TOTLS Chapter 119

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 12

In the frigid northern lands, there are a large number of nomadic tribes roaming freely. When the weather turned warm, they lived as hunters, seeking their livelihood through the bounties of nature. But when the harsh, freezing cold comes, they turn to robbing and plundering of property and food. Sometimes they even rob entire cities to endure the extreme cold until it passes, and then disappear without a trace.

Until now, the Donglai Guo had been offering them chances to submit but they stubbornly resisted. This time, in order to relocate the capital, Beiliang Guan must be stabilized. Any tribes unwilling to pledge their allegiance will face complete annihilation or be driven into the desolate wilderness beyond the northern borders.

Because his spiritual power was significantly enhanced, Lei Yuan was able to better control the power of Xuan Yang. In battles against the nomadic tribes of Beirong 1, he became even more formidable, driving those wanderers into a relentless retreat one after another.

Three months passed, and wherever Lei Yuan led his forces to within five days, not a trace of the Beirong nomads could be found. As for Qu Cang, he arrived at Beiliang Guan a month earlier, and Lei Yuan, like a tiger with added wings, had grown even more powerful.

The overwhelming momentum of the Zuo Lei’s Army struck terror into the hearts of those tribes. After a string of defeats and an aversion to the desolate wilderness, some began to consider submitting. Lei Yuan issued an order to disperse the surrendering Beirong nomads, sending them to different regions within Donglai Guo. They would be under strict restrictions, forbidding them from going beyond the designated living areas.

Zuo Lei led his troops northward and continued to pursue the Beirong nomads who refused to submit. The nomads fell in large numbers as their leaders, unwilling to submit, became a source of fear for those beneath them. Many began to flee and then chose to submit themselves.

Two more months passed, and the extreme cold had waned, as the weather gradually warmed up.

Zuo Lei’s influence continued to grow within the Beiliang Guan, while it was difficult for Yan Hao to expand his influence. Several months had passed, but his sphere of power remained relatively small. Initially, it had been agreed that whoever contributed the most in pacifying the Beiliang Guan would take the lead in deciding the relocation of the capital. Now, it appeared that the overall situation had more or less been decided.

Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan sat in their tent, waiting for the visit of the Crown Prince of Sang Guo. Tao Yuan sat beside Lei Yuan holding a small hand warmer, thinking to himself. He couldn’t help but think that Yan Hao’s position was actually closer to Sang Guo, and yet the Crown Prince deliberately bypassed his territory to extend goodwill to Lei Yuan. These smaller nations were quite sharp in reading the situation.

“Da Wang, the Crown Prince of Sang Guo has arrived,” Fang Ce entered and reported.

“Invite him in,” Lei Yuan said.

A tall, young man strode in with confidence. Upon reaching Lei Yuan, he bowed respectfully. “I pay my respects to Leiwu Wang.”

“No need for excessive courtesy. Please have a seat, Crown Prince.” Lei Yuan replied.

“Thank you, Da Wang,” Sang Yuan straightened his posture. He had initially intended to move and take a seat nearby, but when he saw Tao Yuan, he froze in place.

Tao Yuan raised his gaze and noticed Sang Yuan staring at him with a blank expression. He frowned as he felt a sense of discomfort. While Sang Guo might be small, Sang Yuan was still a crown prince, and he found his behavior quite impolite.

Upon seeing Sang Yuan’s demeanor, Lei Yuan naturally grew displeased. He activated his spiritual power, casting a sharp, penetrating gaze in his direction.

Sang Yuan couldn’t help but tremble. After regaining his composure, he met Lei Yuan’s intense gaze. Despite being a typically bold individual, he suddenly felt a sense of fear. He quickly lowered his head to conceal his emotions and took a seat to the side, thinking, “Indeed, he is the legendary possessor of Xuang Yuang Power. A mere look from him made me feel scared.”

“Is there a matter of great importance that brings the Crown Prince here?” Lei Yuan asked with a stern expression, his earlier displeasure evident due to the way Sang Yuan had looked at Tao Yuan.

“I came at my father’s order, presenting Leiwu Wang with some provisions and unique products from our Sang Guo as a gesture of goodwill. I hope Leiwu Wang won’t find them lacking,” Sang Yuan tried his best to maintain his composure and refrain from glancing at Tao Yuan. He was not a licentious person, but he had been genuinely surprised by Tao Yuan’s beauty a moment ago, which had left his heart racing. But he was here to show his respect to Lei Yuan, not to offend him. Considering Lei Yuan’s evident displeasure, he dared not look in Tao Yuan’s direction again.

“On behalf of Ben Wang, many thanks to your 2 father,” Lei Yuan replied.

