TOTLS Chapter 138

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 14

Before they returned to the main star, a military exercise was conducted by the garrison forces of the border star cluster. The impressive performance of the latest anti-air weapons in actual combat excited both the soldiers and the high-ranking officials. Even the ordinary citizens, after learning about it through military reports, were excited and happy. The more powerful the Empire’s weapons, the greater their sense of security.

As a cosmic powerhouse like the Nanmeng Empire, there is no longer a need to conceal their strength. One of the purposes of occasionally showcasing their strength is to exert a deterrence effect on surrounding nations.

After their return to the main star, they were to receive honors and various awards. Tao Yuan was not only directly promoted to the rank of programmer but also awarded a military rank.

The members of the other teams in the programming department were extremely envious because, thanks to Tao Yuan’s blessings, the entire team had been promoted together.

After returning to the department following the commendation ceremony, discussions among the members of the programming department were filled with expressions of envy.

“I wonder why Yi Yu didn’t end up in our team. If he did, we could have all been promoted several levels by now.”

“He’s someone General Mai Wei brought in, and General Mai Wei has always favored a specific group. It’s only natural for him to be assigned to that group. The real question should be why we weren’t in the same group before.”

“I’m really jealous. The speed at which he’s leveling up has never happened in our programming department. Geniuses are really different.”

“He’s been in the programming department for less than a year, starting as a programmer with no rank, and now he’s already a programmer with a military rank. I bet it won’t take him much longer to reach the rank of program officer.”

“Sigh, do you guys know something?”

“What is it?”

“I heard that General Mai Wei and Yi Yu are dating. When they were in the border star cluster, their interactions were just like a couple, and they didn’t hide it at all. It seems like they want to make it public.”

“Really?! See, I was right. General Mai Wei always comes to our department to find Yi Yu. Every time he enters Yi Yu’s office, he dims the glass wall. It’s definitely not just about work.”

“But wasn’t General Fei Qi pursuing him before? General Fei Qi and General Mai Wei have been good friends for many years, and now Yi Yu is involved with General Mai Wei. This relationship seems a bit complicated, doesn’t it?”

“General Fei Qi must have been rejected. Didn’t you see? Fei Qi clearly pursued Yi Yu, but later denied ever pursuing him. He must have been rejected and felt embarrassed, so he just denied it altogether.”

“While General Fei Qi excels in various aspects, he falls a bit short compared to General Mai Wei. If it were me, I would definitely choose General Mai Wei.”

“No need to say, anyone would choose that if given the chance. But I guess only Yi Yu has the opportunity to make that choice.”

“If Yi Yu marries General Mai Wei, he would be the ultimate life winner. Not only is he capable himself, but he also marries an empire’s male god. His life would be too perfect!”

“Sigh~. Even though I know I can’t envy such a life, I can’t help but feel jealous.”

Segre walked not too far behind them, but those people were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t notice him.

Expressionless, Segre listened to their words, diligently suppressing the jealousy and resentment in his heart, making sure they didn’t show on his face. However, as he thought about the information he had people look into, his anger diminished, replaced by a sense of satisfaction.

Segre stood at the department’s entrance without entering, as he was waiting for Tao Yuan.

While Tao Yuan talked with a team leader and walked toward the department, he lifted his eyes and noticed Segre standing at the department’s entrance, observing him. He knew Segre must have something to discuss with him.

Segre smiled as he looked at Tao Yuan. After Tao Yuan approached him, Segre congratulated, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” Tao Yuan nodded to him, not wasting words, and walked straight into the department.

Inside the department, numerous people congratulated Tao Yuan. After responding to each one, he returned to his office.

Sitting on the sofa chair in his office, Tao Yuan glanced in the direction of Segre’s office. The smile Segre had just now seemed to carry deeper meaning. At that moment, Tao Yuan had a premonition that Segre might be up to something, and it was definitely related to him, explaining why Segre had smiled at him like that.

According to human psychology, when someone is about to do something to someone they dislike and is confident it will embarrass the other party, they can’t help but want to face the other person in advance with the posture of a victor. Although not everyone behaves this way, Tao Yuan believed that with Segre’s cunning and level of scheming, he would definitely be that kind of person.

After thinking for a moment, Tao Yuan dimmed the glass wall, opened the communicator, and dialed Mai Wei’s contact number.

Segre sat in his office, also dimming the glass wall, wearing a malicious smirk as he manipulated something on his computer. In his mind, he thought that the higher a person climbs, the harder they fall. After enduring for some time, he could finally vent his frustration. Just thinking about it made him happy.

Segre deliberately waited until Tao Yuan returned to the main star before taking action, intending to make the situation explode even more after he received the commendation.

After arranging everything, Segre closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, letting out a long sigh. Now, all he needed to do was wait and watch the drama unfold.

After discussing with Mai Wei, Tao Yuan already figured out what Segre was up to, and spent a long time discussing it again that night. They decided that instead of stopping him, it would be better to let him expose the matter. After all, Mai Wei was confident in protecting Tao Yuan no matter what. This way, Tao Yuan wouldn’t have to worry about his identity being exposed, and it would also provide an opportunity to teach Segre a lesson.

Moreover, Mai Wei was sure he could secure Tao Yuan after his identity was exposed. Besides Tao Yuan showcasing his abilities, there was another important reason. The incident that could potentially expose Tao Yuan’s identity would serve as an opportunity.

