TOTLS Chapter 134

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 10

As soon as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him, Mai Wei swiftly turned around, delivering a powerful punch that sent Fei Qi crashing to the ground.

Fei Qi felt as if half of his face was about to fall off, the pain rendering him numb. Sitting on the ground, he looked up at Mai Wei and said, “After all these years of brotherhood, you’re beating me up for someone you just met not long ago?”

“You’ve got the nerve to call us brothers?!” Mai Wei grabbed his clothes, lifting him up and glaring at him with icy eyes. “You dare say you don’t know about Yi yu’s connection to me? Let me make it clear. From today onward, I have no friend in you, and don’t you dare call yourself my brother. Also, go tell your brother that even if all the females in the world were extinct, I wouldn’t be interested in him. If you don’t spill it, I’ll personally go and break it to him, so he can give up on any hope!”

“I pursued him partly out of selfishness, but it wasn’t solely for Segre. it was for you too!” Fei Qi said loudly.

“For me?! The whole military district practically knows about your pursuit of him. Do you really have the audacity to claim it’s for my sake?! Once my relationship with him becomes public, how do you expect others to view him?” Mai Wei grew angrier as he thought about it, unable to resist delivering another forceful punch to Fei Qi.

Seeing Fei Qi with a split lip and a bruised face, Mai Wei turned away and walked to a cabinet by the wall. He opened it, took out a set of protective gear, and threw it to Fei Qi, instructing him to put it on.

Mai Wei wasn’t feeling sorry for Fei Qi. It was more about preventing a serious injury that could escalate the situation. If Fei Qi ended up hospitalized, rumors and unpleasant gossip might spread. The protective gear he handed over was designed for sparring, intensifying the pain but ensuring no actual harm.

“You can hit me if you want, but can you at least listen to what I have to say?” Fei Qi stood up on his own, glaring at Mai Wei with a bellyful of anger. He was upset that Mai Wei, disregarding their years of friendship, would be ready to attack him over someone he had recently met, without even bothering to hear his explanation.

“Fine, you want to talk? I’ll let you finish, but if you can’t provide me with a reasonable explanation, I’ll double the beating,” Mai Wei said, glaring at him fiercely.

“I deliberately pursued him to help you test him. You barely knew him and already got involved with him. Do you really understand what kind of person he is?” Fei Qi spoke with sincerity, “I had no intention of taking advantage of him, and there were no ulterior motives. I just wanted to see how he would respond under my pursuit. If he became conceited and arrogant or responded positively to my advances, it would prove he has a flawed character, not worthy of you. You should reconsider your relationship with him.”

“So, you were well aware of my relationship with him. Why did you pretend not to know just now?” Mai Wei gritted his teeth. “Did you have my consent before doing all these things? On what grounds do you have to help me test him?! What gives you the right to do that?!” After saying this, Mai Wei forcibly helped Fei Qi put on the protective gear and headgear, then proceeded to start the beating.

Fei Qi realized he was no match for Mai Wei and sensed the overwhelming anger in him. Choosing not to retaliate, he let Mai Wei unleash his fury because the more he resisted, the harsher the beating would become. Fei Qi hadn’t anticipated Mai Wei caring so much about Tao Yuan. He thought Mai Wei would just be angry, but judging by his current attitude, it seemed like he wanted to beat him to a pulp.

Mai Wei beat Fei Qi to the point where he couldn’t even muster the strength to get up. The pain was pushing him to the brink of unconsciousness. If not for the protective gear he was wearing, he would undoubtedly be dealing with both external and internal injuries, possibly he would even have to stay at hospital. 

Mai Wei beat him until both of them were covered in sweat. Overwhelmed by pain, Fei Qi lay on the ground, drenched in cold sweat. As Fei Qi’s head throbbed and he teetered on the edge of consciousness, Mai Wei finally stopped.

“From today on, we’re no longer friends or brothers. Please don’t use my goodwill for anything, and stay away from Yi yu. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being considerate!”

Fei Qi tried to speak, but the pain was too intense, and he couldn’t even muster a sound. What he wanted to say was, “After beating me like this, you’re still cutting ties with me? All these years of friendship mean nothing compared to one female. You’ve disappointed me. Don’t regret it!”

Mai Wei walked out, leaving Fei Qi lying there alone and ignored. But Fei Qi had already passed out from the pain.

Tao Yuan sat in the living room, sipping milk while glancing at the computer screen. Seeing Mai Wei descending the stairs drenched in sweat, he asked, “Why did it take so long?”

“We didn’t talk. I knocked him out, made things clear, and from now on, we’re not friends anymore. If he dares to approach you again, let me know immediately, and I’ll handle him,” Mai Wei said as he took a seat.

“After beating him for so long, you’ve worked hard. Go back to your room and take a shower. You’re drenched in sweat,” Tao Yuan said. Hearing that Fei Qi had been knocked out brought him a sense of relief, although it didn’t mean he was going to investigate the matter further. He would settle this score when there is a chance.

“I’ll head back first. You should get some rest too,” Tao Yuan stood up.

Mai Wei also stood up, grabbing his hand. “Don’t leave. Aren’t you off tomorrow? I’m taking a break as well. You can sleep here tonight.”

“You even know about my day off tomorrow?” Tao Yuan looked at him.

“It’s not that difficult for me,” Mai Wei said, pulling him upstairs.

When Mai Wei went in for his shower, he insisted on bringing Tao Yuan along. Despite Tao Yuan’s reluctance, Mai Wei simply embraced his waist and lifted him into the bathroom.

“You wash up first. I’ll wait for you to finish before I start,” Tao Yuan making his final struggle.