“It is I who must express gratitude on behalf of the people of Sang Guo,” Sang Yuan replied. “Thanks to Leiwu Wang’s military campaign against the Beirong nomads, our kingdom suffered fewer raids this year. Now all the countries in the northern territories are saying that Leiwu Wang is like a military general of the gods, striking fear into the hearts of those nomads. We smaller nations, too, are grateful and owe our peace to Leiwu Wang.”

While Sang Yuan intended to flatter Lei Yuan, he sincerely admired him as well. The provisions and goods he brought to Lei Yuan were to show his goodwill. He expressed their readiness to form an alliance with Lei Yuan, choosing his side over Yan Hao’s, and assured him that Sang Guo would be more than willing to offer assistance wherever it was needed.

After Sang Yuan conveyed his intentions, Lei Yuan made a gesture of acknowledgement. He then had someone escort Sang Yuan to his quarters for rest and planned to host a banquet in his honor later in the evening.

Once Sang Yuan had left, Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan rose and returned to their inner room.

“I’ve heard that the Crown Prince of Sang Guo is both wise and brave, surpassing his two older brothers to claim the title of crown prince and earning the approval of all the ministers. I was quite curious about his true character but having met him today, I find that he possesses only external elegance. As for the rest, it might be somewhat exaggerated,” Tao Yuan expressed his disapproval of Sang Yuan’s earlier gaze. His apparent infatuation and his evident displays were too much for his liking. After all, he was the crown prince of a nation, yet his emotions were laid bare so easily. Those praises of his intelligence and bravery were likely greatly exaggerated.

“Are you still thinking about other men?” Lei Yuan looked at Tao Yuan with a sour look in his eyes.

“I…” Tao Yuan was stunned for a moment, blinked a few times, and then said, “I only found out he was coming, so I had someone ask what kind of person he is. I am your zhengjun, and when receiving the Crown Prince of Sang Guo alongside you, it’s only natural to want to know who we are hosting. It helps to be mentally prepared, doesn’t it?”

Lei Yuan stretched his hand and pulled Tao Yuan into his embrace, holding him tightly. “No, you’re not allowed to learn about any other men outside of me,” he declared.

“I can’t breathe,” Tao Yuan hit his chest and quickly added, “I won’t ask, I won’t ask, I won’t get to know anyone except you. Is that okay?”

Lei Yuan lifted Tao Yuan with one swift motion and placed him on the couch, propping him up against it. Then, he undid the collar of Tao Yuan’s clothing.

“It’s not the right time yet today,” Tao Yuan pouted and remarked.

Lei Yuan remained silent, merely leaning down to press himself against Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan held onto Lei Yuan’s shoulders, closed his eyes, and whispered softly, “Gentler, and switch sides, please. Last night, you focused on this side, and it’s a bit sore.”

“Da Wang, Wangjun, General Qu has arrived,” the voice of Jiang Shuang echoed from the outside.

Tao Yuan immediately opened his eyes, pushed Lei Yuan away, and looked at him. “I have something to discuss with my father. Can we continue this later tonight?”

Lei Yuan gazed at Tao Yuan and remained silent, but his face clearly expressed three words: I am unwilling.

Tao Yuan quickly tidied his clothing, held Lei Yuan’s face, planted a firm kiss on his lips, and then got up and ran out.

Lei Yuan sighed as he watched Tao Yuan’s retreating figure. While he had been talking with Sang Yuan earlier, he couldn’t help but think about how to eliminate Sang Yuan and conquer Sang Guo. But Sang Guo was relatively small in comparison to Donglai Guo. Among the numerous small nations in the northern territories, Sang Guo was both the most prosperous and the most powerful.

Currently, the top priority was to eradicate the Beirong nomads. Engaging in hostilities with Sang Guo was highly irrational. But every time Lei Yuan thought of Sang Yuan’s infatuated gaze when looking at Tao Yuan, he couldn’t help but wish to obliterate Sang Guo at once.

“Father,” Tao Yuan walked briskly towards Qu Cang.

Qu Cang turned around and when he saw Tao Yuan, his typically expressionless face broke into a faint smile.

“Father, has my Dad sent a letter? When is he setting out for the Beiliang Guan?” Tao Yuan asked.

“Your father is already on the way, and he should arrive in about ten days,” Qu Cang replied.

“Did he bring younger brother too?”

“He did. Your father wouldn’t be at ease without him by his side. It was the same when you were much younger.”

“Then I need to start getting ready. After Dad arrives, I’ll look after my younger brother.”

“On this matter, you can discuss it with your Dad after he arrives. In my opinion, it’s best for you and your Dad to be together,” Qu Cang suggested.

“Dad  certainly wouldn’t agree. He’s coming to Beiliang Guan to be with our father.”

Nearby, by the edge of a tent, someone was concealed, watching Tao Yuan as he spoke with Qu Cang. In truth, he wasn’t exactly hiding, but his position was relatively inscopicious, conveniently positioned in a blind spot.

