TOTLS Chapter 124

Arc 7: Dizi’s Remarriage Chapter 17

Sang Yun and Sang Wen took advantage of Sang Yuan’s absence. Disregarding their own injuries, they pushed themselves out of bed. With determination, they had the attendants support them to the courtyard outside where Lei Yuan and Tao Yuan were. They must meet Lei Yuan at all costs.

Inside the room, Tao Yuan was half-lying on the bed with his clothes partially undone. He gripped Lei Yuan’s shoulders tightly, tilted his head back as he breathed rapidly with his mouth open. Waves of sensations swept through his body—alternating between comfort and discomfort, creating a dual sense of pleasure that both his body and soul enjoyed.

Having finally secured a rare moment of rest, Lei Yuan naturally wanted to be close with Tao Yuan at every possible moment. Even their child was sent to Princess Yunyang for care, just because he didn’t want to be disturbed.

In these recent days, Tao Yuan’s attire rarely found a moment to be securely fastened. Just when the lower part of his body could finally rest, the upper part demanded attention once more. Whenever he was with Lei Yuan, his body remained pliant, his voice often reduced to a hoarse whisper.

After hearing Jiang Shuang’s report, Lei Yuan lifted his head, ready to unleash his anger. Tao Yuan quickly covered his mouth with his hand and said, “Why not meet with them, let them abandon all hope and save us from unnecessary troubles. It’ll prevent them from causing a scene in the old place, making Emperor Wen and the Second Prince lose face.”

Tao Yuan rose, straightening his clothes. Turning to the outside, he said, “Have them wait in the outer chamber.”


Lei Yuan was suddenly interrupted, his mood already sour. Originally, he had intended to throw those two out, having Sang Yuan escort them away immediately. But since Tao Yuan insisted on meeting them, he had to suppress his anger and personally go to make them abandon all hope.

Sang Yun and Sang Wen walked in, each supported by a servant . They were extremely weak, and was almost being carried into the room.

The person they wanted to marry was Lei Yuan, but without even a chance to display themselves in front of him, they were suddenly to be married off to the Second Prince, who lacked both real power and visibility. Naturally, their hearts found it difficult to accept. They want  to find clarification from Lei Yuan.

In truth, Tao Yuan also felt a bit regretful. He wanted to engage in a little love rivalry to pass the time, but Lei Yuan despised these two even more than he did. He had no intention of tolerating them and chose to deal with them directly. Just like Princess Xingchen before, Lei Yuan didn’t give him any chance to compete with rivals for affections.

Tao Yuan and Lei Yuan walked out. Seeing Lei Yuan, Sang Yun and Sang Wen immediately became excited.

“Da Wang…” Sang Yun pressed his painful chest, teary-eyed, looked at Lei Yuan and asked, “Why does Da Wang want us to marry the Second Prince?”

“What’s the matter? Do you two think that the Second Prince of our Donglai Guo isn’t worthy of you, the two esteemed princes?” Lei Yuan asked with a stern face.

“The Second Prince holds a noble status. We dare not entertain such thoughts. But it’s our admiration for Da Wang that brought us to Donglai Guo, hoping to marry Da Wang,” Sang Yun said, tears streaming down his face. He looked pitiful and asked for sympathy.

Unfortunately, Lei Yuan’s heart softened only in the presence of Tao Yuan. When facing others, it was harder than iron and colder than ice. A mere frown of Tao Yuan can cause Lei Yuan heartache. No matter how pitiable Sang Yun and Sang Wen appeared, it couldn’t make Lei Yuan feel pity and any tenderness for them.

“If you admire this king, does that mean this king must marry you?” Lei Yuan questioned. “So, according to your logic, should this king marry everyone who admires him?”

“Regardless, we are both princes of Sang Guo. We consider ourselves to possess both beauty and talent. Why does Da Wang reject us?” Sang Yun couldn’t understand it. Both he and Sang Wen were considered top-tier in looks, so why wouldn’t Lei Yuan spare them a second glance?

“Let this king make it clear to you now. This king despises you. No matter how good-looking you are, it’s nothing more than a fancy exterior. Do you truly think this king falls for anyone just because they’re attractive?”

“Then, is it not because Da Wang loves Wangjun because he’s good-looking?” Sang Wen said tearfully, “Although we may not be as good-looking as Wangjun, but the two of us combined, aren’t we at least half as good-looking as Wangjun?”

“Insolence!” Lei Yuan slammed his palm forcefully on the nearby low table, shattering it into splinters. He thundered, “What audacity! Daring to compare yourselves to my Wangjun. Do I need a reason not to fancy you? It seems you desire nothing but death at my hands to gain some self-awareness!”

