TOTLS Chapter 123

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 16

After boarding the carriage, Sang Wen complained to Sang Yuan. “Yuan Ge, since Da Wang took the initiative to let us stay, what a great opportunity it is! Don’t you agree?”

“You’ve got the nerve to say that?!” Sang Yuan glared at him angrily. “A golden opportunity wasted by you! You know Xue Ji loves wandering around and has bitten several people to death. Why did you sneakily bring his here? If Xue Ji really bit the son of Leiwu Wang or General Qu, Lei Wu Wang and General Qu Cang would never let it slide. They might even lead their armies to attack our Sang Guo! You nearly caused a catastrophe! I shouldn’t have brought you along!”

Sang Wen hung his head as he cried. He had never been scolded like this before, feeling wronged but too afraid to retort.

“Yuan Ge, it’s not all Ah Wen’s fault. Xue Ji secretly hid in the carriage and followed us,” Sang Yun interjected.

“You’re no different!” Sang Yuan glared at Sang Yun. “Since you’ve already discovered Xue Ji sneaking along, why didn’t you keep an eye on it? You’re usually such a clever person, even Father says you have a keen mind. How is it that, at the sight of Leiwu Wang, your keen mind gets smeared with grease?!”

Sang Yun lowered his head under the scolding, not daring to argue.

“Didn’t you realize, because Xue Ji almost bit the son of Leiwu Wang and General Qu Cang, Leiwu Wang is furious right now? And yet, you went along with Leiwu Wang’s words to stay. What’s the point of staying? To make Leiwu Wang dislike you even more? You’re usually the most adept at reading the situation, how did you suddenly become so stupid?!”

“In front of Leiwu Wang, you mocked his Wangjun. Don’t you see from the eyes of Leiwu Wang how much he loves his Wangjun now? Do you think Leiwu Wang is Father? That Leiwu Wang’s Wangjun is Father’s concubine? Just a few words of provocation from you, and he will lose his favor?!

“Leiwu Wang’s  Wangjun is really a difficult person to deal with. I was confused today, but Yuan Ge you can rest assured, I will never lose to him!” Sang Yun said firmly in his eyes, “After going back, I will seriously reflect, and when I see Leiwu Wang next time, I will seize the opportunity.”

Tao Yuan thought that the twins, Sang Yun and Sang Wen, would reappear soon. But to his surprise, several months passed without any sign of them.

A few months later, the remaining Beirong nomads who were still alive and refused to submit are few in number. Lei Yuan and Qu Cang joined hands to get twice the result with half the effort. They killed all the nomads in the north and those who fled east and west. As the weather is getting warmer, the Sang Guo together with other small countries, also encircle and suppress the Beirong nomads. So the number of Beirong nomads rapidly dwindled, making survival in the Northern territories nearly impossible.

The remaining handful of Beirong nomads no longer posed a significant threat. Lei Yuan stationed a portion of his soldiers to maintain order while he led the main force to Bei’an City. With this, they can formally begin the relocation of the capital city. 

Lei Yuan now held complete control over the initiative to relocate the capital, effectively securing the highest authority. This also meant a reorganization of many important government positions and responsibilities.

During the capital relocation process, the faction led by Lei Yuan was undoubtedly the happiest. Some even suggested that Lei Yuan should seize this opportunity to declare himself emperor, but Lei Yuan felt that the time was not yet ripe. He decided to postpone any discussion of declaring himself emperor for the future. Officials from various ranks arrived at the new capital, Bei’an City. Lei Yuan chose to leave the Crown Emperor in the old capital temporarily. The plan was to bring the Crown Emperor to Bei’an City once the imperial palace was fully constructed.

So, in the current Bei’an City, the one with the highest authority and status was, of course, Lei Yuan. Since the royal palace was not yet fully built, Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan temporarily lived in the mansion. Princess Yunyang brought Prince Lei Xiao and arrived at Bei’an City. Tao Yuan was extremely happy to finally reunite with his son.

While Tao Yuan spent time playing with the children in the mansion every day, Sang Yuan brought Sang Yun and Sang Wen to the mansion. Judging by their demeanor, it seemed that Sang Yun and Sang Wen were planning to stay for a long period.

Tao Yuan knew they came with a determined goal to successfully marry Lei Yuan, and he was also prepared to dash their hopes.

