TOTLS Chapter 98: Arc 6.13

Arc 6: Interstellar Art Soldiers Chapter 13

“Speak.” Tao Yuan looked at him and said, “Please get to the point within ten minutes. I won’t listen to anything unnecessary.”

“First of all, I want to apologize to you.” Erman said earnestly, “I knew Ke Ning was dating you, but I still used means to take him away from you. I’m really sorry.”

“Besides apologizing, what else do you want to say? Just get to the point.” Tao Yuan said.

“The reason Ke Ning broke up with you and chose to be with me was that he thought he had forced himself on me. He felt guilty, so he agreed to be with me. In reality, I drugged him to make him lose his rationality, creating the illusion that he forced himself on me.”

“And then?” Tao Yuan asked expressionlessly. There was no emotion in his eyes because he already knew all of these things.

Seeing Tao Yuan’s calm and unmoved appearance, Erman couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“It’s all my fault. I designedthe breakup between you and Ke Ning. He had no idea before, and it was because of the drugs I gave him that he appeared to have forced himself on me. Ke Ning said he loves you the most and can’t forget you, so he broke up with me.”

“Is that all?” Tao Yuan remained expressionless.

“I agreed to break up with him, and I realized that a relationship obtained through such dirty means cannot have a good outcome. I deserved this retribution. I’m truly sorry. If you want to blame someone, blame me. If you want to hate someone, just hate me. Ke Ning truly had no idea about all of this, and I hope you can give him another chance.”

“You knew that I’m already in a relationship with Zuo Lei, yet you still want me to give Ke Ning another chance. The main purpose of saying all these is to make me break up with Zuo Lei, am I right?”

Erman was exposed, and although he felt a little guilty, he didn’t show it. Instead, he continued earnestly, “Just a moment ago, I mustered up the courage to tell him the truth about everything. It was very painful for me. I felt guilty towards Ke Ning, which is why I’m here, begging you. Please give him another chance, considering he had no idea about any of this. Don’t blame him.”

“Does it matter to me if he knows or not? Just because he didn’t know, I’m supposed to act like nothing happened? Your thoughts are ridiculous. I’ve already broken up with Ke Ning, and he was the one who initiated it. Besides, I already have a partner I’m currently dating. Do you really think a simple apology and your guilt can make me forget everything and get back together with Ke Ning?”

“I… I’m truly sorry. I caused your breakup, but Ke Ning is innocent. That’s why I’m asking you not to blame him.”

“What’s the truth of the matter? Whether Ke Ning is innocent or suffering, how is it my concern? You caused the breakup between Ke Ning and me, and you’re the reason for his pain. I’ve already endured the process of the breakup. Why should I act like nothing happened?”

“If you still love Ke Ning, I feel that…”

“I don’t have any feelings for him anymore,” interrupted Tao Yuan. “With a partner like Zuo Lei, do you really think I’d be interested in Ke Ning? If you want me to break up with Zuo Lei, you can try talking to him yourself. But here, nothing you say will change anything. Since you have your ways, if you managed to make Ke Ning break up with me, why not try to make Zuo Lei break up with me as well? If Zuo Lei tells me directly that it’s over, I’ll cut ties with him completely and won’t contact him again. That way, your purpose will be achieved.”

The door suddenly opened, and Lin Ya stood at the entrance, asking, “Has it been ten minutes already? Are you done?”

“Just finished,” Tao Yuan said. “Please ask Team Leader Erman to leave.”

“Please leave, Team Leader Erman,” Lin Ya said from inside the room.

Erman could already tell from Tao Yuan’s attitude that Tao Yuan was determined to hold onto Zuo Lei tightly and there was no chance of reconciling with Ke Ning. No matter how much Erman apologized, it seemed futile.

After Erman left, Lin Ya closed the door and asked Tao Yuan what was Erman doing here.

Tao Yuan didn’t hide anything and simply explained the situation to Lin Ya.

