TOTLS Chapter 95: Arc 6.10

Arc 6: Interstellar Art Soldiers Chapter 10

As soon as he entered the room, Tao Yuan was pressed against the wall by Zuo Lei, who passionately kissed him.

“Mmm~” Tao Yuan struggled, trying to protest, but it had no effect. Zuo Lei’s kiss was intense, as if he wanted to suck his soul away.

Thinking of Tao Yuan’s seductive performance on the stage, Zuo Lei’s heart burned with desire. He lifted Tao Yuan, carrying him on his shoulders, and quickly walked into the room.

“Let go of me…” Tao Yuan’s words were cut off as Zuo Lei pressed him down onto the bed.

Zuo Lei restrained Tao Yuan, preventing him from moving, and then kissed him again.

Tao Yuan was kissed for a long time, and then Zuo Lei touched him all over. His body became weaker and weaker. He stopped struggling and began to respond to Zuo Lei’s actions, helping him remove their clothes.

Tao Yuan gradually felt dizzy from the sensations, but the feeling of being filled made him enjoy and satisfied completely, fully immersed in the thrilling excitement of the surging waves.

Tao Yuan lay on the bed, waiting for Zuo Lei to withdraw his strong arms from around his waist and move away from him. Only then did he turn to lie down and rest, breathing heavily to catch his breath.

Zuo Lei held Tao Yuan in his arms, caressing his back to help him regulate his breathing. The intensity just now was a bit much, and he got a bit carried away, trying out various positions without stopping.

Tao Yuan lay on his chest, thinking about Zuo Lei’s speed and movements just now, and couldn’t help but pat him and say, “Were you trying to kill me? I almost passed out from dizziness, do you know?”

Zuo Lei lifted his chin and kissed his lips firmly, saying, “I’m sorry, your body was just too soft, and I couldn’t control myself.”

“I’m still angry with you. Just because we did this doesn’t mean everything is okay now,” Tao Yuan said.

“If you’re angry with me, there must be a reason. If you don’t tell me the reason, I’ll be completely in the dark,” Zuo Lei asked, “What did Erman say to you? Tell me, so I can explain it to you.”

“What did he say to me?” Tao Yuan pretended to think and said, “I actually forgot the specifics of what he said. Why don’t you tell me what he said? He was questioning me about why I came out of your room and why my expression looked so strange when I’m dating you.”

Actually, Tao Yuan already knows what happened, but he wanted to hear it directly from Zuo Lei and get his assurance.

“…I used to date his brother, but we broke up several years ago,” Zuo Lei said. “I’ve warned him already, to never come find me no matter what.”

Tao Yuan asked again, “If you’ve broken up with his brother for years, why did he still come to find you?”

“He said he came to give me something. I didn’t ask what it was, and I didn’t want anything from him,” Zuo Lei said.

“Why did you brokeup with his brother? If you tell him not to come find you, will he listen?” Tao Yuan inquired.

“…” Zuo Lei fell silent for a moment, then decided to explain everything clearly, “A few years ago, I dated his brother Dean for about six months. I had an apartment outside the base, but I rarely stayed there. I let him use it occasionally during his vacation or when he needed to leave the base. One day, my mother had nothing to do, so she personally went to clean and tidy up that apartment. She didn’t know Dean was inside and just walked in, only to catch Dean hugging his ex-boyfriend. My mother was furious, she kicked them out and immediately informed me to break up with him.”

“And then you immediately broke up with him?”

“Well… I wanted to figure out what was going on first,” Zuo Lei said. “I went to find Dean and asked him what had happened. He didn’t explain anything, just said he wanted to break up with me. After we broke up, he got back together with his ex-boyfriend right away.”

“So, he dumped you, and you were quite reluctant to let him go,” Tao Yuan said with a slightly unpleasant tone.

“I asked him if he had thought it through, and he said he had, that he wanted to get back with his ex-boyfriend. I didn’t say much more and we broke up,” Zuo Lei said. “Not long after that, he contacted me again. He said the reason for our breakup was that his ex-boyfriend was infected with a virus and didn’t have much time left. He asked if I was willing to wait for him. I told him I wasn’t, and we haven’t contacted each other since. After he retired, we never saw each other again. I have no idea how he has been these years, nor do I know why his younger brother suddenly came to give me something. If you want to know, I can find out the reason.”

