TOTLS Chapter 131

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 7

After half holding Tao Yuan and sitting down on the sofa, Mai Wei poured a glass of water and hugged Tao Yuan as he gently fed him. Tao Yuan waved it off after sipping half of the water. His stomach was already brimming with liquid, feeling bloated. 

He leaned weakly against Mai Wei’s chest. Mai Wei, gazing at his rosy cheeks, felt the impulse to take a bite, but he restrained himself and instead planted a gentle kiss on Tao Yuan’s face.

Tao Yuan opened his eyes and looked at him, asking, “Do you like me?”

“I think I’ve made it pretty obvious. Not only do I like you, but I’m also actively pursuing you,” Mai Wei replied, giving his face another tender kiss.

“But, but I can’t accept you right now,” Tao Yuan said, his eyes moist as he looked at Mai Wei.

“Why can’t you accept it? I can feel that you like me too,” Mai Wei began to caress his body.

“I don’t…” Tao Yuan shook his head in denial.

“You do.” Mai Wei held Tao Yuan tightly, then pressed him down, looking into his eyes. “I initially wanted to wait for you to forget the past, to overcome the sorrow, and then pursue you. But I can’t wait any longer. I love you, and I want to have you, whether you’re still in sorrow or if there’s someone else in your heart. No matter how long you want to linger in the past, I want to have you right away.”

“I’m not dwelling in the past. The previous me, the former Yi Yu, is actually already dead,” Tao Yuan said as he looked at him. “I’m just mourning for Yi Yu who has already passed away.”

“Dead, you say? That’s great then. Since the past you, who loved someone else, is already dead, now you can start accepting me,” Mai Wei, though unaware that Tao Yuan’s words were meant literally, felt pleased by what he said. He believed that by speaking like this, Tao Yuan was beginning to let go of the past.

Mai Wei also downed two bottles of wine. While his mind remained relatively clear, his body was restless, almost reaching the point where he could no longer control his instincts. He slid his hand under Tao Yuan’s clothes.

“No,” Tao Yuan shook his head. “Not now.”

“Why not? I think it’s fine. There’s nothing that can’t be done,” fueled by the effects of alcohol, Mai Wei began to unbutton Tao Yuan’s pants.

“No!” Tao Yuan clamped his legs, but he couldn’t stop Mai Wei’s movements, and an involuntary moan escaped him.

Hearing his voice only fueled Mai Wei’s excitement.

As Mai Wei deepened their kiss, Tao Yuan tried to push him away by bracing against his shoulders, but he found his body lacked strength to resist. Originally, Tao Yuan planned to endure for a while longer, but both his heart and body longed for his lover, so, despite knowing that Mai Wei wanted to get him drunk, he kept drinking one glass after another. And when Mai Wei wanted to do such things to him, he reluctantly complied, torn between resistance and acquiescence.


Tao Yuan lay limp on the sofa, breathing heavily. Mai Wei sat up, lifted him into his arms, fed him the remaining half glass of water, and then carried him upstairs.

Placing Tao Yuan on the spacious and soft bed, Mai Wei leaned over, starting from his neck, planting kisses downward.

Tao Yuan acted like he was intoxicated, showing signs of being lost in the haze. He allowed Mai Wei to do as he pleased, surrendering to the waves of sensations coursing through his body. Each surge and retreat brought him comfort, satisfaction, and a thrilling sensation, making the experience both pleasurable and exciting.

Although his body was aroused, he felt weak, and he could only express his current feelings with instinctive moans.

Meiwei found even greater pleasure than Tao Yuan did. Now, reliving the scenes from his dreams, he realized that the satisfaction in dreams paled in comparison to the real experience. The person in his arms was undeniably real, far more attractive than in his dreams.


When Tao Yuan opened his eyes, he felt a wave of headache, unable to resist grabbing his own hair.

A sturdy arm enveloped him, lifting him up and settling him into a firm and broad chest as he sat up.

“Drink up. Once you’ve had this, your headache will fade away,” Mai Wei placed a cup of water near his lips.

With half-opened eyes, Taoyuan grasped his hand and sipped the blue, fruit-scented water. After Tao Yuan finished the water, Mai Wei gently laid him back down and then got up from the bed. Tao Yuan also sat up, pulling the blanket up, and watched him head towards the dressing room.

Mai Wei walked out from the dressing room fully dressed, sat on the edge of the bed, and planted a kiss on Tao Yuan’s forehead. “I have a meeting now. You can rest a bit more and go to the programming department in the afternoon. I’ve already arranged for your leave with your team leader.”

“You arranged the leave for me?” Tao Yuan stared at him wide-eyed.

“If I didn’t arrange leave for you, and you didn’t show up at the department, they would have reported you as missing,” Mai Wei said. “Don’t worry, only your team leader knows about it, and he won’t spread it around.”

“I, We…,” Tao Yuan’s gaze lowered. “Can we just pretend that last night didn’t happen?”

“No, something happened, and it’s impossible to pretend it didn’t,” Mai Wei firmly rejected.

“But, we were both drunk last night. Let’s just consider what happened after getting drunk as if it were a dream.”

“I’ve had that kind of dream several times last night,” Mai Wei said, leaning in to look at him. “But I can differentiate quite clearly between dreams and reality. It’s impossible for me to act like it didn’t happen.”

Tao Yuan lowered his head and remained silent. Mai Wei pressed a firm kiss on his face and then got up to leave. He had a meeting to attend.

After watching him leave and closing the door, Tao Yuan lay back down, intending to get a bit more sleep. At first, he had planned to wait a while longer before accepting Mai Wei. However, everything that should have happened last night did happen. Even though he continued to verbally refuse, his purpose had shifted. Now, his rejection was more of a strategic move.

