Turn on the Love System – Table of Contents

Title: Turn on the Love System
Author: 李温酒
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Tao Yuan was willing to take the peach blossom system to go to different worlds to complete the tasks, and the most important task is to fall in love. And every relationship must be very sweet. He must be extremely pampered before the task is considered complete.

In short, after hopping, he must be spoilt in every world, spreading dog food (affectionate love).

White Lotus: I feel the deep malice from the world. If I am the protagonist, why did I end up a cannon fodder?

Slag Man: This slap in the face came too fast- like a tornado. If God gives me another chance to come back, I will love him for 10,000 years.

Onlookers: For God’s sake, take those two lovebirds away, we’re going to die of dog food!

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – 8 9-22 part 1 22 part 2 – 69

Keeping A Wolf Puppy

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