Thinking about it now, Zuo Lei realized that he had been so direct in rejecting Dean and hadn’t even considered trying to keep him. Ultimately, it was because he didn’t have deep enough feelings for him. He felt that if it were Tao Yuan in that situation, he would never let go if he wanted to get back with his ex-boyfriend.

“I don’t need that, there’s something I need to make clear to you,” Tao Yuan propped himself up and looked at him. “I’m not angry because you had a relationship with his brother. Who doesn’t have exes? You had yours, and I had mine. What angers me is that since you’ve already broken up with him, what right does he have to question me? Anyway, the two of them, whoever comes to me and says some nonsensical things, I’ll hold you responsible. If you still can’t let go of him, then let’s break up.”

“I have never been unable to let go of him. It’s been a long time since I had no feelings for him, and I have hardly thought about him in these years,” Zuo Lei hugged Tao Yuan and said seriously, “You have taken my heart and soul. Even if you mention breaking up, I won’t agree to it. Let’s get engaged first, and after we return to the Imperial Star, we’ll register our marriage right away and have the wedding. You won’t be able to get rid of me for the rest of your life.”

“I’m only twenty years old, I haven’t had enough fun yet. It’s too unfair to get married so early. I want to have a few more relationships and accumulate more experience in love,” Tao Yuan deliberately teased him.

“Forget about it,” Zuo Lei flipped him over and pinned him down again.

The next morning, after Tao Yuan got up, washed up, and prepared to return to his dorm, Zuo Lei held him and wouldn’t let him go.

“Stop it… I can’t stay here all day and night with you,” Tao Yuan was kissed for a long time, and his lips felt numb. Since Zuo Lei’s strength was much greater than his, he knew he couldn’t break free on his own. In order to go back quickly, he could only act coquettishly and say, “Uncle Zuo Lei, please let me go. I have already agreed to get engaged with you first, I beg you, can I come back tonight instead?”

“Come back tonight?” Zuo Lei looked at him and asked.

“Yes, tonight,” Tao Yuan nodded.

“What about yesterday’s matter? Are you not angry anymore?” Zuo Lei asked.

Tao Yuan nodded and said seriously, “I’m not angry anymore. I’m not that petty of a person. Even if I get angry, it won’t last long.”

“Not that petty of a person? That sounds familiar. I think you said the same thing when we first met. But who was the one not replying to my messages yesterday and avoiding meeting me?” Zuo Lei said.

“I wasn’t angry. I was testing you to see if you still had feelings for someone else,” Tao Yuan tried to explain, “We agreed from the beginning that this was a contract relationship. If your heart still belonged to someone else, I should let you go.”

“You think I can’t see through you? At first, you deliberately acted so generously and didn’t seem to care much about relationships. But once you captured my heart, you immediately started making a scene because you knew I wouldn’t bear to let you go, right?” Zuo Lei exposed Tao Yuan, who felt guilty for a couple of seconds but then confidently said, “Yes, I did it on purpose. What can you do about it?”

“Do you want to know what I’m going to do about it?” Zuo Lei looked into his eyes and asked.

“Well, tell me, what are you going to do to me?” Tao Yuan deliberately acted fearless.

“I will never let you go in this lifetime,” Zuo Lei said with great determination.

Although it was clearly a confession, he said it as if he was threatening an enemy. Tao Yuan wasn’t intimidated and replied, “If you don’t let me go, I’ll give you a hard time for a lifetime. Be mentally prepared for that.”

“I’m ready,” Zuo Lei lifted his chin and kissed him.

Tao Yuan embraced his shoulders and kissed him back. Both of them kissed passionately and deeply. Since they had already been honest about their feelings, the previous contract relationship naturally became invalid. From now on, they were genuinely in love and had set a wedding date.

