TOTLS Chapter 87: Arc 6.2

Arc 6: Interstellar Literary Soldiers Chapter 2

In this interstellar world where three genders exist, the number of females 1 is very small, but the ratio between males and cixing 2 is relatively balanced.*In the story, cixing are like interstellar ger version.  

Several years ago, Zuo Lei had a romantic relationship with a cixing named Andy. Andy was good-looking and talented, an excellent literary soldier in particular.

Although there are some unfavorable aspects about Di En as a person 3, Madam Rui Ya simply doesn’t quite like him in her heart. It wasn’t because of his average family background or his lack of parents. Madam Rui Ya’s eldest and second sons married suitable partners from respectable families. When it comes to finding a partner for her youngest son, she believes that regardless of the partner’s family background, as long as their character and moral values are good, it should be fine. However, there is a certain magnetic field or connection between people, and it also depends on whether they are compatible or have good fate. SImply, Madam Rui Ya doesn’t like Andy.

However, even though Madam Rui Ya didn’t like Andy, she never opposed their relationship or showed any disapproval. She thought that once her eldest and second sons got married and moved out, she wouldn’t plan to keep her youngest son around either. She had already prepared a house for him, and once he got married, she would let them move out and live their own lives. Since they wouldn’t be living together, it would be best for everyone to be polite and courteous to each other.

But the image of En Di embracing his ex-boyfriend is something Madam Rui Ya will never forget. She believes it is the biggest shame her son has ever experienced, and it has left her so angry that she couldn’t eat for two days. The fact that they engaged in an affair and did so in her son’s own house is utterly shameless.

Madam Rui Ya has never interfered in Zuo Lei’s love life over the years, so she hasn’t said anything when he hasn’t been in a relationship. However, recently she learned some news that made her anxious, that is, En Di’s husband passed away. She is worried that En Di might seek Zuo Lei to reconcile with him. And since Zuo Lei hasn’t been in a relationship for so many years, she is even more concerned that he might be waiting for En Di.

Madam Rui Ya would never agree to Zuo Lei getting back together with En Di under any circumstances. So, she wants him to quickly find someone to love. Even if there are no initial feelings, most people’s emotions can be cultivated. Besides, nowadays, young people don’t go years without dating. Even kids who have just come of age think about dating.

In Madam Rui Ya’s mind, the best candidate is Luo Xi. After all, Luo Xi is the child she watched grow up, and she genuinely likes him. Moreover, their families are a suitable match in all aspects, which satisfies her in every way.

In the evening, Zuo Lei returned to his room to take a shower, feeling somewhat restless. His mother wasn’t usually an unreasonable person, but occasionally she would create a fuss for no reason, and even his father had to go along with her.

He indeed had six months of leave that he hadn’t taken yet, but the problem was that he simply didn’t want to rest for such a long period, even for just two months. The thought of his mother disregarding him and stubbornly causing trouble, even withholding his approved vacation request, gave him a great headache.

Zuo Lei came out of the bathroom and had just sat down by the bed when his communicator rang. He looked at the name and profile picture displayed on it and pressed the answer button.

Tao Yuan’s image projected from his communicator, and he looked at him and said, “My mother just asked me how I feel about you and if I’m willing to officially date you. I told her I need to think it over carefully and will let her know tomorrow. If you feel uncomfortable about it, I can directly tell my mom that I don’t want to date you. I can also ask my mom to talk to Madam Rui Ya and ask her to stop pressuring you so much.”

Tao Yuan appeared to be very considerate and understanding.

After a moment of silence, Zuo Lei said, “Let’s give it a try and start dating. I’ll talk to my mom tomorrow and tell her that I intend to officially date you.”

Tao Yuan smiled and said, “Although I mentioned before that we can have a mutually agreed relationship, such a relationship is not a fake one. So, I think you should consider it carefully. You don’t have to rush to tell Madam Rui Ya. If you make up your mind tonight, come and pick me up tomorrow. We can meet in person and discuss it further.”

