TOTLS Chapter 92: Arc 6.7

Arc 6: Interstellar Art Soldiers Chapter 7

Performances like musical dramas usually involve cross-dressing, especially in the musical dramas that soldiers enjoy watching. Most of these productions require female characters to be portrayed by male soldiers in female attire. Aside from following the plot and appreciating the dance performances, the soldiers also enjoy seeing men dressed as women.

During their training in the literary art soldier school, the soldiers practice various feminine postures as part of their performance classes. However, it is rare to find cixing soldiers who look attractive when dressed in female attire, as there is a high demand for both beauty and physique. If a soldier does not possess the desired feminine appearance despite cross-dressing, they may not be openly criticized but will likely face subtle disapproval from others.

One of the challenges of being a literary soldier is the need to embody both masculine and feminine qualities. When wearing military attire, they must appear as men, but when cross-dressing, they must convincingly portray women. Not only do males enjoy seeing cixing dressed in feminine attire, but even some females also appreciate the aesthetics of a well-presented cixing appearance.

The portrayal of female characters by cixing soldiers has become a form of artistic appreciation. It is not limited to performances within the military but also extends to the most popular productions in renowned theaters across different planets. But despite reaching a level of artistic appreciation, there will always be individuals who view it with ulterior motives, which is an unavoidable reality.

Erman made up his mind to secure the role of Red and White Rose in the upcoming musical drama. He aims to become the most popular figure within the team, as he wants to be the one who has the most admiration, and the most popular one. To achieve this, he plans to leverage the musical drama’s debut as a means to gain fame and accumulate popularity ahead of others.

Erman is confident in his ability to portray female characters. His appearance and demeanor when cross-dressing have not only gained recognition from his performance teachers but have also captured the heart of Ke Ning.

For the second-tier performance, Erman has prepared a short storyline musical drama to showcase his skills to everyone in the team.

The level of the performance represents the capacity of the auditorium to accommodate the audience. The higher the level, the larger the audience it can accommodate.

Ke Ning and his soldiers have already secured the best seats in advance, eagerly waiting to watch Erman’s performance and show their support.

Erman is going to perform a song and dance short drama called “The Girl by the Lake.” He had previously won awards for his performance in this short drama during his school days, and even the teachers were highly impressed with his performance. Therefore, he is very confident about his performance this time as well.

Before the performance officially began, the audience in the auditorium had already seated, engaging in quiet discussions. The doors of the auditorium are closed ten minutes prior to the performance, and as the curtains on the stage slowly open, the auditorium immediately fell silent.

Erman appears on stage wearing a knee-length light blue chiffon skirt. He was holding a pale blue lace parasol and gracefully walked towards the stage, portraying a realistic scene by the lakeside.

Behind the stage is a huge screen, allowing even those sitting at the back of the audience to see the performer’s subtle facial expressions clearly. Therefore, there are high demands on the performer’s appearance and physique.

Erman’s appearance is charming and cute. As soon as he appeared on stage, the audience couldn’t help but smile.

The performance began with scenes of playing by the lakeside and singing. Erman’s voice is crisp and sweet, captivating the audience.

In the middle of the performance, there is a dance segment where the girl twirls joyfully by the lake, holding an umbrella. This part requires great dancing skills, and Erman’s ability to showcase it so well is one of the reasons why he received many awards. His dance movements are light and graceful, displaying flexibility and pleasing to the eyes.

Finally, the supporting roles appeared. Two young boys pass by the lakeside and are captivated by the dancing girl. They immediately start pursuing her. This is where the focus is on showcasing acting skills. The girl portrays a shy and conflicted emotional state in response to the pursuit of the two handsome young men. It is not only conveyed through body movements but also through eye contact and facial expressions.

Throughout the one-hour performance, Erman’s singing voice and vocal skills are excellent, and showed a solid foundation in dancing. His movements are graceful and perfectly timed, exuding a girlish charm. The supporting cast also performed admirably, creating harmonious vocals that are pleasant to the ear. Each of them possesses a youthful appearance, which remains attractive even when magnified on the large screen.

These literary soldiers have been carefully selected and rigorously trained for several years before being assigned. Their singing, dancing, and acting skills are naturally exceptional. The soldiers are thoroughly enjoying the performance. Erman dances gracefully in women’s attire, capturing the audience’s heart with his charming demeanor.

Erman takes the stage with the other performers for the final bow, and the applause from the audience is enthusiastic. He is highly satisfied with his performance, feeling proud and confident that he will surpass Tao Yuan.

As the soldiers exit the performance hall, they all wear smiles and engage in discussions about the show.

“I’ve seen ‘The Girl by the Lake’ performed by other literary soldiers before, but I think this one was the best.”

“The singing was really beautiful, and the dancing was impressive too. It truly captured the essence of youth. It’s true that being young is a great advantage. As performers get older, no matter how talented they are, they don’t quite have the youthful aura anymore.”

“You’re absolutely right! That’s why everyone gets so excited when they hear there’s a new performing arts soldier joining. Because the new ones are always young, and youth is their biggest asset.”

“Ah, speaking of which, are you going to watch tomorrow’s performance? The lead role is played by Luo Xi, who became famous immediately after joining the ship. He’s the most beautiful person I’ve seen in all my years of military service.”

“I didn’t manage to secure a seat. They were all taken within three minutes. I forgot to set a reminder.”

“I was a step behind too. How do those guys move so fast?”

“I managed to secure a seat, and it’s in the front row. How about that? Jealous, huh?”

“Well, I’m quite jealous. You can appreciate such a beautiful face nearby.”

“You guys are so shallow, just focusing on appearances. The most important thing is substance.”

“It’s not like we’re dating them. Why should we care about their substance? We can just appreciate their looks.”

