can return safely. The battlefield is a dangerous place, so please be cautious,” Tao Yuan advised.

“You should take good care of yourself and safely deliver the child,” Lei Yuan placed his hand on Tao Yuan’s belly. Although Tao Yuan’s belly was still small, it seemed as though his heart could already sense the child inside him.

Although Tao Yuan knows that Lei Yuan will return safely this time, based on the events of their past life. He still can’t help but worry about the long separation. Furthermore, there is Yan Hao, a reborn person. He’s bound to do something, and Tao Yuan can’t be by his side. No matter how many times he advises caution, he still can’t feel at ease.

Lei Yuan has already started preparing for his departure. In the days leading up to his departure, Tao Yuan also began to help him get ready with the things he’ll need.

While Lei Yuan is busy, Tao Yuan checks those items over and over, carefully considering what else might be useful to bring without being burdensome.

On the day Lei Yuan left, Tao Yuan had originally wanted not to cry so that Lei Yuan could depart with peace of mind. But when Lei Yuan tightly embraced him, tears still started to fall from his eyes.

Lei Yuan released him, using his fingers to wipe away the tears, and said, “After I’ve left, don’t cry anymore. Crying too much will harm your health, and I won’t be able to focus on the battle.”

“I’ll cry just this once. I promise I won’t cry after you’re gone,” Tao Yuan said seriously as he looked at him.

“Do you think that after I leave, I won’t know if you cry? Even though I’m not in front of you, you’re carrying my child. This child inherits some of my profound Yang energy. When you cry, I can feel it,” Lei Yuan said.

“Then can you feel it when I miss you?” Tao Yuan wasn’t sure if he was being serious or not. But since he said it, whether it was true or not, he chose to believe it.

“Yes,” Lei Yuan answered confidently.

Tao Yuan looked at him with teary eyes, filled with reluctance. If it weren’t for his pregnancy, he would have found a way to go with Lei Yuan, no matter what. He had to conceive a child first, and that’s why he had to wait until the child was born. Otherwise, he would have tried to delay getting pregnant.

Despite how much he hated to part, he had to see Lei Yuan off. The army was waiting for Lei Yuan to depart.

Tao Yuan and Princess Yunyang accompanied Lei Yuan to the palace gates. They watched him ride away on his horse until he disappeared from view. It was only then that Princess Yunyang ordered the palace gates to be closed.

Princess Yunyang knew that this was the first time Tao Yuan had seen Lei Yuan off on a long journey. She could tell he was feeling upset. She offered him a few words of comfort and then had a sedan chair brought to take him back for some rest.

Life in ancient times was generally quite dull, and within the confines of the palace, it was even more so. After Lei Yuan’s departure, besides resting and taking care of his pregnancy, Tao Yuan began to find things to do on his own. He either spoke with Princess Yunyang or stayed at the Qu residence for a few days to keep Miao Chen company.

As the days passed, Tao Yuan’s belly gradually grew larger. Having given birth to children several times before, Tao Yuan knew that even as the belly expanded, it was beneficial to keep moving as long as it didn’t lead to exhaustion.

One day, realizing it had been half a month since he last visited the General’s Residence, Tao Yuan had a carriage prepared to go and see Miao Chen.

Upon arriving at the General’s Residence escorted by soldiers, Tao Yuan was stopped outside Miao Chen’s courtyard and not allowed to enter.

Tao Yuan was confused at first. Every time he came back, Miao Chen would eagerly greet him at the main entrance. But this time, everyone was outside the courtyard, and they wouldn’t let him in. Then he began to worry that maybe Miao Chen was injured and didn’t want him to see.

Tao Yuan insisted on going inside. Being heavily pregnant, he didn’t believe anyone would dare to stop him.

“Wang Jun, Wang Jun!” Qingfeng cautiously stood in front of Tao Yuan and said, “My lord is really sleeping. Wang Jun, please return to the royal palace for now and come to see my lord in a few days.”

“Tell me the truth. Has my dad been injured?” Tao Yuan asked Qingfeng with a serious expression.

“Langjun 3 is perfectly fine. He hasn’t been injured. He’s just been tired these past few days. Right now, he’s resting to regain his strength. If Wang Jun goes in, my lord won’t be able to sleep peacefully again.”

“My dad doesn’t sleep well at night? After sleeping so much during the day, he can’t sleep at night?” Tao Yuan didn’t believe what Qingfeng was saying at all.

“Langjun, Langjun…,” Qingfeng was somewhat hesitant, contemplating whether to tell Tao Yuan the truth. He could see that Tao Yuan wouldn’t leave without knowing what had happened.

“Tell me quietly, what’s happened to my dad? If you don’t tell me, I won’t leave,” Tao Yuan whispered to him.