Sang Yuan gazed at Tao Yuan’s profile and wondered how one person could be so stunning, even from the side. The aura he exuded was as if he had descended from the heavens. This was the first time he had ever developed such affection for someone, yet it was destined to be a one-sided, unrequited love.

Sang Yuan let out a sigh, a sense of regret and frustration welling up within him. Why did he have to fall for someone he could never have? Does he have to be from Donglai Guo and not Sang Guo? Why wouldn’t fate let them meet when he could still make a stand?

He closed his eyes, thinking that it was best to sever his yearning for this person while his feelings weren’t still too deepl.

Qu Cang still had to go see Lei Yuan. Tao Yuan walked with him towards the tent, but then suddenly paused in his steps. He looked around, feeling like someone had been following him since a while ago.

Qu Cang and Lei Yuan discussed their plans and arrangements for the next steps, while Tao Yuan sat quietly on the side, listening. When it came to matters of war, he didn’t need to worry or contribute. Both Lei Yuan and Qu Cang were rare military geniuses. Dealing with the Beirong nomads didn’t require his strategizing or efforts. So, when Lei Yuan and Qu Cang discussed, Tao Yuan knew better than to interrupt.

Since there was a banquet planned for Sang Yuan in the afternoon, Lei Yuan asked Qu Cang to stay and help host Sang Yuan.

As the time for the banquet approached in the late afternoon, Fang Ce suddenly came to report that Yan Hao had arrived.

“Are you just stepping on the rice cake to get food? 3” Tao Yuan smiled and sarcastically said, “The majestic Yanwu Wang not only arrives uninvited but also neglects to send word in advance.”

“You seem to dislike Yan Hao quite a bit,” Lei Yuan had long sensed Tao Yuan’s strong hostility towards Yan Hao. At first, he thought it might be because Yan Hao was his rival, but now he felt that Tao Yuan’s animosity toward Yan Hao went beyond the rivalry between them.

“I don’t just dislike him. I want to kill him. No, I want to torture him cruelly, making him wish for death, and then I’ll finish him off,” Tao Yuan stated fiercely, glaring and even making a slashing motion with his hand.

“Why?” Lei Yuan was somewhat puzzled, not understanding why Tao Yuan harbored such deep hatred towards Yan Hao.

“When you saved me before, those black-masked men who wanted to kill me were sent by Yan Hao,” Tao Yuan couldn’t reveal the events of his past life to Lei Yuan, but he could tell Lei Yuan a partially true, partially fabricated reason for his hatred towards Yan Hao.

“Those people were dressed in black with masks, and they turned into black sand in the end. How do you know they were sent by Yan Hao?”

“Because the person who stabbed me with the knife was someone from Yan Hao’s side. His eyes were distinctive, and I recognized him,” Tao Yuan said with great conviction. “I’m certain that Yan Hao sent them to kill me.”

“Why would he want to kill you?” Lei Yuan was even more confused.

“Because he wanted to marry Qu Feng as zhengjun, but he also wanted my father’s wholehearted support. If I married someone else, my father might not help him,” Tao Yuan explained to Lei Yuan. “And I overheard a conversation between Qu Feng and his mother when I returned home, so I knew that Yan Hao had murderous intentions towards me. I didn’t tell my father or dad at the time because it wasn’t the right time to be at odds with Yan Hao.”

“You should have told me earlier,” Lei Yuan clenched his fists, his eyes filled with anger.

“It’s not too late to tell Da Wang now. I know you’ll help me seek revenge, but it’s not the right time yet, so I’m not in a hurry.” Tao Yuan said, holding Lei Yuan’s face. “Da Wang, I’m a very patient person, as long as I get the result I want. Right now, we must not beat the grass to scare the snake 4. Da Wang, you need to control your emotions.”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely avenge this for you,” Lei Yuan kissed Tao Yuan on the forehead, then held him tightly in his arms. Even now, the memory of Tao Yuan’s body being pierced by a knife pained him deeply. While he believed that Yan Hao’s desire to kill Tao Yuan was probably not as straightforward as Tao Yuan claimed, he was determined to make Yan Hao pay, no matter the reason. He would ensure Yan Hao experienced life worse than death.

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  1. 北绒 Běi róng North velvet/wool; Author wrote this instead of  北境 Beiliang Guan and in previous chapters I wrote Beiliang nomads instead of Beirong because i thought there was typo. But the Author continuously wrote it as Beirong so it will be Beirong when it said so[]
  2. 你 nǐ informal you lolol[]
  3. 这是专门踩着饭点来蹭饭的吗?: Is this person specifically here to freeload a meal right at dinner time?; I saw another translation of 蹭饭 cèng fàn or Eat for free meaning Eating at another place for nothing (or eating other people’s food in vain) or eating with others without paying for it.[]
  4. 打草惊蛇  beat the grass to scare the snake / to inadvertently alert an enemy []


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