After saying that, Tao Yuan ended the call.

Zuo Lei lay down on the bed, thinking about how his mother insisted that if he wasn’t dating anyone, it must be because he was waiting for En Di. But several years had passed, and if his mother hadn’t mentioned it today, he wouldn’t have even thought about that person. Yet, his mother simply didn’t believe him. This feeling of being unable to defend himself was truly frustrating and helpless.

He thought that the idea of a mutually agreed relationship that Tao Yuan mentioned might be a good idea. He wanted to experience the feeling of being in a relationship without getting deeply involved in real emotions. He could treat Tao Yuan like a younger brother, caring for him and doting on him, as he already knew his older brother.

The next morning, while his mother was still asleep, Zuo Lei quietly left home and went to pick up Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan had just woken up when he received Zuo Lei’s call. He got into the car while still yawning.

The two of them went to have breakfast together, planning to talk while eating.

As the delicate pastries were served one by one on the table, Tao Yuan said to Zuo Lei, “Have you made up your mind last night? Coming to pick me up so early in the morning, I don’t even wake up this early for school.”

“I’m used to waking up early, and it’s also to avoid my mother from asking me questions,” Zuo Lei replied.

“So, have you really thought it through? Although I mentioned a mutually agreed relationship, where we don’t have to be responsible to each other or invest genuine emotions, there are still things to do when in a relationship,” Tao Yuan said.

“As long as it’s not something extreme, just tell me directly what you want me to do, and I’ll do it,” Zuo Lei said. “If it’s something I should contribute, I will definitely do my part.”

“I mentioned before that there are certain things that I need you to teach me, so there are certain things you cannot refuse to do,” Tao Yuan said.

“As long as it’s something I can do, I will do it. However, before you make any demands, you need to consider my identity as a soldier. I can’t act unreasonably,” Zuo Lei responded cautiously. As a soldier, most of the time, he didn’t even have control over his own life, let alone the freedom to do as he pleased.

“Rest assured, I won’t be unreasonable with you. The things I ask you to do will never go against your principles as a soldier,” Tao Yuan assured. “However, I want to make one thing clear. Although we have a mutually agreed relationship and can break up immediately if we fall in love with someone else, until that happens, you can only treat me well and not others.”

“You can rest assured, I won’t be unreasonable with you, and the things I ask you to do will never make you compromise your principles as a soldier,” Tao Yuan said. “However, I want to make one thing clear. Although we have agreed on a mutual relationship and can break up any time if we fall in love with someone else, you can only treat me well and not others until that happens. 

“I promise you, but you also have to promise me. If you develop feelings for someone else or if your ex-boyfriend wants to reconcile with you, you cannot be involved in both of us. If you want to break up, just tell me directly, and we can have a clean and straightforward separation.”

“Whether he wants to reconcile with me or not is his business. Whether I want to reconcile with him or not is my business. Even if it doesn’t violate our agreement, if I don’t want to, it cannot be a reason for breaking up.”

“Alright,” Zuo Lei said. “But I can sense what you truly feel deep down.”

“Uncle Zuo Lei,” Tao Yuan smiled and looked at him. “It seems like you have a significant shadow when it comes to ex-boyfriends, don’t you?”

Zuo Lei glanced at Tao Yuan without saying a word. He knew that Tao Yuan was teasing him. The reason behind his breakup with En Di may not be known to others, but their mothers had been close friends for many years. Tao Yuan must have some knowledge about it, which is why he spoke to him in such a way.

After Madam Rui Ya woke up and realized that Zuo Lei had left and she couldn’t reach him on his communicator, she became angry, thinking that he intentionally sneaked out. She planned to give him a good lesson when he returned, as she felt he didn’t regard her as his mother at all.

Even in today’s open and casual social atmosphere, some prestigious families still place great emphasis on etiquette and manners, especially when it comes to respecting parents and elders. Their teachings are much stricter compared to those in ordinary families.

