TOTLS Chapter 139

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 15

Once again, Tao Yuan’s confession caused significant reactions online. In the Nanmeng Empire, the education received from childhood emphasized everyone’s right to independence. As a result, most people sympathized with and understood him, feeling that he had been pushed to such extremes, dehumanized, and seeking to take control of his destiny by escaping those who treated him as a mere breeding machine.

But there were still some deeply rooted traditional thinkers who insisted that he had betrayed his country and family, questioning his character and deeming him unworthy of trust and reinstatement. So, a new debate on the correctness of Tao Yuan’s actions emerged on the star network.

[Born into such a family is truly a tragic situation. It sounds nice to say they provided food and clothing, and raised him. But in reality, they never regarded him as a person. They raised him with the sole purpose of gaining benefits, similar to investing in and manufacturing a commodity, packaging it, and then selling it. Can such family members really be called family or relatives?]

[If it were me, I’d make the same choice. Sacrificing one’s happiness for a family alliance. What a noble sentiment. He sacrificed a lifetime of happiness, allowing those incapable but desiring to maintain an empty facade to enjoy it. Ironically, these short-sighted individuals believe that, no matter how capable a female is, he cannot revive a family. We’re already in the interstellar era, but they cling to the outdated patriarchal society, no wonder the Nandi Kingdom is falling further behind.]

[No matter how technology advances, true progress in society comes from the evolution of human thinking. Otherwise, what’s the point of humanity pursuing equality and freedom? In upholding morality and law, everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness. If one’s destiny is treated as a commodity with no right to choose or control one’s life, it would be better not to be born at all. But the decision to be born or not is not something one can choose.]

[But after all, his parents did bring him into this world and raised him. Without his parents’ investment in his upbringing, he wouldn’t have the impressive abilities he possesses now. Since he has enjoyed the nurturing from his parents and family, isn’t it only natural to give back to them in return?]

[I mean, is love and freedom really more important than family? Who you marry is just a matter of whom you end up marrying, right? When your family is in need, it’s only natural to make sacrifices without hesitation. Betraying parents and family is heartless, let alone betraying one’s own country. Such a person deserves to be scorned by everyone.]

[I’m really shocked. In the era of interstellar advancements, it’s shocking to see people still clinging to such severe ancient feudalistic thoughts. To the two above, you live in an age of freedom and equality, born in a country with human rights laws protecting you. How unfortunate for you, right? People with such a sense of righteousness should be living in ancient times, following parental orders and arranged marriages, obediently marrying whoever your parents decide, not daring to defy them or risk being labeled unfilial.]

[There are many ways to repay the kindness of upbringing. Must one sacrifice a person’s entire life and happiness just to be considered repaying that kindness? If someone comes into this world only to sacrifice themselves, then that person is really unfortunate and pitiable, don’t you think?]

[Who wouldn’t want real parents who genuinely love them, and a work environment where efforts are rewarded? If not pushed to a certain extent, who would choose to betray their family and country? Should one endure and submit unconditionally in the name of so-called gratitude? If that were the case, then the countless years of humanity striving to overturn old ideologies, emphasizing and upholding human rights, would be completely meaningless.]

[Some people, having not experienced what others have, cannot empathize with their pain. Instead, they stand on the moral high ground, pointing fingers at others. To those who insist on unconditional obedience to family and parents in the name of gratitude, I hope you can practice what you preach. But you who can make such demands on yourselves have no right to impose such expectations on others.]

[A family that relies on arranged marriages to stay afloat indicates that this family lacks individuals who can stand on their own. Sacrificing the only person who could bring honor to the family reveals the ignorance of his parents. Is there really any hope for such a family?]

Segre scrolled through the online comments, expecting a majority to criticize Tao Yuan. To his surprise, after Tao Yuan’s confession, there were numerous voices defending him. He slammed the desk in frustration, then navigated back to the star network, clicking on the Nandi Kingdom’s star network to check the comments there.

After learning about the incident, the citizens of the Nandi Kingdom were also shocked. While there were condemnations against the original host’s parents for forcing him away, the majority criticized Tao Yuan for serving another country. The number of people in the Nandi Kingdom scolding Tao Yuan far exceeded those who understood him, as the stance of the Nandi Kingdom’s citizens differed from that of the Nanmeng Empire’s citizens.

After reading the comments criticizing Tao Yuan, Segre’s mood improved slightly, but he still couldn’t completely calm down. Because Tao Yuan had already left the Nandi Kingdom and was now working in the Nanmeng Empire, the thoughts and comments of Nandi Kingdom’s citizens had little effect on him. What bothered him was that the majority of Nanmeng Empire’s citizens, who could influence Tao Yuan, were leaning in his favor, which irked Segre.

Two days later, the military and official authorities jointly issued a public statement regarding Tao Yuan.

In the statement, the military first outlined the importance of a talented individual for the development of the empire, and even for the development of humanity and the entire universe. Then, they disclosed a shocking fact that rattled the entire populace. Individuals from other countries serving the Nanmeng Empire were not limited to Tao Yuan alone.

The Nanmeng Empire has been covertly recruiting talents from other countries for over a decade. These individuals possess extraordinary abilities but found themselves unable to live peacefully in their own countries because of power struggles at the highest levels.

