TOTLS Chapter 116

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 9

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Princess Yunyang only came out to show off her grandson to everyone when most of the guests had gathered, before the feast began

Listening to the compliments from the guests, Princess Yunyang still felt very pleased even though she knew they were deliberately flattering her.

Princess Jiade had been sitting there with a stern face and hadn’t moved. Princess Yunyang had specially invited her, so there was no way she would let her off so easily.

Princess Yunyang walked up to Princess Jiade while holding the child. She lowered the child slightly so that Princess Jiade could see his face clearly and said, “Come, take a look. Isn’t this child adorable? Doesn’t he melt your heart? Take a closer look. You might be able to hold your grandchild sooner.”

Princess Jiade originally wanted to say something sharp to irritate Princess Yunyang. But when she saw the child’s face, she froze. She couldn’t even say any harsh words. She couldn’t help but be amazed because it was exceptionally rare to see such a good-looking child at just one month old. In fact, she had never seen such a beautiful child before. The child’s fair and delicate appearance was like a piece of finest white jade sculpture. As she gazed at the child’s face, she found herself unable to speak any of the harsh words that had come to her lips.

Princess Yunyang, seeing Princess Jiade’s stunned expression, felt extremely happy and proud. Previously, when Lei Yuan lost two zhengjun and the likelihood of having his own child was very low, Princess Jiade didn’t hold back from making sarcastic comments. All the accumulated anger in Princess Yunyang had dissipated at this moment. Her heart was filled with satisfaction and pride.

Princess Yunyang lifted the child and placed him in her own arms, as if she were allowing Princess Jiade to have a closer look, as if she had acquired a significant advantage. Then, she turned around and carefully handed the child over to one of her maidservants. She was done showing off the child for the day, and had the maid take him back to Tao Yuan.

Princess Yunyang looked at Princess Jiade and said, “Has it been over a year since Yan Hao’s marriage? Three cajun 1, and none of them have conceived? I’m not just saying this as your elder sister, but you should also advise Yan Hao to put in more effort. If there are any health issues, it’s better to seek medical treatment early. No matter what the problem is, the longer it’s delayed, the harder it is to treat.”

Princess Jiade clenched her fists in frustration and said with an unpleasant expression, “There’s no need for Your Highness to worry. Yan Hao is in excellent health, and the absence of children is just a matter of timing.”

“Look at you, you’ve had this temper since you were a child. I’m only saying this for your own good. You’re already a grandmother now, so why are you still so resistant to advice? Don’t I know your personality well? I understand you’re very anxious to hold your grandson, but that’s exactly why you should quickly have Yan Hao treated.”

Princess Jiade was so angry, her face turned red. She abruptly stood up and looked at Princess Yunyang, saying, “I’ve already delivered the gifts personally. I’ll take my leave now!”

“Thank you for your generous gift. I hope we can send our return gifts to you as well,” Princess Yunyang said with a smile.

“Hmph!” Princess Jiade scoffed and said, “Enjoy your moment of glory, but it won’t last long.”

“Oh? In fact, you should know very well that the possibility of me enjoying my moment of glory is much greater than yours. You’re still just as stubborn as you were when we were kids. After all these years, you haven’t made any progress.”

Princess Jiade was shocked by her words. Her inner thoughts were exposed. She could only storm away in anger.

After she left, Qu Feng and the other cajuns would bear the brunt of her anger once again. While Tao Yuan’s child had reached one month, there was no sign of pregnancy in the three of them, which was undoubtedly a cause for concern for Princess Jiade. But pregnancy is something that can’t be rushed, and no matter how anxious one becomes, it won’t change the outcome.

When Princess Yunyang walked up to Princess Jiade, the guests who had been chatting and laughing fell silent. In the face of a dispute between the two princesses, they naturally didn’t dare to interrupt. The abrupt silence was almost instinctual. They only resumed their lively conversations after Princess Jiade left.

Carrying a big belly, Miao Chen came to attend his grandson’s full moon banquet. He felt awkward about joining the banquet, so he went directly to Tao Yuan’s courtyard as soon as he arrived at the royal palace.

