TOTLS Chapter 137

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 13

“You…” Tao Yuan excitedly grabbed Mai Wei’s hand, wanting to ask him why he had suddenly come. But after glancing at Fei Qi, he said to Mai Wei, “I’ll go back to the room and wait for you. Hurry up, don’t waste time talking too much with him.”

Tao Yuan turned and walked towards the room, closing the door behind him without closing it tightly.

“Earlier, you mentioned it was to test him. So, what about now?” Mai Wei’s gaze sharpened as he looked at him. “I never expected that the person repeatedly trying to ruin my love life would be my closest friend. I was really blind back then to have been friends with you for so many years!”

“Originally, it was indeed to test him, that’s why I pursued him. But now…” Fei Qi didn’t expect Mai Wei’s sudden appearance. He was a bit hesitant to meet Mai Wei’s eyes because he still felt guilty. But the feelings for Tao Yuan in his heart gave him the courage to speak his mind. “Now, I genuinely like him. So, I want to compete with you fairly.”

“Fair competition?” Mai Wei said coldly. “In my entire life, I can compete with anyone fairly in anything, but when it comes to him, I won’t compete with anyone, including you! Considering our past friendship, I’ll give you one last chance. From today onwards, you better honestly refrain from saying or doing anything in front of him. Otherwise, I’ll make you personally experience how despicable my methods can be. My previous tactics were reserved for enemies. If you want to become my enemy and be dealt with using those tactics, then go ahead and try!”

Mai Wei delivered a powerful punch to Fei Qi’s stomach, causing him to immediately collapse to the ground, clutching his abdomen and trembling in pain. With an A-level mental power, Mai Wei could have easily killed Fei Qi with just that one punch if he had wished.

“If the lesson from this punch can’t still make you back off, then you better be mentally prepared for what I’ll do next. Even if you regret and want to quit later, I won’t give you the chance,” Mai Wei declared sternly.

Fei Qi curled up on the ground and felt as if his insides had exploded from the pain. Despite the severity of Mai Wei’s attack, what frightened him more wasn’t the physical pain but the realization that Mai Wei might indeed resort to the methods he spoke of. Having known Mai Wei for so many years, Fei Qi was well aware that those tactics were far more terrifying than his fists. If Mai Wei really wanted to make someone’s life a living hell, he had the means to do so.

Watching Mai Wei enter Tao Yuan’s room, Fei Qi, still clutching his stomach, struggled to sit up. He leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, each breath accompanied by a sharp pang in his abdomen. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment, hesitating on whether to truly give up or continue to fight. Surrendering would be truly unacceptable to him, but going forward seemed to foretell an inevitable outcome even before it began.

If his competition were anyone other than Mai Wei, he would have dared to give it his all. However, it was precisely Mai Wei, and because he understood Mai Wei well, a sense of trepidation crept in. He knew that being enemies with Mai Wei would definitely not end well.

After Mai entered the room, hei closed the door. Tao Yuan was waiting for him, and immediately rushed towards him, and Mai Wei effortlessly caught him in his arms.

“How did you come? Weren’t you supposed to be on an important mission?” Tao Yuan, holding him, asked excitedly. It had been almost two months since they last met, and he really missed him.

“The previous mission ended, and there’s a new assignment in the Border Star Cluster, so I applied to come here. I arrived the day before yesterday and specifically came to this planet to see you today,” Mai Wei explained as he looked at him.

“Are you going back to the main star with us? Or will you return directly after completing the mission? We still have over a month before we can return to the main star,” Tao Yuan looked at him expectantly, hoping to go back together.

“This mission is quite easy for me, and shouldn’t take more than a month. As long as there are no other sudden urgent tasks, I should be able to return to the main star with you,” Mai Wei replied.

“Because you were on a mission, I didn’t dare to message you. Did you miss me?” Tao Yuan said, then bit down on Mai Wei’s jaw with a playful nibble.

Mai Wei hugged him and gently laid him down on the bed, pressing him beneath as he looked at him. “Whether I missed you or not, how about I express it through actions? You’ll know how much I missed you in a moment.”

“Then hurry up, what are you waiting for?” Tao Yuan began to initiate physical contact with him.

In this lifetime, Tao Yuan had never been so enthusiastic in treating Mai Wei, so his current actions caught Mai Wei off guard.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to show me how much you missed me through actions? Why aren’t you moving faster?” Tao Yuan looked at him with confusion, wondering why he seemed lost in thought.

“Wait a moment.” Mai Wei grabbed his hand and looked at him, saying, “Your sudden behavior is a bit scary. Did you do something that you feel guilty about?”

“What could I have done to make you feel that way?” Tao Yuan replied, looking at him. “I’ve been so busy these past two months, almost exhausted every day. I just come back to the dormitory and go to sleep. Today, I was harassed by Fei Qi and happened to be caught by you. Even if I wanted to do something to upset you, I wouldn’t have the time or energy for it.”

“I wasn’t talking about that kind of thing,” Mai Wei said.

“What thing then?”

“Like, are you hiding something from me or something?”

“What could I be hiding from you? You saying you miss me is probably just talk. You’ve been dawdling for half the day without any real action. Forget it, I’ll take the lead!” Tao Yuan forcefully rolled over, pushing Mai Wei down. Then, straddling him, he began to undo his pants.

Mai Wei looked at his actions and wasn’t able to immediately react. He felt like the person before him had transformed. Even though he liked whatever form Tao Yuan took, this sudden change caught him off guard, and he needed a moment to adapt.