After Tao Yuan left, Zuo Lei messaged his mother, telling her that he would legally engage with Tao Yuan first. After returning from the border to the Imperial Star, they would get married, and she could start preparing now.

At first, Madam Rui Ya thought she had misheard, but after confirming multiple times, she was thrilled. Zuo Lei was in his thirties, not too old, and Tao Yuan was even younger at twenty. Although they weren’t at the age to rush into marriage, Madam Rui Ya felt that the most precious thing was Zuo Lei’s willingness to marry Tao Yuan, whom she was extremely satisfied with. That alone made her very happy.

Zuo Lei and Tao Yuan are both soldiers. Before getting married, they can legally engage. They don’t need to go to the marriage registration office in person. They only need to press their fingerprints and sign on the computer, which has the same legal effect.

When Tao Yuan returned to the room, Lin Ya immediately looked him up and down with his eyes.

“What are you looking at?” Tao Yuan casually asked.

“You spent the whole night in his room and still say you were in a cold war. The cold war ended after just one day. You two are clearly in a honeymoon phase. You can’t cool down at all. Is it because you just started dating?” Lin Ya teased.

“It’s true that we just started dating, but even if we’ve been together for a long time, our honeymoon phase won’t end,” Tao Yuan said confidently.

“Last night, you were so preoccupied with sweetness. Do you know you’re famous now?” Lin Ya said.

“How am I famous?” Tao Yuan asked.

“Your dance performance from yesterday was captured by many soldiers. Now, not only everyone on our ship is watching it, but even soldiers from other ships traveling to the border together know about it. You can say you’re famous now, right?”

“Is that all it takes to be famous? Your standards for fame are quite low,” Tao Yuan replied.

Lin Ya widened his eyes and said, “If you put it that way, do you mean you have even bigger ambitions?”

“I’m just a literary soldier, what ambitions can I have? I can only do my best and perform well.”

“I think having ambitions is a good thing. Who said literary soldiers can’t have ambitions?” Lin Ya said earnestly, “Wanting to become the best literary soldier is a common goal, right? This ambition is only natural. I think you should be more proactive, fight for what you want, and compete with others using your own abilities. Among all of us, you’re the most likely to top the list as the best literary soldier.”

“I can only say that when it’s time for me to perform, I will do my best. As for the rest, I’ll just go with the flow,” Tao Yuan replied, giving Lin Ya a glance.

Meanwhile, Erman and a few others were sitting in the rest area, drinking coffee. They noticed that Erman seemed absent-minded and distracted during their conversation, assuming that he was unhappy because he was overtaken in the rankings.

They had never expected Tao Yuan to be so outstanding, surpassing Erman’s number of gifts with just one performance. In the future, it would be difficult to surpass him unless there was a great opportunity.

In reality, Erman’s worry was not about the number of gifts Tao Yuan received but about something else entirely. He had not expected Tao Yuan and Zuo Lei to be in a romantic relationship. At first, he was surprised and shocked, and then he felt a little angry. After being threatened by Zuo Lei, his emotions turned to concern and worry.

After careful consideration, Erman realized that Tao Yuan and Zuo Lei were a perfect match, and their parents must have approved of their relationship. Most importantly, looking at Zuo Lei’s attitude, it was evident that he cared deeply for Tao Yuan, which was the main cause of Erman’s anxiety.

Seeing Erman’s worried expression and furrowed brows, the others exchanged glances, thinking about how to comfort him.

“Erman, don’t worry too much. It’s just a performance. Even if he got the leading role in the whole fleet’s performance, it’s not a big deal. You still have a chance to surpass him in the future.”

“Yeah, you are not any worse than him. He’s just relying on his good looks. No matter how handsome someone is, people will get tired of it eventually. In the end, it’s talent and acting skills that count.”

“For now, the soldiers are still interested in his looks. Just be patient. When they lose interest in his looks, your opportunity will come.”

Erman couldn’t listen to what they were saying at all. Their words only made him more frustrated, adding to his already irritated mood. He stood up directly, his face expressionless, and left without saying a word.

The others watched him leave, stunned. They exchanged glances, not knowing what to say, and after a while, they all left too.

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