“Langjun, he…,” Qingfeng turned to look back and then at Tao Yuan’s belly.

Tao Yuan also lowered his head to glance at his own belly and then touched it, asking, “Why are you looking at my belly?”

Tao Yuan was still puzzled, but then he looked at Qingfeng’s suggestive expression and suddenly realized, “You mean, my dad…?”

Qingfeng put a finger to his lips, signaling Tao Yuan to speak more quietly.

Tao Yuan immediately understood the reason why Miao Chen didn’t want to see him. He couldn’t help but laugh and then asked Qingfeng in a hushed tone, “Is my dad’s health okay?”

“Everything is fine. Wang Jun, please rest assured,” Qingfeng replied in a hushed tone.

Tao Yuan nodded and said, “Since my dad is already asleep, I’ll come to see him in a little while. When my dad wakes up, you can tell him to rest well.”

“Understood,” Qingfeng said with a bow.

Tao Yuan turned and left, heading directly back to the royal palace.

Miao Chen knew that Tao Yuan had left and felt torn inside. He didn’t want Tao Yuan to leave so soon, but he also couldn’t bring himself to see him. Tao Yuan was currently pregnant, and Miao Chen was too. If he had become pregnant before Tao Yuan, it would have been acceptable, but it happened after Tao Yuan got pregnant. Moreover, he was experiencing morning sickness. If he met Tao Yuan, he would surely notice it. So, he felt too embarrassed to see Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan sat in the carriage and couldn’t help but smile. He could imagine how awkward Miao Chen felt, which was why he avoided seeing him. He touched his own belly and thought, “Little one, you’ll have a younger uncle or aunt in the future.”

In this world, it’s not uncommon to have elders younger in age than oneself. The reason why Miao Chen felt so embarrassed was that Tao Yuan’s child was still in his belly. The difference in time between when he got together with Tao Yuan and when he got pregnant was only less than three months. In a few more months, the scene of both of them walking around with baby bumps would be awkward to think about.

Previously, Miao Chen had sent people to deliver various tonics for prenatal health to Tao Yuan. Now, it became Tao Yuan sending those supplements to Miao Chen.

Later on, Tao Yuan sent messengers multiple times to express his desire to visit Miao Chen. But each time, Miao Chen rejected the request. As Miao Chen’s pregnancy progressed, he became more embarrassed about the likelihood of seeing Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan understood his personality and was worried that he might want to see him but feel too awkward to do so, which could be bad for his health. So, he could only send a message to him, advising him to take good care of his health. If he ever wanted to see him, he could simply send a messenger to let Tao Yuan know, or they could meet after the child was born.

Miao Chen naturally wanted to see Tao Yuan, but he couldn’t shake off the awkward feeling in his heart. It wasn’t until Tao Yuan was approaching his due date that he couldn’t resist any longer and went to Leiwu Wang’s Palace. When he saw Tao Yuan in good health, he finally felt relieved.

Every month, Lei Yuan would send several letters to Tao Yuan. Whenever he missed him, he would take out his letters to read them.

After being pregnant for ten months, Tao Yuan finally gave birth to their child. Although it was disappointing that Lei Yuan wasn’t by his side, he felt that now that the child was born, no matter where Lei Yuan was, they could be together.

While Tao Yuan was still in postpartum period, he received a letter from Lei Yuan. In the letter, Lei Yuan told him that by the time he read the letter, he was already on his way back.

Tao Yuan was so happy and excited after reading the letter. Looking at the little, fair-skinned child sleeping peacefully beside him, he gently tapped his cheek with his finger and softly said, “Your father is coming back. After he returns, you won’t be able to sleep here at night anymore.”

Although Lei Yuan had not yet returned to the capital city, their child had already turned one month old. Princess Yunyang had prepared a grand full-moon banquet in the royal palace.

Originally, Princess Jiade had no intention of attending. It was widely known that they did not get along, so not attending was the expected response. But Princess Yunyang personally went to the Yanwu Wang’s Palace to deliver the invitation, using some provocations to push Princess Jiade’s buttons. As a result, Princess Jiade, fueled by anger, ended up stating that she would definitely attend the event.

After she calmed down, Princess Jiade realized she had fallen for Princess Yunyang’s provocation, but since the words had already been spoken, she couldn’t retract them. So, on the day of the full-moon banquet, she had to attend the event at the Leiwu Wang Palace.

As for Princess Yunyang, she couldn’t wait to show off her legitimate eldest grandson to everyone.

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  1. 北凉 Běi Liáng: Northern Liang
    关 Guān: Mountain Pass[]
  2. 大王 Dawang – Your Majesty/King/Person expert on something[]
  3. 郎君 láng jūn: ‘you’ addressed to another person’s husband or Master. Here it is Master/Lord[]

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