Miao Chen felt embarrassed, but little did he know how many people envied him and were eager to flatter him. They were all disappointed that he didn’t appear at the banquet. At this time, Tao Yuan was the Wangjun of Lei Wu and had given birth to a legitimate son for Lei Yuan. With the ongoing power struggles, everyone felt that Lei Yuan had a higher chance of winning the power struggle.

Miao Chen was seriously injured years ago, and the famous miracle doctor claimed there was no cure. Now, he miraculously became pregnant, which left many people curious about how he had been healed.

Tao Yuan accepted the baby, cradling him, and said to Miao Chen, “Father hasn’t even seen his grandson yet. He didn’t even come to the full moon banquet.”

“He would love to come and see, but he’s extremely busy. He hardly has time to rest. He doesn’t even let me help with anything. I could assist him if I weren’t pregnant, but in my current state, he insists I do nothing and handles everything himself.”

“Although Dad can’t help directly, what about the staff? Why does Father have to do everything personally? Maintaining so many people, are they all just eating for free?”

“Your father’s personality, don’t you know it? He’s been through a lot of emotional turmoil due to your grandmother’s actions back in the day. That’s why he’s so suspicious and reluctant to trust anyone except me.”

In his heart, Tao Yuan cursed Lady Qu for being so biased, to the point of even harming her own biological son. It was an extreme form of favoritism. Although he was much older in actual years, he didn’t want to utter that kind of criticism since the original owner was technically younger.

“Give him to me.” Miao Chen gazed at the child. He couldn’t resist being drawn to his cuteness, and wanted to hold him.

“Dad, be careful. This child is quite heavy.” Tao Yuan gently placed the child into Miao Chen’s arms.

Miao Chen looked at the child’s round face with affection.

Miao Chen continued to chat with Tao Yuan for a while. As he noticed that it was getting late, he reluctantly handed the child back to Tao Yuan and took his leave.

After the full moon banquet, Tao Yuan counted the days in his heart until Lei Yuan return.

Tao Yuan and the child were taking a nap when he suddenly felt someone pressing against him. In his half-awake state, he wondered who it was and then abruptly opened his eyes to find the only person who dared to do this to him.

Tao Yuan held Lei Yuan’s face excitedly and said, “You’re back? When did you return? Why didn’t you have someone inform me in advance?”

“If I had someone inform you, you’d probably have started waiting for me early, and you wouldn’t be able to rest as peacefully as you are now.” Lei Yuan caressed Tao Yuan’s face. The feeling of longing within him was like dry land finally receiving a nourishing rain.

“I’ve been out of postpartum for several days now, so it’s okay to wait…,” Tao Yuan mentioned postpartum, only then did he recall the child sleeping next to them. He pushed away Lei Yuan, sat up, and then held the still-sleeping child in his arms, saying, “Look at your son. Doesn’t he resemble you?”

“… My face isn’t this round,” Lei Yuan observed the chubby little round face.

“I’m not talking about face shape, I’m referring to facial features. Even though he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, if you look closely at his nose and mouth, don’t they resemble you a bit?” Tao Yuan spoke seriously.

“I’m better looking than him. His face is too round. He’ll probably have a round face when he grows up.” Lei Yuan really couldn’t see the resemblance between this still palm-sized chubby face and himself. He thought Tao Yuan must miss him so much that he saw his son looking like him.

Tao Yuan looked at him speechlessly. He had never seen a father who was so persistent in complaining about his son’s round face, especially when the child was so small. Tao Yuan gently patted the baby and thought to himself, ‘Baobao 2, we won’t be angry. When you grow up, we’ll show your father how handsome you are. There’s no way you’ll still have a round face when you’re older.’

“Have you decided on a name for the child on your way back?” Tao Yuan had to change the subject and avoid discussing whether the child’s face was round or not.

“How about calling him Lei Xiao 3? I’ll go to the ancestral temple tomorrow to update the genealogy records,” Lei Yuan suggested.

“Are you sure you didn’t just come up with that on the spot?” Tao Yuan gave him a skeptical look.

“No, I had it in mind before I left,” Lei Yuan said. “Have you given him a nickname?”