Enraged, Lei Yuan’s aura spread, intensifying the pain in Sang Yun and Sang Wen’s bodies.

After Jiang Shuang cleared away the debris, Tao Yuan shifted his position, sitting next to Lei Yuan. Holding his hand, he said, “Da Wang, let it go. The two princes grew up in the royal palace and were pampered by the King of Sang Guo. They must have been surrounded by flatter, so it’s inevitable for them to be a bit conceited. If they don’t want to marry the Second Prince, let them return to Sang Guo.”

Tao Yuan sensed that Lei Yuan was really angry. If he didn’t intervene, Lei Yuan might actually resort to violence against the two. But it wasn’t the time to provoke a major conflict with Sang Guo yet. Besides the urgency of relocating the capital, there was also the looming threat of Yan Hao who is waiting for an opportunity.

“Summon Sang Yuan,” Lei Yuan commanded. “Take these two back to Sang Guo. If they dare set foot in Donglai again, execute them on the spot!” Lei Yuan felt angry at the sight of these two. In his mind, he vowed that if they dared to appear before him again, he would make sure to end their lives.

Sang Yun and Sang Wen were frightened to the point that their tears stopped. They still couldn’t understand why Lei Yuan despised them so much. Confident in themselves in every aspect from childhood to adulthood, this was the first time they have suffered such a big blow.

They were deeply attracted by Lei Yuan. Besides his own appearance and capabilities, it was the intense love and tenderness in Lei Yuan’s eyes when he looked at Tao Yuan that fascinated them. They admired it greatly but yet also envied Tao Yuan. They yearn to be loved by Lei Yuan in such a manner. At first, they believed that the two of them could surely attract Lei Yuan. But without even a chance to showcase themselves, Lei Yuan personally ousted them from the competition.

After Sang Yuan returned and learned of the situation, he scolded the two severely. Fearing that their presence might anger Lei Yuan further and potentially implicate the entire Sang Guo, Sang Yuan disregarded their still serious injuries and quickly escorted them away.

After spending a few days with Tao Yuan, Lei Yuan resumed his busy schedule. Tao Yuan rarely left the royal residence and didn’t ask about Lei Yuan’s activities because he was once again pregnant. Consequently, he focused on nurturing the pregnancy within the palace and refrained from involving himself in other matters. But he had a vague sense that Lei Yuan’s busyness wasn’t solely due to the capital relocation. There was another crucial matter at hand. Lei Yuan was gearing up to deal with Yan Hao.

Tao Yuan managed to coax Lei Xiao to sleep before moving to the window and taking a seat. He gazed up at the full moon in the sky. Although the atmosphere in the royal residence was peaceful, devoid of tension or a sense of impending crisis, Tao Yuan was aware that struggles for power, whether through intellectual debates or physical conflicts, were inherently brutal.

Tao Yuan was aware of the tense atmosphere outside the confines of the royal residence. Moreover, Lei Yuan rarely returned during this period. While Tao Yuan understood that, given Lei Yuan’s current abilities and strength, it was unlikely for others to harm him, he couldn’t help but worry. The individuals involved undoubtedly approached the situation with a willingness to risk their lives, and might even stimulate their potentials.

Eradicating all the forces aligned with Yan Hao was something Lei Yuan had to accomplish before officially ascending the throne. Even though Lei Yuan essentially gained control and held most of the power in his hands, Yan Hao continued scheming in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to make his move.

Lei Yuan gave Yan Hao the chance to plan and arrange because he needed to collect enough evidence. Only then could he legitimately uproot all remaining forces connected to Yan Hao. So, before Yan Hao could seize the moment to act, Lei Yuan caught them all in one fell swoop.

Yan Hao felt he hadn’t done anything yet found himself completely caught by Lei Yuan, leaving him deeply resentful. But in this world, one either wins or faces defeat. His entire power was now under Lei Yuan’s control. He was detained with serious accusations and supported by evidence. Even if he refused to accept it, there was little he could do.

As the dust settled, it was already three months later, and Tao Yuan’s belly was gradually grew bigger.

Yan Hao, along with Qu Feng and Princess Jiade, were all locked up. After learning this, Tao Yuan discussed with Lei Yuan, expressing a desire to visit them. Originally, Lei Yuan disagreed, considering Tao Yuan’s advancing pregnancy and the cold, damp conditions in the cell where Yan Hao and Qu Feng were held. He didn’t want Tao Yuan to go to such a place.

However, Tao Yuan insisted on seeing them, wanting to witness firsthand how miserable they are. It was, in a way, a closure for the previous host.

