TOTLS Chapter 132

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 8

Mai Wei was sitting on the plush sofa as he held Tao Yuan in his lap. His hands were securely wrapped around his waist, one hand pinching his chin, while the other playfully nibbled on his lips and tongue.

Tao Yuan felt his lips swelling from his passionate kisses. With flushed lips, he couldn’t possibly face anyone, so he tilted his head to avoid Mai Wei’s affectionate kisses.

Mai Wei gazed at Tao Yuan and said, “And you dare say you don’t like me?”

“I don’t like…,” Tao Yuan felt weak, breathing heavily. He had made up his mind. No matter what Mai Wei said, he wouldn’t admit it for the time being.

Mai Wei was frustrated to the point of irritation and wanted to vent his anger, but hesitated. He thought since Tao Yuan was being stubborn, he would slowly wear him down until the day he made him admit it.

Supporting himself on Mai Wei’s shoulders, Tao Yuan slowly rose from his embrace, biting his lip to stifle any moans.

Mai Wei, seeing his struggle, felt a surge of heat, but he restrained his desires and took out a damp cloth to help him clean up.

Tao Yuan’s hands braced against the table as Mai Wei finished wiping him clean. Afterward, he bent down to pick up his underwear and pants, putting them on one piece at a time.

Realizing he couldn’t step out in his current state, Tao Yuan walked into the restroom in Mai Wei’s office lounge. He splashed his face with cold water, simultaneously straightening his clothes and waiting for the flush of red to fade from his face.

Mai Wei sat on a chair, dressed, lost in thought. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. He looked up at the screen by the door, hesitated for a moment, then pressed the button to open the automatic door.

“Why did it take so long to open the door? What are you busy with?” Fei Qi walked in and directly took a seat opposite Mai Wei.

“Anything wrong?” Mai Wei asked, as he looked at him.

“Can’t I come see you without any issues? I just barely made it back from the C11 star, exhausted to the point where I thought I might die there. I’ve been resting these past few days, so let’s have a drink tonight.” Despite Fei Qi’s lower military rank compared to Mai Wei, the two had grown up together and shared a close friendship. Whenever they were alone, they reverted to the friendly way of interacting.

Tao Yuan walked out of Mai Wei’s lounge, noticing Fei Qi’s momentary pause. He smoothly approached the table, picked up his tablet, and said to Mai Wei, “General, today’s tasks have been reported. I’ll head back to my department now.”

Mai Wei nodded at him.

Fei Qi was somewhat stunned the moment Tao Yuan emerged, only snapped back to reality after Tao Yuan left. He turned to Mai Wei and asked, “Who is he? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“A newcomer programmer,” Mai Wei said, steering clear of discussing too much about Tao Yuan. He changed the subject, saying, “Drinking is fine, but if you bring extra people, I won’t entertain them.”

“You’re something else. Segre is my only younger brother. Can’t you, for the sake of our relationship, be a bit nicer to him? How can he be considered ‘extra’?” Fei Qi looked at Mai Wei dissatisfied and spoke.

“Regarding this matter, I’ve told you many times already. There’s no possibility between Segre and me. Giving him false hope would only harm him. I don’t want to say more about it. If you find it difficult, then let’s not be friends anymore,” Mai Wei said sternly.

“Okay, okay, I won’t bring it up. Why make it so serious?” Fei Qi sighed and said, “I won’t bring him this time. I was really close to burning out this time and wanted to relax with you, just the two of us, or we can invite Wei Ke 1 and the others. It feels like we haven’t gathered for a drink and chat in a long time.”

After upgrading the first batch of mecha programs with his team, Tao Yuan delegated the task to the team members to upgrade other mecha programs within the department.

One of the squads from the first batch embarked on a mission after having mastered the programs. They executed the task with remarkable precision, completing it much more splendidly and in less time than anticipated. The high-ranking officials in the military district were elated because the mecha in the Third Military District now surpassed those in other districts by a considerable margin, giving them the initiative in selecting missions.