Previously, Tao Yuan had been somewhat hesitant and reserved towards Mai Wei’s advances. Even when they agreed to officially start dating, it was mostly Mai Wei taking the initiative. Even though Tao Yuan was not rejecting him outright, he had never been this enthusiastic. Driven by the day’s fatigue and longing for Mai Wei, Tao Yuan had forgotten to maintain his usual attitude, making Mai Wei feel like he was dealing with a completely different person.

Tired from the day, Tao Yuan soon found the position exhausting, and he collapsed weakly onto Mai Wei’s chest. With their intimate activities barely underway and caught in a state of uncertainty, Mai Wei couldn’t withstand it. He swiftly flipped Tao Yuan, pressing him beneath, taking charge of the situation.

Tao Yuan endured it and couldn’t use any strength..


Tao Yuan lay on Mai Wei’s chest, feeling a strong desire to sleep but too fatigued to do so. Mai Wei gently pat his back, coaxing him to sleep, mindful not to overexert him as Tao Yuan had a busy day ahead.

“That Fei Qi, he’s really as annoying as his little brother. When they like someone, they do things without considering others’ feelings, claiming it’s for their own pursuits. Just seeing them makes me irritated,” Tao Yuan said. Since he couldn’t sleep anyway, he decided to chat with Mai Wei. Maybe he’d drift off to sleep in the middle of the conversation.

“I originally thought it was just his brother with that kind of personality, didn’t expect him to be the same,” Mai Wei sighed. “We practically grew up together, from school to the military. The time we spent together exceeds even that with family. Considering the bond over these many years, I’ll give him one last chance. If he still can’t let go, I’ll handle it.”

“Well, as long as he doesn’t come to me spouting arrogant words in the future. Even if he looks at me with those annoying eyes, I’ll endure it for the sake of the friendship he had with you before. But if…” Tao Yuan’s voice gradually faded, and before he could finish his sentence, he fell asleep.

Mai Wei lowered his head, glanced at him, then planted a kiss on his forehead. Closing his eyes, he prepared to sleep. Holding the person in his arms brought him satisfaction, but a hint of unease lingered. He knew this precious one in his embrace would inevitably attract attention. Now, the intruder had appeared, boldly acknowledging the competition for his treasure, and it happened to be his good friend of many years.

Mai Wei thought, if only he could hide this person away so that no one could see him, then no one could steal his precious one.


Mai Wei carried out missions on the nearby planets, as he had mentioned. The tasks were quite easy for him, giving him plenty of time to visit Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan wasn’t always on the same planet. Each planet in the Border Star Cluster had to install the latest ground-to-air weapons. Sometimes Tao Yuan and Mai Wei would be on the same planet, making it more convenient for Mai Wei to find him.

Standing beside the instrument setup, Tao Yuan lowered his head, attentively examining the flat computer in his hands for a final check. Suddenly, a cool sensation covered his forehead, startling him. Looking up, he saw Mai Wei standing in front of him, holding a towel.

“Why are you here?” Tao Yuan asked with a smile. Mai Wei usually came to see him in the evening.

“I have the day off today, so I came to check on you.” Mai Wei wiped the sweat off Tao Yuan’s forehead with the towel and then opened a water bottle, handing it to him.

“Will you be with me all day today?” Tao Yuan asked after taking a sip of water, then handing the cup back to him.

“Yes, I’ll be with you the whole day,” Mai Wei said, looking at him.

“Then go talk to those soldiers. You standing beside me all the time makes it hard for me to concentrate,” Tao Yuan said with a smile.

“Okay.” Mai Wei looked at Tao Yuan’s smile, feeling unusually satisfied. When he first met Tao Yuan, his eyes were filled with melancholy and sadness, hardly ever showing a smile. But now, Tao Yuan would often smile at him. Every time he saw happiness in Tao Yuan’s eyes, it made him feel that Tao Yuan was truly starting to say goodbye to the past and not dwell in the past.

Once this task was completed, everyone moved to the next location.

Wei Ke drove the car over and then got out to join the others.

Mai Wei helped Tao Yuan open the passenger door. After Tao Yuan got in, Mai Wei took the driver’s seat and personally drove to the next installation point.

As Mai Wei got into the car, Tao Yuan turned to look at his profile and said, “We probably have about ten more days before we can return to the main star. Didn’t you say your mission was easy and would be completed quickly? Why is it not finished yet?”

“In fact, it’s already done. There are just some finishing touches left, and I don’t need to handle it personally. I’ve asked them to take their time, so we can return together when it’s done,” Mai Wei explained.

“Do you consider this as using public resources for personal gain? What if someone catches wind of it?”

“Do you think I’m the kind of person who would get caught?” Mai Wei turned to look at him and then reached out to touch his face.

Tao Yuan grabbed his hand, bit it, and didn’t let go.

Mai Wei activated the car’s autopilot function, confirmed the route, and then pulled Tao Yuan into his arms, pinching his chin and kissing him.

Tao Yuan hooked his neck and kissed him back.

The distance to the next installation point wasn’t too close or too far, so the two didn’t do anything other than hold each other sweetly.


After a full day of work, everyone returned to the base.

Tao Yuan and Mai Wei sat together in the restaurant, openly enjoying their meal, as they had decided to make their relationship public.

Observing the couple’s intimacy, others couldn’t help but whisper among themselves. Especially the members of a particular group who were aware of Fei Qi’s previous pursuit of Tao Yuan. Now, seeing Tao Yuan clearly involved with Mai Wei, they were obviously surprised.

Fei Qi sat alone in a somewhat secluded spot, each time he saw Tao Yuan with Mai Wei, a sense of bitterness welled up within him. He couldn’t understand how he had ended up in this situation. Friendship was lost, love was never gained, and Mai Wei and Tao Yuan remained sweetly in love. All he had was the burden in his heart.

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