Madam Rui Ya looked at Zuo Lei as he entered and asked with a stern face, “Where did you go so early in the morning?”

Zuo Lei placed a high-end, exquisitely crafted wooden lunch box on the table and said, “Luo Xi asked me to bring breakfast for you.”

Madam Rui Ya glanced at the lunch box on the table and then looked at him with a skeptical look, saying, “Did you go have breakfast with Luo Xi?”

Zuo Lei didn’t answer her. Instead, he pressed the screen on his wrist communicator and waited.

The projection of Tao Yuan appeared, and he smiled at Madam Rui Ya, saying, “Good morning, Madam Rui Ya.”

Madam Rui Ya was momentarily surprised, but then she smiled and looked at Tao Yuan, saying, “Good morning, Luo Xi.”

“Madam Rui Ya, have you had breakfast? I asked Uncle Zuo Lei to bring your favorite breakfast for you.”

“Thank you, I was just about to have breakfast. He’s back just in time.”

“Madam Rui Ya, there’s something I need to tell you…” Tao Yuan had a slightly embarrassed expression.

“What is it?” Madam Rui Ya asked, puzzled.

“Well, Uncle Zuo Lei and I… we have officially started dating today.”

“Really?” Madam Rui Ya asked with wide eyes.

“Yes, we’ve decided to spend some time together and see how it goes. If we get along well, we’ll continue dating, and if it’s not a good fit, we’ll break up. So, Madam Rui Ya, even though we may not have a definite outcome, we will take our relationship seriously during this period.”

Madam Rui Ya smiled happily and said, “You’re both still young, and it’s important to spend time together and develop a connection. Whether it leads to a romantic relationship or not, it depends not only on fate but also on the cultivation of feelings. Even if there’s no romantic outcome, having friendship or a brotherly bond is something that brings me joy.”

“Just now, the school sent me some forms that need to be filled out as soon as possible. I’ll visit you again tomorrow,” Tao Yuan said.

“Alright,” Madam Rui Ya nodded with a smile.

After Tao Yuan hung up, Madam Rui Ya looked at Zuo Lei and said, “You seem to have changed your mind quickly. Yesterday, you were adamant about it, but today you’re already dating Luo Xi directly?”

Zuo Lei knew that if he were to tell his mother, she wouldn’t believe him, and he didn’t feel like explaining everything in detail. So he decided to let Tao Yuan speak for him.

“Doesn’t this align with your wishes?” Zuo Lei said. “I’ve already started dating Luo Xi, and I’ve promised to fulfill my responsibilities towards him. Can you allow me to return to the base earlier?”

“No rush,” Madam Rui Ya instructed. “Luo Xi will be assigned in another month. During these two weeks, take him out more often, spend time together, and cultivate your relationship. After two weeks, you can return to the base first. I will talk to your elder brother and ask him to inform the Imperial Star Military Academy to assign Luo Xi to your base. Once he’s there, you must take good care of him. I consider Luo Xi as a half-son, even if things don’t work out between you two, you cannot bully him or let others mistreat him. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Zuo Lei replied helplessly.

Zuo Lei hadn’t taken a vacation for several years, and now that he wouldn’t be pressured into blind dates by his mother, he saw this as an opportunity to relax and unwind.

Every day, he would pick up Tao Yuan to go out and have fun, and both mothers were quite happy about it.

Zuo Lei didn’t know what Tao Yuan liked to do, but he thought that no matter what it was, he would accompany him and enjoy the time together.

Tao Yuan had lived for many lifetimes, and although he had experienced many things that were beautiful and fun, this was his first time in the interstellar world. There were definitely things that could still fascinate him. However, after living for so long, his sense of playfulness had diminished. He also knew that Zuo Lei wanted to relax and rest, so sometimes they would just find a place to sit, have a cup of coffee, chat for a while, and then Zuo Lei would escort him back home.