Tao Yuan coaxed Lei Yuan, acting coquettishly. Unable to resist, Lei Yuan reluctantly agreed to let him go.

Before Tao Yuan visited Yan Hao and Qu Feng, Lei Yuan ordered someone to transfer them to a clean and well-lit cell. The cell was cleaned, and a carpet was laid out before Lei Yuan accompanied Tao Yuan to meet them.

Lei Yuan carefully helped Tao Yuan down from the carriage. Even the path to the cell had been cleaned. Although Tao Yuan was pregnant, he was in good health and didn’t require such careful handling. But Lei Yuan couldn’t help but feel nervous and concerned for him.

Guiding Tao Yuan into the cell, Lei Yuan had him sit on a chair, taking a seat himself beside Tao Yuan.

Yan Hao was bound to a wooden stake, his entire body covered in wounds, clearly having endured severe torture. Thick chains of dark iron were wrapped around him, preventing him from using spiritual power. He previously sent people to assassinate the original owner, causing Tao Yuan to almost die as soon as he arrived in this world. Tao Yuan told this to Lei Yuan along with the times Yan Hao tried to assassinate him. Naturally, Lei Yuan wouldn’t let him off easily.

Qu Feng was curled up in a corner. He slowly raised his head when he heard the commotion, his eyes filled with fear. After seeing Tao Yuan, he immediately crawled excitedly to the iron railing, extending his hands and loudly crying, “Cousin, please save me! Save me!”

Tao Yuan just took a glance at Qu Feng before shifting his gaze to Yan Hao.

After hearing Qu Feng’s cries, Yan Hao summoned every ounce of strength to lift his head. His body was trembling as he opened his mouth, but no sound escaped. He didn’t expect such a miserable fate. From the moment he became aware of his rebirth, he believed he would emerge victorious in this life. But reality proved harsher than his previous life.

Tao Yuan turned to Lei Yuan and said, “I’d like to have a private conversation with them. Can you wait for me outside?”

Lei Yuan couldn’t help but frown. Tao Yuan’s insistence on meeting these two individuals had already puzzled him, and now he wanted a private conversation with them. It wasn’t that Lei Yuan was displeased with Tao Yuan keeping things from him, but Tao Yuan was pregnant, and Lei Yuan was uneasy about leaving him alone with these two.

“One used to bully me, the other harmed me. Now, facing such a miserable fate, I want to mock them a bit. But I don’t want you to witness my bad side,” Tao Yuan said, gripping his hand. “Don’t worry, given their current state, they can’t possibly harm me. And you’ll be right outside. If anything happens, I’ll make sure to call for you loudly.”

Lei Yuan sighed, standing up. “I’ll come in after counting to two hundred outside.”

“Alright,” Tao Yuan felt that this amount of time would be enough.

Once Lei Yuan walked out, Tao Yuan stood up, gazing at Yan Hao. “All the hatred, all the grievances. Finally, it has led to the result I want. For everything you’re enduring now, I have two words for you both. You deserved it.”

Yan Hao stared at Tao Yuan’s face. A sense of realization dawning in his mind but mixed he wasn’t entirely sure.

“Although I’ve witnessed the result I want, for both of you, this is not the end but the beginning of repaying and bearing the consequences,” Tao Yuan said with a smile. “Anyway, I’ll continue to be happy and content, and your suffering will continue.”

“Cousin, please take me away. Take me away,” Qu Feng’s mental state had seriously deteriorated. When he saw Tao Yuan, it was like grasping at straws. He was desperately pleading for Tao Yuan to take him away. He seemed oblivious to what Tao Yuan was saying/ Tao Yuan saw this and chose to address only Yan Hao, paying no attention to Qu Feng.

Yan Hao opened his mouth in excitement, wanting to apologize and seek forgiveness from Tao Yuan. He truly regretted it, whether for his past life or for this one. The person he should have treasured the most was the one right in front of him. But he made wrong choices in two consecutive lives, leading to the heavy punishment from fate.

Lei Yuan stood outside the door, listening to the commotion inside. Counting in his mind, as soon as he reached two hundred, he immediately opened the door and walked in.

Tao Yuan turned to look at him and walked towards him. Slowly, he nestled into his arms, looking up at him. “Let’s go home.”

Lei Yuan lowered his head to meet Tao Yuan’s gaze. At this moment, in this instant, he felt that having this person in his arms was the most comforting thing in the world.

Lei Yuan held Tao Yuan as they left the prison, helping him onto the carriage. After they both settled in the carriage, Tao Yuan leaned against Lei Yuan’s chest and slowly fell asleep.

In this life, Tao Yuan continued to enjoy being loved and cherished. Until the last moments of his life, he still felt very happy.

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