TOTLS Chapter 140

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 16

When Tao Yuan heard the resolute reply from Mai Wei, he couldn’t help but glance at Marshal Fred, and their eyes met perfectly.

Suddenly, Tao Yuan felt like meeting the parents and immediately lowered his head.

Marshal Fred stared at Tao Yuan for a while, then shifted his gaze to Mai Wei, and finally looked at Segre, saying, “You may be a soldier, but making such a thoughtless move because of personal emotions indicates that your mindset doesn’t meet the standards of a military officer. In our military district, we can’t afford to keep someone like you.”

“Marshal! Please give me another chance!” Segre pleaded with tears streaming down his face. “I was really confused for a moment. I promise I won’t dare to do it again. Please, give me one more chance!”

“According to the standard procedures, even if you found something suspicious about Yi Yu’s identity, you should have reported it rather than using your position to conduct a private investigation. Moreover, since you already knew his true identity, you should have realized that he could come to the military district, and his status would undoubtedly be a protected secret. But you publicly exposed his true identity, deliberately fueling public opinion and caused a detrimental impact on the military. So, you must face the consequences.”

“I know I was wrong, truly, I know I was wrong…” Segre was really feeling regretful and fearful. At the time he committed these actions, a moment’s hesitation and reflection would have made him foresee such consequences. But blinded by anger, he was solely focused on retaliating against Tao Yuan, deliberately ignoring the possible consequences.

“In this country, there are laws, and in the military, there are regulations. The military is a place where law enforcement should be strictest. If I show leniency to you, it would be unfair to those who strictly adhere to military regulations. Do you understand?” Marshal Fred spoke calmly, but an aura of authority showed, creating an imposing presence.

“Alright, I understand…” Segre did not dare plead any further and could only say with a mournful face, “I am willing to accept the consequences.”

“Someone will inform you of the outcome tomorrow. You don’t need to return to your department. Pack your things in the dormitory and wait for further instructions.”

“Yes…” Segre’s regretful tears fell one by one.

Fei Qi stood up, wearing a serious expression, and said, “Marshal, Segre is my younger brother. His actions are a result of my failure to supervise him properly. I feel responsible, and I request to be punished as well.”

“There’s no provision for collective punishment in military law. Your duty in the army isn’t to monitor everything he does. Since you weren’t involved and unaware, I have no reason to take any disciplinary action against you. But don’t forget, you have your own responsibilities. Don’t let personal emotions interfere with the mission.”

“…Yes.” Fei Qi slowly lowered his head.

“You may go,” Marshal Fred raised his hand and said, “Mai Wei, stay.”

Tao Yuan turned his head, glanced at Mai Wei, who reassured him with a look. Only then did Tao Yuan stand up and leave with Fei Qi and Segre.

Once outside, Fei Qi caught up with Tao Yuan, who was about to leave, and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“It seems like you’re not the one who should be apologizing,” Tao Yuan said, looking at Segre.

“Hurry up and apologize!” Fei Qi lowered his voice, staring at Segre.

“…I’m sorry.” Although Segre regretted his actions, the apology sounded reluctant. But he knew it was his own momentary lapse of judgment that led to his own downfall.

“In truth, exposing my identity to the public, hoping they’d use public opinion to crush me, is stupid. I simply don’t care about what others say about me. Anyway, even if you don’t want to be a good person in the future, it’s wise to be a bit smarter in your actions. Try to avoid such stupid moves in the duture.” Tao Yuan finished speaking, smiled, and then turned to leave.

“You!” This was the first time Segre had been scolded so harshly since birth. He glared fiercely at Tao Yuan as he watched him walk away.

“Haven’t you caused enough trouble?!” Fei Qi glared at Segre in anger.

“…Brother, can’t I stay?” Segre asked with his head lowered.

“You’re still thinking about staying?” Fei Qi looked at him, took a deep breath, and suppressed his anger as he said, “Do you realize how serious it is to directly exposed classified information beyond the military? The military despises nothing more than such actions. This incident will be a permanent stain on your record. Be grateful if any military department is willing to take you in after this!”

Segre’s face turned even paler. Tears fell once again as he cried out, “What should I do if there’s no chance?”

“If there’s no chance…” Fei Qi pondered for a moment, sighed, and said, “If there’s no chance, Father will do his best to arrange for you in a better place. Stop crying, let’s go.”

In the office, Mai Wei stood with his hands behind his back, straight and erect, in front of his father’s desk, waiting for him to speak.

“Are you serious?” Fred looked at Mai Wei and asked.

“Father, you know me best. I believe this question doesn’t require me to answer,” Mai Wei said seriously and earnestly.

Fred nodded and said, “Indeed, it’s redundant to ask you that question. Considering your personality, it’s impossible for you to casually engage in a romantic relationship with someone.”

“But…” Fred paused and continued, “His identity is unique, and you are the strongest warrior in the empire. Although our family may not care about his background, your marriage is not only a concern for our family but also for all citizens.”

“I have already made up my mind to be with him for the rest of my life. So, I must marry him. Anyone who dares to oppose me will be my enemy, and I will use every means possible to destroy my enemies.”

“Your mindset is quite dangerous,” Fred tapped his fingers on the desk.