Upon hearing the story, Lin Ya sneered and said, “These people are really something. Do they really think that apologizing and admitting their mistakes will make others forget what happened? I doubt they are genuinely apologizing, and there must be other motives behind it.”

“You hit the nail on the head,” Tao Yuan said. “His main goal is to make me break up with Zuo Lei.”

“He’s shameless!” Lin Ya exclaimed in anger. “After Ke Ning wanted to break up with him, he realized he couldn’t win Ke Ning back, so he let go and now wants to break you up with Zuo Lei, so he can reconcile with Ke Ning. Can’t believe his audacity! Even if Zuo Lei doesn’t have the best judgment, he would never be fall in love in Erman.”

“He wants me to break up with Zuo Lei, not for himself,” Tao Yuan said.

“Then for whom? Is it really for Ke Ning? I don’t think his motives are that pure,” Lin Ya said.

“He has a brother who dated Zuo Lei a few years ago. He wants me to break up with Zuo Lei for his brother’s sake,” Tao Yuan explained.

“Oh, now I remember hearing about this. I can’t believe I forgot. Zuo Lei’s former lover was Erman’s brother,” Lin Ya smacked his head and  said, “Yes, I really forgot about this.”

“It’s clear that the two brothers have a good relationship. If it wasn’t for his brother, Erman wouldn’t have apologized to me, revealed the truth, and tried to get me back together with Ke Ning. He even told Ke Ning the truth. He’s really willing to do anything for his brother, like being a spare.” Tao Yuan added.

“Well… Dean 1, his brother, was the most famous artist among the literary soldiers back then. Even now, he still has some reputation, and many soldiers still remember him. He can be considered a legend among the literary soldiers, and no one has received more gifts than him,” Lin Ya expressed his concern.

Lin Ya sat down beside Tao Yuan and continued, “What I mean is not that you are inferior to him. After the last performance, I felt that you are the most likely person to surpass him. I am just worried about you. I don’t know whether  Zuo Lei still has feelings for him deep in his heart.”

“No need to worry for me. I can completely sense whether Zuo Lei still has feelings for him or not. If he still has someone else in his heart, there’s no way I would be with him. Even if Dean appears before him again, he won’t have any feelings for him,” Tao Yuan expressed his confidence.

Before coming to this world, Tao Yuan had thoroughly confirmed through the system that the original owner, Zuo Lei, had long lost any feelings or emotions for Dean after years of busy military life. What’s more, the current Zuo Lei had Tao Yuan’s lover’s soul inside him, and even the original owner didn’t have any feelings left. So, there was no way Zuo Lei would develop feelings for Dean no matter what.

As for Ke Ning, knowing that he was forced by Erman due to being drugged, he felt angry and pained. However, everything had already happened, and apart from asking Erman not to appear before him again, there wasn’t much else he could do to him.

However, Erman promise to talk to Tao Yuan and seek his forgiveness did make Ke Ning feel a little relieved. He thought that with Tao Yuan knowing the truth, the possibility of them getting back together would increase.

But even when they arrived at the military base on a planet in the Border Star Constellations, Ke Ning still hadn’t received any response from Tao Yuan.

Since the base on the planet was relatively small and couldn’t accommodate all the soldiers, and they might need to transfer to other planets at any time, they continued to live on the spacecraft. However, staying on the spacecraft for a long time could be boring. Therefore, during specified times, the available soldiers and literary soldiers were allowed to leave the spacecraft and freely roam within certain limits.

In this world, people believed in enjoying life to the fullest. Even when soldiers had to fight, they would wholeheartedly focus on the battle, and when they needed to guard their positions, they would do so with complete dedication. But during leisure time, they would fully relax and fully enjoy themselves. They could easily switch between these two states.

Although they had reached the Border Star Constellations, as long as there was no war, the inner planets where they were stationed remained relatively safe. Not every soldier needed to be on high alert. They only required the soldiers on duty to guard their posts.

The literary soldiers went out together to get some fresh air, but Tao Yuan preferred to lie on the bed and didn’t want to go out. Still, Lin Ya dragged him out.