Once Tao Yuan had rested enough, he got up to take a shower. Afterward, he put on clean and dry clothes, had a light meal, and then went to work in the department.

As Tao Yuan entered the department, the people in the break area all turned their attention to him simultaneously. Since it was lunch break, the break area was crowded. Despite the many eyes on him, Tao Yuan remained composed as he walked calmly toward the office.

The main reason those people were looking at him wasn’t because he left with Mai Wei yesterday but because his upgrade notification had come down. Everyone knew that Mai Wei’s mecha was so formidable because of his system upgrades.

As Tao Yuan just settled into his office, the team leader who had returned from the meeting immediately called him over.

The team leader approached Tao Yuan to discuss whether the system upgrades he provided for Mai Wei could be applied to other mechas as well. Tao Yuan explained that reaching the same level as Mai Wei’s mecha was impossible, not just because of the issue of program upgrades but also because the mental and combat abilities of mecha pilots played a significant role. However, upgrading the system on the existing basis and enhancing combat capabilities was indeed feasible.

Tao Yuan’s explanations were easily understood and accepted by the team. So, the two began to discuss the arrangements for future work, marking the beginning of Tao Yuan’s increased workload.

As for those casually chatting and resting, they naturally didn’t miss out on such an engaging topic.

“Team Leader Yi must be thrilled this time. General Mai Wei sending such a talent to their team will benefit the whole group.”

“Although we had a hunch that anyone who could get special approval to join must be capable, I never thought the abilities would be to this extent. Stealing the limelight right from the start.”

“The Second Military District originally thought they had a sure victory, but they ended up being overwhelmed. I heard the other military districts are all watching now. Once the mecha programs in our military district are all upgraded, the other marshals will surely come to our marshal for the upgrade programs.”

“Oh~ I, you know, don’t envy those with family backgrounds. I envy those with sharp minds. It would be great if I were a genius too.”

“Are you saying that because your family background is good, you don’t envy those with good family backgrounds?”

“Although our family is a large clan, there are too many people, and I can’t rely on it at all. I never had the intention to rely on it. I genuinely want to achieve something through my own abilities. That’s why I worked so hard to enter the military district. But, you know, talent is something given by nature. If it’s given, it’s there. If not, it’s not. You can’t envy it into existence.”

“It looks like we’ll be getting a new promising genius programmer in our military district.” After saying this, the person glanced in the direction of Segre’s office.

Segre stayed alone in his office, a rare occasion when he didn’t join others for casual chat during break time. After adjusting the tint of the windows, he closed his eyes and sat on the sofa, deep in thought.

Since he was very young, Segre had admired Mai Wei, striving for his attention for many years without achieving the desired results. He couldn’t pinpoint why, but when Tao Yuan appeared, he felt a sense of crisis. He sensed that this person might become his rival. Indeed, in the professional realm, Tao Yuan proved to be his most formidable competitor. While it was still uncertain whether Tao Yuan would be his rival in matters of the heart, Segre had a strong intuition that he was.

Segre, who had been silently in love with Mai Wei for so many years, feared the possibility of him falling for someone else one day. He always believed that as long as Mai Wei remained unmarried, there was still a chance for him. After loving him for so many years, he couldn’t bear to give up. He refused to accept it and couldn’t possibly do so. He had to take action!

Tao Yuan became the primary person in charge of the new system upgrade. Besides conducting meetings with the team every day, he also personally supervised and inspected the results of their debugging. Since the first batch of mechas to be upgraded was crucial, there could be no mistakes. Once it was time to upgrade other mechas, he could assign the skilled team members, making Tao Yuan’s workload much lighter.

As the first batch mainly consisted of mechas under Mai Wei’s command, Tao Yuan needed to go to Mai Wei’s office to report on the progress.

After Mai Wei attentively listened to Tao Yuan’s report and made notes, he closed his computer and then stood up, approaching him.

Tao Yuan also stood up, intending to step back, but Mai Wei encircled his waist.

“I went to find you last night. Why didn’t you open the door for me?” Mai Wei asked, lowering his head.

Feeling the strength in his arms, Tao Yuan knew he couldn’t break free. He swallowed nervously, one hand holding a laptop, the other pressed against Mai Wei’s chest. “I… I was too tired yesterday and went to bed early. Besides, it was so late when you came looking for me. It wouldn’t be proper to open the door. People would gossip.”

“As long as you agree to be with me, you won’t have to worry about what others say,” Mai Wei’s lips were almost touching Tao Yuan’s forehead.

“I don’t want to think about these things right now. I hope you can give me some time and not pressure me,” Tao Yuan said, lowering his head.

“No!” Mai Wei asserted forcefully. “If you still don’t have me in your heart, I can give you time. But you clearly like me. Why should I wait?”

“You’re too arrogant. What gives you the right to say I like you?” Although Tao Yuan was feeling a bit guilty, he refused to admit it.

Mai Wei forcefully kissed Tao Yuan and then began removing his pants.

“Uh, uh…” Tao Yuan struggled to resist, but his strength was no match for Mai Wei’s. He continued to resist until his legs were weak, making it impossible for him to stand.

Mai Wei lifted him and placed him on the desk, then looked at him, saying, “From now on, my hands won’t touch you. As long as you can push me away and leave, I’ll believe you don’t like me.”

Tao Yuan lay back on the office desk, and Mai Wei’s hands braced on either side of his body as he watched him.

Tao Yuan tilted his head back and let out a sound because of his actions. In this situation, how could he possibly push him away? After enduring for a while, Tao Yuan finally couldn’t hold back any longer. He reached out, encircling Mai Wei’s neck and initiated a kiss.

The two held each other tightly, passionately kissing, finding release and satisfaction in each other’s embrace.

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