TOTLS Chapter 117

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 10

Lei Yuan learned a new way of how the Sacred Spirit’s Vessel provides spiritual power and felt very satisfied with this method. 

In order to provide Lei Yuan with spiritual power, Tao Yuan needs to surpass his Xuan Yang power, so that Lei Yuan can better control his power. This made Lei Xuan’s milk not enough. Immediately, Lei Yuan ordered people to find a reliable and trustworthy wet nurse. 

Tao Yuan had long anticipated this. He looked at Lei Yuan who was obviously very happy but still wore a serious expression after knowing he 1 didn’t need to feed the child. He could only sigh helplessly. Who made this man his lover?

“Baobao, from now on, your milk will be taken over by your father. Just look at him as your father, don’t argue with him. Daddy will secretly feed you.” Tao Yuan gazed at his son’s face, whispering softly.

Although it took Lei Yuan more than half a year to return, he could stay for only three or four months before he had to journey back to Beiliang Guan. This time, the departure was going to be even longer than before because this expedition would determine the timing for moving the capital. Whoever leads in this relocation would essentially determine who has the most power. Therefore, this expedition was crucial.

When Lei Yuan returned to the capital city, Yan Hao immediately led his troops to Beiliang Guan. But Tao Yuan believed that Yan Hao’s efforts would be in vain, and the one who would ultimately hold the power would be Lei Yuan. In the previous life, Yan Hao couldn’t compare to Lei Yuan. If it weren’t for Lei Yuan’s self-destructive use of Xuan Yang power, he wouldn’t have died, and even with Qu Cang’s assistance, the power struggle could only have lasted longer. Last time, Lei Yuan died due to the explosion of Xuan Yang power, and Yan Hao was killed by the original host. It allowed Hanwu Wang, the least influential among the three Wu Wangs, to reap the benefits.

With Tao Yuan’s presence in this life, their eldest son had already absorbed a portion of Lei Yuan’s Xuan Yang power, and he had been growing in Tao Yuan’s womb for ten months, giving him enough spiritual power to control the Xuan Yang power.

Because he needed to provide power to Lei Yuan, Tao Yuan was definitely going to go with him this time, but he couldn’t bring their child along, which made him feel somewhat reluctant. Qu Cang had originally planned to go with them, but because Miao Chen was pregnant and would give birth soon, he postponed his departure to accompany him and wait until after he gave birth. But Tao Yuan still couldn’t help but worry about Miao Chen. Besides their child, he had another source of concern, but this time he couldn’t stay away from Lei Yuan’s side.

After Lei Yuan had been away for such a long time, his longing for Tao Yuan had grown stronger. Whenever he had a moment of free time, he wished he could become one with Tao Yuan, holding him tightly without letting go.

“Don’t bite…” Tao Yuan gasped softly. His hand on Lei Yuan’s shoulder. Because he had maintained this posture for quite a while now, he felt like his body was being hollowed out.

Tao Yuan gently pushed Lei Yuan away and said, “That’s enough. Really, let’s do it later tonight.”

Finally, Lei Yuan released his grip, helping Tao Yuan straighten his clothes. Tao Yuan let out a long sigh, then leaned weakly against Lei Yuan’s chest.

“Can we make a deal?” Tao Yuan murmured, pressing his face against his chest.

“What kind of deal?” Lei Yuan held him close, planted a kiss on his forehead, and caressed his face, his heart overflowing with affection. The feeling of having this beloved person in his arms filled him with great satisfaction, a level of contentment he had never experienced before.

“When there’s nothing left, can you please stop sucking?” Tao Yuan’s weakness didn’t stem from having all his milk drained, but because of being both sucked and nibbled by him. It stirred his body, leaving him no strength at all.

Lei Yuan didn’t reply. Instead, he kissed him passionately and deeply.

“Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…” Tao Yuan couldn’t speak and could only make a sound to protest. This cunning rascal deliberately refrained from replying, attempting to divert his attention with the intense kiss. By the time he felt lightheaded and dizzy from the intoxicating kiss, he’d be too weak to resist.

