TOTLS Chapter 133

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 9

With Mai Wei off on a mission, it would be days before his return. Tao Yuan mused over the peaceful days without anyone bothering him. Although it relaxing, he was certain he would miss Mai Wei.

As lunchtime approached, Tao Yuan grabbed his tablet and headed to the materials repository. He needed to craft a new energy crystal card and noticed that some rare materials had just arrived. He hurried to claim them.

Having secured the rare materials, Tao Yuan decided to swing by the common materials room on his way back. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to stock up on some ordinary materials too.

Passing through the crowded shelves, Tao Yuan purposefully strode forward. When he reached the material shelf he needed, just as he reached out to grab one of the boxes, a large hand quickly snatched it away.

Turning to look, Tao Yuan immediately furrowed his brow.

“Here.” Fei Qi smiled at Tao Yuan, extending the box with his outstretched hand.

Tao Yuan didn’t take it, lifting another box before promptly leaving.

Fei Qi paused for a moment, then immediately called out, “Yi Yu, wait a moment.”

Tao Yuan stopped, turning to look at him. “Is there something?”

“I just want to get to know you. You don’t have to be so guarded. I won’t do anything to you. Having more friends isn’t a bad thing, right?” Fei Qi said with a gentle smile.

“I’m sorry, but I’m a very indifferent and reclusive person. I have no intention of making friends with anyone,” Tao Yuan said expressionlessly.

“Is that so? I was hoping to invite you for a cup of coffee and chat. It seems that’s not going to happen, huh?” Fei Qi said, wearing a disappointed expression.

“I won’t go for coffee with you, but if you have something important to tell me, you can say it now. My time is limited, so please get straight to the point,” Tao Yuan replied.

“After returning to the military district, I heard about your situation. I wanted to befriend you, discuss matters related to mecha programs, and, well, get to know each other a bit,” Fei Qi’s words clearly carried an intention to pursue Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan simply turned and walked away.

“Ah!” Fei Qi quickly caught up, “Wait a moment…”

Tao Yuan abruptly turned around, glaring at him fiercely. “You’d better not follow me. Whatever intentions you have approaching me, I suggest you stop your actions from this moment onward. Otherwise, I will make you regret it!”

Fei Qi was momentarily stunned by Tao Yuan’s intensity. He watched Tao Yuan walk away, his emotions complex.

Even though Tao Yuan was unaware that Fei Qi had seen him kissing Mai Wei, that day when Tao Yuan emerged from Mai Wei’s rest area, Fei Qi saw him. Even if he didn’t know the extent of Tao Yuan’s relationship with Mai Wei, he should have sensed that Mai Wei’s feelings for him were not ordinary.

The reason Tao Yuan didn’t give him a warm reception from the start was because his entrance was too abnormal. However, knowing that Fei Qi had a close relationship with Mai Wei, Tao Yuan still gave him a chance, expecting him to explain the reason for seeking him out. The implication in his words almost explicitly stated that Fei Qi was pursuing Tao Yuan, hence Tao Yuan’s anger.

Tao Yuan had already guessed that Fei Qi’s visit was likely related to Segre.

Everyone knew that Tao Yuan was brought in by Mai Wei. If Fei Qi had consulted Mai Wei before coming to Tao Yuan, Mai Wei would never have allowed him to approach Tao Yuan alone. So, Tao Yuan deduced that Fei Qi’s intention in seeking him out was to feign ignorance of Mai Wei’s relationship with him and deliberately flirt with him.

Indeed, as Tao Yuan had guessed, Fei Qi had ulterior motives and intentionally came to pursue him. However, he hadn’t anticipated Tao Yuan to be as guarded as a hedgehog, not allowing even the slightest approach.

Fei Qi considered himself quite attractive, with numerous admirers proving his considerable personal charm. But to his surprise, Tao Yuan didn’t give him a second glance. At the same time, being a major amiral in a military where hierarchy was strictly adhered to, Tao Yuan dared to speak to him in such a manner, making him both angry and, because of his own ulterior motives, somewhat guilty. So, his emotions were quite complicated.