Since arriving in Bei’an City, Lei Yuan had been tirelessly occupied, finally he found some free time. Seizing the opportunity, Lei Yuan took Tao Yuan to visit Lotus Pond.

The mansion’s lotus pond was filled with numerous lotus pods. The previous night Tao Yuan expressed a desire to pick lotus pods, Lei Yuan wasted no time in making arrangements the next morning.

Lei Yuan personally helped Tao Yuan onto the boat. Once Tao Yuan was comfortably seated, without waiting for anyone else to paddle, Lei Yuan single-handedly propelled the boat quite a distance with just one hand.

“Wait a moment, let me pick a lotus pod.” Tao Yuan said as he watched the lotus pods and leaves quickly passing by. He did not even have the chance to reach out.

“There are better ones inside. Go ahead and pick from there,” Lei Yuan continued to paddle, guiding the boat to the center of the lotus pond before stopping.

The lush lotus leaves towered high around them. Tao Yuan stood up and plucked a few large lotus pods, cracking them open to take the seeds. He sat down and began peeling and eating the lotus seeds.

Lei Yuan joined him, sitting beside Tao Yuan. Tao Yuan leaned against him, offering him a peeled lotus seed. But Lei Yuan bit down on his finger, refusing to let go.

“It hurts, you know,” Tao Yuan said deliberately, hoping to make him release his finger.

Lei Yuan knew the force he used, but the moment Tao Yuan complained, he immediately let go.

Tao Yuan rested his head on Lei Yuan’s shoulder, inhaling the fragrance of lotus leaves, and his mood improved a lot. It had been a while since they had quietly leaned on each other like this. This tranquil and peaceful feeling was something Tao Yuan enjoyed the most.

Suddenly, Lei Yuan shifted and pinned him down. He reached down and started removing Tao Yuan’s pants.

“No,” Tao Yuan held his hand, his expression somewhat flustered. “It’s broad daylight, and there are so many people guarding by the pond’s edge. They might hear us.”

Thinking about it, Tao Yuan has long seen the thick cushions on the boat. He couldn’t have planned for this from the start, could he?

“Let them hear, even if we were in a room, they’ve probably listened a lot.” Lei Yuan’s hands didn’t pause. He exerted a bit more pressure, and Tao Yuan let out a cry, releasing his hand immediately.

“Don’t…” Tao Yuan looked at him, saying, “Not here.”

Tao Yuan and his lover had been intimate in various places, but never on such a small boat. He worried that Lei Yuan’s excitement might rock the boat too much, possibly sending them both into the water. Moreover, the lotus pond wasn’t particularly large. Any commotion they made would undoubtedly be heard by those on the shore.

Lei Yuan kissed Tao Yuan as his hands continued exploring, teasing Tao Yuan until his whol body went limp. Then, he whispered in his ear, “Do you want it?”

Tao Yuan replied with a dazed expression, “Yes, hurry up.”

The sound of the boat rocking on the water, muffled moans, and heavy panting were all clearly audible from the surface.

The guards stationed farther from the shore couldn’t hear, but those standing closer could clearly make out the sounds. But these attendants took turns on night duty, as Lei Yuan had mentioned. They had become accustomed to such situations and all kept their heads down, standing as if they hadn’t heard a thing.

Seeing Sang Yun and Sang Wen approaching from a distance, Jiang Shuang took a few steps forward and said, “Two princes, please go somewhere else for a stroll.”

Sang Yun and Sang Wen exchanged glances. Sang Yun smiled as he looked at Jiang Shuang and said, “We heard that Da Wang is picking lotus pods at the lotus pond, so we thought we’d join in the fun.”

“Da Wang has ordered that no one is allowed near the lotus pond,” Jiang Shuang emphasized the words “Da Wang” and “no one.”

“Since Da Wang has given an order, we won’t disturb them anymore. We’ll just pick a few lotus pods on the side and leave right away,” Sang Yun said, then started walking toward the edge of the lotus pond.

Jiang Shuang instinctively reached out to stop them but, recalling Tao Yuan’s earlier instructions, refrained from doing so. He signaled to the others not to interfere either.

“I love eating lotus pods the most, and the ones here look really good.” Sang Wen appeared cheerful and eager, as if unable to contain his excitement. He quickly walked to the edge of the pond and said to Sang Yun, “Brother, look at this one. It’s the biggest. Should we pick this one?”