“Going out for some fresh air is so nice. Why do you insist on staying in that small room?” Lin Ya said.

“I don’t want to come out and be stared at by so many soldiers. It’s better to stay in the room,” Tao Yuan glanced at the soldiers who were staring at them.

“Let them look, it won’t hurt us. After all, as literary soldiers, being observed is part of our job. Even when we’re not performing, it’s okay to be seen by them,” Lin Ya took a deep breath and said, “The environment of this base is really good, and the air is quite refreshing. It’s a pity that we can’t leave the base. Otherwise, it would be great to explore other places.”

Tao Yuan checked a message on the communicator, then took a few deep breaths and said, “I’ve had enough fresh air. I’m going back to the spacecraft. You can continue enjoying it.”

“Oh, you…” Lin Ya looked at his departing figure and thought he must be going on a date, so he didn’t try to catch up.

After Tao Yuan returned to the spacecraft, to avoid being seen going to Zuo Lei’s room, he decided to go back to his own dormitory first and then take a concealed route to Zuo Lei’s room.

“Luo Xi…”

Tao Yuan saw Ke Ning standing not far ahead and stopped in his tracks, wondering why he happened to run into him.

Ke Ning looked at Tao Yuan with an excited expression, his eyes filled with love, and he walked briskly towards Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan instinctively took a few steps back and turned around to walk away.

“Luo Xi!” Ke Ning quickened his pace and stood in front of Tao Yuan.

Tao Yuan glanced around but didn’t see anyone else. This was usually the busiest area for personnel, but since all the soldiers were out getting some fresh air, it was empty at the moment.

Tao Yuan looked at Ke Ning and said, “According to military regulations, you are not allowed to approach me. By blocking my way like this, I could report you.”

“I just have a few things to say, and I’ll let you go right after,” Ke Ning urgently pleaded.

“How ridiculous,” Tao Yuan said with a cold expression, “Why should I be obligated to listen to a few things you have to say?”

Tao Yuan turned around again to leave.

“Luo Xi!” Ke Ning blocked him again, risking punishment just to speak to him, “Please, I only have a few things to say. Please let me finish.”

“What do you want to say to him?”

A voice came from behind Ke Ning, and he turned to see, calling out in surprise, “Uncle Tang.”

Zuo Lei was not alone. He was accompanied by several soldiers. They had just come out of the shooting training room and happened to run into them.

Tao Yuan walked to Zuo Lei’s side and held his hand, saying, “He insisted on telling me something, but I don’t want to listen. He blocked my way to prevent me from leaving. Hasn’t he already violated military regulations?”

Tao Yuan’s actions not only shocked the other soldiers but also left Ke Ning stunned. Only Yi Bin lowered his head and clenched his fist and coughed lightly.

“You, a squad leader, can’t even remember the military regulations?!” Zuo Lei looked at Ke Ning with a sharp gaze, reprimanding him.

“I…” Ke Ning glanced at Zuo Lei and then at Tao Yuan, his mind going blank.

“Go find the Chief Military Law Officer and receive your punishment! Do you hear me?!” Zuo Lei ordered sternly.

“Yes!” Ke Ning, acting on pure military instinct, immediately stood at attention and then turned around to head quickly to the military law officer’s office.

“Um, Captain, we’ll go back to the dormitory to rest first,” Yi Bin requested permission from Zuo Lei. Though he liked to joke around with Zuo Lei during normal times, he knew when it was appropriate to do so and when it wasn’t. Being the deputy captain of the Special Operations Team, he couldn’t be someone who lacked judgment.

“Go ahead,” Zuo Lei said.

Yi Bin took the lead to leave, but when he turned around and saw the other squad leaders looking at Tao Yuan, he immediately lowered his voice and scolded, “What are you all staring at? Hurry up and leave!”

The squad leaders, not daring to be too presumptuous with Zuo Lei in a bad mood, suppressed their curiosity and followed Yi Bin to leave.

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