Two days later, on the star network of the Nanmeng Empire, someone anonymously exposed Tao Yuan’s identity, claiming he was from the Nandi Kingdom and had become a military district programmer in Nanmeng Empire. There were two possibilities. Either he was a spy sent by the Nandi Kingdom, or he had betrayed his own homeland to come to the Nanmeng Empire. Regardless of the reason for coming to the Nanmeng Empire, it shows there was a problem with him.

The anonymous individual who exposed Tao Yuan listed out the evidence of his identity, proving that he was indeed from the Nandi Kingdom. They provided examples of his work in the military district and speculated on the potential harm he might bring to the Nanmeng Empire. They also argued that even if he wasn’t a spy, someone who had betrayed their own country wasn’t worthy of trust or significant responsibilities. If he could betray his own nation, he was more likely to betray the Nanmeng Empire at any time.

This person’s argument was well-founded and the analysis was sound. It quickly sparked intense discussions on the star network, as if Tao Yuan were indeed a spy or about to betray the Nanmeng Empire.

Many civilians found the exposé convincing. They felt that although Tao Yuan was capable, it would be risky if the military employed such a person. Another faction believed that even if Tao Yuan wasn’t originally from the Nanmeng Empire, his abilities could serve the empire and make it stronger. As long as certain measures were in place to ensure he wouldn’t betray the empire, utilizing his skills for the empire’s benefit was preferable to letting another nation make use of them.

With these conflicting viewpoints, these two groups argued endlessly. Most civilians awaited explanations from the military and official statements, wanting to see how the military and officials would interpret the situation before forming their own opinions.

After learning Tao Yuan’s true identity, the members of the programming department were shocked, but there was also a sense of sudden realization. Given Tao Yuan’s remarkable skills, if he were truly from the Nanmeng Empire, he should have been nurtured with special attention, and they would have surely known about him. But with him suddenly appearing out of nowhere, they had never heard of him before. After reflection, it did seem quite suspicious.

Tao Yuan was temporarily suspended from duty, so he didn’t go to the department to work. The department head warned everyone not to discuss the matter until a decision came from higher-ups.

In contrast to others’ shocked, Segre was in an unusually good mood. He felt that, given the extent of the reaction, there was no way Tao Yuan could continue staying in the military district.

The temporary suspension of Tao Yuan was, in fact, a measure to protect him. It prevented him from facing additional scrutiny and hearing discussions about him while being in the center of attention.

Before the military and officials made a public statement to the citizens, Tao Yuan first released an open declaration. He detailed all the hardships his original host had endured in the Nandi Kingdom and explained the reasons for seeking refuge in the Nanmeng Empire. He left it to the public to discuss and express their opinions.

In the statement, Tao Yuan not only narrated the experiences of his original host but also conveyed the pain and sorrow the original host had endured. He also assured everyone that despite being forced into seeking refuge with the Nanmeng Empire, he would not regret his decision and would never betray the empire. This, he stated, was the only path he had left.

Tao Yuan intentionally downplayed the romantic connection between the original host and their lover. Given the public disclosure of his relationship with Mai Wei, he anticipated potential attacks on this aspect of his past. After all, it was the original host, not him, who shared a romantic connection with the original lover. Therefore, he emphasized the account of how the Bavis family orchestrated the death of the original host’s lover. He detailed the various manipulations to force the original host into marriage for the sake of bearing a child with mental power A1, and he highlighted the disdainful behavior of the original host’s family.

After Tao Yuan’s confession was made public, the reactions of others were still unknown, but Mai Wei was already feeling heartbroken. Despite investigating the original host’s past, Mai Wei’s findings only provided a general overview, lacking the detailed narrative and emotional descriptions that Tao Yuan had shared.

The depth of the original host’s sorrow and agony at that time, Tao Yuan could only sense about fifty to sixty percent of it. After describing it, only about thirty to forty percent remained. One must personally experience it to truly understand the original host’s overwhelming emotions. If Mai Wei knew someone else had undergone these experiences instead of Tao Yuan, he wouldn’t feel heartbroken. He was, after all, a fairly indifferent person who wouldn’t bother sympathizing with others. But thinking it was Tao Yuan who had gone through all of this, his heart clenched with pain. He wished he could immediately go and kill Bruno and the original host’s family.

After posting the confession, Tao Yuan went to take a shower. As soon as he finished and stepped out, he heard the sound of the door opening. He turned around and saw Mai Wei wearing a serious expression, walking towards him with determined steps.

After being tightly embraced by Mai Wei, Tao Yuan asked with confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll definitely help you get revenge!” Mai Wei gritted his teeth.

After a moment of surprise, Tao Yuan replied, “Didn’t we already agree on the revenge matter during our second meeting?”

“It’s not just about the revenge I promised you back then. I want them to endure double the pain you suffered, to make them regret their actions and wish they were never born!” Mai Wei’s anger, fueled by Tao Yuan’s suffering, overwhelmed his control. In his mind, he had already planned various methods to use against those people.

“Did you read the confession I posted?” Tao Yuan asked.

“I saw it. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you earlier and let you suffer so much.” Mai Wei kissed his forehead, filled with pity.

Tao Yuan remained silent, refraining from speaking because he wasn’t the one who endured that suffering. He couldn’t truthfully tell Mai Wei, and yet, he also didn’t want to use the experiences of the original host to gain his sympathy. So, he could only stay silent.

Mai Wei lifted Tao Yuan into his arms and walked towards the bedroom. He placed Tao Yuan on the bed, gently kissing him.

Tao Yuan wrapped his arms around Mai Wei’s neck, returning the kiss, feeling the warmth and love in it.

That night, Mai Wei was exceptionally gentle.

To be loved or to love someone? Apparently others chose none of the above.

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