“No, he’s been called ‘Baobao’ since birth. I was waiting for you to come back and give him a proper name,” Tao Yuan thought for a moment and said, “If we want to give him a nickname, what should it be?”

“Let’s call him Xiao Yuan 4, his face is so round,” Lei Yuan looked at the child and said.

Tao Yuan was so irritated that he punched Lei Yuan’s shoulder. “My son will not be given such a common name as Xiao Yuan!”

“Jiang Shuang,” Lei Yuan called out to the door.

“Jiang Shuang, immediately come in here,” Lei Yuan ordered.

Jiang Shuang quickly walked in and knelt down, bowing before saying, “What are your orders, Dawang?”

“Take the Crown Prince away,” Lei Yuan instructed.

“Yes,” Jiang Shuang stood up, approached the bed, took the child, and swiftly left the room.

Although Tao Yuan entrusted the child to Jiang Shuang, his gaze still remained fixed on the servant’s retreating figure.

“Look at me. I’m much more good-looking than that round-faced baby,” Lei Yuan said, turning his face to make himself more visible.

Tao Yuan glared at him unhappily. “You’re not allowed to call him ‘Xiao Yuan.’ His face won’t be round when he grows up. If you call him that, how can he command respect when he’s older?”

Tao Yuan felt that names like “Xiao Shizi 5” or “Xiao Hu 6” were a hundred times better than “Xiao Yuan.”

Lei Yuan pinched Tao Yuan’s chin and kissed him hard.

Tao Yuan hugged his neck and slowly fell back. They didn’t see each other for more than half a year, two people’s hearts and bodies are missing each other. And now, they finally meet again. The desire of their body does not need to endure anymore, and can vent heartily.

Lei Yuan moved from Tao Yuan’s lips down, forcefully kissed his neck. Tao Yuan looked up, his expression began to blur.

When Lei Yuan was taking off Tao Yuan’s pants, he smelled the milky fragrance on his body. He couldn’t help tearing Tao Yuan’s top clothes first. He looked at the bulging part of Tao Yuan and immediately opened his eyes wide for a long time.

Tao Yuan felt embarrassed under his gaze and turned his head to the side.

Lei Yuan leaned down once again.

Tao Yuan was experiencing a mixture of pain and pleasure from what he was doing, breathing heavily with his mouth slightly open.

Suddenly, Lei Yuan felt as if he had gained a surge of power. He sensed a subtle increase in his spiritual energy. He propped himself up, looking at Tao Yuan with a surprised expression.

Tao Yuan pretended to look confused and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Maybe…” Lei Yuan had a sense of certainty but couldn’t be too sure.

“Maybe what?” Tao Yuan knew very well what he was surprised about but couldn’t show that he already knew.

“Perhaps this is a way to increase spiritual power?”

“Are you saying that by… absorbing mine, you can enhance your spiritual power?”

“I did feel the sensation of increased spiritual power, but… I’ll try again.”

After a while, Tao Yuan felt completely drained due to Lei Yuan’s actions. Only then did Lei Yuan look at him and say excitedly, “So, this is indeed a method to increase spiritual power!”

“Are you… sure about that?” Tao Yuan pretended to be somewhat skeptical.

Lei Yuan was already quite certain, but he teased, “Well, I might need to confirm it again, just to be sure.”

Tao Yuan was stunned for a moment. Then looked down at Lei Yuan who was burying his face in his chest. The feeling that made him tremble and made him feel painful and comfortable came again.

Tao Yuan could only close his eyes and wait for Lei Yuan to confirm, but after waiting for a long time, Lei Yuan did not raise his head. He felt that both sides were being sucked out by him, so he could only say, “Save some for the child.”

As soon as Lei Yuan heard him say this, he sucked harder.


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  1. concubine[]
  2. 宝宝 bǎo bǎo: Darling/Baby[]
  3. 霄 Xiāo: Firmament / Heaven[]
  4. 小圆 xiǎo yuán: Little Round/Circle[]
  5. 小狮子 xiǎo shī zi: Little Lion[]
  6. 小老虎 xiǎo lǎo hǔ: Little Tiger[]

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