Zuo Lei was surprised to find that he could get along well with Tao Yuan. Moreover, Tao Yuan didn’t have the whimsical temper of a young person in their twenties. When they were together, Zuo Lei felt relaxed and at ease.

Madam Rui Ya was delighted to see that Zuo Lei voluntarily went to pick up Tao Yuan every day without any signs of reluctance or unhappiness. Moreover, he would return later each day. When exchanging information with the mother of the original host, they both felt that there was a high possibility of Zuo Lei and Tao Yuan becoming a couple.

After two weeks, Zuo Lei was supposed to return to the base early to end his leave. However, a week ago, Tao Yuan asked him for guidance in shooting, and Zuo Lei voluntarily postponed his return to the base. When Madam Rui Ya found out, she became even happier.

Tao Yuan held the gun and attempted to shoot at the quickly moving target, deliberately pretending to miss three out of five shots. He then put down the gun, feeling frustrated, and said, “This level is too difficult for me.”

“For someone at your level, hitting two out of five shots on a moving target is already quite good. You have a talent for shooting, but you just haven’t mastered the technique yet,” Zuo Lei said as he walked over to Tao Yuan.

“I hope that I can hit at least four out of five shots. If I don’t make any progress, wouldn’t it be a waste of your time off?” Tao Yuan held Zuo Lei’s wrist and looked at him coquettishly. “Please continue to teach me well, and I promise I will work hard.”

Zuo Lei’s heart raced as he was captivated by Tao Yuan’s gaze. He felt an overwhelming urge to agree to any request he made.

Zuo Lei embraced Tao Yuan from behind and resumed teaching him, starting with the proper grip on the gun. “You don’t need to exert too much force when gripping the gun. It can tire your hand easily. The most important thing is to stay focused..”

As Zuo Lei taught Tao Yuan how to shoot, he couldn’t help but be distracted by the feeling of Tao Yuan’s body against his own. The scent emanating from Tao Yuan only added to his sense of comfort and contentment.

Under Zuo Lei’s hands-on guidance, Tao Yuan demonstrated that he had grasped the techniques and successfully hit the target with four consecutive shots.

After a few more attempts, Tao Yuan continued to hit the target each time. He turned around with a smile and looked at Zuo Lei. “Thank you for taking the time to teach me. Are you satisfied with my performance?”

Zuo Lei nodded and said, “You do have a natural talent for shooting. You catch on quickly.”

“You…” Zuo Lei hesitated for a moment before asking the question that was on his mind. “Did you spray perfume? What brand is it?”

“I didn’t spray perfume.” Tao Yuan looked at him and then intentionally tilted his head, exposing his neck. He said, “Would you like to smell it again carefully and see if you can identify the scent?”

Zuo Lei looked at Tao Yuan’s fair and gracefully curved neck, and the feeling of attraction became even more apparent. It was as if he was enchanted, and he couldn’t help but lean in and took a deep inhale. Once he smelled it, he didn’t want to move his face away. The fragrance filled his nostrils and gave him a sense of comfort. In that fleeting moment, he felt a familiar sensation and even had an illusion of experiencing a similar situation before.

Tao Yuan let him smell for a while until his neck felt sore, then he pushed him away and said, “You still haven’t figured it out?”

“No…” Zuo Lei snapped back to his senses, and there was something different in his gaze as he looked at Tao Yuan.

“Well then, keep guessing. I won’t tell you until you figure it out.” Tao Yuan put on a slightly embarrassed expression as if being watched, then turned around and prepared to leave the shooting range.

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  1. 女性: nǚxìng – female []
  2. 雌性:cíxìng – female []
  3. 虽然迪恩这个人, 说出来不好的地方 my non-chinese ass is quaking. Please help me with the right sentence. I am just basing what this means based on the context; Also I think there’s a typo here, author wrote 迪恩 (Di En) instead of 恩迪 En Di/Andy[]

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