Sang Yun was about to agree when, just as he settled by the pond, he heard a strange sound. Focusing his attention, he listened carefully and immediately blushed.

“Da Wang!” Sang Wen shouted loudly, placing his hand beside his mouth. “How many lotus pods have you picked?!”

Sang Yun grabbed Sang Wen’s hand and said, “Let’s go quickly. We can come back tomorrow.”

“I want to pick a few more…” 

Before Sang Wen could finish speaking, he was already flying out with Sang Yun.


Sang Yun and Sang Wen were caught completely off guard. They screamed as they were sent flying. They crashed heavily to the ground, both spewing a mouthful of blood before lying there, unable to move.

In this moment, they were enduring pain like never before, feeling dizzy and disoriented, completely unaware of what had happened.

Jiang Shuang walked over to them and asked, “Are you two princes alright?”

They had no way to respond because it felt like their internal organs had exploded. It was so painful they thought they were about to die.

Without Lei Yuan’s orders, Jiang Shuang dared not have anyone move them, so he could only instruct them to lie down.

Lei Yuan originally wanted to continue, but the disturbance caused by the twins and Tao Yuan’s rejection to proceed again led him to give up. He got up instead, helping Tao Yuan put on his clothes.

Tao Yuan’s blushing appearance made Lei Yuan love him even more. He embraced him, showering him with kisses. While helping Tao Yuan put on his pants, he accidentally touched a certain area. Seizing the opportunity, he kneaded and massaged, causing Tao Yuan’s body to soften.

After a while, Lei Yuan finally managed to put on his clothes and while supporting Tao Yuan they got off the boat.

“Are they dead?” Lei Yuan asked, expressionless.

“Da Wang, not dead yet,” Jiang Shuang replied after saluting.

“Get someone to carry them away and have the healer treat them,” Lei Yuan ordered without giving them a second glance. Afterward, he hugged Tao Yuan and left.

“Yes.” Jiang Shuang immediately signaled for someone to fetch the necessary items and carry the twins away for treatment.

Tao Yuan turned his head to glance at the two. Looking at their condition, the injuries were not light. Early in the morning, he ordered Jiang Shuang not to intervene if the twins insisted on approaching the lotus pond, expecting Lei Yuan’s potential anger. But he didn’t expect Lei Yuan to strike so hard.

Sang Yun and Sang Wen were carried back to their room for treatment. Their lives were saved, but the injuries would undoubtedly take quite some time to heal.

Before Sang Yuan could figure out what was going on, he was summoned by Lei Yuan to discuss the marriage of Sang Yun and Sang Wen.

Sang Yuan, still unclear about the situation, was summoned by Lei Yuan to discuss the marriage of Sang Yun and Sang Wen.

Two days later, Tao Yuan went to visit Sang Yun and Sang Wen.

“Da Wang has a somewhat irritable temperament and sometimes moody. I apologize if the two princes have suffered due to his anger,” Tao Yuan said and sat in a chair, looking at the two lying in bed.

The two had pale faces. After hearing Tao Yuan’s words they could only remain silent.

“Take good care of your injuries and get better soon. The grand wedding is approaching. It won’t do if you’re still bedridden when it arrives,” Tao Yuan advised.

“A grand wedding?” Sang Yun looked at Tao Yuan with confusion. “Who is getting married?”

“Of course, it’s the grand wedding of the two princes.”

“Leiwu Wanf is willing to marry us?” Sang Wen asked excitedly, a sudden flush appeared on his face.

Sang Yun also looked at Tao Yuan excitedly. He thought it was because Lei Yuan had injured them, so he felt guilty. When their brother spoke again, Lei Yuan agreed to marry them.

“It’s the second prince of our Donglai Kingdom who wants to marry both of you,” Tao Yuan said with a smile.

“The second prince?” Sang Yun’s face immediately changed, staring wide-eyed as he asked, “Which second prince?”

Sang Wen also froze, unable to react.

“The second son of Emperor Wen of Donglai, the second prince. Da Wang has already discussed this with the prince.  Once both of you recover a bit more, you will be sent to the old capital to get married.” Tao Yuan stood up and said, “Rest well, both of you. When you’re a bit better, I’ll arrange a farewell feast for you.”

Tao Yuan turned and walked away. In truth, he felt quite disappointed because he wanted to have some fun with the twins. But Lei Yuan was already impatient with their presence. He didn’t even give them a chance to perform and quickly dealt with them.

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