Personnel from other military districts voluntarily sought upgrades for their programs enthusiastically. Delighted with the outcomes, the higher-ups generously allowed Tao Yuan to be raised by an additional two levels.

Tao Yuan quickly ascended five levels shortly after joining the company. While it may seem like a breeze, climbing each level poses a colossal hurdle for others. Some tirelessly strive for years, even a decade or more, without guarantee of reaching the fifth level. However, Tao Yuan now stands with a rank surpassing half of the department, showcasing the nation’s importance on talent. It’s obvious that in this country, as long as you possess capability you can ascend to great heights. Age and background were not a problem.

The journey doesn’t end for all mechas after completing the upgrade program. Program maintenance is a continuous task, requiring constant innovation to achieve further upgrades.

Tao Yuan’s current rank allows independent access to the mecha hangar without the need for guidance from Mai Wei or the use of a pass. Apart from regularly maintaining Mai Wei’s mecha programs, Tao Yuan is also tasked with recording and monitoring the condition of the mechas.

As Mai Wei steps into the mecha cabin, he heads straight to the rear of his own mech. True to form, he spots Tao Yuan by the corner, engrossed in recording mecha data using a flat-panel computer.

Closing the distance, Mai Wei strides up behind Tao Yuan and envelops his waist with a firm embrace.

Tao Yuan jolted, startled by his sudden move. He forcefully struggled, attempting to push away his hands, nervously stating, “What are you doing? Someone might see us!”

But Mai Wei clung tightly to his waist, lowering his head to plant a firm kiss on Tao Yuan’s cheek and neck.

Having spent some time with Mai Wei, Tao Yuan had come to understand his personality. He knew that the more he resisted, the less likely Mai Wei would release him. Yielding, he softened his stance and whispered, “Let go of me. Don’t do this in a place like this. it wouldn’t be good if someone sees us.”

“Letting go is fine, but for tonight…,” Mai Wei hinted in Tao Yuan’s ear.

“Got it, I’ll come over,” Tao Yuan compromised. Although he still refused to acknowledge his feelings for Mai Wei and wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship, the fact that he no longer resisted such intimate encounters was evident. After all, his lover was right there, and he had his own desires.

Mai Wei turned Tao Yuan’s body, pressing him against the wall for a moment of affection. With a firm squeeze on his buttocks, Mai Wei finally released him, turning to head towards the mecha cabin.

Tao Yuan sighed, cautiously checking the surroundings. After completing the records, he briskly walked away.

Little did they know, every detail of their recent actions had been observed by someone.

On the opposite side of Mai Wei’s mecha, the mecha belonging to Fei Qi was parked. Through the screen, Fei Qi clearly witnessed the scene that had just unfolded. He remained stunned for a while before the realization struck. His first thought was about Mai Wei having found someone he liked. If Segre were to find out, he wondered how devastated he would be. Should he let Segre in on this information? Then, he recalled Segre’s recent emotional turbulence. He  likely knew about the situation.

Fei Qi let out a long sigh, torn between empathizing with Segre and feeling a helpless sense of frustration.

He has always been fond of his younger brother, Segre. From childhood to adulthood, he treated Segre exceptionally well. Whatever Segre asked of him, as long as it was within his capability, Fei Qi would agree. Aware of Segre’s affection for Mai Wei, Fei Qi had made numerous attempts to create opportunities for them. However, Mai Wei remained indifferent to Segre’s feelings. While Fei Qi understood that emotions couldn’t be forced, he genuinely didn’t want to witness Segre’s heartbreak.

Sitting within the mecha cabin, Fei Qi closed his eyes, pondering for a while. Finally, he rose from the mecha and headed to the program department to find Segre.

Segre sat in his office, utterly devoid of focus on his work. Each attempt to concentrate was futile, as he found himself drifting off involuntarily every now and then. Staring at the screen filled with chaotic code, even though he struggled to understand it. Segre forcefully slammed his palm against the monitor. With a frustrated sigh, he swiftly deleted the incomprehensible lines of code and ran his fingers through his hair.

As the sound of music reached his ears, Segre looked up, taking a deep breath to calm himself. He then pressed the automatic door switch.