“Let’s shower together. It saves time,” Mai Wei embraced Tao Yuan’s waist, preventing any escape, and began by removing his pants.

“I can do it myself. Don’t do this…” Tao Yuan began to struggle again, attempting to undress on his own. Otherwise, he’d be drained of strength before they even started washing.

After both had stripped down, Mai Wei pressed the switch, and water cascaded down from above. Holding Tao Yuan, Mai Wei seriously helped in cleaning him.

Their bodies pressed tightly together, as if their souls were also intimately connected. In this way, they felt each other’s warmth and felt a profound sense of contentment both physically and emotionally.


After Mai Wei dried Tao Yuan’s body, he carried him out of the bathroom and placed him on the bed. Mai Wei gently kissed Tao Yuan’s lips, and Tao Yuan responded with closed eyes.

“Starting from today…” Tao Yuan murmured softly.

“What?” Mai Wei didn’t hear clearly, looking at him in confusion.

“Starting from today, let’s officially be in a relationship,” Tao Yuan opened his eyes and said.

“…You agreed to be with my lover?” Mai Wei was momentarily stunned before he caught on.

“Yeah, you’ve been bringing up this matter non-stop, haven’t you? I was planning to wait a bit longer, but with your good friend causing such a commotion, I don’t feel like waiting anymore. But let’s not go public for now. We’ll wait until those people stop gossiping about Fei Qi pursuing me, and then we can naturally make it public,” Tao Yuan explained.

“Are you really sure? If you regret it in a couple of days, I won’t agree,” Mai Wei said seriously.

“I’m sure. I told you before, the old me is dead, and now I’m a completely new person after being reborn. So, I’ve decided to bid farewell to the past and start a brand new life. Once I’ve avenged, I won’t feel sad for my former self anymore, and I won’t dwell on the past. I’ll happily live my own life,” Tao Yuan said.

“It should be living happily together with me.” Mai Wei kissed Tao Yuan passionately, his emotions running deep. In this moment, it felt as if a weight had been lifted off his heart. He truly sensed that he now had the person he wanted in his arms.

Tao Yuan embraced him, returning the kiss. He didn’t realize that his constant rejection had unsettled Mai Wei. He just wanted to play a game of cat and mouse, but from today onwards, he would sincerely embrace love and happiness.


Since both of them had a day off the next day, they slept until they naturally woke up. After that, Tao Yuan went to the kitchen to personally prepare breakfast.

As soon as Mai Wei entered the kitchen, he embraced Tao Yuan from behind. Annoyed by his presence, Tao Yuan told him to sit at the dining table, but Mai Wei insisted on leaning against the countertop, watching Tao Yuan cook.

Fei Qi woke up in pain. After blinking dazedly for a moment, he remembered what happened yesterday. He alternated between holding his stomach and chest. Every part of his body ached, and his hands couldn’t cover all the areas. He thought to himself that Mai Wei really went all out on him. If it weren’t for the protective gear, he might not have survived the encounter.

Fei Qi struggled to get up from the floor. After removing the protective gear, he leaned against the wall as he walked out. Every step felt like his body was about to fall apart.

Once downstairs, Fei Qi saw no one in the living room. Originally, he was planning to leave immediately, but he couldn’t resist his curiosity after hearing sounds from the kitchen.

Fei Qi stood at the corner outside the dining area, peeking in. He froze when he saw Mai Wei embracing Tao Yuan from behind. Tao Yuan lifted a piece of fruit and fed it to Mai Wei, then turned to kiss him on the lips. The two began sharing an intimate moment.

What stunned Fei Qi wasn’t the intimate behavior between the two, but the atmosphere full of love. It was the profound affection that only couples deep in love possessed. The ambiance of happiness that brooked no intrusion. Fei Qi suddenly realized that Mai Wei genuinely loved the person he was currently holding.

Fei Qi slowly walked away, but the scene he had just witnessed seemed etched in his mind, lingering and refusing to dissipate. He felt he had done something incredibly foolish. He couldn’t fathom why he had suddenly acted so recklessly, making such a stupid decision.

Emotions are the business of those two individuals. Even if it’s for Mai Wei’s good, he shouldn’t have tested the person Mai Wei likes in such a way. He truly regretted it now. Not just for the beating he received from Mai Wei, but also for ruining the years-long friendship they had.

Fei Qi let out a long sigh, thinking that after Mai Wei had calmed down a bit, he would sincerely apologize and repair their relationship.

There’s also Segre, as the elder brother figure, it’s both an obligation and a necessity to make him more aware. Although Mai Wei’s words yesterday were harsh, they undoubtedly represented his true feelings. In the past, Mai Wei had refrained from stating them outright to save face for Fei Qi, but yesterday, pushed to the limit, Mai Wei laid it all out without reservation.

Fei Qi no longer pursued Tao Yuan. It’s as if his previous pursuit of Tao Yuan never happened. When asked by others, he immediately denied it, attributing his visits to the programming department to see his younger brother. He urged everyone not to spread rumors. Although people found it strange, as time passed, the discussion about this matter gradually faded away.

While Tao Yuan could enhance the mecha system to a higher level, he understood that other conditions needed to keep up. He knew that upgrading the A-level program alone wouldn’t suffice. He needed additional opportunities to prove himself. Only by demonstrating his significant capabilities could he climb higher, ensuring that on the day his relationship with Mai Wei was exposed, no one would say he wasn’t worthy. In case his identity was revealed one day, he wanted people to have reasons to protect him.

He patiently waited, and finally, the opportunity arrived.

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