“Father, as a soldier, I’m willing to devote my life and even sacrifice for the country without a second thought. But my marriage, which concerns my lifelong happiness, must be my own decision. No one has the right to meddle or voice their opinions,” Mai Wei said seriously.

Fred sighed, remained silent for a moment, and then said, “Since you turned fifteen, the family hasn’t intervened in your affairs. Many uninformed people believe that your achievements today are thanks to the family. But we know that you’ve relied entirely on yourself. When you said you wanted independence in exchange for autonomy, we never considered meddling in any significant life events of yours or your marriage. We believe you have the ability to make the best choices for yourself.”

“Yi Yu is the best choice for me. His excellence can outweigh anything that might burden him. His background and nationality, in my eyes, are not issues. And aren’t we already preparing to grant citizenship to talented individuals joining the Nanmeng Empire? In the future, he will be a citizen of the Nanmeng Empire. Regardless of what others say or think, our own happiness is what matters.”

“I’m telling you all this not because I think he’s not worthy of you, and I’m not trying to persuade you to reconsider. His abilities are evident to everyone, and I have no objections to your choice. As a leader, I’m glad you’re with someone so capable. But as a father, I feel obligated to warn you that you may face external pressure.”

“What others think and see is their business. Us being together is our own matter. Other people’s opinions and judgments won’t affect our relationship, and they won’t put pressure on our happiness.”

Fred nodded and said, “Since you’ve made up your mind about him, bring him home when you have the time. Let your mother meet him. Even though you moved out in a hurry at fifteen, and are about to be married, we’re still family. Occasionally, visit your mother. Otherwise, he keeps complaining to me that having a son is the same as not having one.”

“Yes,” Mai Wei responded.

The computer on the office desk played music, and Fred pressed a button, transmitting his assistant’s voice, “Marshal, Count Tani wants to meet with you. He’s almost in the military district.”

“Understood. When he arrives, bring him in directly.” Fred closed the computer and said, “He came quite quickly. Go about your business.”

“Yes,” Mai Wei turned and walked out.

The Count mentioned by the assistant was none other than Segre and Fei Qi’s father. He came to see Fred, undoubtedly because of Segre’s situation.

Tao Yuan sat in the living room lost in thought. He knew that after Mai Wei left his father’s office, he would come to find him, so he waited.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Tao Yuan looked up.

Mai Wei walked over, sat beside him, pulled him into an embrace, kissed his forehead, and asked, “What’s wrong? You look gloomy. Segre will surely face the punishment he deserves. My father won’t easily bypass him just because of any pleas for leniency.”

“I’m not thinking about Segre’s situation. I’m thinking about whether, after all the talk with your father, he might not agree with our situation.” Although Tao Yuan knew that whether Mai Wei’s family approved or not wouldn’t affect their relationship, and they would be happy together until the end, if Mai Wei’s family really disagreed, it would still make him a bit sad.

“Don’t overthink it. My father would never oppose us being together. I moved out at fifteen, and I made it clear to them that I would take charge of my own life, and they couldn’t interfere. My father appreciates you. He said he’s glad I chose someone as capable as you. The reason we took so long was to remind us that we might face external pressure in the future. But because of my status, no matter whom I marry, there will undoubtedly be gossip. Because of your unique background, you might face even more scrutiny. I hope you can understand and not mind,” Mai Wei looked into Tao Yuan’s eyes, speaking gently.

“I don’t care about what others say or think. It’s my own life. Why should I be concerned about others’ opinions?” Tao Yuan said.

“My father wants me to bring you home to meet my mother. We can go when both of us have a day off,” Mai Wei suggested.

“How about waiting a bit longer?” Tao Yuan looked at him, negotiating.

“Wait for what?” Mai Wei asked.

“Wait until I’m mentally prepared and show more capabilities,” Tao Yuan could care less about what others thought of him, but he couldn’t completely disregard the opinions of Mai Wei’s family. So, he wanted to wait until he demonstrated even greater abilities before going home with him.

“Don’t worry, my mother won’t have any objections to the person I’ve chosen,” Mai Wei reassured, gently caressing Tao Yuan’s face. “But if you want to wait a bit longer, that’s okay. Let me know when you’re mentally prepared.”


Mai Wei lifted Tao Yuan’s chin, gently capturing his lips in a passionate kiss.

Tao Yuan wrapped his arms around Mai Wei’s neck, intertwining his lips and tongue with his, gradually getting swept away by the passion.

Mai Wei’s kisses gradually trailed down, caressing Tao Yuan’s neck.

Tao Yuan tilted his head back, closing his eyes, enjoying Mai Wei’s affectionate kisses.

After they had almost both undressed, Mai Wei suddenly paused and looked at Tao Yuan, saying, “There’s something I almost forgot to tell you.”

Tao Yuan opened his eyes, wondering what could be so important that he would stop at a moment like this.

However, Mai Wei had no intention of stopping. He let Tao Yuan straddle him and then said, “Before long, we’ll be at war with the Nandi Kingdom.” 

Tao Yuan supported himself on Mai Wei’s shoulders, his expression as if enduring some painful matter, and said, “Do you have to mention such an important matter right now? Can’t it be discussed earlier or later?”

“I just happened to remember, so I wanted to tell you this news right away. Don’t you want to hear it now?” Mai Wei deliberately asked.

“You’re doing this on purpose! No more talking…” Tao Yuan said as he covered Mai Wei’s mouth.

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