Lei Yuan dispatched a large number of troops to search for all sorts of rare spirit-enhancing supplements to help Tao Yuan recover. But in reality, Tao Yuan didn’t need any of these supplements at all. His body itself was a never-ending wellspring of spiritual energy, so there was no need for additional supplements.

As the departure time drew nearer, Tao Yuan found it hard to part with the child. But holding the child in his arms every day made Lei Yuan feel dissatisfied. Knowing that they would soon be separated from the child, Tao Yuan decided to act coquettish towards Lei Yuan. Then, Lei Yuan didn’t mind him holding the child for as long as he wanted.

Aside from holding the child every day, Tao Yuan started visiting Miao Chen more often. Miao Chen was nearing his due date, and Tao Yuan couldn’t help but worry.

Sitting beside Miao Chen, Tao Yuan held the child. Miao Chen’s belly had grown so large that he couldn’t hold the child himself, but just seeing them together made him very happy.

“Dad, there are still over ten days before I’ll be accompanying Da Wang on the journey to Beiliang Guan,” Tao Yuan said as he took out a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve and placed it solemnly in Miao Chen’s hand. “This is a spiritual medicine I had Da Wang find for you. Keep it with you at all times. If you go into labor, take this medicine. It will keep you and the little one safe.”

Miao Chen took it and looked at Tao Yuan, “I am your ‘Dad’ here. I haven’t even been able to do much for you, but you’ve certainly taken on a lot of my worries.”

“Raising me to be this big and this good-looking is already the greatest achievement,” Tao Yuan said with a smile.

“You’re shameless.” Miao Chen playfully tapped his forehead with a finger and couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Beiliang Guan is a land of ice and snow, desolate and harsh. It won’t be a comfortable palace there, so you need to be mentally prepared. The population of the Beiliang refugees is vast, and they can be ruthless and cunning. They’ve been invading the territory of our Donglai Guo for many years, coming and going. Even though you’ll be with Da Wang, you still need to be cautious and vigilant at all times,” Miao Chen advised him. As the saying goes, a son travels a thousand miles, but a mother worries. Tao Yuan is worried about Miao Chen giving birth, and Miao Chen is also worried that Tao Yuan would suffer any hardship at Beiliang Guan.

“Rest assured, Dad. I’ll be extra cautious. Even if I suffer some hardships it is nothing. Didn’t you go through a lot of hardships when you followed Father on campaigns in the past? Besides, I’ll be with Da Wang. He won’t require me to fight on the battlefield. So Dad, there’s no need to worry too much.”

Miao Chen held his hand and nodded, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but worry. How could he not?

This time, not only would Tao Yuan be going, but Qu Feng also left for Beiliang Guan over three months ago with Yan Hao. Since Yan Hao didn’t have children yet, his return was uncertain. So, he had to bring one of his cejun 2 with him. Princess Jiade had wanted him to take another cejun, but after Qu Feng cried a few times, Yan Hao insisted on bringing him along.

In the previous life, it was the original host who endured hardships with Yan Hao at Beiliang Guan. Qu Feng hadn’t been to Beiliang Guan at all. After they relocated to Beian City, he enjoyed even more luxuries than the original host. Tao Yuan was curious to see if he could withstand the hardships of Beiliang Guan.

On the day the army set off, Tao Yuan reluctantly placed the child in Princess Yunyang’s arms. Then, he turned and climbed onto the carriage, taking one step at a time.

Seeing Tao Yuan’s teary-eyed look, Lei Yuan felt a pang of heartache. After giving the order to depart, he climbed onto Tao Yuan’s carriage and hugged him for comfort.

Tao Yuan actually wanted to bring the child along, but Beiliang Guan was too cold at the moment. It would be at least a few more months before it warmed up. Moreover, going now was when the Beiliang refugees were most fierce. The warfare would undoubtedly be intense, and it wouldn’t be wise to take the child along.