“Brother,” Segre called out.

After settling down opposite him, Fei Qi looked at Segre and said, “Do you want to take some time off?”

“Why would I need to take time off?” Segre asked, puzzled.

“Seeing you like this, it’s clear you’re not in the right mindset for work. If you continue working in this state and a major issue arises, it could ruin your entire future,” Fei Qi remarked, gazing at Segre with a sense of concern.

“I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. Why doesn’t Mai Wei like me?” Segre suddenly looked at him with excitement. “Brother, help me, ask Mai Wei for me. What should I do for him to like me?”

“Give it up, Segre. Pull yourself together. You deserve someone who truly loves and cherishes you. Stop wasting your thoughts and time on Mai Wei. When you become outstanding and attractive, a better love will naturally come your way,” Fei Qi earnestly advised.

“I can’t do it!” Segre forcefully hit the tabletop, almost on the verge of tears. “After all these years, if I could just stop liking him, I wouldn’t be in so much pain now. I refuse to give up like this. I must make one last effort before Mai Wei starts dating someone else!”

“Are you saying he hasn’t started dating that person named Yi Yu?” Fei Qi wondered, recalling the clear sight of the two kissing, clearly in the manner of a couple.

“Why are you asking that?” Segre’s face instantly paled. “I never mentioned Yi Yu. Did you see something or hear something?”

“I saw them together… it seems they have mutual feelings, but I guess they haven’t officially started dating yet,” Fei Qi hesitated to tell him the truth, fearing that Segre wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Segre let out a long sigh, on the verge of tears once again. “Brother, I’m begging you. Please help me. Before they officially start dating, I want to make one last effort. Only you can help me.”

Fei Qi gazed at him, silent for a while, then sighed and got up, walking out.

In the evening, Tao Yuan went to Mai Wei’s place. After taking a shower and blow-drying his hair in the bathroom, he walked out in a bathrobe.

As Tao Yuan sat by the bed, Mai Wei embraced him from behind.

While kissing his neck, Mai Wei passionately inhaled the scent on him. With one hand slipping through the neckline, Mai Wei began to caress him.

Tao Yuan closed his eyes, leaning against Mai Wei’s chest. As Mai Wei’s hand moved further down and began to knead, he couldn’t help but let out a muffled moan.

Mai Wei pressed Tao Yuan beneath him, then unfastened his bathrobe. After sucking on his lips for a while, he said, “Starting from today, be in a relationship with me.”

Tao Yuan opened his eyes, turning his head to the side. “Why do you keep bringing this up? Can’t you give me a little more time?”

“What are you waiting for? You clearly like me, you obviously enjoy it when we’re together. Why won’t you agree to be in a relationship?” Mai Wei felt a bit frustrated because, despite having won Tao Yuan’s heart and body, he refused to acknowledge their relationship, still lingering on thoughts of someone from the past.

Tao Yuan pushed him away, sat up, and closed his bathrobe. Leaning against the headboard, he looked at Mai Wei. “What’s the difference between what we’re doing now and being in a relationship? Why do you insist on hearing it from my mouth?”

“If you don’t openly acknowledge our romantic relationship, then, for now, we can only be considered bed partners,” Mai Wei said.

“Fine, let’s maintain the status of bed partners for the time being. There’s nothing wrong with that,” Tao Yuan said as he removed his bathrobe, looking at Mai Wei. “If you’re not up for it, I’ll just leave.”

Mai Wei stared silently at Tao Yuan. Once again he pinned Tao Yuan beneath him, fervently kissing his lips and gradually moving downward.

Tao Yuan held Mai Wei’s head, mouth agape, breathing heavily. Regardless of how many times they had been through this, he always enjoyed it. In previous lifetimes, they had explored various tricks in their intimate moments, yet it never grew tiring. Tao Yuan firmly believed that love and desire were intertwined. Faced with someone he deeply loved, feeling desire was inevitable.

Floating in the metaphorical sea, Tao Yuan felt lifted and dropped by the waves, occasionally on the brink of submersion. It was both comfortable and exhilarating.

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