But Fei Qi believed that since he had already taken action, he wouldn’t easily back down. Although he had witnessed Tao Yuan kissing Mai Wei before, he thought he wasn’t ruining anything. Rather, he was helping Mai Wei test Tao Yuan. If Tao Yuan couldn’t withstand the test, it would prove he wasn’t worthy of Mai Wei. In Fei Qi’s perspective, making Mai Wei realize Tao Yuan’s true nature early on was a good thing.

The next day, Tao Yuan was diligently working in his office when he suddenly heard music. Looking up, he saw Fei Qi holding a beautiful box outside, waving at him with a smile.

Tao Yuan immediately dimmed the color of the glass wall and thought, it seems like he needs a lesson. While Fei Qi was a major admiral, Tao Yuan knew there were plenty of means and methods to teach him a lesson, but it would require time and effort. He didn’t want to waste his time on this person. Since he was Mai Wei’s friend, Tao Yuan decided to wait until Mai Wei returned and then give Fei Qi a proper lesson.

Seeing that Tao Yuan didn’t open the door, Fei Qi left the package behind for someone else to deliver and departed.

At lunchtime, Tao Yuan left his office, intending to go to the cafeteria for a meal. The person entrusted by Fei Qi approached, holding the beautiful box. “This is from major admiral Fei Qi. He asked me to deliver it to you.”

“Throw it away,” Tao Yuan said disdainfully, giving the box a dismissive glance before walking away.

“Throw it away?” The person looked at the box in his hand. Although he didn’t know what was inside, the box alone seemed valuable. He thought it would be a shame to discard it. Since it was given to him by Fei Qi, he decided to return it to Segre.

After receiving the box, Segre thought for a long moment.

After Tao Yuan finished his lunch at the cafeteria, he just returned to his department when he saw Segre walking towards him.

“This is a gift from my brother to you. Take a look,” Segre smiled at Tao Yuan. “I’ve never seen my brother give a gift to anyone before. It’s a heartfelt gesture. Please don’t refuse.”

“For me?” Tao Yuan took the box from his hands, turned, walked to the nearby useless item disposal bin, and tossed the box right in. Then, he returned to Segre and said, “Dirty things should be destroyed. If there’s anything like this in the future, you can handle it.”

“You’ve gone too far!” Segre glared at Tao Yuan, his anger evident. Even though he knew that his brother pursued Tao Yuan to help him, Tao Yuan’s attitude still infuriated him.

“Have I gone too far?” Tao Yuan sneered. “Who’s truly going too far here? You and your brother both know what’s really going on. I advise you both not to provoke me. Otherwise, there will come a time when you’ll regret it.”

“Who do you think you are, daring to speak like this? My brother is a majoraAdmiral. You’d better ask about the Coste 1 family before deciding how to talk to me. Don’t act without face!” Segre glared fiercely at Tao Yuan, his anger finally breaking through the facade he had maintained.

“I just don’t care about the face you and your brother are giving. What can you do to me?” Tao Yuan stepped closer, looking into his eyes. “If the Coste family is so formidable, then go ahead, try to remove me from the military district. Can you do that? Mai Wei and I are in a relationship beyond mere lovers. If I say I want to get married, he’ll marry me immediately. I could be carrying his child at any moment. Do you think your Coste family can compare to the Jadina 2 family? Your brother might be a major admiral, but Mai Wei is a General, and his father is a Marshal. Can your family measure up?”

Segre lowered his gaze to Tao Yuan’s belly. His face immediately turned pale, and he felt too flustered to say a word. He hadn’t expected Mai Wei and Tao Yuan’s relationship to progress so quickly.

“You’re lying!” Segre refused to believe Tao Yuan’s words.

“When Mai Wei comes back, I’ll have him personally tell you and your brother everything. Whether you like it or not, no matter what you do, he will never like you.” Tao Yuan finished speaking and turned to walk back to his office, unwilling to waste any more words on him.

Segre was so angry that his face turned pale and then a shade of green. Clenching his fists tightly, he briskly returned to his office. After dimming the glass wall, he vented his anger by throwing everything on his desk into the air. With his hands planted firmly on the tabletop, his eyes glinted with malice as he vowed not to give up so easily.