Although the marching speed was already considered quite fast, it still took almost half a month to finally reach the north. And the further they went the colder it got.

While Tao Yuan’s carriage was like a small house, spacious and comfortable, being jostled for so many days still made him feel uncomfortable.

There was a stove inside the carriage so it was quite warm. Tao Yuan pushed the wooden window open a bit to look outside. He saw a world of ice and snow glistening before him. He figured they must be close to Beiliang Guan. In truth, this kind of weather wasn’t suitable for warfare. Ironically, it was precisely now when Beiliang refugees were most rampant. They were more accustomed to fighting in such conditions.

In the previous life, Yan Hao had an easier time with Qu Cang’s help in fighting for the original host’s sake. Qu Cang assisted him in subduing many capable generals.

This life, without Qu Cang’s support and without having already conquered capable generals from the previous life, he could only rely on himself and the soldiers under his command now. He initially thought that even without Qu Cang, he would still be able to expand his own influence and eventually subdue those formidable generals from his past life, but itt would just take a bit longer.

But he didn’t expect that without Qu Cang, this battle would be so difficult. He even came close to being injured by those audacious Beiliang refugees.

The reason why Qu Cang became the Northern General was because of his expertise in fighting in the icy world of the north. He knew how to deal with the cunning Beiliang refugees. The capable generals that Yan Hao’s father left him were all skilled in southern warfare. Suddenly finding themselves in this frozen northern world, it was hard for them to adapt immediately.

For several consecutive months, Yan Hao not only failed to expand his territory much, but he was also spun around in circles by those audacious Beiliang refugees. The thought that Lei Yuan already had a considerable expanse of land at Beiliang Guan while his own soldiers’ casualties continued to rise made him even more anxious.

In addition, in his previous life, after Lei Yuan’s death, Yan Hao became the sole leader. Gradually he consolidated most of the authority into his hands. He enjoyed a long period where he only needed to give orders and wait to reap the rewards. Naturally, his mindset was different. But now, he had to lead the troops personally. He began to realize just how challenging it was to achieve the victories he desired. This made him regret not following the same path as in his previous life – marrying the original host earlier.

Meanwhile, Qu Feng would hide inside the tent every day, filled with anxiety and fear. He was extremely afraid that the Beiliang people would breach the camp.

Whenever a battle started, he would sit on the bed, clutching a blanket, trembling at the sound of the pained cries of injured soldiers. It wasn’t because he was cold, but because he was terrified. One time, he ventured outside the tent and saw one bloodied soldier after another being carried back. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead. He immediately fainted from the overwhelming fear.

After that, he never dared to walk out of the tent easily. He was afraid of seeing those soldiers covered in blood. He had never realized that warfare could be such a terrible thing.

In his previous life, it wasn’t until after his husband’s death that he entered and left Yanwu Wang’s palace. When he saw Yan Hao, handsome and influential, he couldn’t help but be tempted. He thought that although he was a widower, he had a rather good-looking face. If he could gain Yan Hao’s favor, even if he was just a courtier, it would be much better than marrying someone else.

But after giving birth to Yan Hao’s eldest son and becoming the side cejun, he became more and more dissatisfied. As Yan Hao gained full control of power, he wanted his own son to become the crown prince. To achieve this, he needed to overthrow Qu Yun.

Ever since he got involved with Yan Hao, he had never experienced hardship again. As a result, he had never truly understood just how terrifying warfare could be. The mere thought of those soldiers covered in blood made it impossible for him to eat, and at night, the agonizing cries of those soldiers kept him from getting any sleep.

Yan Hao, on the other hand, had been in a foul mood due to the lack of progress in the offensive. He wore a gloomy expression and had no inclination or mood to comfort him in any way.

Qu Feng couldn’t bear such hardship any longer. He wanted to return to the capital. He’d rather delay having children than continue this anxious and perilous life, where death could come at any moment. But when he mentioned his desire to return to Yan Hao, who was already in a foul mood, Yan Hao berated him and told him to find his own way back if he wanted to leave.

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