“Does appreciating substance only apply to dating? Performance skills are also a form of substance. I thought today’s lead performer, Ehrman, did a fantastic job.”

“It’s true. A performance that touches the heart is the mark of a great performance. If he can always bring us different emotional experiences, it would be more interesting than just looking at the same beautiful face all the time.”

“I’m a supporter of the looks faction. I believe appearance is the most important.”

“I’m a supporter of the talent faction. Besides, anyone who can become a literary soldier is surely not lacking in looks. Others in the group are also quite good-looking.”

Ke Ning also felt a sense of pride because of Erman’s outstanding performance. The fact that they were in a romantic relationship was already public knowledge, and at least the soldiers who knew Erman were aware of their relationship. After witnessing Erman’s performance, they were all very envious of Ke Ning.

Having such an excellent partner like Erman was a matter of pride for Ke Ning. This was also the reason why Erman worked so hard to showcase his talent, as it allowed him to further capture Ke Ning’s heart and gain the admiration of others, satisfying his own vanity.

After Erman’s performance, they kept looking at the screen of their tablet, seeing the increasing number of gifts Erman received. They all appeared genuinely happy for him.

Originally, Tao Yuan received a significant amount of gift support as he was considered the most attractive. Being new to the ship, he quickly rose to the top. However, after Erman’s performance, his ranking surpassed Tao Yuan, making him the new number one.

While dining in the cafeteria, those individuals continued to watch their computer screens, excitedly discussing the ongoing increase in gifts.

“It’s going up again! It’s been two or three hours, and the number of gifts keeps rising. I don’t think it will stop until tomorrow.”

“That’s why I say, what’s the use of relying solely on looks? Talent is the most important.”

“Exactly! Some people think that being good-looking is enough and that they will be liked by everyone. Now they’ve been proven wrong, I wonder if it hurts their pride.”

“In the military, the most popular performances among soldiers are undoubtedly the ones in musicals, especially when it involves cixing characters in women’s attire. Acting skills are the most important. As for instrumental performances, there are very few people who appreciate them anymore. That’s the reality and the trend. There’s no way around it.”

“Erman, once you secure the leading role in this major performance, you will definitely be at the top of the internal rankings. Who knows, you might even have a chance at the overall rankings. Just like your brother, who held the top spot for three consecutive years, he’s a legend among us literary soldiers. If you work a little harder, you might become a legend too.”

“Exactly! Let your brother share more of his experiences with you. If you can dominate the rankings for three years like he did, we can all bask in your glory. It’ll also show those self-proclaimed individuals that we don’t rely on our backgrounds. We’re much stronger purely based on our skills.”

These people are intentionally speaking loudly to make sure that Tao Yuan and the others hear them. They are trying to show off and boast.

Upon hearing their words, Lin Ya sneered and said to Tao Yuan, who was sitting across from him, “You haven’t even performed yet, but they act as if they have already won. I don’t know where they get such confidence.”

“Why bother with them?” Tao Yuan calmly ate his food and replied, “They are just intentionally putting up a front to provoke me and prevent me from performing well.”

“I really don’t understand how these people’s minds work. In my opinion, when selecting literary soldiers in the future, we should consider not only their appearance and talent but also their character.”

“Thoughts reside in other people’s minds, and they don’t act the same way in front of everyone. In front of others, they pretend to be better than anyone else. How can we judge them?” Tao Yuan said, “There’s no need to be angry with them. Reality won’t develop according to their thoughts. Let reality teach them how to be better human beings.”

Lin Ya remained silent for a moment and nodded, feeling that Tao Yuan’s words made sense. He then continued eating his meal.

In the evening, when it was time to take a shower, there were only five shower stalls available. Tao Yuan didn’t want to wait, so he briefly informed Lin Ya and went to Zuo Lei’s room.

After taking a relaxing bath in the bathtub, Tao Yuan didn’t wear his own pajamas. Instead, he put on one of Zuo Lei’s t-shirts. After blow-drying his hair, he walked out of the bathroom.

Zuo Lei was sitting at the desk, working on his computer, and when he turned to see Tao Yuan coming out, he said, “I’m almost done with my writing. You can take a rest for a while.”

Zuo Lei didn’t want Tao Yuan to leave immediately, so he said that.

“You do your work, I’m not in a hurry to do anything,” Tao Yuan walked to the bed and lay down, turning on the communication device’s screen to pass the time by watching various news.

Zuo Lei was much taller than Tao Yuan, so when Tao Yuan wore his t-shirt, it covered his thighs like a dress. But as soon as he lay down on the bed, the shirt shifted upward, revealing that Tao Yuan wasn’t wearing any underwear. Zuo Lei couldn’t help but glance at him, feeling a sudden heat in his heart. He immediately closed his computer, stood up, and walked towards the bed.

Tao Yuan turned his head and glanced at him, asking, “Are you done with your work?”

“No. I’ll just do it tomorrow.”Zuo Lei sat down by the bed and placed his hand on Tao Yuan’s leg.

“You should go finish your work,” Tao Yuan lifted his foot and lightly pushed Zuo Lei’s leg, saying, “I’ll be sleeping here tonight, so you have plenty of time to do whatever you need to. Go and write.”

Tao Yuan felt that Zuo Lei’s spacious double bed was much more comfortable than his own single bed. The leadership-level rooms were even more comfortable than theirs in every aspect. So he decided that he would stay here for the night, without going back. As long as others didn’t find out, it would be fine, and Lin Ya would help cover for him.

Zuo Lei’s heart was racing from Tao Yuan’s actions, and he felt a warmth spreading throughout his body. How could he possibly leave now? “It’s not something that needs to be submitted immediately. It can be written tomorrow as well.”

Upon hearing his words, Tao Yuan moved over slightly, making room for him.

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