Over the past few days, everyone in the department knew that Fei Qi was pursuing Tao Yuan. However, regardless of what Fei Qi gave him, Tao Yuan would always throw it in the disposal bin. So, discussions among the department members became the hot topic of the day.

A few days later, Mai Wei returned after completing his mission.

Mai Wei was in the shower when Tao Yuan opened the door and walked in, then sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for him.

Wrapped in a towel, Mai Wei came out and saw Tao Yuan sitting on the bed. His eyes immediately lit up. He had been thinking about Tao Yuan while showering, and now seeing him in front of him made his heart race with excitement.

Mai Wei walked over, sat down, and embraced Tao Yuan, kissing him passionately. His tongue explored Tao Yuan’s mouth, stirring things up, while his hands roamed over Tao Yuan’s body.

Tao Yuan didn’t even have a chance to speak. He was overwhelmed by the kiss, and Mai Wei was already working on removing his pants.

When Tao Yuan could finally make audible sounds, he couldn’t form complete sentences. All that came out were moans.

Although only a few days had passed since they separated, Mai Wei missed Tao Yuan as if they had been separated for years. Only through intense actions and feeling the person in his arms could he fill the emptiness in his heart.

Mai Wei felt like he was immersed in water full of petals because Tao Yuan’s body was fragrant and soft, his skin smooth and tender. Inside and out, Tao Yuan was irresistible. Mai Wei felt willing to stay in this moment forever, even if it meant losing himself in Tao Yuan.


Tao Yuan weakly leaned against Mai Wei’s chest, restraining the hands that were still caressing him, intending to wait until their breathing steadied before speaking.

Mai Wei lifted Tao Yuan’s chin, about to kiss him again, but Tao Yuan used his palm to cover Mai Wei’s mouth and looked at him. “Lend me your communicator.”

“Why do you need to borrow my communicator?” Mai Wei looked at him in confusion.

“Lend it to me, and open it,” Tao Yuan held his wrist, instructing him to unlock the screen.

Mai Wei opened the screen, still puzzled by Tao Yuan’s actions.

Tao Yuan opened the communication page, found Fei Qi’s name, and sent a message to Fei Qi.

“Why do you want him to come over?” Mai Wei asked, puzzled, looking at Tao Yuan.

“I want him to come and personally tell you what he’s been up to these past few days,” Tao Yuan said with a cold expression.

“What has he done to you?” Mai Wei immediately frowned, anger building up inside him.

“Your good friend, your brother, he’s been pursuing me. And everyone in our department knows about it, probably people in other departments too. When he comes, ask him yourself why he’s doing this,” Tao Yuan got up, picked up his clothes from the floor, put them on, and walked out of Mai Wei’s bedroom. He went downstairs to the living room to wait for Fei Qi.

Mai Wei’s anger surged, his face becoming grim. He got up, angrily went to the dressing room to put on his clothes, and then went downstairs to wait for Fei Qi.

Fei Qi had mentally prepared himself for the possibility of being questioned by Mai Wei. But he didn’t expect Tao Yuan to come complaining about him right after Mai Wei’s return. So, when he received a message from Mai Wei, he thought Mai Wei had some other matter to discuss.

When Mai Wei opened the door for him and he walked into the living room, he was surprised to see Tao Yuan sitting on the sofa.

“Are you pursuing Yi Yu?” Mai Wei didn’t waste any words and directly asked Fei Qi.

Fei Qi walked over and sat on the sofa opposite them, calmly stating, “Yes, I like him, so I’m pursuing him.”

“Like me?” Tao Yuan sneered mockingly. “It’s because your brother likes Mai Wei, so you intentionally pretend to pursue me, with the real intention of ruining my relationship with Mai Wei, am I right?”

“You two have a relationship?” Fei Qi pretended to be surprised, looking at them. “Neither of you told me. Are you dating?”

“Come with me,” Mai Wei said, looking at Fei Qi, then stood up and headed upstairs.

Fei Qi followed him upstairs, thinking Mai Wei was going to take him to the study for a private conversation. But he was led to the gym instead.

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  1. 科斯特 Kēsī tè – keeping the english name Coste[]
  2. 嘉迪纳 Jiā dí nà[]

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