The Nanmeng Empire embraced these people, strategically placing them in important positions. Some even arrived with their families to seek refuge in the Nanmeng Empire. The empire kept their identities confidential, providing protection to their families. These individuals made significant contributions to the empire, but their true identities remained undisclosed.

Finally, the military and official authorities explicitly stated in the declaration that in the future, individuals with talent from other countries seeking refuge would be welcomed without discrimination based on nationality. As long as they were capable and made contributions, they could obtain Nanmeng Empire citizenship and receive the same treatment as the empire’s own citizens.

After Segre finished reading the statement, he was completely stunned. He had never known that the Nanmeng Empire had been accepting talents from other countries for over a decade. He thought that revealing Tao Yuan’s true identity would undoubtedly harm him, but after reading the declaration, he realized that his actions were futile and foolish.

A sudden wave of intense fear surged within Segre’s heart. He suddenly understood how stupid his actions were, and he already had a premonition that he might have to pay a significant price for this.

The automatic doors suddenly swung open, startling Segre. He jerked his head up to see Mai Wei accompanied by a dozen soldiers standing outside, expressionless and with an icy gaze fixed after him.

Segre had been in the department for two or three years, and this was the first time Mai Wei had actively sought him out. But Segre felt no joy or excitement, only a growing sense of dread. He never expected that when Mai Wei finally came to find him, it would be in such a manner.

“Come with us,” Mai Wei said coldly, staring at him.

Segre’s legs went weak, and he couldn’t stand up. He could only gaze blankly at Mai Wei.

“If you’re not willing to come on your own, I’ll have them take action. If you don’t cooperate, don’t blame me for not giving you any face,” Mai Wei said with a cold expression.

With his hands resting on the desk for support, Segre stood up. Although his legs were trembling, he struggled to maintain composure. In his mind, he reassured himself that even if Mai Wei took him away, they wouldn’t harm him. His parents and brother would surely find a way to help him. At most, he would face a demotion, which wasn’t a big deal.

Stepping out, Segre walked away under the scrutiny of everyone in the programming department. He was led by Mai Wei, surrounded by soldiers. Speculation arose among the department’s personnel, guessing the reasons behind Segre’s removal. They were convinced he must have committed a grave offense, considering Mai Wei personally escorting him and the significant show of force.

Tao Yuan was seated on the sofa in Marshal Mai Wei’s father’s office, waiting for Mai Wei and the others to bring Segre.

When the automatic doors opened, it wasn’t Mai Wei and his team who entered. It was Fei Qi.

Fei Qi hesitated for a moment after seeing Tao Yuan, then walked up to General Fred’s desk, saluting and greeting him.

“Please, have a seat,” General Fred nodded and said.

Fei Qi took a seat on the single sofa to Tao Yuan’s left, maintaining a certain distance. Since the warning from Mai Wei on the border planet, Fei Qi hadn’t intentionally or actively appeared before Tao Yuan again. He resisted the urge to secretly observe him.

After thinking carefully, Fei Qi concluded that everything was wishful thinking on his part, and it was destined to have no outcome. The so-called process, whether it happened or not, was irrelevant to the so-called matter. If he were to completely offend Mai Wei for a doomed affection, who knew if he would regret it even more in the future?

Before long, Mai Wei entered with Segre.

After seeing Segre behind Mai Wei, Fei Qi was momentarily stunned. He suddenly stood up, eyes widened as he stared at him.

After seeing Fei Qi, Segre as if seeing a savior, appeared on the verge of tears, calling out, “Brother…”

“You…” Fei Qi vaguely guessed why Segre was brought here but was unwilling to believe that it was exactly as he thought.

“Everyone’s here? Then take a seat, don’t stand around,” Marshal Fred said, addressing them.

Fei Qi led Segre to the sofa facing Marshal Fred and sat down. Mai Wei took a seat next to Tao Yuan.

“Segre?” Marshal Fred called.

“Yes, Marshal.” Segre’s face was pale and strained, clearly nervous.

“Is the matter about Yi Yu being a citizen of Nandi Kingdom something you specifically leaked?” Marshal Fred’s tone and expression remained mild. He was generally a person of imposing demeanor, and his emotions were usually well concealed.

“…” Segre swallowed hard, hesitating to answer.

“Speak up!” Fei Qi lowered his voice in anger. “Hurry and explain everything to the Marshal! Say what needs to be said!”

“Yes, it was me who had someone do it,” Segre said in a low voice.

“Why did you do it?” Marshal Fred inquired.

“Because, because I was jealous of him.”

“Jealous that he had more talent and ability than you?”

“Yes,” Segre admitted.

“Segre, you used to visit my house often when you were a child. I remember, you weren’t like this before,” Marshal Fred spoke in a tone more similar to an elder than a leader.

“I…” Segre glanced at Mai Wei and Tao Yuan, then looked at Marshal Fred with a touch of grievance. “I am not only jealous of Yi Yu’s abilities but also envious of the fact that Mai Wei liked him. So, without considering the consequences, I did what I did.”

“Oh?” Marshal Fred turned to Mai Wei. “Is that true?”

“Yes!” Mai Wei admitted without hesitation.


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